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Corey Park’s First Dare

I have a pretty limited range of uses for Corey, I think he works best in a specific setting with a specific dynamic. However, every now and then it can be cute to see someone taken out of their element a little. While I don’t really like the idea of Corey ever going full bottom, I still think Mace and Jackie’s energy was pretty badly damaged by that, but a little bit of him outside his comfort zone can be fun, I hope.

Bolin’s First Dare

I’m not personally that into guys like Bolin, but I do see the appeal. I haven’t drawn him since 2013, and I kinda figured if I did draw him again it’d be him topping some other LoK character I’m more into. However, I do think his personality fits bottoming well, and I’ve already drawn Kai fucking his brother in a commission from 2016. I figured it all came together in a way that makes sense, and I hope y’all will enjoy it.

Power’s First Dare

Goku’s once again helping a young lady out with her Dare. What a guy!

This one’s a bit simple, even the same type of Dare that Akira did earlier. However, I kinda had this idea of how Power would interact with this Dare differently, even if it’s not obvious how in the pic itself. Goku, while having a huge cock, is probably not who anyone would pick as the biggest in the Studio. Power, however, got this Dare and kinda half-assed finding a big cock. She knew Goku was a big one, so she just went straight for him. I thought some people might also get a kick out of this unconventional pair. I also know there’s been a lot of buzz about Power’s ass lately (at the time of posting to SubscribeStar, anyway), so I went with an angle to highlight it.

Mace and Jackie’s First Dare

Feels like it’s been a minute since we’ve seen Mace and Jackie, doesn’t it? They’re stuck in a bit of a limbo right now, where the next projects I had planned for them are stalled, and I can’t really move on to anything new with them in the interim. Regardless, I thought this Dare might be a fun chance to see them again, plus this is an Applebridge pairing I don’t think would ever come about naturally. Anyway, hope y’all enjoy seeing Casey topped by the boys like this!


Hayase Nagatoro’s First Dare

I like the idea that Nagatoro accepted this dare expecting Naoto to be ineffective at giving her orders. However, Studio Naoto’s been gettin’ gangbanged by anons, as we’ve seen in his Asks, and he’s come out a bit stronger-willed as a result. So he’s put what he’s learned to good use here, hopefully people’s imaginations can fill in the gaps as we witness the aftermath here.

Levi Ackerman’s First Dare

I decided to do two Dares this month, and this is the first. There were a couple Dares submitted looking to see Levi fucked by someone. While there wasn’t any mention of who it should be, I did find myself thinking something like this might be fun. I admit that I’m no expert on AoT characterization, but I had this image of Mikasa cheering Eren on while Levi sort of berates him. I don’t know how well it plays for fans of the series, but I like the dynamic and I hope it works for y’all.