Crashed Study Session

I’m testing out a new reward on my SubscribeStar, where I write an AI fanfic based off a suggestion by a Subscriber. The premise for this one was “Gohan and Velma open a study session about human Anatomy in the Near Hentai Library, where Nagatoro is the only person who showed.”


Gohan smiled shyly as he and Velma prepared to go host their study session. They’d planned it together over the course of the past few weeks, and they were both excited to see who showed up for it.
Gohan wore a blue dress shirt and blue jeans, and Velma wore a white blouse and a pair of khaki pants.
“I hope we got a lot of people showing up,” Gohan said. “Human anatomy is such an interesting topic, I’m excited to discuss it with everyone.”
“I’m sure the turnout will be great,” Velma said, smiling. “After all, who isn’t interested in the human body?”
Gohan blushed, nodding excitedly. He picked up his notes, holding them to his chest.
“Ready to go out there?” Velma asked.
The two of them left the room, walking down the hallway together. They walked through the door that led into the study room they’d reserved. Their high spirits fell as they walked into an almost completely empty room. Only one girl sat in the back, her feet up on the table.
“Where is everyone?” Gohan asked. “Are we early?”
“Nope, right on time,” the girl said, grinning from ear to ear. “Just turns out nobody wanted to come learn about anatomy with a couple of nerds!”
“Hey!” Velma said, offended.
Gohan and Velma shared a look of confusion, before stepping into the center of the room.
“Well, you showed up, so I guess we’re doing this with you,” Velma said flatly. “I’m Velma, and this is Gohan.”
“Hayase Nagatoro,” the girl said, introducing herself. “I look forward to learnin’ whatcha got.”
Gohan smiled, placing his notes on the table.
“Well, we’d better get started, then,” he said. “Humans are the most abundant and widespread species of primate, characterized by bipedalism and large, complex brains.”
“Boring!” Nagatoro shouted. “Get to the sex stuff already!”
“Well, uh, the female human body is structured similarly to…”
Nagatoro stood up and began pacing around the room, hands on her hips.
“You don’t understand! I want to know how babies are made! Like, how are the sperm injected into the egg! Where do they come from!”
“Oh, you don’t know…?” Gohan asked, confused.
Nagatoro slammed her hands down on the table.
“Of course I know!” she said, a gleam in her eye. “But I want a demonstration!”
Gohan and Velma looked at each other, before turning to stare at the strange girl.
“A demonstration?” Velma asked. “Of what?”
Nagatoro paused, her face turning serious.
“Gohan and Velma, I want you to understand something,” she said. “I’m not really like these other girls. I’m really cool. I don’t just want to be a porn star. I want to do more than just have sex. I want to be a sex symbol…”
“What does any of that have to do with-” Velma started, before Nagatoro cut her off.
“Listen, I didn’t come here to learn boring stuff about bipedal-whatever. The only bi I’m interested in is bisexual, as in me fucking both of you nerds!”
Gohan’s and Velma’s eyes widened as they stared at Nagatoro.
“What did you say?” Velma asked.
“I said I want to fuck you nerds,” Nagatoro repeated.
“You’re a-”
Nagatoro held up a hand to silence Velma. She grinned, her brown eyes shining.
“I’m a bisexual polyamorous otaku,” she said. “And I’m horny as fuck.”
Both Gohan and Velma paused, eyes widened.
“Well, uh,” Velma started, turning to Gohan. “I think we just found our study session. Let’s get down to business, shall we?”
Gohan and Velma looked at each other, before turning to face Nagatoro.
“Uh, sure,” Gohan said nervously. “Let’s…start the demonstration.”
Nagatoro grinned widely, grabbing the two of them in a tight hug. She planted a kiss on Velma’s lips, before leaning in and whispering into her ear.
“I’m going to be in your fantasy. You can’t stop me.”
Nagatoro stepped back, a mischievous grin on her face. She held a finger to her lips, grinning.
“But if you tell anyone, I’ll make you both sorry,” she said. “Got it?”
Gohan and Velma nodded nervously, not trusting themselves to speak. They didn’t want to know what she meant by that.
“Now, speaking of anatomy,” Nagatoro said, “I want to see more of yours.”
She ran her hand along Velma’s thigh, squeezing her through the thin fabric of her khakis.
“I like the length of your legs,” she said, running her hands up Velma’s legs, “especially the space between your legs. I want to feel how tight your pussy is.”
She moved her hand between Velma’s legs, grinding up against her crotch. Velma’s eyes widened as she felt Nagatoro’s hand squeeze her pussy through the crotch of her pants.
“Oh my God, that’s…really nice.”
Nagatoro reached over to Gohan, grabbing his dick through his jeans.
“I want to see more of this too,” she said.
Gohan blushed as his face grew hot.
“I, uh, I don’t think we have time,” he said.
“Don’t be silly, you booked this room for two whole hours,” Nagatoro said. “Did you really plan to just talk and study for that whole time? We could have so much more fun instead.”
Gohan and Velma looked at each other, before turning to face Nagatoro.
“Uh, sure,” Velma said nervously.
“Is this really what you want?” Gohan asked.
Nagatoro grinned widely, moving her hand up and down Gohan’s erection through his jeans.
“Oh yeah.”
Nagatoro put her hands on Velma’s shoulders, pushing her down to her knees. Smiling widely, she said, “Velma, why don’t you unzip him… with your teeth?”
Velma looked nervously between Nagatoro and Gohan.
“Um, I don’t know how,” she said.
“Go on,” Nagatoro coaxed.
Nagatoro pushed Velma’s face into Gohan’s crotch. She felt her hot breath bounce off the fabric of his jeans, and she nervously took the metal pull of his zipper between her teeth. She lowered her face, slowly unzipping the front of his pants.
Gohan gulped as he watched Velma unzip him with her mouth. A grinning Nagatoro unbuttoned his jeans, and they fell to the floor.
“Fuck, she’s good at that,” he muttered, nervously.
Nagatoro looked down at the bulge in his boxers as Velma panted, overstimulated already.
“Yeah, she is.”
Nagatoro giggled, running a hand through her hair as she knelt down beside Velma. She whispered into her ear.
“Look at how hard you made him,” she said. Velma gulped, blushing furiously. “Don’t you want to take out his cock and taste him?”
“I… I don’t know,” Velma said, blushing.
“It’s okay if you do,” Nagatoro said. “I’m sure you’ll like it.”
Velma knew she was right. Of course she would like it. She’d already experienced an amazing time with Gohan’s mother when she’d won that fan appreciation trip some time ago, and Gohan himself was similarly charming. She’d seen him in plenty of his own movies, and knew she’d have fun with him if she wanted to. So why was she so nervous now?
“Come on, don’t be shy,” Nagatoro said. “He’s going to cum any second. I want to see you swallow every drop.”
“I can hold out longer than that,” Gohan protested as Velma grabbed his boxers. She pulled them down, letting his cock spring free. It was already growing, throbbing with excitement. She gasped at the size of it, staring up at his belly as she wrapped her hands around his shaft.
“What are you waiting for?” Nagatoro asked.
Velma leaned forward, wrapping her soft lips around his hard cock. She took him into her mouth for a few blissful seconds, her warm mouth cushioning his girth as she vigorously bobbed her head up and down on his member.
“Mmm, you’re so good,” Nagatoro said as she watched. “Who knew a nerd could suck cock so well?”
Velma pulled back and glared up at Nagatoro.
“I’m not a nerd!”
“Yes you are,” Nagatoro said, smiling. “Only a nerd would host a study of human anatomy in a porn studio and be surprised when it turns out like this.”
Velma pouted, but her mind was so full of thoughts of Gohan’s cock that she couldn’t think of a rebuttal. So she turned and resumed sucking him off. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft, enjoying the wet sensation of his cock in her mouth, the way it felt in her mouth and throat.
“That’s it, take it all,” Nagatoro said, her hand resting on Velma’s bobbing head. “Suck him like a vacuum cleaner.”
Velma took the whole of his cock into her mouth, her throat stretching as she took all of him.
Nagatoro pushed her head in further so that her nose pressed against his pubic region.
“I’m going to cum if you keep going,” he said, his voice strained.
“Go ahead, pump this nerdy slut’s throat full of jizz,” Nagatoro said. “She’ll love it, trust me.”
Gohan gritted his teeth, trying to hold back the orgasm that was building up inside of him.
“Unh…!” he groaned as he came in Velma’s mouth. Her eyes widened as she felt his hot load shoot down her throat. She gagged, but swallowed as best she could as his cock throbbed in her mouth.
“Mm, yeah… that’s it, keep taking it, keep it there, ah!”
Nagatoro pushed her head down, grinning as she heard Velma moaning. Her eyes rolled back as she felt his sticky, salty cum flow down her throat.
“You like that, you dirty slut?” she purred. Velma pulled away, letting Gohan’s cock slide from her wet, sticky mouth.
“Mm… hm… yeah,” Velma panted. “More… give… more…”
“I knew you were a greedy little bitch,” Nagatoro laughed. “Now get up and have some fun for me.”
Velma stood up, and Nagatoro grabbed her ass with both hands. Velma yelped as the skinny girl squeezed her butt.
“What are you waiting for, slut? Take off those pants!”
Velma didn’t need any more encouragement. She tore herself out of her clothes and leaned against the table, presenting herself to Nagatoro.
“That’s a good girl,” Nagatoro said, eyeing her naked body hungrily. She glanced over at Gohan. “You too.”
Gohan was still recovering from his orgasm, but he quickly got himself in the right frame of mind as he began stripping down as well. Nagatoro watched him undress with a mischievous smile.
“Hurry up, I want to get started,” she said. “I want to see you two making love right in front of me.”
Gohan’s eyes widened. She moved up to them, and put her hands on their naked bodies.
“Are you two ready to get started?” she asked, her hands moving up and down their naked bodies.
“I’m… ready,” Velma said. Gohan nodded.
“Yeah, we’re both ready.”
Nagatoro grinned.
“Good. Then let’s get started.”
Nagatoro pushed Velma slightly, bending her over the table. Her large, freckled ass lifted up, exposing her dripping wet pussy to the others.
“Take me, fuck me hard!” she demanded.
Gohan and Nagatoro each grabbed one of her ass cheeks and began to devour her flesh, licking and sucking her big, round bubble butt.
“You’ve got a hell of an ass for a nerd,” Nagatoro said, licking her cheek. Gohan licked the other, as they both savored her meaty ass. They moaned, slobbering, licking and sucking on her big, delicious ass-cheeks.Velma moaned as she felt their tongues all over her ass cheeks.
“Y-you don’t have to do that,” she said, squirming as they tasted her backside.
“Not at all,” Nagatoro said, before planting a kiss on her ass. “But I want to!”
Nagatoro then drooled, leaving a trail of saliva down the crack of Velma’s ass, before planting a wet and sloppy kiss on her asshole.
“Mm, you taste so good, nerd,” she said, before planting another kiss on Velma’s asshole. “I want to taste your insides.”
Velma gasped as Nagatoro suddenly pressed her tongue against her asshole. With some force, her tongue worked its way inside Velma’s ass.
“Mm, you little slut!” she said, smacking Velma’s ass. She grinned, looking over at Gohan. His eyes were wide with arousal.
“I think he wants to stick his dick in your ass, hon,” Nagatoro said. “You want a taste of her?”
Gohan nodded eagerly, licking his lips.
“I do,” he said eagerly.
Nagatoro slapped Velma’s ass with affection.
“Then get over here,” she said, beckoning Gohan over to her. “She tastes amazing.”
Gohan rushed over to her, staring hungrily at her large, round bubble butt. He put his hands on either cheek, spreading her open. Her pinkish-brown asshole winked invitingly at him, and he dove in.
“Ohh, fuck!” Velma moaned as Gohan vigorously ate out her asshole.
“Yeah, get in there and eat her asshole, you pansy,” Nagatoro said, giggling.
Gohan didn’t need to be told twice, and wasted no time. He moaned as he plunged his tongue as deep as he could into the warm, moist abyss.
“Ha ha! You like that, you filthy whore?” Nagatoro laughed, slapping Velma’s ass once more.
“Yes! Please slap my ass again!” Velma begged.
Nagatoro laughed, hitting Velma’s ass hard with her open palm.
“I think you like getting spanked!” she taunted her.
“Yes! I do!” Velma cried out.
“Then you need some more spanking!”
Nagatoro smacked Velma’s ass over and over again while Gohan rimmed her. He pumped his tongue back and forth, while Nagatoro made Velma’s ass ripple with each blow.
“FUCK! Give it to me! Fuck, give it to me! I want more!” Velma screamed.
“You want this dick, you filthy slut?” Nagatoro asked, smacking Velma’s ass once more. “You want this tongue up your ass?”
“Yes! Please! Slap my ass again!”
Nagatoro grinned, smacking Velma’s ass once more.
“You like that, you filthy slut?” she taunted.
“Yes! Please! Give it to me!”
Nagatoro walked around to the side of the table, and grabbed Velma’s face with one hand. She squeezed her cheeks, and Velma whimpered as she looked up at her.
“Is this the face that’s going to eat my ass?” Nagatoro asked.
Velma nodded weakly in Nagatoro’s grasp. “Yes, I’ll eat your ass… just let Gohan fuck me already…”
Nagatoro laughed, smacking the side of Velma’s face with her free hand.
“Eat my ass, slut.”
Gohan stood up as Velma rolled onto her back. Nagatoro slid her pantines down her tanned legs, tossing them aside before climbing up onto the table. She straddled Velma’s face, looking at Gohan with a smile.
“Go ahead, fuck this whore’s fat ass,” she said, sitting on Velma’s face.
Gohan nodded, holding Velma’s legs in the air as he lined his cock up with her spit-covered asshole.
He rammed his cock into her ass, pushing as far as he could until he was balls-deep in her ass. Velma cried out, but her voice was muffled by Nagatoro’s ass on her face. Gohan began thrusting his hips, his balls slapping against her cheeks as he fucked her ass.
“Get to licking, slut,” Nagatoro said, and Velma obediently began to lick her asshole while her own was fucked hard.
“You like this, you filthy slut?” Nagatoro asked.
“Yes! Please! Please, yes!”
Nagatoro laughed. “I knew you nerds were more interesting than you seemed! This is how you do a study session!”
Gohan kept thrusting his cock in and out of Velma’s ass, moaning in pleasure as his balls began to swell up.
“Oh, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” he moaned.
“Do it! Pump her full of it!” Nagatoro cheered him on.
When he finally came, he erupted in a hot jet of cum right into Velma’s tight asshole. She moaned, licking Nagatoro’s hole as she felt him fill up her ass. He kept his hips moving, milking out every last drop.
“Fuck!” he groaned, pulling his cock out of Velma’s asshole. His cum leaked from her asshole.
Gohan and Velma were spent, but Nagatoro was only warming up. She climbed down, standing before them. She began stripping off her clothes as she walked around.
“How does that feel, you dirty little slut?”
“M-my ass is so full of cum…” Velma panted, sitting up on the table.
“Good,” Nagatoro smiled, removing the last of her clothes. She stood with her hands on her hips, naked as the day she was born. “Let’s finish the study session.”
Nagatoro’s perfect body was on full display, and her beauty was even more intoxicating up-close. Gohan’s dick was still semi-hard, still leaking a bit of cum. He watched as she sat down in one of the chairs, propping her bare feet up on the table.
“Let’s learn about feet, shall we?” she said. “Did you know the foot is an erogenous zone?”
Gohan and Velma both looked at her feet. She wiggled her toes, grinning widely.
“I like feet. Do you like feet?” she asked.
“Yes,” the two of them replied in unison.
Nagatoro’s face lit up as she watched Velma crawl across the table. The bespectacled girl laid down flat on her stomach and began to lick one of Nagatoro’s feet. Gohan climbed up onto the table as well, joining her by licking the other foot.
“Ooh, that’s a good pair of nerds,” she cooed, watching them lap up her feet. “I know just how to make you guys happy.”
She relaxed, enjoying the feeling of their wet tongues on her feet.
“You like that, you dirty little cocksuckers?” she asked.
“Yes,” Gohan answered, sucking on her big toe.
“You have such pretty little feet,” Velma added, licking up and down her sole. “I love how the bottom’s not as tanned as the rest…”
“Really? You like licking my feet? You like sucking my toes?”
The two of them nodded eagerly.
Nagatoro giggled, looking down at her two horny little lovers.
“Let’s see how you two like licking each other’s feet,” she suggested.
Gohan and Velma looked at each other, before lying on their backs. Their legs intertwined as Gohan took Velma’s feet and Velma did the same for his. They both began licking and sucking, while Nagatoro watched with glee.
She slid her hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy as she watched them lick each other’s feet.
“I need to cum,” she said, smiling. “You guys make such good foot-licking sluts.”
She looked down, watching them lick each other’s bare feet. She rubbed her clit as the pleasure radiated through her body.
“That’s it, you dirty sluts,” she moaned. “Put on a show for me…”
The two nerds licked their feet faster, tongue-wrestling, fucking each other’s mouths with their toes.
“Mmm… you have such pretty feet,” Velma said.
“I like yours, too,” Gohan replied.
Nagatoro rubbed herself faster as she watched them moan and lick each other’s feet on the table. Her legs quivered as she reached her peak, moaning and throwing her head back as she came. She was so turned on she could barely stand it anymore and collapsed back into her seat.
Her orgasmic release left her weak. She closed her eyes, breathing heavily. She opened her eyes when she realized Gohan and Velma were off the table.
“Huh?” she said, seeing them standing on either side of her.
“You’re not done already, are you?” Gohan asked. “We still have one very important part of the human anatomy to study. Feet are nice, but the human body is made up of much more… essential parts.”
“Like the pussy,” Velma said, sliding her hand between Nagatoro’s tanned legs. “A-ah!” Nagatoro moaned, her pussy still sensitive from her recent orgasm.
“The pussy,” Velma continued, licking her lips. “Oooh, I could eat your pussy all day long.”
“Then go ahead and eat it!”
Velma got on her knees, sliding under the table and between Nagatoro’s legs.
“I’ll eat it for you, beautiful,” she said, running her tongue up and down Nagatoro’s thighs before rubbing her mound against her face.
Gohan moved behind Nagatoro, playing with her small breasts while Velma began licking her pussy.
“Mm, you taste so good,” Velma said, before sliding two fingers inside of the Japanese pornstar.
“Ohhh… yeah, that feels so good.”
“You know what would feel even better?” Gohan asked, leaning forward to whisper in Nagatoro’s ear.
“If I laid you down on this table…”
Nagatoro moaned, shivering as she felt herself getting wet.
“…and fucked you like the naughty bitch you are.”
She gasped, closing her eyes as she lost herself in the sensations in her head and in her crotch.
“You like that, dirty slut?”
“Say it.”
“I… like… it!”
The two nerds continued stimulating her, making her hotter and wetter than ever. Gohan rolled her nipples between her fingers while Velma lapped at her wet pussy.
“I want you to make me cum,” she said.
“I want you to make me cum, too,” said Gohan.
“Huh?” Nagatoro said, but Gohan just lifted her up out of her seat. He laid her down on the table, spreading her legs with his hands.
“You want my cock, don’t you?” he asked.
“You want my big, hard cock up your tight little pussy?”
“Oh, God, yes…”
“You want to feel my cum explode inside you?”
“Just fuck me already!” Nagatoro moaned.
“Then be a good slut and spread those legs wide for me.”
Nagatoro moaned, spreading her legs wide.
“You’re such a bad, bad girl.”
“I am, I bullied you nerds and I should be punished,” she said, blushing profusely.
Gohan smiled and spread her pussy apart, exposing her pink, wet, and pouting cunt. He slid his thick cock into her moistened snatch, and she laid back on the table and moaned.
“You like that, slut?” he asked, grabbing her hips and thrusting into her as she nodded eagerly. “You like my big cock inside you?”
“Yes, yes, yes!”
“Say it.”
“I… like… it!” She shouted each word in time with Gohan’s thrusts.
Velma climbed back up onto the table, sitting next to Nagatoro’s head. She stroked her cheek as she watched Gohan fuck her.
“You know, if you really want to study pussies, you should do more than have yours fucked,” Velma said. “You should see one up-close and personal.”
Nagatoro moaned as Velma straddled her face, forcing her tongue into her cunt.
“Fuck me with your tongue, slut,” Velma said, grinding her pussy down into Nagatoro’s face. “Suck my wet, juicy pussy, you dirty slut. Make me climax with your mouth.”
Nagatoro began eagerly sucking on Velma’s soaked pussy, greedily trying to get every last drop of orgasmic nectar that Velma was about to squirt out of her.
At the same time, Gohan held her legs up in the air while he fucked her. He pressed her feet into his face, licking them as his cock glided in and out of her slick pussy.
“You like that, you dirty bitch?” he asked her.
“Oh, God, yes,” she moaned.
“You’re a dirty slut, aren’t you?”
“Yes,” Nagatoro moaned into Velma’s pussy.
“That’s okay, we like dirty sluts around here,” Velma told her. “You’re the slut for our little study session.”
Gohan began to thrust harder, and soon, he couldn’t hold back his orgasm, erupting into Nagatoro’s snatch. He groaned as he shot his seed into her, flooding her womb with his sticky, warm seed.
Nagatoro moaned and panted as she felt another orgasm building up inside of her, and she knew that she was going to go over.
“I’m close… I’m going-” she gasped.
“Come for me, slut,” Velma told her, as she started to bounce up and down on Nagatoro’s face, riding out another orgasm.
Gohan rubbed her clit, pushing her closer and closer until she came. Her moans were muffled by Velma’s pussy, but her body went stiff and her eyes rolled back in her skull.
Nagatoro whimpered, her breathing getting faster and her body going limp, before she finally came down from her climax.
“There, good girl,” Velma cooed, continuing to ride her face. “Now just help me…”
Velma yelped in surprise as she felt Gohan’s tongue on her asshole. Both his and Nagatoro’s tongues worked her two holes, and Velma’s breathing quickened.
“Gohan, that feels so good. Shove your tongue up my ass,” she told him. “You two, this feels incredible!”
Gohan slid his tongue up into her asshole, while she bounced up and down on Nagatoro’s face.
“Oh, shit, you guys, this is so good,” she moaned. She played with her breasts, grinding her hips as the two tongues licked her vigorously. “I’m going to… cum… all over your face! Ahhh!”
She squirted, splashing Nagatoro’s face with her girlcum. Her orgasmic juices coated her face. Gohan crawled over and licked them off while she came down from her climax.
“Oh, my… God, that was amazing,” Velma said, catching her breath. “Thank you, Gohan, Nagatoro…”
“You’re welcome, Velma,” Nagatoro said, coming down from her orgasm. “I have to admit, this turned out to be way more fun than I’d hoped…”
Velma rolled off her, getting down onto the floor. Gohan also climbed down, while Nagatoro sat up on the table. She licked her lips and smiled.
“I don’t suppose you two would mind if I caught up with you two nerds again,” she asked.
“Oh, God no. We’d love for you to do it again,” Velma said. “We should make this a regular study group.”
“Yes, I agree,” Gohan said. “A study session with a lovely, sexy lady like yourself would be awesome.”
Nagatoro blushed, and Velma gave her a kiss on the cheek.
“Thank you for a fun time, Nagatoro-san,” she said.
“Likewise, my dear Velma,” Nagatoro said, smiling at her.
Gohan and Velma collected their clothes and notes, leaving Nagatoro to clean up. She sighed, and got to work. She smiled to herself as she wiped down the table.
“I guess I’ll be back again soon.”