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Nagisa Shiota Character Ask 3

While I can’t see the canon Korosensei ever doing something like this, it’s definitely the first thing most of us thought of when we first saw Assassination Classroom. I think the answer to this one was self-evident, especially since I’ve already drawn Nagisa and Karma getting some tentacle attention from their teacher. Really this was just an excuse to revisit the concept.

Korosensei’s Instruction

This here’s a commission I did featuring Nagisa and Karma of Assassination Classroom, getting some special attention from their tentacled teacher, Korosensei. I had a pic similar to this I started a year or two ago, but ultimately dropped, so it’s kinda nice to get to do this now even if it’s a completely different pic. Nagisa and Karma are both cuties, and I’m sure everyone’s first thought when they saw Korosensei was of the old hentai trope those tentacles could be used for. 😛