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March ’24 One-Shot

The March 2024 One-Shot focuses on Scarlet from Space Dandy hooking up with a few different memorable characters from the series. It’s been a minute since I’ve watched the show, but I don’t think she ever actually meets Prince or Johnny, but they’re both featured characters in two of the more iconic episodes. Pine-Pine is a coworker of hers, and Dandy is the show’s main ship, though.

Scarlet’s a character I’ve tried to do something with for years, but when I got stuck on the BooBies Calendar it became incredibly difficult for me to get anything Space Dandy-related out for a few years. It’s nice to finally get her into the Studio, though, and the other three she’s bringing with her are nice additions as well. I decided to go with a different look of hers for each panel, and thought it’d be kinda funny if none of them were her “default” look. I’m sure that design will show up eventually in an Ask or something, though.