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Takumi Aldini Character Ask 1

It’s been a couple years since the first and only other time I’ve drawn Takumi, and I thought we could revisit him with this Ask. A fair number of Asks I see for less-used characters talk about them like they’re completely gone from the Studio or something when I haven’t drawn them for a while, and I thought this Ask might help clear up that confusion a little bit. Since the Studio is more than a Studio, but a full little community, everyone who’s in it is still around, hangin’ and bangin’, even if it’s been years since the last time they’ve shown up in my work.

Sōma and Takumi

So I’ve been revisiting Food Wars, and in the process remembering all the pairings I wanted to draw back when I watched it the first time. I’m sure I won’t get around to even half of them, but I decided to go ahead and do this Yukihira/Aldini pic. These two have a cute rivalry-friendship and I think they make for good partners. This isn’t my preferred ship for either guy, really, but I think Takumi’s really cute and I like seeing him fucked like this. I’d kinda like to draw Takumi again with his brother, probably in a similar way to how I drew Shigeo and Ritsuo from Mob Psycho 100 a while back.