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Nobara Kugisaki Character Ask 2

Usually for these types of Asks I’ll pick a character from another franchise to do a crossover. I was thinking about this one, though, and even though I don’t ship Yuji and Nobara at all, I do think they’d have great sexual chemistry and just kinda wanted to give them a little spotlight just the two of them. So Nobara’s subverting the usual formula for this type of Ask here, but I hope y’all will be okay with that.

Giyu Tomioka Character Ask 1

Giyu’s a character I don’t really know anything about, so it’s hard for me to write answers for him even if I think he makes a good bottom. Until I decided to answer this Ask I wasn’t even sure if he was a villain or not, and I still don’t really know anything about him other than recognizing what characters from other anime he reminds me of. I had this itch to have him paired up with, and mocked by, Geto and Gojo, though, just ’cause I think their energy would contrast well against his. Hopefully it’s a fun match-up for y’all, too.

Studio Life Magazine 3 with Yuji Itadori

A while back one of my Lord Tier Subscribers commissioned two magazine covers for a fictional NHS magazine called Studio Life. The commission went over pretty well, with multiple people saying they’d enjoy seeing the concept as a recurring series. I thought it might be fun to return to occasionally, and I thought JJK’s Yuji Itadori would be a neat character to start with.

Nobara Kugisaki Character Ask 1

This Ask is referencing Jody Crowley’s first Ask, in which Nobara appears. There’s a few potential futas in the Studio, and based on other questions this Subscriber submitted I think they probably had Harkey D. Quinfy in mind. Maybe we can do something with Nobara and Harkey eventually, but I had this image in mind of Nobara having to deal with Inky and Pinky, two OCs of mine from the Spookyverse who can be something of a handful for whomever they set their sights on. I imagine Nobara recruited them to help her demonstrate her answer, but then these two completely overtook the shoot with their antics.

Crossover Threesome MMC

This is a Master Mini Commission for one of my Master Tier Subscribers. Pretty simple stuff here, they just wanted to see three of their favorite characters together. So we’ve got season four Eren Jaeger, Yuji Itadori, and Vegeta. Yuji seemed like a good one to have split in the middle of the other two, replacing Anya from his last crossover threesome with Eren.

Aki x Megumi

Aki from Chainsaw Man and Megumi from Jujutsu Kaisen are two characters that are easy to compare for a couple of basic reasons. They’re both kinda moody, monotone guys who have to keep the energetic protagonists of their shows in check, both have canine spirit companions they use (the Fox Devil for Aki and divine dogs for Megumi), they both have kinda stupid-looking hairstyles, and both come from high profile MAPPA shows. I’m far from the first person to draw them together, but I figured a few of you out there might like seeing this pairing from me.

Maki Facial

This is another Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. The idea here was for Maki to get a facial with some cum on her glasses. I’ve heard cum can be really hard to clean off of lenses, it smears around a lot I guess, so hopefully she’s able to get them cleaned well enough to see through. She kinda relies on them, since she can’t see curses without them. It’d suck if her effectiveness dropped because she kept mistaking a cum smear for a curse or somethig.


Anya’s Crossover Threesome

This is gonna be a hard one to explain. So, on my SubscribeStar Discord, there’s occasionally talk about this guy or that guy, usually characters people see as tops who I don’t have much interest in one way or another. A way I’ll respond is to suggest pairing them with Anya Forger, a beloved character who not everyone is thrilled about lewding. It was one of those things that was sort of a joke, sort of not, but more and more people got on board with the idea of Anya having this harem of studly guys in the Studio. One character that came up in this manner a lot was the season four version of Eren Jaeger, hence why he’s here. However, I had this idea of drawing Anya kinda suspended between two cocks, like a certain scene in Kuroinu, and so I threw Yuji in as well. Before I drew him, he’d also come up a few times as a hypothetical partner for Anya, plus I know a lot of people like to pair them up in a big brother sort of way due to their hair colors. I always figured if I drew Anya it’d be in a pic with Yor, and I’d still like to do that eventually, but I do also like this idea of Anya getting all these big dicks to herself (sort of like how she keeps getting edited into other anime and manga in memes). I don’t have a concrete framework for a series on this theme or anything, but don’t be surprised if she shows up with seemingly random dudes down the line.

February ’23 One-Shot

Here’s the One-Shot comic for February 2023, using a script submitted by one of my Subscribers per usual. The idea here was framed as an inter-school competition of some sort between U.A. and Jujutsu Tech, though I don’t know if these scenes depict the contests themselves or just the participants having fun on their own during the event. Either way, there’s a lot of popular characters here, so I hope y’all will enjoy seeing them interact here.