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Beach Treat, Page 2

For the second page of Beach Treat I had a difficult balance to strike with the submitted scripts. The final page I settled on is kind of its own thing removed from any one direction people were pushing the comic, I think, but uses elements from what was submitted to get there. The first panel is something I really wanted to work into this comic but didn’t think would fit in later, though, so I kinda pulled an executive decision to fit it in.

Makima Character Ask 1

Makima has the energy of a confident, lazy predator, so I picture her casually sizing up people as she goes around the Studio. I don’t personally think she has much of a type, really, but rather goes after anyone she happens to think is interesting for whatever reason. I went with Kazusa for her partner here in part because I just find it easy to picture her catching Makima’s attention, but also because I know this Subscriber is fond of her.

Kobeni Higashiyama Character Ask 1

Kobeni has a brief line about her options for earning money for her family, where she mentions prostitution as something she could’ve done besides devil hunting. Now, I’m not advocating for prostitution as a great job here or anything, however I did kinda like the idea of Kobeni reconsidering that once she’s lived the NH Studio lifestyle a bit. For her partner here I went with Kaori from City Hunter, ’cause she reminds me a bit of the lady Kobeni gravitated to during the drinking party, which is my headcannon for her type now.

Power Character Ask 2

Just a friendly reminder that this Ask was done on SubscribeStar before Makima’s Studio debut.

Power, Denji and Aki all came into the Studio in different ways, and I’ve never gotten around to doing much with them. This is partly because, well, as much as I like their dynamic, I just don’t really ship any of them with each other. I figured this Ask would be a convenient way to explore how I see their dynamic in the Studio. They don’t share the same small apartment anymore, but I don’t think Power would vibe with that as easily as the boys. It’s very easy for me to picture her just crashing at either’s place, disrupting Aki’s nights with Himeno or tempting Denji while he tries to remain chaste. I think Makima will actually debut publicly before this Ask, but for Subscribers she’ll actually be debuting a month or so later. Regardless, I wanted to touch on their dynamic while Denji’s still saving himself.

Power’s First Dare

Goku’s once again helping a young lady out with her Dare. What a guy!

This one’s a bit simple, even the same type of Dare that Akira did earlier. However, I kinda had this idea of how Power would interact with this Dare differently, even if it’s not obvious how in the pic itself. Goku, while having a huge cock, is probably not who anyone would pick as the biggest in the Studio. Power, however, got this Dare and kinda half-assed finding a big cock. She knew Goku was a big one, so she just went straight for him. I thought some people might also get a kick out of this unconventional pair. I also know there’s been a lot of buzz about Power’s ass lately (at the time of posting to SubscribeStar, anyway), so I went with an angle to highlight it.

Denji Character Ask 3

I thought this Ask could be a fun way of continuing Denji’s ongoing struggle in the Studio. I think it makes sense that, with him choosing to avoid full-on sex for the time being, he’d develop a growing interest in other sexual actions. I thought he’d enjoy getting footjobs from two girls at once, and I decided to dig deeper into the Studio’s roster for his partners. Mariah’s a JoJo’s character that, like every JoJo’s character in the Studio, I drew on commission years ago when I took commissions regularly. Nagi is the lead girl of Kannagi, a show I enjoyed like a decade ago but don’t remember that well. She came in through the old CrossOver Yuri series, but has been in the 1 Club until now.

Aki x Megumi

Aki from Chainsaw Man and Megumi from Jujutsu Kaisen are two characters that are easy to compare for a couple of basic reasons. They’re both kinda moody, monotone guys who have to keep the energetic protagonists of their shows in check, both have canine spirit companions they use (the Fox Devil for Aki and divine dogs for Megumi), they both have kinda stupid-looking hairstyles, and both come from high profile MAPPA shows. I’m far from the first person to draw them together, but I figured a few of you out there might like seeing this pairing from me.