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Shreeky BGM

So, over a year ago I started a project I called “Bad Girls Month”, or BGM for short. The idea was that I would prepare around thirty pictures featuring villainous women (ranging from supervillains to high school bullies, or really just any antagonist). Once they were all done I would post one every day of a given month as a special feature. However, I no longer feel like this is an idea worth pursuing. For one, I now have a lot of monthly features I would have to skip in order to do a whole month dedicated to this gimmick. Instead, I’m going to release the ones I finished, finish the ones I started, and just post them normally interspersed with the regular stuff as I finish it.

I’m going to post them in the order that they were originally intended (Shreeky was going to be posted on the fourth of the month). Many of you may not know or remember Shreeky, but she was the niece of No Heart, the chief antagonist of the Care Bears cartoon. She was a brat who would shriek whenever she didn’t get what she wanted, but I think there’s something kinda cute about her weird design. I may be the only one, but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to doing more with her in the future.

This picture in particular was wrapped up in February of 2016 (I remember because I was on a trip when I finished it), although the initial drawing was done a few months earlier. It was the first picture I finished for this project, and I hope it hasn’t aged too poorly since then.