June ’24 One-Shot

This here’s the One-Shot for June 2024. As always, the script for this comic was submitted by a Subscriber. The theme here is Mark from Invincible hopping to other superhero universes for some fun. There’s an ulterior motive to this script, too, to get in some popular superhero characters I haven’t drawn before, especially in the first and third panels. This script has a few characters that have been popular for other artists to draw, but we’ll see if there’s interest in seeing them show up again after this.

May ’24 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot comic for May 2024. It’s a sequel of sorts to the February 2020 One-Shot, which was submitted by the same Subscriber. In that comic Bra and Pan traded their brother and uncle, respectively. This one’s a more direct swap of their dads. The script didn’t specify anything about which designs to use, but I wanted to go with distinctly recognizable GT looks, which is why Vegeta has his mustache and Gohan has his glasses despite these not really being present for the majority of their appearances (to my memory).

April ’24 One-Shot

Some of you may remember Evan King, an original character from my Spookyverse. His gimmick is that he’s a would-be monster hunter who, despite his best efforts, always ends up failing to take down the monsters he hunts and instead gets toyed with by them in some fashion. The idea behind this One-Shot script was to have him meet that fate with a bunch of “monster” type characters this Subscriber is into. Some of them are pretty obscure, and it wasn’t easy getting reference material for everyone, but here they are. The first panel is Surge from the Sonic comics, who I’ve drawn before and is probably the most mainstream character here. The second panel features Ms. White from a little webcomic called Pixa Chats, who’s actually appeared with Evan before in a commission this Subscriber did with a different artist. Appearing beside her is Scream, one of the many Symbiote characters from Marvel comics, who this Subscriber has nominated for NHML multiple times in the past. The third panel is a character I think is just called Minotaur, from a manga called “King of the Labyrinth”. I read a bit of it to prep for this comic, and did not care for it, but the Minotaur’s design is alright. The last panel features Amber from Space Leaper: Cocoon and Dinah from Unicorn Overlord, a couple of games I’ve never heard of and know nothing about.

March ’24 One-Shot

The March 2024 One-Shot focuses on Scarlet from Space Dandy hooking up with a few different memorable characters from the series. It’s been a minute since I’ve watched the show, but I don’t think she ever actually meets Prince or Johnny, but they’re both featured characters in two of the more iconic episodes. Pine-Pine is a coworker of hers, and Dandy is the show’s main ship, though.

Scarlet’s a character I’ve tried to do something with for years, but when I got stuck on the BooBies Calendar it became incredibly difficult for me to get anything Space Dandy-related out for a few years. It’s nice to finally get her into the Studio, though, and the other three she’s bringing with her are nice additions as well. I decided to go with a different look of hers for each panel, and thought it’d be kinda funny if none of them were her “default” look. I’m sure that design will show up eventually in an Ask or something, though.

February ’24 One-Shot

The February One-Shot had a very simple premise, to see Goku giving his “special training” to three characters he hadn’t yet in the Studio. It’s a pretty straightforward theme, which I think is nice for the final comic. The three characters this Subscriber chose are Inosuke, Najimi and Kai, who have all been on very different tracks in the Studio so far I think.

January ’24 One-Shot

Here is the first One-Shot comic of 2024. The premise of this one is to bring in friends of former NHML winners. Obviously there’ve been a lot of NHML winners, but the Subscriber who submitted this script picked four they liked. Our first panel has Ryō Kurokiba and Alice Nakiri from Food Wars, the only one of these I’ve seen, representing Ikumi Mito from the May 2019 NHML. The second panel has Monaca Towa and Kotoko Utsugi from Danganronpa, representing Toko Fukawa from the June 2022 NHML. The third panel has Ren Amamiya, Makoto Niijima and Haru Okumura from Persona 5, representing Sae Niijima from the November 2018 NHML. The final panel features Balalaika, Roberta and Eda from Black Lagoon, all three women who had caught my eye but I never did anything with, representing Revy from the November 2016 NHML.

December ’23 One-Shot

The winning One-Shot script this month features a smattering of characters from The Legend of Korra and Attack on Titan. The script called for their late-season designs, which I hope I was able to do (especially for TLoK, aside from Korra herself I don’t really know how anyone’s designs change). It also features the debuts of Sasha and Kuvira, although in both cases I feel I’ll be using different looks for them if they show up again.

November ’23 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic for the month of November, as always written by one of my SubscribeStar supporters. The idea behind this one was basically to pair up a bunch of different MILF characters in the Studio, although a couple are moms we never really get to see mothering. We don’t see full yuri One-Shot winners very often. There’s some fun and different characters here, I think, and hopefully MILF fans will be able to enjoy this one.

October ’23 One-Shot

Like last month’s winner, this One-Shot script is a sequel of sorts to a previous one. In that one we saw a variety of characters in the Studio gym, but this time we focus just on A-ko as she pairs with a handful of different characters. Since this was the October script, it was specified that it should be “after hours”, hence the darker color palette than last time.