Sylvia Dominated

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story.


Sylvia took Lord Dominator’s foot on her hands. With a quick glance at the cocky gaze of her mistress, she let out a sigh before bringing her foot to her mouth. She extender her tongue, giving it a lick.

“Ah, you’re so cute when you act like that.” Lord Dominator said with a smile. “I think I’ll have more fun watching your sweet mouth.”

“Yes, Lord Dominator,” Sylvia said begrudgingly as she licked the green woman’s foot.

“Good girl.”

“Yes, Lord Dominator,” Sylvia repeated.

Lord Dominator leaned back in her throne, watching contentedly as the sexy Zbornak worshipped her feet. The truth was, she had wanted this ever since the night they’d inadvertently partied together. Despite finding out her only friend was really an enemy, Dominator had never given up the intent of making Sylvia bow before her. And let’s face it, the hot Zbornak had to eventually be defeated in some way.

Of course, the manner of doing it could have been much worse.

But all that mattered now was that Dominator had everything she could ever want. Wander was locked away, and Sylvia was on her knees licking her feet.

“My little horny maid is being a good girl, isn’t she?”

Sylvia grunted in affirmation as her mistress slipped one hand down the front of her skirt, rubbing her pussy slightly. She really was enjoying the show.

“Put some more effort into it,” Lord Dominator ordered Sylvia. “Moan while you worship my feet.”

Sylvia obeyed her mistress, putting in more vigor.

“That’s better,” Lord Dominator praised. “You’re really putting yourself through it.”

Sylvia moaned in response, looking up with submissive eyes at her mistress. Her tongue trailed up and down the sole of Dominator’s foot, before stopping to suck on her toes. She did that for a moment, before she moved up to kiss the foot, and then Dominator’s ankle.

“You cute little Zbornak.”

Sylvia switched to the other foot, circling her tongue around Dominator’s heel. She sucked on the heel, before licking along the crevice of her foot’s arch.

“Tell me how much you love servicing me,” Dominator said, rubbing herself a little faster. “Tell me how much your life depends on it.”

“I… I love my life because my life is serving you, Lord Dominator!”

Sylvia laughed a little.

“And how do my feet taste?”

“They’re delicious, Lord Dominator,” she said with a smile.

Dominator smiled in response, gently rubbing her pussy.

“Do you like my feet, Sylvia?” she asked.

“I… Yes, Lord Dominator. They’re beautiful, with a stylish and elegant arch and long, slender toes… “

“Are you turned on, worshipping them?”

“A little, Lord Dominator.”

“Good. Maybe you’ll learn not to be so shy around me in the future.”

Sylvia continued to worship her feet as her mistress continued to rub herself.

Dominator knew she’d have to make this part of her daily routine from now on. She needed to be kept in the mood, and kept weak from the inside. She couldn’t let herself become too over confident.

“Sylvia, tell me what you want to do with your life.”

“Uh…” Sylvia hesitated… “Service you, ma’am?”

“Yes, but what do you want to do in general? What do you like?”

“I… I like running. And training with the sword. Hunting. The outdoors.”

“And how do you feel, knowing you’re giving all of that up to become my personal foot slut?”

“I… I’m honored, Lord Dominator. I shall make this sacrifice so that you may live in grandeur.”

“Ahh, that’s what I like to hear,” Dominator said with a soft moan as she inserted one finger into herself. “You’ll be rewarded for this. I promise.”

Sylvia blushed, but continued to worship Lord Dominator’s feet as she pleasured herself. 

“Oh, that’s it bitch. Moan for me, show me how fucking pathetic you are. A defeated enemy, lying on the floor sucking my toes. This is so fucking hot!” Syliva watched her hand inside the hem of her skirt fidgeting with her pussy. She quickly looked away, but the sight filled her ecstasy. “Tell me, Sylvia! Lick the soles of my feet and tell me how pathetic you are!”

“I am pathetic, Lord Dominator. I am the lowest of low. I am an abomination and a filthy, disease-ridden Zbornak whore.”

She licked as long a path as she could, winding from heel to ball across to the little toe. “I’m worthless, Lord Dominator. I’m immensely privileged just to have the honor of being your property, of licking your gorgeous feet. I thank you for a gift that I don’t deserve.”

“Oh that’s the stuff, slut. There’s nothing sexier to me than humiliation,” Lord Dominator said. “Get lower! Rub your cunt on the floor like a dog, like a bitch in heat. That’s all you are, isn’t it cunt? Moan like you’re in pain, you pathetic cunt. I want to hear you wail.”

“Yes, Lord Dominator!” Sylvia gasped “I’m nothing to you, I’m less than a dog, I have no purpose beyond worshipping you. Oh god, your feet. Mmhm. Uhh.”

She ground her pussy onto the floor of Dominator’s throne room, a welcome sight to the green conqueror.

“Good girl. That’s it. Mmm. Yes. Now, work your way up.”

Sylvia began planting kisses on Dominator’s ankles, up her calves. She kissed every freckle she could see along the way, slowly making her way up her mistress’s legs.

“Oh fuck, you’re even better than I hoped, skank,” her mistress moaned.

Sylvia traveled up her thighs, licking her smooth green flesh along the way. Soon, she was approaching her final destination.

“Suck that cunt, whore,” Dominator commanded sternly.

Sylvia inhaled, then slowly slid her mouth over Lord Dominator’s slit.

“Ugh! Make sure you sticks your tongue in as far as you can!”

Dominator grabbed the back of Sylvia’s head, forcing her long snout deeper between her legs. As she felt the tip of her nose press against her pubic bone, she started bucking her hips into her face.

“Uhh! Yeah! Fuck! Yeah! Suck that pussy, cunt!”

Sylvia lapped at her pussy with all the vigor she could muster. She used her tongue as a sword, making sure to lick and flick every inch of her clit. She pressed her nose into her, breathing through her nostrils.

“Oh that’s it, you fucking slut, you pussy-pleasing skank! Suck that fucking clit like only a slave could!” Dominator howled with delight.

Sylvia closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of her long tongue penetrating her mistress’s smooth wetness. She also enjoyed the feeling of her mistress taking control and commanding her actions with harsh words.

She had slipped easily into the role of lesbian slave girl, nothing but an instrument of pleasure to her conqueror. She grinded against Dominator’s leg, feeling herself getting close to an orgasm.

“Oh yes! That’s it! Cum! Cunt, cum for your master!”

Sylvia obeyed, gushing with delight.

She came all over Dominator’s leg, humping her like a dog, while her mistress came all over her face.

“You’re fucking welcome, you little whore,” the green-skinned woman said, wiping her chin.

Sylvia wanted to say something, but she didn’t know what.

“Now, clean off my fucking leg,” Dominator ordered. “Lick every last drop of your orgasm off of me, you filthy Zbornak slut.”

She obeyed, licking up every last drop of her girlcum. As she cleaned Dominator’s leg and thighs, Dominator continued to berate and humiliate her.

“Look at you, the once-mighty Sylvia,” she teased, “nothing more than my little pet, now.”

Sylvia wanted to protest, but the words stung. A little pet. She belonged to Lord Dominator, and she knew it.

Her tongue dragged along Dominator’s thigh, licking up the juices she’d secreted there.

“Yes, yes, good pet,” the woman said, caressing her main. “And every good pet needs a collar.”

Sylvia heard a metallic clink as something was fastened around her long neck. She looked down, seeing that Dominator had indeed locked a collar onto her, the leash of which was held in the green woman’s hand.

“What’s going to happen next?” she asked nervously.

“Now, we take our little pet out for a walk,” her mistress replied, touching her on the side of the head.

Dominator stood, pulling Sylvia by her leash. She started to stand, but Dominator chastised her.

“No! On all fours, like the dog you are!” she ordered harshly.

Despite her mistress’s harsh tone, she quickly obeyed. As she was ordered, she dropped to all fours, shuffling along as her mistress walked her around the spaceship.

There were only robots to witness her humiliation, at least at first, but that soon changed when Sylvia realized she’d been lead to the dungeons.

To her horror, Sylvia was paraded in front of all of Lord Dominator’s captives. All the old villains she and Wander had fought together, laughing and jeering as she was tugged along on her hands and knees. Soon, they came to the cell that Wander was in.

“Sylvia?” he asked, wide-eyed, as they approached.

“In custody,” she said bitterly. Wander’s face fell as he realized what Dominator had been doing with her.

“She’s my bitch now, Wander,” Dominator said. “I just wanted to give you one last look at her before I take her for myself forever.”

“Let her go!” Wander demanded, but Lord Dominator just laughed.

“Sylvia, present yourself to your old friend,” she ordered.

Sylvia looked to her with pleading eyes, but she saw no mercy on her mistress’s face. So, Sylvia turned around, pointing her round ass at Wander, and lifted her tail. Dominator slapped her across one ass cheek, making it wobble and jiggle with the impact. Wander winced at the cracking sound it made.

“This is your once-loyal steed, Wander,” she said, delighted. “A whore, a slut, a useless fucktoy!”

Sylvia shrieked as Lord Dominator spanked her again, making her knees weak. This was bad, she was getting wet.

“Look at this, she’s enjoying herself!” Dominator said with a laugh as she scooped some pussy juice from Sylvia’s cunt.

Wander’s face had turned red with rage, but he didn’t say a word. He couldn’t… not yet.

“Let’s go, pet, say goodbye to your friend,” Dominator said, tugging Sylvia’s leash.

“Goodbye, Wander,” she said through her sobs.

Sylvia was pulled away, to a different part of the ship.

Soon they entered what Sylvia could only describe as a sex dungeon. Toys, gadgets, all sorts of things she couldn’t even name lined the walls. There was a cage, a crib, a large machine with two large, see-through ends… it went on and on.

She could only imagine what most of it was used for.

“Let’s start you off with something simple,” Dominator said, picking up something from a table. Sylvia’s eyes widened as she recognized it.

A strapon.

“No, please, I don’t want to do this!” she cried, kicking her legs.

“Too bad, bitch,” Dominator said, attaching the strapon around her waist. “I’ve been patient enough, but now I’m going to fuck you!”

The big, rubber phallus bounced from between Dominator’s legs. Sylvia tried to scoot away, but two robots picked her up and affixed her to the wall. Her legs were held wide apart, giving Dominator easy access.

“Luckily that little show already made you wet,” Dominator said as she pointed the dildo at Sylvia’s pussy. “This’ll be easy.”

Sylvia tried to fight back, but her struggles were in vain as the dildo penetrated her.

Sylvia screamed as her hymen ripped open, and Dominator claimed her body for her own. She rammed the strapon into her, and it stretched her out. She was sore.

“Oh, was my pet a virgin?” Dominator asked in a teasing tone. “I’m happy to have fixed that for you!”

Sylvia whimpered in terror as she felt Dominator’s mouth latch onto her right nipple. She bit down on her nipple, as Sylvia began to moan.

“Take my cock, you blue slut,” Dominator panted, thrusting her hips.

The big, rubber dick slammed into her. She bit down on her lip to keep herself from screaming out. She was sore, and she wanted this to be over with.

Dominator grabbed her face, pulling her in for a rough kiss as she continued to thrust into her. Her tongue pushed into her mouth, and pressed against Sylvia’s own.

Dominator’s hands explored her body as she continued to fuck her.

She groped her tits, her thigh, muscular thighs, her delicious, huge ass.

Sylvia felt like this was all wrong. She didn’t want to be doing this, but she couldn’t deny how good it felt. She didn’t want it to feel good, but it did.

“Cum for me, whore,” Dominator whispered as she kissed Sylvia’s long neck.

She slammed into her.

Sylvia’s body shook as she came. She felt the warm fluid pump out, as it coated the dick inside of her.

“Yes, that’s it,” Dominator said with a chuckle. “You love being my pet, don’t you, Sylvia?”

Sylvia’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she was left dangling, almost lifeless, in the air.

She couldn’t muster the strength to respond, at least not at the moment.

“It’s time to take you back home,” she heard Dominator say. “Your new home.”

Sylvia was then lowered onto the table, and onto the chair that had been there before.

It floated alongside Dominator as she guided her to her cell, apart from all the others.

It was comparatively nice, with a bed and other amenities. She was set down on the bed, panting from the hard fucking she’d received.

“Sleep, for now, my pet,” Dominator said. “I will be back for you tomorrow.”

The straps were removed from her body, and she kept her eyes shut.

She was exhausted, and found herself drifting off to sleep.

She awoke the next day to find Lord Dominator had indeed returned.

“Ah, you’re finally up,” she said with a smile. “Sleep well?”

“I did,” she said grudgingly.

“You will when you realize how good I’m doing by you.”

Sylvia snorted. Her body was still sore from Dominator’s rough treatment of her.

“What do you plan to do to me today, Lord Dominator?” she asked. Dominator seemed to think for a moment.

“You know… You tasted my feet, but I haven’t tasted yours, yet.”

Sylvia’s eyes widened.

“What… What do you mean?” she asked nervously.

“It’s okay,” she reassured. “You can ahh, ask me to lick your feet.”

“You want to… lick my feet?” Sylvia asked, confused. She sat back on the bed, her big Zbornak feet held in front of her. She wiggled her long, lizard-like toes.

“Yes… I’m curious about them.”

Sylvia just watched as Lord Dominator got down on what knee at the edge of her bed, taking one of her large feet in both hands. With a hungry look in her eyes, she planted a kiss on the bulbous end of one toe.

She then repeated this with the other foot, moving her lips up the tender & wrinkly area between her big toe and her second toe, and around to the other side of her foot to end on the base of her heel.

“Do you like this, slave?” Dominator asked. “Your mistress treats you well, doesn’t she?”

Sylvia’s eyes had rolled back into her head. She was in ecstasy.

“Mmm… feels good, doesn’t it?” she heard Lord Dominator say.

“Yes, Lord Dominator,” Sylvia said as her mistress continued licking her feet.

Lord Dominator finished her off with a bite, and then released her feet from her grip.

“You may stand,” she said.

Sylvia opened her eyes, standing up from the bed.

“Turn around and stick out your ass for me,” Lord Dominator said. “And lift up that tail.”

Sylvia obeyed, turning around and leaning against the wall. Her ass was in the air, and her tail was lifted up to expose her asshole and pussy.

“Mmm, you’re ready for me,” Dominator said, spanking Sylvia across the ass with a swift strike.

“Ahh! Hey!” Sylvia protested, which only encouraged Dominator to slap her ass again.

“Do you think you can resist me, slave?” she said. “I will punish you if you do.”

“Please, Lord,” she whimpered.

“I’ve been thinking about this thick ass of yours ever since I made you show it to Wander yesterday,” Dominator explained, smacking her ass again. “It’s just so lewd and obscene, isn’t it? Did you work to make it this big and jiggly, hmm?”

“Please, I beg you, don’t beat me,” she whined.

“You want to be beaten, don’t you?”



She struck her ass again, and Sylvia gritted her teeth against the pain. Dominator was entranced by how Sylvia’s ass quaked from each blow.

“I think I’ll just enjoy this big ass for a while. I’ll make you earn it, though.”

Dominator stuck her thumb into Sylvia’s asshole, making her clench her teeth.

“How does that feel, dirty girl?” she taunted.

“Just get it out of me,” she grunted.

“I’ll take it out when I’m ready,” Dominator sneered, using her other hand to give Sylvia a swift spank across her blue behind.

“Gah!” Sylvia gasped.

“You’re my toy, and I’m going to enjoy you how I see fit,” Dominator added, moving her thumb around inside Sylvia’s ass.

Sylvia didn’t say a word, just moaning in pain. She gritted her teeth, taking a deep breath through her nose…

“Maybe I should get one of my strapons,” Dominator mused. “Get a nice, big rubber cock to fuck this fat, blue ass with.”

“No! No! No!”

“Say it,” she demanded. “Tell me you want my cock in that sexy ass of yours.”

“No… I don’t want your cock,” she gasped.

“Say it!”

“I don’t want your dick! Please, I’m begging you, just get that thumb out of me!”

Dominator slapped her ass, making her cry out in pain.

“Tell me you want to get your ass fucked, you whore!”

“Please! I want to get my ass fucked! Please, my Lord!”

“That’s better,” Dominator said, kissing the place on her ass she’d smacked. “Any slut worth keeping around loves a good ass-fucking.”

The bizarre sexual desire, the humiliation, the pain… it was a heady mix for her. She grunted as Dominator pulled her thumb out of her ass, listening in apprehension as she heard the sounds of her affixing a strapon to her person.

“It’s so hard to find good help these days, especially ass-slaves. You could be useful, you know.”

Sylvia had no words.

“You’re going to like this.”

Dominator lightly tapped her rubber cock on Sylvia’s ass, enjoying the way her meaty cheeks rippled from the impact.

“Tell me how much you’re going to enjoy getting your ass fucked, Sylvia.”

“I will enjoy it!” she cried, bracing for the cock that was about to be rammed in her ass.

Sylvia felt the cockhead bounce against her asshole, teasing the inside of it.

“Tell me more,” she said. “I want all the details for how badly you want my cock in your ass.”

“I… I want it! I want it so bad!”

“Tell me how hard you’re throbbing for it.”

She squirmed, feeling the cockhead bump up against her asshole.

“I need to feel my ass violated by my superior,” she said. “J-just fuck my ass up with your cock, Lord Dominator. Treat me like a cock sleeve. I need it so bad. My ass clams up if you don’t fuck it.”

“Is that so?” Dominator asked, smacking her ass hard. “That’s better. Tell me, have you ever had anything this big up your ass?”

“No, my Lord.”

“Do you want it?”

“I’m ready,” she said.

“You’ll enjoy it. I guarantee it.”

Dominator pressed forward, pressing the lubed cock into Sylva’s ass.

“Aaaah!” she grunted, wincing as the cock spread her wider. “It’s so big! I feel like a whore getting fucked by a dick. Am I supposed to take it?”

“Take it like a champ, Sylvia,” Dominator said. “You took so much abuse battling my robots, I know your ass can handle taking the abuse I have planned for it!”

Sylvia was pushed up against the wall as the dick was forced into her, her face contorted in a mixture of pain, humiliation, arousal and anticipation.

Dominator’s fake cock pressed deeper and deeper into her virgin asshole, spreading it wide as it penetrated her. Soon, Sylvia’s ass was pressed up against Dominator’s pelvis as she bottomed out inside her.

“Is… is it in? Are you fully inside me?” she asked.

“Does it feel like it?” Dominator asked, grabbing her by the mane and pulling her head up from the wall.

She smacked Sylvia’s ass again.

“It’s not finished yet. You’re going to enjoy this.”

She started slowly rocking her hips, fucking the young slave in a quick but harsh pace.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Sylvia grunted, swearing each time Dominator plunged into her ass.

“Tell me how much you like getting your ass fucked,” Dominator ordered.

“I love getting my ass fucked!” she cried. “J-just fuck my ass!”

“What game are we playing?”

“G-game?” Sylvia asked, confused. “What do you mean?”

“I’m asking what your name is.”


“What’s your name?”

“S… Sylvia?”

“Sylvia what?”

“I don’t know! I’m just a… a slut!”

“Damn right, you’re just a fuckhole to me,” Dominator said with a laugh. “Sylvia the Slut!”

“Fine, I’m Sylvia the Slut,” Sylvia sobbed.

“Sylvia the Fucktoy! Sylvia the Cumdump!”

“I’m… I’m nothing!”

Sylvia’s cries turned to screams as Dominator laughed and continued shoving her dick inside her ass.

“Tell me how much you love me, Sylvia!” Dominator shouted. “You love how I treat you, don’t you? Admit it!”

“I… I love it!” she screamed as Dominator rammed her dick into her ass hard.

“Cum for me, fuckhole!”

Sylvia’s feet arched up off the floor, standing on her tip-toes as Dominator thrust into her with all her might. She yanked back on Sylvia’s mane, pulling her head back as she screamed and came.

“Aaaah! Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass! I want to feel your cum shoot inside me!”

She continued pumping her dick into her ass, her special robotic strapon shooting its load deep inside her.

“Ffffuuucckk!!!” Sylvia screamed as she felt her ass fill with Dominator’s fluids.

“That’s a good fuckhole,” she laughed as she pulled out of the whimpering girl.

Sylvia collapsed to the floor, gasping for air.

“Now… now clean up this mess you’ve made.”

Sylvia pulled herself up as Dominator yanked on her collar, pulling her face to the strapon that was still dripping with whatever had emptied into her rectum. Grimacing, she swallowed the fake cock in her mouth, sucking off the flavor of her ass.

Sylvia looked up at Dominator with a mixture of pain, lust, fear and hope in her eyes as she sucked.

“I love that expression,” Dominator said. “That’s the look of a slave who’s finally realized her place in the universe. A proper whore who’s been broken in.”

Sylvia’s tears ran down her cheeks as she looked into Dominator’s eyes, lost.

“Yeah, that’s my good girl,” she said, stroking the slave’s mane. “Now what should I do with you next?”

“Anything, Mistress,” she sobbed. “Whatever you want.”

Sylvia looked defeated. She knew that no matter what happened to her now, she was a slave. This was what her entire life had been leading up to, sucking off the cock of a woman who’d just fucked her ass. And that’s exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted it more than anything.