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Better Than Spice

Fairly recently I watched Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, the erotic cooking anime. As a fanservice show it’s of course packed full of characters I’d be interested in drawing, but one pairing that I was particularly drawn to was Akira Hayama and Professor Jun Shiomi. They’re a great pair if you’re into “opposites attract”, I think. Beyond the obvious color scheme differences (pale brunette and the dark-skin/white hair combo), there’s also a big size difference between them. Hayama is cool and collected, while Jun is nerdy and easily flustered. They’re also a student and teacher pairing, as Hayama is a student of Jun’s, and on top of that Jun is his guardian/mother figure. Jun’s raised Hayama since he was pretty young, training him to be a great cook and spice expert. Hayama’s got a super nose that allows him to pick the perfect spices for cooking, hence the dialogue in this pic.
I really like these two, and would definitely like to draw them again. I’d like to do other Food Wars! pics, too, but we’ll see if that desire sticks.