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Meg and Lois Foot Fun

So this here’s a Master Commission, someone pledged to my Master Tier and got this as a reward. This client left things pretty open ended, basically telling me they were a fan of the MomSwap series and wanted to see Meg and Lois doing some foot stuff to each other. I was happy to oblige, and while I do intend to bring these two into MomSwap eventually, this serves as a standalone pic for them. We ended up with two versions, as originally I’d left out fingernails/toenails to stick closer to the art style of the show, but the client was hoping to get some painted nails. I definitely get the allure there, so I added a nails version but kept the nailless original for those who find nails on four-digit appendages weird or who are just purists to the art style or whatever. ^_^; Anyway, hope y’all like it.