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Honey Lollipop

Hello, everyone! We’re back up and running, sorry about being away. While the site was down I continued posting as usual on my old site, nearhentai.blogspot.com/, so now I’ll be reposting those images over here with the timestamps set to when they were meant to go up.

Here’s a Mini Commission I did for one of my supporters, featuring the cutesy Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka from Ouran High School Host Club. The idea submitted described Honey inserting a lollipop in his ass, and while I think there’s a fair number of ways to interpret that, this is what I went with. Hope you all enjoy. 🙂

COY 10 – Judy/Haruhi

COY stands for Cross Over Yuri. The premise is pretty simple, I have a list I’ve compiled of over 500 cute girls from various anime and manga. I then use a random number generator to make pairing, which I then draw. Every third picture is a threesome.

Hah, I love this pic. Looking back, the coloring’s a bit amateurish, but I just love the dynamic between these two. You just know Judy was expecting some sweet shota lovin’, and ended up with a reverse-trap instead. I’m sure that didn’t stop her, though…