Gohan and Nagisa

Gohan and Nagisa
by A-boy
Inspired by: https://nearhentai.com/2019/10/24/nagisa-shiota-character-ask-1/


Nagisa laid down to relax on his bed. He reviewed his notes on Korosensei, and separated physical and personality weaknesses. A knock at the door disrupted him, prompting him to stand up and get the door.

“Hi Nagisa, how are you?” Gohan greets him as he stands outside the room.

“Uhh, hi Gohan, what are you doing here?” Nagisa replies. “Come in, come in.”

Gohan walks in, while Nagisa stares at his ass. “Why does everyone like that ass more than mine?” he thinks, while groping his own a little. He feels a little hard, and Gohan turns around to him, noticing the clothed erection. He sits down and asks for Gohan to do the same.

“I hear you’re a bit jealous of people liking my butt more than yours, is that true?”

“Well, I guess I am, mine’s obviously bigger and rounder, so I wanna know why everyone prefers yours.”

“Well, how about I make it up to you” Gohan says a bit more seductively, pressing his body against the blue haired boy, and groping the aforementioned butt.

Nagisa blushes, and feels his heart race and nods. Gohan tells Nagisa to relax. “Let’s see if you’ll enjoy this butt just as much as the others.”

He moves his butt and begins to give him a lap dance, and Nagisa gets harder and harder with each grind from Gohan’s soft cheeks. Gohan strips his clothes one by one, until his cheeks are bare. He blushes when Gohan straddles him, moving in to ask if he’d want to kiss. Nagisa gives no reply except for closing the gap, as their lips danced against each other passionately. Gohan then moves away, as both of them were breathing hard.

“Did you figure out why people like mine more?”

“Well, you can work it real good, but I’m still horny.”

“I can deal with that, now just keep relaxing and I’ll do the work. It’s time to have some fun with your butt now” emphasizing “your”. Gohan strips Nagisa’s shirt slowly, and moves his mouth to his chest, kissing four times before hovering to his right nipple, moving to lick, eliciting a softer moan from Nagisa. He moves to the other nipple as he slowly undoes the pants. He plants kisses again once his pants are on the ground, trailing down to his crotch. “How is it so far?”

“It’s reeaaallly goo-ooohhh” as Gohan sucks the tip through his underwear. Gohan goes further down, and spreads his juicy butt, and plunges his face into Nagisa’s tight hole. He holds the cheeks apart and starts to lick his smooth hole, twitching along with  his cock. Nagisa wraps his legs around Gohan’s head, caressing his spiky black hair as he gets eaten out skillfully.

“I can see why you beat Zangya in that rimming contest, but I’m kinda jealous of something else now.”

Gohan peeks out while still rimming and asks “What’s that?”

“I’m jealous that we haven’t met before, because I would’ve loved to ooooohh, help judge your rimming skills. Your skills are also enviable.”

“Thanks, I really enjoy rimming people, and this juicy butt is a special one I have a new liking for” as Gohan slides his tongue in. Nagisa gasps as he feels Gohan’s tongue thrust in. Gohan repeats his actions thrice. “Gohan, stop rimming me and just fuck my ass hard. I need to have your cock in me now.”

Gohan nods as he aligns his cock with Nagisa’s hole, and slips right in the tight hole. He thrusts slowly as he wants to cum alongside Nagisa, and builds his own climax. Each move he makes brings him closer and closer, while Nagisa holds off on cumming, struggling as each thrust and stroke from Gohan brought him closer to his much needed climax.

“Gohan, Go-han, GOHAN YES, GO, GOHAN!”

“Ughhhh, Nagisa, ooooh, yes, AAAAHHHH YES FUCK, I’M GONNA FILL YOU UP!”


Gohan slammed right into Nagisa’s hole three more times before turning Super Saiyan.


“OH, YES!”

The young assassin felt a surge as his insides were explored, entered and exited so hard, he was going to shoot into his mouth just from the cock in his ass. He lost his senses, and started to smile silly with his tongue out. Gohan pounded him so much Nagisa had been in an ahegao for 5 minutes, until he finally pumped that ass full with his half saiyan cum. While he was unloading, Nagisa shot all over his chest, and into his mouth, onto his hair and on the bed. Gohan pulled out, and moved over to start cleaning up the mess of cum he made the boy shoot out. He lapped up every drop from cock to face, then Nagisa regained his senses, and pushed Gohan to his leaking hole.

“You missed a spot, Gohan.”

“I was just saving that for last.”

Gohan lapped up his leaking cum from Nagisa’s still tight hole, now more used to stretching.

“Gohan, you’ve cleaned it all out, now get on the bed on your back.”

“Why, you wanna fuck me now?”

“Yeah, I think that’s fair to have you take mine like I took yours, I loved every second of your cock stretching my ass out, so I hope you enjoy me fucking yours just as much.”

“I remember you said you wanted to be as good as me at rimming, so start licking and lube me up good for your cock, I’ll give you pointers while you eat me out”

Nagisa went down, and cautiously moved his mouth to the now blonde boy’s ass, spreading it, and moved his tongue over the hole, tracing the shape of the hole, sliding up and down. He looks up to Gohan, who moans out “Fuck yes, you’re a natural, slide your tongue in.”

Nagisa took a deep breath and slid his tongue 2 inches in, eliciting a prolonged moan from his instructor. He slid in and out, his instructor replying with only “YES, YES, OH, UGH, YES, FUCK, YEAH” until Nagisa moved away, and aimed his still sensitive cock into the hole he was just rimming. He slid right in, and Gohan’s already hard cock stood up rigid as his ass was penetrated smoothly by an assassin. Only 2 minutes of fucking made them cum again, considering they were a bit sensitive after the first fuck. Nagisa suggested they shower before leaving, and Gohan suggests a little more practice of rimming.

“Actually, if you want, you can call me for practice whenever I’m free.”

“Thanks, Gohan, I’m enjoying myself with your ass a lot, considering I was a bit jealous about this ass earlier.”

Gohan laughs and they shower, before Gohan throws on his clothes before writing his number down on the notepad Nagisa keeps for Korosensei’s weaknesses. He blows a kiss, and winks before leaving.