Butt Witch Goes Mature

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story.


Kathy and Judy were relaxing on the couch in Judy’s house. Kathy had invited herself over again like usual, but Judy could tell she hadn’t come over just to hang out.
“So, Reggie’s out, right?” Kathy asked.
Judy nodded. “Yeah, she said she was going to play with her little friends.”
“Good, good,” Kathy said, placing her hand on Judy’s thigh. “I was hoping for some… alone time.”
Judy smiled. “Sure.”
They sat on the couch, and Judy leaned close to Kathy, who was now rubbing her hand up and down Judy’s leg. Aroused, she pressed her lips to Kathy’s, tasting of cigarettes.
They kissed for a few minutes, and when their lips parted, Judy could feel the ache of longing. She looked into Kathy’s eyes, which were now locked on hers, and saw the same longing.
“I want you, Judy,” she said.
“And I want you, too,” Judy said.
They kissed again, this time, holding each other close. It had been ages since they’d been intimate with each other, but the passion was still there. Judy stroked her friend’s hair, and Kathy caressed her cheek.
“It’s so nice to be with you,” Judy said after a few minutes.
They held each other a little longer, and then kissed once more.
“So, what do you want to do?” Kathy asked.
“Anything you want.”
Kathy grabbed Judy’s large ass, squeezing it affectionately.
“I want to taste this ass again,” she said with a coy smile.
Judy blushed. “I want to feel your tongue on me.”
They kissed again.
“Do you want to take off your clothes now?”
“I do.”
Judy stood up and removed her clothes, and Kathy did the same. They got naked quickly, and Judy stared at her friend. She was beautiful; the perfect example of a woman. Full hips, luscious lips, and a big, round butt. Kathy also admired Judy’s full, soft, juicy body.
“You’re so beautiful,” Kathy sighed, running her hands along the curve of Judy’s thigh. “I want you, Judy. I want to taste you, feel you, be with you. The real you.”
“Then take me, bitch.”
Kathy laughed and pulled Judy in for a deep kiss. Judy pressed her tongue against Kathy’s, and they shared the taste of each other. When they broke their kiss, they were both panting.
“I want you to make love to me,” Kathy said.
“I want to make love to you, too.”
“I want to taste all of you, feel every inch of you, make you feel good. Make me feel good, too.”
Kathy laid down on the couch, and Judy climbed atop her friend. This kind of lust was new to her, but she didn’t mind. She climbed atop Kathy, and the women kissed, tongues mingling. The slick, wet heat of their kiss made their mouths slippery. They sucked on each other’s tongues, and their hands caressed all the right places.
Judy broke away from the kiss to move further south. She planted little kisses along Kathy’s neck and collar bone, moving to her full, heavy breasts. Taking her right tit in hand, Judy began swirling her tongue around her friend’s stiff nipple.
“Oh, Judy, fuck,” Kathy moaned, her back arching off the couch as Judy began suckling her teat. “You feel so good.”
“I want to suckle you all day.”
“I want to be sucked all day.”
Licking and sucking, they made their way down to Kathy’s flat belly, and then to her moist, slick legs. They kissed their way up, until they reached Kathy’s face, which was moist with lust.
Judy moved over to her left tit, giving it the same treatment she had the first. Kath ran her fingers through Judy’s auburn hair, holding her head to her chest while she licked and sucked. Their naked bodies were slick with sweat, which fueled their carnal lust.
“We’re two dirty, dirty cougars,” Kathy whispered in Judy’s ear.
“We’re just sluts, caught in the forest of the grown-up world.”
Both women laughed, and then they kissed once more.
“I love you, Judy,” Kathy said, her hands roaming over Judy’s naked body.
“I love you, too. Now, make me feel good, make me feel special, make me feel brand new.”
Judy repositioned herself over Kathy, turning so that her massive butt hovered over her friends face. Kathy licked her lips eagerly as Judy’s ass settled down over her face.
“Lick my ass, bitch,” Judy said.
Kathy obliged, and licked the insides of Judy’s butt cheeks.
“Mmm, you taste so good,” Kathy said while licking. She spread Judy’s cheeks to get better access to her asshole.
“Tongue my asshole, bitch.”
“Yes, Ma’am!”
She sank her tongue into the taut, untouched asshole, and licked around the entrance. She sucked her fingers afterwards, and shoved them into Judy’s butt.
“Oh, my, God! Yes!”
Her asshole squeezed Kathy’s fingers as they slid in and out of her. Judy bucked her hips, allowing the fingers to slide in and out easily.
“You feel so good,” Kathy said.
“Make me feel good, bitch.”
She began to rock her hips, and the two fingers slid in and out of her tight, virgin asshole.
“Yes, do it, make me feel good.”
Kathy began to finger Judy’s ass, moving her fingers around. She rubbed and squeezed, and Judy rode out the orgasmic feeling to its fullest, and her asshole spasmed around the fingers.
“Oh, God!”
“Yes, that’s it, take me, take me, take me!”
Judy yelled, rocking her hips to meet each thrust. The tight, slick heat of her asshole gripped the fingers and milked them of the pleasure. The fingers worked their magic, sending Judy spiraling off into her orgasm. Waves of wet heat washed over her as her body went rigid.
“I’m cumming!” she yelled. “I’m cumming!”
She squeezed her eyes shut, and rode out her orgasm. It felt so good, and she wanted more, desperately wanted more.
Kathy pulled her fingers from Judy and stuck them in her mouth, tasting the inside of her friend’s ass.
“That was good. I want to taste you, too.”
Judy opened her eyes, and Kathy’s brown-eyed gaze met Judy’s.
“Come here, darlin’.”
Kathy rolled over onto her stomach, and Judy grabbed her meaty ass with both hands. She gave it a good squeeze, reveling in the feeling of her fingers against their tightness, and then buried her face into the full flesh of her friend’s ass.
“Mm, you taste so fucking good.”
She licked up the crack of her asshole as she kissed and sucked it, savoring the salty taste. She flicked her tongue over the rim, then she gave a long, slow lick up the crack.
“Taste me, lick my asshole. Come on, let’s get this show on the road!”
She slid her tongue against the seam of her asshole, and licked up the crack. She went up and down, tasting the insides of her ass. She licked and sucked, and worked her tongue around and around the crack.
“Oh, yeah. Your ass tastes so good!”
Kathy pressed her fingers against the back of Judy’s head, and guided her mouth to her asshole. Judy obliged, and closed her lips around her ass. She began to suck and lick, and the feeling was so good, she wanted more.
“Well, aren’t you two having fun?” came a deep, smooth voice from across the room. Judy and Kathy both stopped, looking up in surprise.
A mysterious green woman with white hair stood staring at them with a wide grin on her face. She wore a red skin-tight bodysuit and stood with her hands on her wide hips.
“I see you’re every bit the slut your daughter is,” the woman said, looking into Judy’s eyes. “The good news is I can make you feel good, too. The bad news is you’re going to need a lot more learning before I’m willing to let you go.”
“Go where?” Judy asked.
“Wherever you want. I’m your boss, not your father. I can make you feel so good, you’ll forget who I am, and where you are.”
“But I don’t know who you are,” Judy said.
“Me neither,” Kathy added.
“Your daughter nicknamed me the Butt Witch, so you might as well call me that,” the woman said, her clothes disappearing magically from her body. “I’m going to make you both my sex slaves.”
“What did she just say?”
“She said she’s going to make us her slaves,” Kathy replied. “That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?”
“Not at all,” Judy said. “How does she do that, though?”
“I have no idea,” Kathy replied. “I never saw her before in my life, I just know that I kind of want to be with her. Do you want the same thing for yourself?”
“Uh, yeah,” Judy said. “Do you think we’ll have sex again after this?”
“I don’t know. I hope so,” Kathy said.
“Me, too,” Judy said.
The Butt Witch put her hands on her hips, grinning widely as she watched the two older women get up off the couch.
“Watch this,” she ordered, pointing to her crotch. Her green flesh wriggled, stretching to form a long, thick cock.
“Wow,” Judy breathed. “You really are a witch, huh?”
“I like that you’re as turned on by my cock as I am,” said the Witch. “Come on, let’s get you ready to ride me.”
“What’s the catch?” Judy asked.
“No catch. Just hurry up and take me, slut,” said the Witch.
Judy looked at her friend and shrugged. They both knelt down in front of the Butt Witch, her green cock pulsing sensually between their faces. She grabbed their heads and guided their mouths to her throbbing shaft.
“Open your mouths, sluts,” she said. “I want you to swallow every inch of my cock.”
Judy and Kathy obeyed, and the Witch guided her cock into their mouths. She slammed her hips forward, and the women swallowed every last inch of the cock. They each took a side, letting the cock slide between their open mouths. They bobbed their heads up and down, taking in the cock, savoring the taste of precum as it oozed out.
“That’s it. Suck me, sluts,” said the Witch.
She grabbed the back of their heads and pushed their faces harder against her cock. It throbbed between their lips, and they had to suck hard to keep it all inside.
“Oh, yeah. This feels so good!” said the Witch. “Keep going… Yeah, that’s it. Suck me good. I want you girls to feel the passion of my cock!”
With their faces pushed against her hard, pulsing cock, the women began to suck. They each took a side, alternating between the suctions.
“Oh, yeah, that feels so good!” the Witch moaned. “You two are such good sluts, I’m going to give you a special treat. I’m going to let you both fuck me!”
“You’re going to let us fuck you?” Judy asked, perking up.
“That’s the idea, slut,” said the Witch, grabbing them by their hair and pulling their heads back. “You’re going to fuck me until I cum, then you’re going to swallow my cum. Do we have an agreement?”
“We do,” they both replied eagerly.
“So, who wants my cock first?”
Judy looked at Kathy, who shrugged.
“I don’t know, but I’m willing to share,” said Judy.
“Good girl. I’ll take the other one then.”
The Butt Witch pushed Kathy to the floor on her back, climbing over her. She leaned forward, kissing the older woman passionately while groping her breast with one hand. Judy sat down, watching intently as the strange green woman made out with her best friend.
“I’m going to fuck you really good,” she said, sliding her fingers toward the opening of Kathy’s legs.
Kathy moaned, parting her legs. She spread them wide, welcoming the woman’s fingers. She loved the passion that the woman showed, stroking her slowly.
“I love your touch, slut. Don’t you love my touch?” the Witch asked.
“I do,” Kathy moaned. “And I love when you call me a slut! Nobody’s called me that in so long…”
The woman laughed, squeezing Kathy’s breast.
“I’m going to enjoy this, for the rest of my life, calling you a slut.”
Kathy laughed. She loved the attention she was getting. She loved the passion she was seeing. The woman’s fingers continued to glide slowly along her inner thighs, up toward her sensitive, wet, swollen clit.
“Yes,” said the Witch, rubbing her thumb across the hood. “You’re so wet and ready for me, aren’t you?”
“I am,” said Kathy.
“I love your scent. Do you know how sexy you are?”
“I don’t know. You’re the first person who’s said that to me.”
“I think you’re incredibly sexy. You’re so smart, and you’re so sexy.”
Kathy blushed. The Witch’s words were turning her on even more. She felt like she’d do anything this mysterious woman asked of her. She even loved the way the woman was touching her.
“I want you to come for me, slut. I want you to cum for me.”
“Yes, please. Make me cum…”
In one quick motion, the woman pulled her fingers away and slammed them back into her pussy. Kathy felt the sudden sting and surge of nerve endings, and her body tensed up in an instant.
“Fuck!” Kathy cried out, her back arching up off the floor.
“Cum for me, slut! I want you to cum!”
The woman’s voice rose in volume as she started to stroke faster. By the time the tingling stopped and her fingers went still, Kathy was already on the edge of an orgasm. She stroked her fingers back and forth, up and down, and in. She squeezed her fingers tight, and her body clenched around the sensation.
At long last, her body slowed, and the tingling sensation died down, just as her fingers grazed the source of her pleasure.
“Let me taste you,” the Butt Witch said, lowering her face between Kathy’s legs. Kathy gasped as the Witch’s long, snakelike tongue tickled her clit. The tongue probed, dipped in and out, before darting in and out of her love tunnel. The sensation made Kathy feel drunk, as if she could drown in the sensation.
The tongue flicked, pushed, sucked and tormented, before withdrawing and going still.
“I want you to cum, slut.”
“Say “please”, slut.”
“Please! Please make me cum!” Kathy begged.
“Good girl. I always like a woman who says please.”
The Witch rose up to her full height, towering above her victims. She rubbed her hands together, before grinning.
“Come for me, you filthy whore.”
With those words, she stepped on Kathy’s pussy. Kathy moaned as the Butt Witch ground her foot into her cunt, rubbing her womanhood with the bottom of her foot. She ground her hips to meet the woman’s movements, but she had no way to match the speed.
“Cum for me, slut!” the Witch ordered, moving her foot faster.
“Do it, cum for me…”
The Butt Witch stepped on her victim’s swollen, sensitive clit, and her body arched up in exquisite pain.
“A-AAAA!” she cried out, writhing on the floor.
“Yes! Yes! That’s it, cum for me!” the Witch ordered, stepping down and pressing her foot against Kathy’s pussy as she rode out the orgasm.
Kathy gasped, her body tensing up, before she slowly came down from the peak of her ecstasy, and shuddered through many powerful, long, and slow climaxes.
“My goodness,” the Butt Witch said. “If that’s how hard you cum from my foot, imagine how you’ll react to my cock in your ass.”
“M-my ass?” Kathy asked weakly.
“That’s right.” The Witch grinned, bending down to grab a firm hold of Kathy’s legs. “I think you’ll like it,” she said, lifting Kathy’s feet up into the air.
She pressed her cock against Kathy’s asshole, and before she could respond Kathy could feel the Witch’s green cock penetrating her back door. She cried out in pain and surprise, but the sensation was so strong that she let out a long, low, and hard moan.
The Witch withdrew her cock, and laughed, before pressing it back in.
“You like that, don’t you, slut?” she asked.
“You want more? Remember to say ‘please’…”
“Please! Fuck my ass!”
The Witch grinned, pressing her cock deeper into Kathy’s ass.
“This slutty ass is begging for my cock,” the Butt Witch said. “Who does this ass belong to?”
“Yours! My ass is yours,” Kathy moaned.
“Now you’re talking like a good girl! I like this slutty little mouth.”
The Witch pumped her hips, driving her cock deeper into the tight, wet, and ready-for-action ass.
“Tell me how much you want it, cum-hungry bitch! Say ‘Please! Please fuck my ass!'”
“Please fuck my ass…”
“That’s it. You’re a good girl. You’re going to make this feel good for me. Are you ready?”
The Butt Witch began thrusting in and out of Kathy’s ass, her hips smacking against the meaty thickness of her victim’s thighs with each thrust. As she fucked her, the Witch brought one of Kathy’s feet to her face, licking the bottom of her foot with a smile on her face.
“You’re such a dirty, cum-loving whore,” the Witch said, thrusting harder. “I’m going to teach you a lesson…”
The Butt Witch’s thrusts became deeper, faster, and more erratic, as she plowed into the older woman’s ass.
“What are you?” the Butt Witch asked.
“I’m a filthy, cum-loving whore,” Kathy said. “Do what you want with me!”
The Witch’s face twisted into a malicious grin.
“I like you already, cum-loving bitch.”
“Please, fuck my ass…”
The butt-fucking continued for a few more minutes, before the Witch asked a question.
“What’s your name, slut?”
The Witch grinned.
“Not a bad name for a dirty little butt-slut,” she said. “You’ll make a good pet!”
“No!” Kathy said. “I’m not a…!”
The Butt Witch’s grin widened.
“Oh, yes you are!” she said, increasing the pace of her thrusts. “You’re mine, cum-loving bitch.”
Judy watched in awe as her friend was fucked into submission by the Butt Witch. Her own pussy burned with desire, and she realized that she, too, wanted to be owned by this mysterious green woman. She wanted to serve her, to worship her, and to be broken in by her. She’d do anything if she had to, if it meant being owned by this white-haired goddess.
“Oh, God! Please! Please cum inside me! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kathy screamed out, her body tensing up again. “Yes!”
The Witch’s moaning, thrusting, and gasping echoed throughout the living room, as Judy watched in lust and anticipation. Her own orgasmic juices bubbled in her pussy, and she wanted it so badly for the sake of the green goddess. For the pleasure of being owned.
“My goodness!” the Witch said. “I’ve never had a slave such as you. You’re a good girl. I think I’ll take you as my own. What do you say, my dirty little slut?”
The words washed over Kathy like a warm summer rain, and she nodded, without hesitation.
“Yes! Make me your bitch! Turn me into your own personal cumdump!”
The Witch’s face darkened with lust and power, as she forced her victim into a submissive and eager state of mind.
“Now, do you want to truly serve me?” she asked, her pink eyes peering into Kathy’s own brown eyes.
“Good. Say it.”
“I… I… I want to serve you! Please, make me your bitch!”
“Bravo!” the Witch said. “Now, I think you deserve to have your ass filled with my cum.”
The Witch reached down, taking hold of Kathy’s legs, lifting them into the air.
“Open your mouth, slut!” she commanded.
Kathy obeyed. She stuck out her tongue, unsure of what to expect. The Butt Witch looked down at her, and spat into her open mouth.
“Good girl. Now swallow it down, or I’ll do it for you.”
Kathy swallowed, her mouth filling with the Witch’s saliva. She rubbed it around inside her mouth, before taking a deep breath.
“You’re a good girl. I will treat you well.”
The Witch brought Kathy’s feet in front of her, her legs straight up in the air, and began licking the soles of her feet while she pounded her juicy ass. She licked the thick, white, and soft soles of Kathy’s feet, before sucking on the toes and gently nibbling between the toes. Her licking and sucking brought Kathy to the brink of an orgasm, her toes curling under the pressure of the excitement. The white-haired goddess licked her way up the woman’s soles, before pausing to look down at her.
“My slut has some tasty feet,” she said, licking her lips. “I like the taste of a good woman’s feet.”
“Yes, Mistress!” Kathy said. “I’m your bitch! Please, may I please cum now?”
The Witch looked at Kathy’s face distorted in pleasure, and smiled. Kathy’s eyes were rolled back in her head, her tongue hanging loosely out the side of her mouth while she moaned whorishly.
“By all means, cum.”
Kathy’s body quivered, her toes curling. Her whole body throbbed with the need to cum, her head filling with passion and lust. She rubbed her pussy with one hand while the Witch’s cock slid in and out of her asshole. She began to pump her hips, her body tensing as she cried out.
Then, she felt her orgasm begin, the first wave sweeping through her body. It grew stronger, and her mouth opened in a silent scream. The second wave hit her, stronger than the first. The last spasms of her body shot through her, and she let out a long, contented sigh. She felt the cum spurt out of her, soaking her nether regions. She shuddered, wanting to feel that ecstasy again, the feeling of her ass spasming around the Butt Witch’s cock.
The Butt Witch licked her lips, leaning forward so that Kathy’s knees were pinned to her shoulders.
“Now it’s my turn,” she said in a low voice, before pressing her lips to Kathy’s. Kathy felt that long tongue invade her mouth as the Witch began slamming her cock into her over and over and over again. She was relentless, using Kathy’s ass as a cocksleeve.
Kathy could do nothing but gasp and whimper as the tongue-fucking continued. Her knees buckled, her heels digging into the carpet. Her body trembled as waves of lust rolled through her. Her asshole pulsed around the invading cock, and she could feel the long tongue probing deeper into her mouth. Her feet bounced wildly in the air as she was fucked rough and hard.
All at once, she felt the spasms of the Witch’s powerful orgasm. The tongue withdrew from her mouth, and her head snapped back with the intense pleasure.
“Yes!” the Witch screamed. “Take my seed, you slut!”
“Yes, Mistress!” Kathy screamed, cumming hard for a third time.
The Butt Witch’s seed filled her, the thick, warm liquid gushing into her ass. She rode out the last of her orgasm, relaxing in the aftermath as she felt the seed fill her.
“I see you’ve cum already,” the Witch said, looking down on her with a smile. “I like you.”
“Yes, Mistress!”
The Witch stood, and brought a hand down. She placed a finger on each of Kathy’s breasts, pushing down. The sensation made Ken feel weak in the knees, and she licked her lips.
“Are you ready to serve me, my cum slut?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress!”
“Good. Now, as for you…”
The Butt Witch looked to Judy, whose face was flushed with arousal from what she’d just witnessed.
“Are you ready to be made a willing cum slut, too?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress!”
The Butt Witch brought her face in close to Judy’s, planting a soft and sensual kiss on her trembling lips.
“Then I will make you my whore,” she said.
Judy’s eyes widened, and she stared into the Witch’s eyes.
“You can’t be serious…” she said.
“I already did it to your daughter and her friends,” she said with a grin. “I can do it to anyone I choose.”
Judy’s eyes widened, and she brought her hands to the back of the Butt Witch’s head, pulling her in and kissing her with a passion.
The two women made out for a few minutes, tongues entwined, before the Butt Witch broke the kiss. She grinned, and patted Judy’s shoulder.
“Bend over.”
Judy obeyed, bending over the seat of the couch, and the Witch brought her face in close, planting a soft, wet kiss on the cheek of her ass. The sensation sent a shockwave through Judy, who moaned and shivered.
“What a lovely, gigantic ass you have,” she said, smacking Judy’s butt with one hand. Judy moaned.
“And I’m such a greedy bitch, too,” the Witch said, pinching the cheek of Judy’s ass. Judy gasped.
“I want you to be the mother of all bitches.”
The Butt Witch pressed a finger against Judy’s asshole, which caused Judy to yelp. The finger pushed into her tight opening, stretching it out a bit.
“Now you’re going to become the next generation of whores.”
The Butt Witch’s finger went in deeper, stretching the opening even more.
“Come on, let’s get this over with,” she said.
“I’m close,” Judy said.
“Get ready to cum,” the Witch said.
“I’m… cumming,” Judy said, as she came, her body tense and rigid, before her butt spasmed.
“Yes!” the Witch shouted. “Let me here you scream, whore!”
She pressed her hand in, fingers splayed wide, and spread Judy’s asshole.
“One more push, bitch,” she said.
Her fingers sank in to the hilt, and she began to push, sending the plugging into Judy’s ass. Judy moaned as the Butt Witch fisted her ass, her whole hand filling her anal cavity. The bitch fist-fucked her a bit, making the tight opening even more uncomfortable, before she stopped and pulled her hand back out.
“There we go,” she said. “Now you’re a real, bona fide anal slut.”
Judy looked back over her shoulder at her abused asshole, and whimpered. Then, she looked up with tears in her eyes, and met the Witch’s gaze. The two locked eyes, and the look of pain and torment was there, unending.
The Witch brought her face in close to Judy’s, and said, “We need to train this fat ass of yours, don’t we, slut?”
Judy’s heart skipped a beat. She nodded, eager to please this woman who dominated her so effortlessly.
“Yes, Mistress!”
“Good girl,” the Witch said. She grabbed Judy’s face with one hand, shoving her fingers into her mouth. Judy sucked on the green woman’s fingers, savoring the taste of her own ass that still lingered. The Witch pulled her fingers away, and said, “Now, raise that big, juicy butt in the air for me.”
Now it was Kathy’s turn to watch as he friend submissively presented her ass to the Butt Witch.
The Witch held her hands against the sides of the woman’s ass, spreading her cheeks apart and taking note of the gape of the girl’s asshole.
“Big ass,” she said, licking her lips. “I love a slut with a big ass.”
She brought a hand down, and slapped it against Judy’s butt.
“You have a very impressive butt,” she said. “I’m going to enjoy breaking you in.”
The Witch grinned, revealing her pointy teeth.
“I will enjoy fucking you silly, won’t I?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress,” Judy said.
“Good girl,” the Witch said.
She grabbed Judy’s hips, and guided her cock towards her asshole.
“You’re going to get the ass fucking of your life, you dirty whore,” the Butt Witch laughed.
She shoved her cock into the opening, stretching it around the shaft and making Judy yelp. The cock head pressed its way past her puckered opening, before sinking in all the way.
“Aaagh!” Judy cried out, as the cock filled her up. “This feels so good!”
She began to fuck Judy’s ass, sliding her cock in and out, before grabbing the woman’s hair and pulling her head back. She rode her ass, yanking on Judy’s hair while she pounded her ass with her cock. Judy took the cock in deeper, as her asshole was stretched once again.
“Ohhh yeah…” Judy moaned. “I’m such a slut for you.”
“You are,” the Witch said. She rode Judy’s ass harder, slamming her hips into the woman as she fucked her mercilessly. “You are the perfect ass slut.”
“Mistress,” Judy said, “I want you to cum all over my fat ass.”
The Witch gave a monstrous grin.
“I’m going to make you my dirty little whore.”
“Yes, Mistress,” Judy said. “Give me your seed, I want it.”
The Butt Witch came, spewing her seed all over Judy’s ass. Thick ropes of cum painted the mother of two’s ass, and she moaned as she felt the hot liquid hit her skin.
“It feels so good,” she said.
“You’re a greedy whore,” the Butt Witch said, “But I love you.”
Judy smiled, and said,
“Mistress, I want you to fuck me some more.”
“I want you to cum for me, slut,” the Butt Witch said, rubbing the head of her cock against Judy’s pussy lips.
“Yes, Mistress,” Judy said, her eyes rolling back in her head at the sensation.
“Come on,” the Witch said, shoving her cock into the girl’s pussy, “Make me cum.”
Judy rode the cock, taking it in deeper as she felt herself getting stretched out. The scent of pungent cum filled her nostrils, as she groaned, the sensation so pleasing that she let out a shriek.
“Come on, I’m going to cum all over your pretty face, slut,” the Butt Witch said.
“Mistress, I want to be your cum-hungry bitch,”Judy said.
She rode the cock, feeling her warm girlcum ooze out and run down her thighs.
“Ahhh, you greedy whore,” the Witch said, pulling out of Judy’s pussy, flipping her around to face her. The Butt Witch towered over Judy, who looked up at her desperately while she stroked her cock.
“Stick out your tongue,” the Witch ordered, and Judy obeyed. The Butt Witch grabbed Judy’s head and held it still as she stroked.
“I’m going to make you my cum-slut.”
“Mistress, I want to be your bitch,” Judy said.
The Butt Witch smiled, and said, “Good girl. Now, let’s mark you. I want to see your pretty face painted in my cum!”
Judy smiled, and put her hands to her cheeks.
“Cum all over me like the dirty whore I am,” she said, sticking out her tongue invitingly.
Kathy watched, envious, as the two Butt Witch came, shooting ropes of hot jizz all over Judy’s smiling face. The green woman smiled down at her as she panted, cum dripping from her lips.
“This is the face of a cum slut,” the Witch said.
“I love being your cum-slut,” Judy moaned.
“Me too,” Kathy piped in, moving closer to Judy. She took her friend’s face in her hands, leaning in to lick the Witch’s cum off her cheek.
“You’re both mine,” the Butt Witch whispered.
The two women kissed, as the green woman watched, enamored.
“She’s going to make us her bitches,” Judy giggled.
“I don’t know why, but that sounds perfect to me,” Kathy replied.
“I’ll be your… your bitch if you want,” Judy said.
“I’m your bitch,” Kathy said.
“I’m your bitch,” Judy replied.
“Good, then lick the cum off my dick.”
“Yes, Mistress,” Kathy said, moving closer to the woman.
The two women embraced, their faces pressed together, as the green woman watched. They stuck out their tongues, submissively licking the residue of her orgasm off the head of her cock.
“You’re both such good girls,” the Butt Witch said, “I want to keep you both by my side, as my bitches.”
“Yes, Mistress,” the women said in unison.
“The only way you’re getting out of this room is if I deem you worthy,” the Witch said.
“Mistress…?” Judy said, timidly.
“Show me your obedience, slut.”
“Mistress, I…!”
“Now, do it, bitch.”
The two women bent over, their pussies pointing at the ceiling as they spread their legs. The Butt Witch rubbed her slick fingers between their lips, parting them.
“Stick out your tongue, slut,” she said, and they obeyed.
The Witch’s fingers disappeared into their vaginas, stroking and playing with their clitorises.
“The both of you are so tight and wet,” she said. “I’m going to enjoy making you my bitches. I want you to give yourselves to me, completely. Do you understand?”
The women nodded, and the Butt Witch grinned evilly. She walked around to their front. She sat down, legs spread, in front of them.
“Good. I want the both of you to lick the head of my cock. I want you to lick all the way up to my balls and suck on them.”
“… Yes, Mistress.”
“Suck on my balls, now,” the Witch said, and the two women did as they were told.
“And I want to see you lick the head of my cock, slut.”
Kathy sucked on the Butt Witch’s green balls, while Judy licked the head of her cock. The green woman moaned, and said, “Oh, that’s good. Suck harder.”
While they sucked, she continued to play with them, her fingers moving up and down their vaginas, stroking and playing with their clits.
“You’re doing such a good job,” she said.
“Mistress, we are your bitches,” they said in unison, their eyes looking up at her. Their eyes glowed with pink rings, showing the Witch’s control over them.
The Witch laughed evilly, and said, “You are such good little cunts. You like my cock?”
The women nodded, and the Witch laughed.
“Good. Do you know how to make me cum?”
They nodded, and the Witch said, “Well, let’s see if you can make me cum, then.”
The two women sucked at the green woman’s cock, making it slippery and tasty.
“Yes, you can make me cum.”
The women continued sucking, and the Witch began to stroke, rubbing her fingers back and forth along their pussies.
“Yes, make me cum, sluts,” she said.
“Yes, make us cum, Mistress,” the women replied in unison.
The Butt Witch grinned viciously, and said, “Good. Now, I’m going to cum. I want the both of you to swallow every drop. Can you do it?”
The women nodded, and the Witch said, “Good! Here I cum!” She shot ropes of hot cum into the mouths of the two sluts, covering their faces, hair, and necks.
Judy and Kathy swallowed the cum, greedily, and the cum dripped down their throats. They moaned, and swallowed.
Kathy licked her lips, and said, “I want more.”
Judy stuck out her tongue, and said, “Me too.”
The Witch laughed, and said, “Now, my bitches, I want you to lick each other clean.”
Kathy and Judy looked at each other, licking their lips nervously, before the Witch said, “Go!”
The pair rushed at each other, tongues extended, and began licking the cum off each other’s faces. They licked their faces, and their eyelids and eyebrows, before they began to lick each other’s nipples. They licked each other’s nipples, breasts, and pussies, before the Witch said, “Good. Now, I want you to stick your tongues in each other’s mouths, and make out.”
The women stuck their tongues in each other’s mouths, and began making out, licking and sucking on each other’s tongues. The Witch leaned forward, watching intently.
“Good, good, good!” she said, and rubbed her hands together.
The women continued making out, and the Witch said, “Open your eyes, sluts. Look at your friends. See how good you’re doing, how you’re pleasing me? That’s the only reason you’ll ever be satisfied again.”
The women opened their eyes, and saw they were surrounded by pitch blackness. Tiny sparks of light flickered all around them. They looked up at the sky, and saw millions of stars spread across the heavens.
The Witch said, “Look at the sky, slut. Look at the stars.”
The women turned toward the sky, and saw millions of stars spread across the heavens, twinkling like small, white lights.
“This is my world, and where I will keep you when I feel like playing with you,” the Butt Witch explained. “Look at the sky, sluts. This is where you’ll have to stay.”
The women looked at each other, and said nothing. They belonged to the Butt Witch now, forever.