Character Asks

Mako Mankanshoku Character Ask 1

So, I didn’t want to give the impression that Mako and Ryuko aren’t still friends in the Studio, but an outgoing peppy girl like Mako would make lots of friends in this environment. I thought this Ask would be a good time to tease the next pic I have planned for the Studio Tour series, though I didn’t want to use that character for the Ask. Glimmer’s a cute girl who’d definitely get along well with Mako, so I figured she’d be a good partner for her in this Ask.

Son Gohan Character Ask 11

We haven’t seen Gohan with Piccolo much in my work, mostly because I find Piccolo a bit tiresome to draw (especially naked!). However, I think he’s the natural response to a question like this, even if you removed Gohan from the porn world and had just his canonical, PG self answer this he’d give a similar response. Knowing the Patron who asked this question, I suspect probably they were expecting/hoping for Zangya to be the answer, but Piccolo’s influence in Gohan’s life can’t be overstated. Especially since, in the canon of Special Training, Piccolo was Gohan’s first.

Katsuki Bakugou Character Ask 2

If I’m being honest, I’m not 100% certain what the thought process behind this question was. My best guess is it’s meant to be a joke about Hinata and Midoriya both having short, curly hair (I have to assume it’s this Hinata and not the Naruto one), but I couldn’t really think of a situation where Bakugou wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart. However, I did think it might be funny if Bakugou said no, but implied he still fucks Hinata sometimes just because he wants to. I figured plenty of folks wouldn’t mind seeing these two together, and I like the idea of introducing both a new top for Hinata and a new bottom for Bakugou.

Kaori Makimura Character Ask 1

My reasons for choosing this question to do an answer for are a bit selfish. I’d really like to keep Kaori around and relevant for a little bit, as I’m very fond of her. I don’t want her only appearance to be the one comic page, though I do think that’s a pretty good appearance. I don’t think within the canon of City Hunter that Kaori has an interest in women, or has been with women (at least, based on what I’ve seen of it), but as far as this version of Kaori goes I think she definitely does. The Saeko mentioned here is Saeko Nogami, a police woman who sometimes collaborates with the City Hunters. When she and Kaori first meet, there’s a bit of sexual tension (Saeko’s a bombshell), and I think it’d make sense if she was Kaori’s first time with a woman. As for the other clients, there’s too many of them to speculate on individual ones. There’s a running gag about Kaori being tomboyish to the point she’s sometimes mistaken for a bishounen prettyboy, and I think that element to her character would lead to some fun lesbian romps. As critical as she is of the main guy, Ryo, hitting on their clients, though, I felt it was also important that she defend herself as different from him in that regard.

Clancy Gilroy Character Ask 1

I picked this question to answer just because I really like Clancy and wanted to take another stab at him. His answer here was sort of stream-of-conscious, I wasn’t sure what he was going to say until I started writing it. I think his answer makes sense, though. In The Midnight Gospel he conducts interviews while navigating zombie apocalypses are being chopped into ground beef or other crazy stuff, so it makes sense in the Studio he’d conduct them while having sex. As for his partner, I pulled out Vegeta since he missed out on the chance to fuck Asta just a few Asks ago. I also liked this position Vegeta used when he fucked Bakugou, so we’re trying it out again.

Asta (Black Clover) Character Ask 1

I had to specify Black Clover in the title for this Ask to separate his Asks from what’s already been done with the Asta of Hunter x Hunter. Apparently neither of them have last names, as far as I can tell.
So this one seemed pretty obvious to me. Multiple people were hoping to see Asta getting fucked, and while I’m not particularly attracted to him myself (not a fan of his hair, or his face), I knew enough people would enjoy seeing it that I combined the two questions for this response. I haven’t seen much of Black Clover, but Asta strikes me as a typical shounen protagonist, in that he tends to jump ahead into situations without much thought, and that’s what I tried to capture in this answer. I considered using Vegeta as his partner for this, since a number of my followers are interested in him as a top, but I decided to go with Zoro instead. For one, we’ve seen much less of Zoro than we have Vegeta around the Studio (and I’m a little hesitant to rely too much on DBZ characters). Also, though, I feel like there’s a bit of a similarity between One Piece and Black Clover, despite the shows being very different (things like the Pirate/Witch King being similar elements in their premises).

Bra Briefs Character Ask 3

This one fits into a similar category as the recent Hiro Akiba Ask, where the answer seems a bit obvious but I thought it’d still be cute to play it straight and give the obvious answer. I honestly don’t remember a ton of interaction between the three GT daughters in the show itself (though I could be forgetting some stuff), but I always thought Bra and Pan were a cute couple even before seeing GT. Marron’s a bit of an outlier, though I’m sure she’s still available for fun with both the other girls.