NHS Spotlight: Helen Parr

NHS Spotlight: Helen Parr

By April O’Neil


A true icon in our business, Helen Parr has been working within the Near Hentai Studio since November 11th, 2015. While I had originally scheduled to interview her back in March, due to a number of unfortunate scheduling conflicts, I ended up sitting down with the lovely Elastigirl on November 11th, 2021.


APRIL: “First of all, Mrs. Parr, allow me to wish you a happy anniversary!”


HELEN: “It’s not… Oh, right, my debut for the Studio! Yes, haha, thank you. And please, call me Helen.”


APRIL: “Will do, Helen. It’s an honor to meet with someone of your stature for an interview like this.”

HELEN: “Oh, stop!”

She giggled, a charming sound. It’s not hard to see why she so effortlessly rose to the top of the Studio. Her effortless beauty, poise, and style, combined with her knockout figure and famous… assets… She’s a total package, and completely charming in person.


Helen Parr has done it all in the Studio. She starred in one of its largest productions ever, Sleepover Raid, as well as appearing in a number of high profile series like the NHS MILFs, MomSwap, and even participated in a Fusion experiment between our original scheduling and now.


APRIL: “So, as I’m sure you know, our questions today all come from the Near Hentai Twitter account. Your fans submitted them, and I’ll just be reading them out to you.”


HELEN: “Sure, sounds fun. I have a feeling about some questions, but I’m curious what exactly my fans want to know!”


APRIL: “Well, to start things off, we had one person who submitted a number of questions regarding working in the Studio. So let’s run through their questions first.”


HELEN: “Sure!”


APRIL: “What is a Near Hentai One-Shot compilation like, and how long does it last?”


HELEN: “Well, it depends. I’ve worked two One-Shot shoots, and they were both pretty different. The first time, for the September 2018 One-Shot, I was one of several scenes. So I showed up with Bob and Lucius, and we shot our segment in about forty minutes. The other one, for, uh… February, I think? 2019, I was int he whole scene with Cass, Hiro, and my boy Dash. That one took all day, since we had to fill the full runtime ourselves. I tell you, those boys wore us out, haha!”


APRIL: “Right, and next, what is a Near Hentai Character Ask like, and how long does it last?”


HELEN: “So, the Asks system is set up on a monthly rotation. The full list of submitted questions is posted in the square, of course, but we’ll also get personal emails for any questions we might’ve gotten. After that, if you want to answer one, you just need to schedule an appointment for it with Ms. Wildstar. Of course, only so many can get done each month, so sometimes you’ll be too late if you wanted to answer one, but I’ve managed to get a couple. Once you do, it’s up to you to bring any co-stars if you want to demonstrate something. I know a lot of folks like to try and put on a bit of a show, maybe even act like they’re just hearing the question for the first time. I think that’s fun, makes the whole thing feel more organic.”


April: “Mm-hmm. And, how did Violet’s first Ask go?”


HELEN: “Oh, well, I wasn’t that involved, really. I helped her file the paperwork, but she showed up and answered it all on her own. I did see her answer later, though. It’s always cute to see how people want to lewd our abilities.”


APRIL: “And what is the NHS MILFs series like? How long does it last, and how did your shoot go?”

HELEN: “Oh, the NHS MILFs series is probably the easiest workday I’ve ever had, haha! It’s just a simple photoshoot, really. You show up, get makeup and everything like you would for any shoot, and then they snap maybe twenty or so photos of you in front of a green screen. Since the number of poses they want for that series is pretty limited, they don’t ask much of you beyond looking pretty.”


APRIL: “And last, what is a Mini Commission shoot like, and how long do they last?”


HELEN: “Oh, well… I’ve never done a Mini Commission, I don’t think, but they’re not any different for us than any other shoot. The only thing that separates a Mini Commission from any other filming day is that the concept is submitted from a Subscriber, and they’re kinda limited in what they can ask for. I can’t think of any reason why those aspect would affect us, unless the Subscriber asked for something weird or something.”


APRIL: “Alright, and let’s move on to the other questions. How was your time working with Goten and Trunks? And how do they compare to Dash and Mr. Incredible?”


HELEN: “Oh, those two! They’re a couple of goofballs, but I love working with them. Goten’s really sweet and innocent, and Trunks is a bit of a scamp but he’s sweet, too. I guess if I were to compare them to my boys… Well, Trunks and Dash can both be troublemakers at times, I suppose. They don’t really have much in common with Bob, though.”

APRIL: “I think they might’ve been talking about, ahem…”


I pointed down at my crotch to indicate I thought the question might’ve been about dick size.


HELEN: “Oh, of course. Well, I think they might be a bit bigger than Dash, but they don’t ever jackhammer you the way he will. Goten’s gentle but powerful, while Trunks really likes to feel you up while he’s fucking you. He couldn’t get enough of my ass! Dash will just hammer you really fast. It’s over quick, but it’s pretty intense. Of course, none of them really compare to Bob, for me, but that’s just because he and I are such a good match.”


APRIL: “And speaking of your family, how do you have fun with Dash Parr?”

HELEN: “Like, in general, or…?”


APRIL: “That’s all the question says.”


HELEN: “Well, of course we have fun as a family. I love my kids. If they’re asking about working with him… Well, I like being close to him, and I enjoy seeing how much fun he has. He’s not really the most professional person I’ve worked with on set, but that might be in part because I’m his mother. I feels like he can get away with more when he’s with me, because he’s more comfortable with me.”


APRIL: “And out of all the girls in the Studio, who was your favorite to work with?”


Helen smiled, seeming to think for a moment.


HELEN: “My favorite? Is it cheating to say Violet? I really love how close we’ve become since we came to the Studio, and I think all the shoots we’ve done together are a big part of that. If you want someone outside of my family, then I guess I’d say Cass so far. We get along great, and she knows exactly what I like when we’re on camera.”


APRIL: “And lastly, are there any characters whom you haven’t yet, but are hoping to work with in the future?”


Helen leaned back in her seat. She looked me up and down with a confident smirk on her face.


HELEN: “Why, Miss O’Neil, did you sneak that one in yourself?”


I immediately felt my face warming up under her gaze. 


APRIL: “N-no, of course not! This is a legitimate question, submitted by a fan, just like the others!”


HELEN: “Uh-huh. Well, besides the intrepid April O’Neil, who looks delectable in a yellow jumpsuit, I’d say… Maybe Goku, just to see what all the hype is about. I’d also like to work with more of my gal pals around the Studio, especially if we ever shoot any of the planned sequels to Sleepover Raid. I’ve wanted to work with Mel Jones for ages, but it’d also be fun to work with Arella Roth, Maddie Fenton, Anne Possible… or any sort of group effort involving their daughters and Violet. Working with the Prouds was a lot of fun, I’d like to do more like that, maybe.”


APRIL: “Alright, that wraps things up! Thanks so much for speaking with me!”


HELEN: “Of course, it was a pleasure! And are you free after this, by chance?”


I ended up probing deeper with Helen after the interview, but as for the questions we collected that was the end of the tale. Thank you to everyone who submitted, and please keep an eye out on Twitter for when we collect questions for our next interview!