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Power Character Ask 5

I’d been thinking about doing something with Anzu and Power since Anzu’s debut, due to them both having their cats as a big part of their motivations in their respective series. I had a bit of fun exploring what their dynamic might be like here, and I hope it comes across well. I also like the idea of pet owners in the Studio having places they can go to socialize with their pets, including this cat café Anzu mentions here.

Rebecca Bluegarden Character Ask 1

Anzu got quite a few Asks submitted after her debut, which I was happy to see. I would’ve liked to do more of them this month, but the timing didn’t work out well for it. I did want to do at least one, though, and picked this one out of a few that I liked because I thought the “gamer girl” dynamic could be played in a cute way. I liked this idea of Rebecca taking the Studio approach to a question like this, while Anzu’s just focusing on her gaming. If I can, I want to do a lot more with Anzu in the coming months, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her down the road.

Anzu Gaming

Romantic Killer is a little Netflix anime I checked out recently and was completely enamored with. I wanted to draw a cute little scene of the protagonist, Anzu, enjoying some down time. I know this one’s a little tame compared to what I usually do, but it was just something I felt like getting out. I hope to draw more of Anzu in the future, as she’s easily one of my favorite rom-com protagonists in a while, up there with Tomo-chan.