Assassination Classroom

Nagisa Shiota Character Ask 3

While I can’t see the canon Korosensei ever doing something like this, it’s definitely the first thing most of us thought of when we first saw Assassination Classroom. I think the answer to this one was self-evident, especially since I’ve already drawn Nagisa and Karma getting some tentacle attention from their teacher. Really this was just an excuse to revisit the concept.

Korosensei’s Instruction

This here’s a commission I did featuring Nagisa and Karma of Assassination Classroom, getting some special attention from their tentacled teacher, Korosensei. I had a pic similar to this I started a year or two ago, but ultimately dropped, so it’s kinda nice to get to do this now even if it’s a completely different pic. Nagisa and Karma are both cuties, and I’m sure everyone’s first thought when they saw Korosensei was of the old hentai trope those tentacles could be used for. 😛

November ’19 One-Shot

So here’s the One-Shot for November. The idea behind this one was that Goku and Luffy were doing a show at the Near Hentai Strip Club, performing with a variety of other boys and getting progressively more naked as they go. This comic also features the debut of Itona from Assassination Classroom, performing onstage like his classmate Nagisa.

Nagisa Shiota Character Ask 2

I never really know how to answer these questions about positions, but I thought Nagisa might like being held up by some strong arms. Of course I had to include Karma for his demonstration, since I haven’t really drawn these two together as often as I thought I would back when I watched Assassination Classroom. Anyway, not much to add to this one, hope you all like it!

Near Hentai Studios Tour – “Test Run” Version

PC Version:
Mac Version:
To run the game, just download the appropriate version (Only PC and Mac versions available so far), unzip the folder and open the .exe file inside.

Okay, so here’s something a little different! For the longest time, I’ve been really interested in visual novel/dating sim type games. I used to play translated ones from Japan back in high school, but in the past few years I’ve been seeing more and more of them crop up online from the west. I really enjoy a lot of these games, and for a couple years I’ve been toying with the idea of dipping my toe in those waters. About a year ago I experimented with making an Applebridge game, but the idea I had for that was a bit too ambitious and would’ve kept me from getting other art done. Here recently I had a new idea, however, and I think I can pull this one off.

So this is the first build, which I’m calling the “Test Run” Version, since that’s really what this is. I coded/wrote the game with stock image assets just to make sure I actually could, and then added in art and music and stuff after. Since it is just a test, though, it’s also very sparse. If you download this and play it, don’t expect a lot of content. There’s one handjob scene and one stripping scene in the game, both of which are pretty easy to find and access. What I plan to do is add in one new interactive character and one more strip club character with each update, and eventually there’ll be a good amount of content here. The new characters will alternate gender each update (so this one has Siat you can talk to, and a boy in the strip club, so the next update will feature a boy you can talk to and a girl in the strip club). I let my supporters vote on who the first character added in would be, and they picked Sora from Kingdom Hearts. So, look forward to being able to interact with him in the next update. ^_^ I’m working on it right now, and it’s pretty close to ready. Once I finish it, you’ll see it crop up in the Post Schedule. The next update will also feature a revamped soundtrack. The songs in this version were grabbed off YouTube (license-free), but I hired someone to make some original tracks for future versions.

I want to stress that this is a game I’m making almost entirely by myself. I’m doing the writing, coding, and art single-handedly (I did not make the music or sound effects). On top of that, I have zero experience with Ren’Py, the program I’m making this in, so I’m just learning how to do things as I go. I want to make this clear because I know there’s often some expectations for frequent updates with games that have a team of people who know what they’re doing, but that’s not what this is. I’m a lone amateur, who is still creating daily new content for you all while doing this on the side. Updates will come when they come, but their could be a long stretch between them. I don’t want anyone getting their hopes up to high on that front. I’m very, very excited to be making this and I’m working on it as often as I can, but realistically there’s only so much I can do.

Also, here’s the QnA video I did last month, for anyone who’d like to watch it:


June ’19 One-Shot

Here’s the One-Shot selected from scripts submitted by my supporters. The idea for this script was just to see a bunch of boys thrown together. Panels one and four were left up to commenters, while panel three specified only Nagisa’s appearance and commenters were to nominate boys to pair him with. Three people commented on this script before it won, and I used one suggestion from each of them (one person’s panel one, one person’s panel four, and one person’s partner for Nagisa). The boy fucking Nagisa is Keitaro Nagame, by the way, the protagonist of indy yaoi dating sim “Camp Buddy”. I’ve had a growing number of my fans get into the game, so there’s a chance they’ll be pushing for more content of the characters in that game in the future.

Son Goku Character Ask 7

So this Ask could’ve been answered with just Goku talking to the camera, but then I thought it’d be neat to try and show him with some random crossover boy (even though he doesn’t really have an actual answer to the question. I ended up adding two more boys just ’cause… I’d never accept an Ask that demanded this many characters, but since it was my own decision it’s okay. ^_^; I went with three random boys, trying my best to avoid any sort of theme or anything with the selections. Just three boys who would be in the studio. I guess Goku’s pretty popular around the NH Studio, and he’s such an easy-going guy that he just goes along with whatever.

July ’18 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic page selected by my supporters last month. This is another one of those “four unconnected panels” ones, but it did give me the excuse to finally do some Assassination Classroom work, as well as use Clementine again in something other than a Character Ask. Hope everyone likes the pic.

Also, I did another Q&A video recently.