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Urara’s Present

Sabagebu! is a pretty dumb little show I watched recently about an after-school “survival game” club. It’s mostly high school girls shooting each other in mock gunplay fights (although it’s portrayed like a real gunfight in the show). It wasn’t particularly great, but it did get a couple chuckles out of me. I did end up liking the main girls, though, and had a handful of ideas for them. I can’t say how many of those ideas will come to light, but I wanted to do this one. Urara, the pigtails girl, spends the series lusting after the main character, Momoka. They have the pretty standard dynamic of Urara proclaiming her love for Momoka, Momoka beating her up or shooting her, and then Urara get aroused by the abuse. What Sabagebu! does that I hadn’t really seen before is end the series with Momoka being tied up by the other girls and given to Urara as a present. The last time we see either of them is in a PG version of what I’ve drawn here, with Urara diving into a tub where the tied-up Momoka is sitting. It’s a pretty out-there ending to have the pervert character win, but I did want to explore the idea a little bit further here.