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Hikaru no Go Fuck

So here’s my second Master Commission this month, featuring Akira and Hikaru from Hikaru no Go. For those not familiar with this series, it’s a battle manga where the battles are games of Go. Hikaru’s the protagonist and Akira is his rival. I used to read the manga to this in Shonen Jump when I was younger, and this series is actually my earliest memory of being attracted to male characters in anime (specifically Akira and Sai, a ghost that helps Hikaru play Go). Both were very feminine and thus easy for me to sexualize, as I still considered myself straight at the time (though my tastes would expand as time passed). I haven’t thought much about this series since those days, though. I never watched the anime and didn’t continue reading the manga after I stopped subscribing to Shonen Jump, so it just sorta fell off my radar. These days, though, the list of characters I’m into in this series is much longer, though I can’t really say if I’ll come back to it. Regardless, it was nice to draw these two finally (even if I personally would’ve reversed the roles). The client behind this commission gave me pretty free reign, just asking for Akira on top and for them to be in a public place, like they just finished a game of Go or something. I couldn’t show other people, since it’s a two-character commission, but I tried to make it look like they were at a Go tournament or something. While coloring I thought the pic kinda looked like it would have an orgasm in it, so I ended up doing two versions: One with cum and one without.