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NHML – Delilah

This month’s pick was Delilah from Gate, an anime I’m aware of but have never seen. I ended up doing some research on it for this pic, and seeing a little bit of the show, and I don’t think it’s anything I’ll want to be watching anytime soon. It’s filled to the brim with cute anime girls with some really lovely designs (which is dangerous for me), but the show’s tone and atmosphere seem very mean-spirited and bitter. Even the scenes I watched that were meant to be happy or humurous rubbed me the wrong way, I just can’t imagine enjoying a show like this.

Delilah here has two main designs she appears in during the anime; a waitress and a warrior. Of the two designs I decided to use her waitress one, since it seems she uses that look more often in the show, plus I thought it was cuter and offered more reasonable set-ups for a pic. The show’s cast is split mostly between cute JRPG characters and military characters, so I paired her up with four faceless military guys.