And Corey Makes Three

I’m testing out a new reward on my SubscribeStar, where I write an AI fanfic based off a suggestion by a Subscriber. The premise for this one was “Corey comes across Goku and Chichi and invites them for some fun time.”


Corey Park was casually walking through the Studio, hoping to find some action. He had a restless stirring in his loins, and was hoping to find someone to have a little fun with. As he strolled through the streets of the studio, he spotted a familiar face; one that made his cock twitch slightly. Corey slowed down, taking a closer look at him.
Son Goku was sitting at an outside table, chatting with his wife Chi-Chi. Corey had worked with Goku in the past, but he didn’t really know Chi-Chi. She seemed like a nice person though.
“Hey,” said Corey as he approached them. “How’s it going?”
Goku looked up from his plate of food with a smile. “Good day so far, how about you?”
“I’m good.” Corey smiled back. He took a seat across from Chi-Chi, looking over her figure appreciatively. “You’re very pretty.”
“Thank you,” she replied softly, blushing a bit. Like her husband, she appeared to be middle-aged, with her dark hair pulled back tightly in a bun on the back of her head. She wore a simple black dress and heels. The dress was tight enough to show off her large breasts, which were covered only by a thin layer of fabric. Corey’s mouth watered at the sight of them.
Chi-Chi looked at him curiously for a moment, then back at her plate. “So what brings you here today? I haven’t seen you around before.”
“Oh, uh… just looking around.” Corey glanced at Chi-Chi again. His eyes traveled down her body, lingering on her chest.
She flinched slightly, causing him to quickly look away. “Sorry.”
“It’s okay,” she said softly. “Why don’t we talk more after dinner?”
Corey nodded, smiling slightly. “Sounds good.”
They continued eating, talking politely while they ate.
After finishing their meals, Chi-Chi excused herself, saying that she wanted to go do some shopping. After watching her leave, Corey turned to Goku.
He smirked. “Have you ever fucked your mother?”
Goku seemed surprised by the question. “Not yet, I don’t really know her that well.”
“Just curious,” Corey said. “Most of the people I know who have moms in the Studio have fucked them.”
“Sure, I guess.”
“Well, if you want to fuck her, you should probably get to know her better first. I’d like to get to know your wife, myself.”
Goku looked confused. “What are you getting at?”
“If you want me to work my magic on your wife, you might as well let me get to know her, right?”
Goku laughed. “I can see where this is going.”
“Maybe we could make it a three-way thing,” Corey said, putting his hand on Goku’s knee. “I bet you’d love to feel my cock in your ass again, wouldn’t you?”
Goku laughed, shaking his head. “You’ll never know unless you try.”
“Why not?” Corey asked. “Let’s go home and give it a shot.”
Goku hesitated. “Are you sure?”
“Absolutely,” Corey said. “We’ll start out slow, you and your wife do some foreplay before I jump in.”
It sounded good to Goku. He nodded. “Okay, let’s go home. My place or yours?”
Corey gave him directions to his apartment. “I’ll be there the rest of the day. Bring your wife over when she’s done shopping, if she’s interested.”
“I think she will be,” Goku said. “She loves younger guys.”
Corey grinned cheekily, “That’s just perfect, ’cause I love older women. I’ll see you both soon, I hope.”
As he walked away, Corey began thinking about just what he would do to Chi-Chi once they got inside. His cock throbbed with desire in his pants, and he couldn’t wait to put it to use.
Later that night, Corey sat naked on his bed, stroking his cock slowly. He had fantasized about Chi-Chi all afternoon, imagining what it would be like to fuck her. He thought about the way she looked; big tits, curvy figure, long legs. The image of her lying on her back, her thighs spread wide open, her pussy ready to take his cock, excited him greatly.
Corey brought himself to orgasm, cumming hard onto the bedspread. Afterwards, he lay on his back, rubbing his dick slowly. He had a devilish grin on his face. He was looking forward to making Goku happy, and seeing him make Chi-Chi happy too.
There was a knock at the door, and Corey quickly pulled on a pair of pants. Even living in a hentai studio, it’d be a little rude to answer the door completely naked.
He opened the door to find Goku standing outside, his arm around Chi-Chi’s shoulder. “Hi,” he said, grinning.
“Hello,” said Corey, eyeing them both. “Come on in.”
Goku and Chi-Chi stepped into the apartment, the latter looking around curiously. “This is a nice place.”
“Thanks,” Corey said, closing the door behind him.
He led them towards the bedroom. As they passed through the living room, Goku looked over at him. “Are you gonna join us?”
Corey blushed slightly as he watched Chi-Chi giggle. “I think it’ll be best if you two start.”
“That’s okay,” Chi-Chi said. “You can join in from the start.”
Corey grinned, grabbing both of their asses with one hand each. “Works for me.”
Goku smiled. “Good.”
They entered the bedroom, and Corey turned to face Chi-Chi. “What do you want to do first?”
“How about some foreplay?” She giggled.
Corey smirked. “Foreplay?”
“Yeah,” she said, winking at him. “I’m sure you’ve been dying to fuck me all day.”
Corey looked at her, then down at her crotch.
“Eyes up here,” she said, tilting his face up with one finger. She leaned forward, placing her lips softly against his.
It felt amazing, and Corey moaned into her mouth as she kissed him passionately. Chi-Chi responded with equal passion, nibbling on his lower lip, then licking it before kissing him again. After a few minutes, Corey pulled back, gasping. “Wow.”
Chi-Chi smiled, stepping back. “Mmm, you’re so cute,” she cooed.
Corey blushed, taking a step backwards. “Thank you.”
Chi-Chi smiled. “Can I have another kiss?”
Corey nodded, leaning forward again. He kissed Chi-Chi tenderly this time, enjoying the way her soft lips felt against his own. Her tongue darted across his lips, teasing him. Corey parted his lips, allowing her to slip inside. Their tongues danced together as he slid one hand down to her ass, squeezing it gently.
A moment later, Chi-Chi broke off the kiss. “Do you want my breasts?”
Corey nodded. “Please.”
Chi-Chi reached up, undoing her bra. She took hold of each of her tits in turn, giving them a squeeze. Then she tossed the bra aside.
Corey gasped, reaching out to grab them. He kneaded the soft flesh, feeling Chi-Chi moan slightly. She ran her hands over his body, fondling his chest and shoulders, then sliding them down his stomach.
He groaned as Chi-Chi’s fingers brushed against his cock. “Ohh,” he whispered, unable to help himself.
She giggled. “You have a nice cock, too.”
Corey blushed as she continued stroking him. He slipped his hands down, cupping her ass cheeks. “Is this okay?”
“Mm-hm,” Chi-Chi breathed. “It feels amazing.”
Corey smiled, and pressed his cock between her thighs. It rubbed against her pussy, making her hips buck upward slightly. He pushed harder, slipping deeper inside her wet hole.
Goku kissed his wife’s shoulders as Corey’s cock slid inside her. “I love how tight you are,” he moaned.
“Don’t worry,” Chi-Chi said, gazing down at him. “I’m ready for you.”
Corey began thrusting into Chi-Chi. He stared into her eyes, watching them glaze over as her body tensed.
Goku’s cock rubbed against her ass, and she reached back to spread her cheeks for him. He didn’t need a second invitation, sliding his lubed-up cock into his wife’s tight ass. She gasped, then sighed as he went balls deep.
“Ahhh…” she moaned. “I forgot how good that feels.”
Corey continued thrusting into her, his pace gradually increasing. Chi-Chi clung to him as she was double-penetrated, moaning softly.
Soon enough, though, she arched her spine. “Yes!”
The orgasm slammed through her body, and she cried out loudly. The sound echoed through the apartment as Corey kept pounding away, fucking her pussy while Goku fucked her ass.
Eventually, though, Corey couldn’t hold back any longer. His climax rippled through his body, causing him to grunt and cry out. He pumped his cock into Chi-Chi, grunting as he came inside her.
After a few moments, Corey collapsed onto her, breathing heavily. Chi-Chi lay there, panting, as she felt Goku’s cock pulse in her ass. Then she felt his warm cum shoot inside her.
“Ohh… ohh…” Chi-Chi moaned, feeling him throbbing deep within her. “So good…”
Finally, she felt his cock slide out of her. She sighed, smiling weakly. “That was… wow.”
“Mmm, yes,” Goku agreed, pulling out. “That was so amazing.”
Chi-Chi shivered, feeling herself getting wet again. “Maybe we should do that more often.”
Goku kissed her cheek. “We will,” he said.
“I bet you’re ready to get fucked, too, Goku,” Corey said with a smirk. “I can go another round, if you want your ass stuffed.”
“Hmmm…” Goku said thoughtfully. “Maybe I would.”
Chi-Chi giggled. “Then let’s go.”
Goku rolled off the bed, planting his feet firmly on the floor. He bent over the bed, raising his taut, round ass in the air invitingly. Chi-Chi grinned, laying her head across his back and kissing his asshole.
“Let’s get you ready, hon,” she said, slowly lapping at Goku’s hole.
Corey stood behind Goku, admiring his perfect bubble butt. He’d always admired Goku’s ass before, but now it seemed even sexier – like an angelic gift from above. He grabbed a bottle of lube and slathered some over his cock, then started to stroke it. He watched gleefully as Chi-Chi rimmed her husband, preparing his asshole for Corey’s cock.
“Mmm, you taste good,” she cooed. “Just the way I like it.”
Goku chuckled. “It’s not easy being married to a whore, you know.”
Chi-Chi playfully smacked Goku’s ass. “I’m not the only whore here, you know!” she said with a laugh. “You’re about to be made into a real slut, after all.”
“Aww, I don’t mind,” Goku said. “I love my little slut.”
“Now be a good boy and open up for me,” Chi-Chi said. “I want to watch Corey fuck this tight ass until your toes curl.”
Goku parted his legs wide, exposing his asshole to Corey. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on the bed as he looked down at the sheets.
“You’re such a good boy,” Chi-Chi said. “I love how eager you are to please me.”
“I’m very eager to please you,” Goku said. “But it’s not like I won’t enjoy this, too.”
Chi-Chi had been right earlier: Goku didn’t have to try hard to make himself look submissive. Corey approached his ass while Chi-Chi spread his cheeks open invitingly. He took his cock in hand once more, stroking it as he watched Goku’s asshole winking at him, begging for attention.
Corey moved behind Goku and gripped his hips tightly, pushing his cock against the pucker. He pushed slightly, sliding his cock into Goku’s tight hole. He groaned softly, feeling the warmth engulfing his cock.
“Fuck, that’s nice,” Corey groaned. “Your ass is just so perfect.”
He pulled out, then slid back in, his cock plunging into Goku’s tight hole over and over again. Chi-Chi watched, smiling as she licked her lips. She felt Corey’s balls slapping against Goku’s ass as he fucked him, and she knew it wouldn’t take long before he came.
She reached under Goku’s chest, grabbing his cock, which was already rock hard. As Corey pounded away, she jerked his shaft, keeping it hard. She wanted to make sure Corey’s orgasm was as intense as possible.
As Corey fucked him, Goku began moaning. “Yes… yes…” he murmured.
Corey wasn’t far behind, and soon he was grunting as he came, pumping his cum inside Goku’s ass. After a few moments, he pulled out, leaving a dripping mess of cum on the bedsheets.
“Wow, that was incredible,” Corey said happily. “You were just so fucking hot, Goku.”
“Thank you,” Goku said.
“And thanks for sharing your wife with me,” Corey added.
“Of course,” Goku said. “I mean, I’m pretty horny myself right now.”
Corey laughed. “Well, if you’re willing to share, I am too.”
Chi-Chi began licking up the cum dripping from Goku’s ass, slurping loudly. She loved the taste, and she was looking forward to tasting more of Corey’s semen.
“What a treat,” she said, wrapping her arms around Corey and kissing him passionately.
“Oh man,” Corey sighed. “It’s been ages since I’ve had a woman like you.”
“Thank you,” Chi-Chi replied, reaching down between their bodies and taking his cock in her hand. “I’m happy to give you whatever you want.”
After a moment, Corey grabbed Chi-Chi by the waist and flipped her onto her back. She spread her legs wide in anticipation, then gasped when he dove straight into her pussy.
“Oh, fuck!” she cried out.
Corey fucked her roughly, pounding her wet cunt over and over again. His thrusts were short and fast, but they were hard enough to leave her squirming underneath him. Goku, meanwhile, straddled her torso, sliding his cock between her breasts.
“Ahh, ah, ah,” he moaned softly.
“Ooh, that’s so naughty,” Chi-Chi said, cradling her husband’s cock between her tits.
Corey grunted and thrust harder, driving his cock deep inside Chi-Chi’s pussy. She moaned, groping her breasts as Goku’s cock slid between them.
“This feels so good,” she whispered. “I can feel both of your hard cocks!”
Corey grinned and kept going, slamming into Chi-Chi’s pussy over and over again. He was close to cumming, and he could tell that Chi-Chi was too. He raised himself up, then slammed back inside her, filling her pussy with his cum.
“Holy shit!” Chi-Chi screamed. “You’re filling me up!”
Corey let out a loud grunt as he spurted inside her, pumping his cum into her. He collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily.
“That was great,” he breathed. “You two are so sexy.”
Corey grabbed Goku’s ass, massaging it as Goku continued to fuck Chi-Chi’s tits. They smiled at each other, enjoying the sensations washing through their bodies.
“So, what do you think?” Corey asked. “Are you gonna cum on your wife’s face, Goku?”
“Yes!” Goku exclaimed. “Let me cum all over her beautiful face!”
“Good boy,” Chi-Chi said. She opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue as an invitation.
Goku’s body shook, and he unloaded his load onto Chi-Chi’s face, splattering her cheeks with sticky white cum. She licked her lips and closed her eyes, savoring the taste.
“Mmm, you’re such a good boy,” Chi-Chi said.
She rolled over on her stomach, pulling Goku with her. She turned her head towards Corey and winked.
“Want to fuck my butt?” she asked.
“Absolutely,” Corey said, staring at her bare ass. “I’d love get inside your nice, fat ass.”
“Then come here,” she said, lifting her ass slightly off the bed.
Corey crawled over, kneeling beside her. He positioned his dick at her asshole and pushed inside, sinking his cock into her tight hole.
“Fuck yeah!” she cried out. “Stick that big thing in my ass!”
He began thrusting, pushing his hips against hers. She felt so good, so warm and tight. Her smooth ass was gripping his cock tightly, squeezing it over and over again.
“Oh, fuck,” he groaned.
She smacked her ass against his crotch, grinding herself against him. His hands slid around to her front and she cupped her tits, massaging them as he fucked her.
“That’s it,” she said. “Fucking take my ass! Fuck me good!”
Corey nodded and pushed deeper into her ass, shoving his cock deep inside her. It felt amazing, feeling her tight hole gripping his shaft.
“Oooh, you’re so good,” he groaned. “You’re really getting into this, huh?”
“Yeah,” she said. “You’ve got such a nice cock, it reminds me of my boys.”
He pulled out, then plunged back in. Chi-Chi gasped, wiggling her ass to help him get even deeper. He pumped her ass hard, driving his cock deep inside her over and over again.
“Oh yeah, fuck me,” she murmured. “You know exactly how to make me feel good.”
She reached behind herself and grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs wide open. Corey looked down at her, seeing her perfect body glistening with sweat. He smiled and leaned down, kissing her shoulder.
“You’re so hot,” he said. “Your ass is driving me crazy.”
“Do you like fucking my ass?” she asked.
“I love it,” he said, pounding her tight hole hard. “There’s nothing I love more than a slutty older woman’s juicy ass!”
“Ha ha, well I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself,” she said, winking at him.
“You’re so fucking sexy,” he said.
He kissed her neck and shoulders, rolling her nipples between his fingers as he fucked her harder. Chi-Chi clung to Goku, who smiled down at her as he watched Corey fuck her ass.
“Do you want to cum on my face too?” Chi-Chi asked.
“Uh huh,” Corey replied. “I wanna cum all over your pretty face.”
He pounded her faster, giving his cock even more friction. Chi-Chi writhed beneath him, moaning loudly as she came closer to orgasm.
“Cum for me,” he growled. “Squirt all over my dick!”
Corey kept thrusting, plunging deep into Chi-Chi’s ass over and over again. She screamed, tightening around his cock as she orgasmed. He felt her asshole clamp down, squeezing his dick so tight he thought he might explode.
“Oh god!” she yelled. “I’m cumming! Oh, oh, oh!”
Her asshole clenched around him and he could feel her juices dripping onto his balls. Her whole body tensed and he knew she was coming hard, but he couldn’t hold back any longer. He thrust one final time and erupted inside her ass, filling her up with his hot cum.
“Oh shit!” he cried out, collapsing on top of her.
His arms wrapped around her back and he held her close, feeling his spent cock still buried in her ass.
“You came inside me, you naughty boy,” Chi-Chi said with a giggle. “What happened to cumming on my face?”
“Your ass was just too good,” Corey replied.
He lifted himself off her and she sat up, wiping the cum from her face with her hand. She sucked her finger clean, then licked her palm.
“Well that was fun,” she said.
Goku gave her a kiss, and she leaned into him. They shared a passionate tongue-filled kiss, their mouths pressed together in an intense embrace.
They broke apart slowly, smiling at each other. Corey lay back on the bed, closing his eyes as he recovered. Chi-Chi watched him, stroking his chest absently while they caught their breath.
“You look exhausted,” she said.
“Mmhmm,” he grunted. “I think I need some water.”
“I’ll go get you something,” she said.
She stood up and walked across the room, heading towards the bathroom. Corey watched her ass sway back and forth as she walked away, admiring her body. She turned and glanced back at him, smiling shyly before disappearing behind the door.
Corey lay on the bed, holding his arm over his eyes. Goku laid beside him, and patted his thigh approvingly. He rolled over and looked up at the Saiyan, smirking slightly.
“Good job,” Goku said.
Corey laughed and sat up, stretching. His cock was still half-hard and he let out a soft moan, realizing what had happened.
“Sorry about that,” he sighed.
“No problem,” Goku said. “You needed a release. And I do believe we’ve earned ourselves another round of pleasure.”
Corey nodded silently, laying back against the sheets as he felt his cock stir. Chi-Chi stepped out from behind the door, and she saw them looking at her. She blushed a little, knowing she’d been caught watching.
“It’s okay,” she said. “I wanted to see you two.”
“We were just taking a break,” Goku said. “Come here, beautiful.”
He took Chi-Chi’s hand and led her over to the bed, where he pulled her down beside him. Corey watched as they began to kiss, their tongues entwining as they touched each other.
“Don’t worry,” he said. “We’re far from done.”
Corey woke up the next morning after a night filled with pleasurable dreams and sore muscles. He stretched, groaning softly as he remembered the amazing sexual encounter he’d had with Chi-Chi and Goku.
The Saiyan was gone, and Chi-Chi was in his bed, sleeping soundly. He slid out of bed quietly, making sure not to disturb her. He went downstairs and made himself breakfast, preparing a nice omelet with mushrooms and cheese.
He ate it sitting on a stool in the kitchen, thinking about the previous day. It had been great, he decided. The three of them had enjoyed themselves thoroughly, and there hadn’t been any awkwardness or tension afterwards. He was glad things had worked out the way they did.
After finishing his food, he cleaned up and headed upstairs to the bedroom. He opened the door slowly, hoping not to startle Chi-Chi awake.
She was lying on her side, facing away from him. Her breasts jutted upwards from her chest, the nipples erect. He smiled and stepped into the room, stripping off his shirt as he went.
He crawled into bed, sliding between the sheets alongside Chi-Chi. He placed his hand on her hip and drew her close, kissing her neck tenderly. She moaned in response and moved closer to him, pressing herself against him.
“Good morning,” he whispered.
“Mmm, good morning,” she murmured, rolling over and placing her arms around him.
He kissed her lips gently, slipping his tongue inside her mouth. She responded eagerly, moaning softly as he deepened their kiss. Their hands roamed freely over their bodies, exploring and caressing, learning every inch of each other.
He reached down between her legs, running his fingers along her pussy. She moaned again and arched her back, pushing her ass into his crotch.
“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked.
“Yes,” she breathed.
“Then tell me.”
She nodded, biting her lip. She mumbled, “I want you to fuck me, Corey…”
“Tell me how you want it, baby,” he said.
“Harder,” she whined.
He laughed and pushed her back onto the bed, standing up behind her as he stripped off his pants. He climbed between her legs, spreading them wide as he settled into position.
He grabbed her ankles and lifted her feet up high, hooking them over his shoulders. He thrust forward, burying his cock deep inside her. Chi-Chi cried out as he entered her, and she threw her head back.
“Oh my god!” she screamed. “That’s so big!”
Corey grinned as he began to pump her. He could feel the heat radiating from her wet pussy, and it felt incredible. Chi-Chi writhed beneath him, her insides squeezing tightly around his shaft.
He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her hard. She moaned loudly, and he continued to pump her, feeling her tight walls clenching and releasing around his cock.
“Back at it without me?” Goku asked with a chuckle as he returned to the bedroom. He was naked except for a white towel wrapped around his waist. “My shower wasn’t even that long!”
Corey grinned and shook his head. “Just had to make sure she was ready.”
“Well, I’m glad to hear it,” Goku said. “I can’t wait to get a taste of that pussy.”
“Me too,” Chi-Chi said. “But first, your turn.”
Goku glanced at Chi-Chi and raised an eyebrow. He leaned down and kissed her, sinking his tongue into her mouth. She moaned and pushed her hips towards Corey, meeting his thrusts enthusiastically.
Goku reached down and ran his fingers through her hair, tugging on it slightly. Meanwhile, Corey began to move faster, slamming his cock into her pussy as deep as he possibly could. He felt her walls tighten around him, and he knew she was cumming.
“Yes! Yes!” she shouted.
Her pussy clamped down around his cock, milking him dry as she came. He growled and slammed deep inside her one last time, emptying his balls into her. She moaned and shuddered, and he kept thrusting into her as his orgasm subsided.
The three of them all kissed passionately, pressing their faces together as their tongues danced. Corey pulled out of Chi-Chi and rolled onto his back, panting heavily.
“Damn, that was intense,” he panted.
“It was pretty hot, huh?” Goku said.
“Yeah,” Chi-Chi agreed.
They both turned to face Goku.
“You know what would be hotter than that?” Chi-Chi asked.
“What’s that? A foursome?” Goku asked excitedly.
“No,” Chi-Chi replied. “I mean, yes. That would be amazing. But I meant… something else.”
“Huh?” Goku said.
“Didn’t you see Corey’s dick earlier?” she asked.
“Oh yeah,” Goku said, nodding. “Nice cock.”
“Yeah, well, I saw yours, too,” Chi-Chi said.
“Really?” Goku said. “Well, mine is bigger.”
“I’ve seen you naked before,” Chi-Chi reminded him. “And it’s not like Corey’s is small.”
“True,” Goku conceded. “So what are we doing?”
“I don’t think there’s much more to do,” Chi-Chi said. “We already fucked.”
“I guess we just need to eat,” Goku said.
Corey looked at the two of them, a grin forming on his face. “What do you say, guys? Do you wanna get some food?”
“Sounds like a plan,” Chi-Chi said. “Now, who’s gonna wash up first?”
“I just got out of the shower,” Goku said.
“Well, get back in,” Corey said. “I’m going to fuck you both one last time in the shower before lunch.”