A Princess Harem, Part 1

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story. This one started out as just a Fairy Godmother/Cinderella story, but the AI added a few twists so I’m making it a series. Enjoy!


“You’ll really make it so I can go to the ball?” Cinderella asked, incredulous.

“Of course, my dear!” The Fairy Godmother replied cheerfully. “It’s as simple as bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, but even miracles take a little time.”

“Oh, I have time!” Cinderella said with a sigh. 

“Yes, I’m sure you do,” the Fairy Godmother replied. “But more than that, you can’t get something for nothing.”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“What I mean, my sweet Cinderella, is I will need something from you first.”

“Whatever it is, I’ll do it!” Cinderella said earnestly.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” the Fairy Godmother said with an approving nod. She sat down on the bench Cinderella had been crying on and kicked off her shoes. She held her bare, plump feet up in the air. “You can start by kissing my feet.”

“Y-your… feet…?” Cinderella said, skeptical.

“Come along, now, don’t dawdle!” The Fairy Godmother admonished. “Do you want to go to the ball or not?”

“Oh, of course!” Cinderella said, sinking to her knees. She took one of the Fairy Godmother’s feet in her hands. “I love your feet! Please let me kiss them!”

The Fairy Godmother smiled at this display of devotion.

Cinderella placed a kiss on the side of her foot, looking up to see if that was enough. It was clear from the Fairy Godmother’s expression that it was not. She began to wiggle her toes back and forth, and Cinderella placed kisses on each of them.

“Come now, girl, use your tongue,” the Fairy Godmother instructed.

This was too much for even Cinderella. She closed her eyes and obliged.

“Aw, what a good girl,” the Godmother complimented. She patted Cinderella’s head as she traced her tongue along the side of the Fairy Godmother’s foot. She moved slightly so she could lick the underside of her foot, her tongue tracing along the ridges of her sole.

“You are a woman after my own heart,” the Godmother said, “but we haven’t gotten to the important part yet.”

“Is… is it something I can do?” Cinderella asked.

“For now, just try the other foot,” the Fairy Godmother replied, holding her other foot up to Cinderella’s face.

Cinderella took it into her hands and used her mouth on it in the same way she had used her tongue on the other. She kissed and licked along the soft flesh of the foot, growing accustomed to its taste. She brushed her hand lightly along the side of the Godmother’s foot as she had done with the other, smiling at the pleasant tingling sensation that ran along her arm.

“See, now, you like it, don’t you?”

“I really do,” Cinderella admitted.

“Good, now, let’s try the tongue,” the Godmother said, letting her foot down.

Cinderella hesitated for a second, but the Godmother was so pretty that she couldn’t help herself. She bent forward, dragging her tongue slowly and deliberately across the Fairy Godmother’s feet.

“Now move on up,” she was told.

Cinderella began licking up the legs of the older woman, tasting her smooth, soft skin. She ran her tongue from one knee to the other and feathered her lips against her inner thighs, blowing lightly.

The Godmother let out a contented sigh.

“Keep going, sweetheart,” she said. “You’re almost to the promised land.”

Cinderella was afraid to move further. Her head began to swim, and she felt a presence behind her eyes.

“Oh, come on, honey, don’t be so shy!”

The Fairy Godmother hooked one foot behind Cinderella’s head, pushing her face further up under her robes and between her legs. Cinderella had never done anything like this before. It was all so strange and new, yet so exciting.

Soon, the Fairy Godmother’s pussy was right in front of her. She knew what was expected of her, and she stuck out her tongue. She licked along the length of her slit, tasting the pungent juices that had been excreted there.

“That’s it, there you go,” the Fairy Godmother said encouragingly as Cinderella’s tongue slid deeper into her dripping cunt. “Lick your Fairy Godmother good, now.”

Cinderella did as she was told, pleased that she was being given such an admirable task.

The Fairy Godmother’s thick thighs squeezed around her head, holding her in place as she lapped at her womanhood. Her fingers ran through her hair as she moaned, pushing slightly deeper with each breath.

“I want you to eat my pussy until I cum,” the Godmother instructed. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Fairy Godmother,” Cinderella answered between licks.

She felt the tip of her tongue trace between her lips.

“That’s a good girl,” the Fairy Godmother said.

“The faster you can make me cum, the faster you can get to the ball.”

Cinderella wanted to ask what would happen if she failed to make the Godmother come, but she was too afraid to do so. Instead, she just continued to eat her out as best she could. Luckily, she had received plenty of instruction on the matter from her stepmother and stepsisters. She slid her hands up under the robe, rubbing the Godmother’s ass as she licked and sucked on her clit.

“Oh, what a talented lady you are!” The Fairy Godmother moaned. “I may… I may need more from you than just this!”

Cinderella continued to please her, knowing that she would not want to miss out on this opportunity.

Suddenly, the Godmother pulled Cinderella up from between her legs. She guided her face to meet hers, and they met in a sloppy kiss. Cinderella’s hands grabbed the Fairy Godmother’s ass as their tongues intertwined.

“Oh, do you like my ass, Cinderella?” the Godmother teased.

“I love it,” she admitted.

“Then you should taste it, too!”

The Fairy Godmother turned around, hiking her robes up over her hips to expose her round, juicy ass. Cinderella gasped at the sight. She hadn’t considered what was to come, but with the Godmother’s magic ass in front of her, she could barely think straight. Her bare feet wiggled underneath the massive globes of her ass. It was a beautiful sight.

Eventually, Cinderella pushed her face into the Godmother’s ass. She licked and kissed at it as if it was the most delicious treat in the world. Something about this plump old lady who’d suddenly appeared in the garden was completely irresistible to her. She kissed and licked the expanse of her ass, dropping down to give more attention to her feet as well. She kissed the bottom of each cheek, finally slipping her tongue into the cleft between them and licking even more than before.

“Oooh… I think you like that.”

“I do,” Cinderella moaned. “Why do I love this so much?”

“Do you really want to know?” the Godmother asked.


“Well, it turns out I’m sort of a fucking dirty old lady,” she said, chuckling.

That was enough for Cinderella, who buried her tongue into the fucking dirty old lady’s asshole. The Godmother moaned in ecstasy, pulling down her robes to the ground. She left her head down as her hands went up to place on her ass, lifting her cheeks apart as if to say, “Really get in there!”

She tasted not unlike the red wines that were so popular with royalty at the time. It was sweet, yet tart. Cinderella savored the taste, swirling her tongue around the depths of the Fairy Godmother’s anus. It was thicker than her own, but that didn’t bother her. Any woman was better than no woman, and this was the closest she was going to get to royalty herself.

Her fingers dug deep into the thick, hefty meat of her ass cheeks as she buried her pretty face between them. The Fairy Godmother moaned lewdly as she tongued her ass wetly and vigorously. “Yes, that’s it… yeah… eat my ass… oh, fuck…”

Cinderella continued to lick and suck as her stepmother had taught her. All those years of torment were finally paying off. She had been aching for this for so long, and now that it was here, she wanted to savor the moment. 

The Godmother, meanwhile, was enjoying herself. This was her favorite part of the job, where desperate girls would offer up whatever was asked of them for a chance at happiness.

She loved to see them squirm, to hear them beg…

“Oh, fuck, stick it in! I want your tongue in my ass! Give it to me,” she moaned.

Cinderella had her tongue as deep in the Fairy Godmother’s ass as she could, working her hardest to make the older woman happy. She wanted this woman to enjoy it, and she certainly was.

“Do you like that?” the Godmother asked, as if reading her mind.


“Then say it,” she demanded.

“I like it, Fairy Godmother,” Cinderella admitted, blushing with embarrassment. “In fact, I’d even say I… I love it…”

“You fucking love it? You’ll do whatever I tell you to do?”

“Yes,” she moaned, as the fairy hiked her robes back up to cover herself.

“If we keep this up, you’ll miss the ball,” she said. “But, in return, I can take you back to where I live, and stay on as my servant there. I promise, I’m much nicer than that stepmother of yours.”

“I really wish you could turn me into a real princess,” she pouted. “I don’t want to have to serve my stepmother. I want my own kingdom.”

“There’s still time, but we’d have to stop what we’re doing now,” the Fairy Godmother said. “I can get you to the ball, but you’ll never see me again.”

“Do you… do you promise that you’ll stay with me?”

Cinderella had tears in her eyes, and the Fairy Godmother saw no reason to deny her request.

“I promise.”

Cinderella flung herself forward, wrapping her arms around the Fairy Godmother’s neck and planting a kiss on the older woman’s soft lips.

“Thank you!” she cried, nearly tearing up as well. “Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

“Alright, alright, stop that,” the Godmother said, holding her face.

She pulled her in for another kiss, this time slipping her tongue into Cinderella’s mouth. Cinderella returned the kiss, crying happily as they made out.

“I love you,” the Godmother whispered.

“I love you too,” she replied, before pausing. “Do you mean ‘I love you’ in a romantic way?”

“My dear, I’ve always loved you,” the Fairy Godmother said with a smile. “I’ve watched you from afar for so long, and I’m just happy that now that we’ve met… you return the sentiment.”

Cinderella beamed with joy as the Godmother took her hand and waved her wand. Sparkles danced around them, and the two were transported to a distant place, the Fairy Godmother’s home.

Specifically, her bedroom.

“This is where you’ll be sleeping, from now on,” she said. “Beside me.”

“Really?” Cinderella gasped, looking around at the lavish bedroom. 

“I thought it’d be a better place for us to continue,” the Fairy Godmother said with a wry smile, reaching down to grab Cinderella’s pert ass with one hand. “Besides, this is the first time we can be alone, so there should be no better time than now.”

Cinderella could only blush and look down, feeling her face burn red.

The older woman pulled her in close, kissing her once again while cupping her ass. She ran her hands all over, from her face down to her tits and ass. Cinderella’s thighs began to tremble in anticipation, and she could only hold on for dear life.

“You’re really great.”

“So are you,” Cinderella panted.

The Godmother slowly began to unbutton her dress, and soon enough it was on the floor, leaving her nude save her hood and purple ribbon.

Cinderella drank in the sight of her. The curvy, voluptuous woman was a lot to take in. Her body was what many would describe as fat, but every roll of flesh looked inviting to Cinderella. Her breasts were full and heavy, her ass equally so. Her thighs were thick, but looked deceptively powerful. Her belly spilled out over her pelvis, but her juicy cunt was still visible peeking out beneath it.

“Beautiful,” Cinderella sighed, her gaze focused on the older woman’s body.

“Now you show me yours,” the Fairy Godmother said with a smile. Cinderella began to shrug off the tattered remains of her dress. 

The fairy godmother’s gaze slowly drifted lower, lingering on her naked body. She licked her thick lips as her eyes focused in on her young, fuckable snatch.

“You’re so young and pretty,” the Fairy Godmother whispered. “I can’t wait to play with you.”

Cinderella’s hands trembled as she unclipped her bra, letting it fall away.

Soon she was completely nude under the Fairy Godmother’s appreciative gaze.

“Now, that is a body,” the Godmother said.

She began to touch herself gently, stroking through her luxurious hair and across her smooth cheeks and chin, her brow, and her full lips.

Cinderella sighed as she allowed herself to be caressed. The gentle touch was so welcome. Her body trembled slightly as she felt herself growing warm, and she had to resist the urge to just lie back and enjoy it.


“Me?” Cinderella asked.

“You,” the Fairy Godmother replied before pulling her in for another kiss. Their tongues pressed together, wrestling in each other’s mouths. They kissed each other hard, practically tearing at each other’s mouths.

Finally, the Godmother broke the kiss and let out a little sigh.

“Lie down,” she said with a little smile.

Cinderella did, lying back on the bed. The Godmother crawled onto the bed, over her prey. She hovered above her, her eyes full of desire.

“I’m going to show you things you’d never even dreamed,” she said, tracing her hand down to Cinderella’s pussy. She slowly ran her fingertips over her slit, before gently pressing against her labia. She parted the pink folds, pushing one finger in as she found her way to her most sensitive spots.

“Ahhh!” Cinderella cried out as the older woman’s fingers found their way inside her. She moaned into the bed, as her hips lifted up into the older woman’s hand.

“So wet,” the Godmother whispered, as she finger-fucked her roughly.

Cinderella humped against the Fairy Godmother’s hand, moaning whorishly. The plump older woman shifted herself slightly, dangling one large breast over Cinderella’s face. Cinderella couldn’t resist, and latched onto her nipple with her lips.

“Yes!” the Godmother cried, as she twisted her other hand in the sheets, pulling herself even closer to the younger girl. She sped up the pace of her finger-fucking while Cinderella sucked on her tit.

“Come for me, darling,” the Godmother whispered.

Cinderella’s body trembled as she came hard on the Godmother’s fingers.

“Ahhh! Ohhh!” she cried out, squirting all over the bedsheets. She humped against the fingers of her pussy as her body writhed in ecstasy.

“Good girl,” the Godmother whispered, kissing along her neck.

She nibbled her flesh there, making Cinderella gasp in pleasure.

“Now, let’s see if you can please your mistress…”

The Fairy Godmother leaned back on her heels, spreading her thighs so that her pussy was presented to Cinderella. The younger girl rolled onto her stomach, scooting her face between the Fairy Godmother’s legs. She sniffed the air, immediately detecting the smell of sex in the air. The warm scent of a woman’s pussy filled her nostrils, and she slowly licked along the insides of the older woman’s thighs.

“That’s it,” the older woman sighed, watching Cinderella gently work her way to her pussy. “Savor that treasure of yours.”

Cinderella opened her mouth, and brushed her lips against the Godmother’s folds.

She’d missed the flavor, and stuck her tongue out to taste more of it. The wetness of the honeyed nectar ran down her chin, and the Godmother moaned in ecstasy as her mouth was filled with her flowery taste.

“Mmm… you are delicious.”

“Thank you, my dear,” the Fairy Godmother said, placing her hand lightly on the top of Cinderella’s head. She bobbed up and down between the Godmother’s legs, licking along the length of her slit. She slid her hands along the older woman’s smooth thighs, enjoying the sensation. The smell of sex was strong in the air, and the sweet smell of pussy was all around her.

Her heart was racing as she realized this was going to become her new normal.

“Someone’s eager!” the Fairy Godmother moaned as Cinderella licked her more vigorously.

“I want to taste you in every way,” she continued, “every way there is to be tasted.”

The Fairy Godmother sat back, and spread her legs wide.

“Taste as much of me as you want, sweetie,” she invited. “I’m all yours.”

With those words, Cinderella eagerly returned to her task. She flicked her tongue over the Godmother’s clit, and sucked on it briefly before teasing it with her teeth.

The older woman ran her hands through Cinderella’s golden locks, encouraging her to continue.

Cinderella drank the sweet nectar that poured from the Godmother’s pussy, and lapped at it hungrily like a thirsty man in the desert.

The Fairy Godmother began thrusting her hips, humping Cinderella’s face as she licked her cunt.

“Yes… yes… my dear… eat that pussy… fuck yeah…”

Cinderella loved it. This was everything she’d ever wanted. To be wanted by a beautiful, confident woman who knew exactly what she wanted.

She buried her face between her legs, swirling her tongue around inside the older woman’s pussy. She grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks, pulling the Fairy’s soaking pussy closer to her face, so she could taste all of her deliciousness.

“Ooh! That’s it, you’re doing so well!” The Fairy Godmother moaned. “Savor this, because it’s all going to end soon…”

The Godmother grabbed a fistful of Cinderella’s hair, pulling her head up and twisting her around.

“On your knees, darling.”

Cinderella blinked in surprise, but did as she was told. She got on her hands and knees on the bed, raising her tight, young ass in the air. She looked back over her shoulder at the Fairy, who smiled down at her.

“Best get that pretty pussy of yours ready, baby,” the Godmother moaned.

The Fairy Godmother took her wand and placed it between her legs. Cinderella watched with wide eyes as it shifted and grew, wrapping around the older woman’s generous waste and taking the form of a pure white, glistening cock.

Cinderella began rubbing her pussy with one hand, moaning softly. “Oh, are you going to put that big thing inside of me, Fairy Godmother?”

“Mmm, I’m going to fill this little honey pot with as much manmeat as I can muster,” the Godmother snickered, “But only if you beg me for it.”

“Oh please, please put that delicious cock inside of me! I need to be filled with your magic love!”

The Fairy Godmother placed the magic cock between Cinderella’s ass cheeks, hot dogging her by rubbing it back and forth tantalizingly slow.

“Are you sure you want this old woman’s cock to fuck you?” she asked.

“Fuck, yes! I need your big dick inside of me!”

“Good, because I’m not going to leave you after tonight.”

Gripping Cinderella’s ass with both hands, she guided the cock into the younger woman’s dripping pussy.

Cinderella let out a gasp at the wonderful sensation, and then shuddered as she was filled to the brim with dick.

“Ohhh, yessss….” she moaned, shivering with delight. She’d lost her virginity to a broomstick years ago as one of her stepmother’s punishments, so there was no pain. Only magical pleasure. She’d thought that taking cock inside her pussy would be like that, but this was so much better.

“You’re going to make me come inside your pussy if you keep doing that,” the Godmother groaned.

She held onto Cinderella’s ass firmly as she began to slide in and out of the blonde. The Godmother was so fucking big that it felt like she was being split in half.

“Fuck, you’re so huge,” Cinderella moaned. “I’m losing my mind!”

The Godmother started slamming into her hard, making the bed shake violently with each thrust.

Cinderella’s body rocked back and forth as the older woman pounded her pussy relentlessly. She scratched at the sheets, not caring about the pain it would cause her, so long as the pleasure kept on.

“Fucking bitch, you like that?” the Godmother gritted out.

“Yes!” she said. “Call me a bitch again!”

“You’re a fucking bitch! I’m going to make you come so hard!”

The Godmother slapped her ass, causing her to yelp.

“You’re my bitch, aren’t you?” she sneered.

“Y-yes! I’m your humble bitch!” she yelped.

The Godmother started thrusting in her harder as she felt her pussy tighten all around the cock within her.

It seemed like Cinderella had gotten used to taking some abuse. She was taking all the rough handling like a true champion. The Godmother could feel herself getting closer and closer to cumming, as she felt Cinderella’s inner muscles spasm tightly around her magic strapon.

“Are you going to cum, you little whore?” The Fairy Godmother asked.

“Yes! I’m going to cum!” she shouted.

“Come for me, then! Make your old bitch come!”

Cinderella cried out in passion as the Fairy Godmother thrust into her one last, powerful time. Both women moaned in ecstasy as they came together. Their juices mixing as they came hard.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, recovering from their powerful orgasms. The Godmother’s cock slowly went soft within her, but she didn’t remove it.

Instead, she began toying with Cinderella’s asshole, rubbing it with her thumb.

“I’m going to be coming in your ass tonight,” she said.

“I’m ready,” she shuddered.

The cock slipped out of Cinderella, quickly growing hard again. She pointed the head at Cinderella’s asshole.

“Open up,” she ordered.

Cinderella slowly bent her knees, letting her asshole relax and open up for the cock.

She reached back with both hands, spreading her juicy cheeks open. The Fairy Godmother looked down at the lewd display, Cinderella presenting her asshole to her. The little hole opened and closed, twitching with anticipation for her cock.

It was fucking beautiful.

The Godmother thrust into her asshole, pushing forward with a grunt.

“Shit! Fuck!” Cinderella gasped as her rectum was penetrated.

The Godmother grabbed onto her shoulders, groaning as she began to fuck her slave.

“You like being my little anal whore, don’t you?” she giggled.

“Oh, my god, I do!” Cinderella moaned. “Fuck my asshole! I want to feel your cock deep inside it!”

“I never want to fucking stop!” the Fairy Godmother laughed. “Your ass is amazing, Cinderella!”

She held onto the younger girl’s shoulders as she pounded down into her ass over and over again.

“Yes! Harder! Fuck my ass harder!”

“You enjoy this?” the Fairy Godmother asked, as if she genuinely didn’t know.

“Oh my god, yes!”

“Do you want to take my cock like this every night from now on?” she pressed.

“Every night?” she asked, dazed.

“If you’re going to be my princess, you have to accept all of my dick,” the Fairy Godmother explained.

“P-princess?” Cinderella asked, her body bouncing from the Fairy Godmother’s thrusts. “I can be your princess?”

“Oh, yes! Don’t you want to be my little anal princess?”

“I… I want to be your anal princess,” she said, a bit unsure.

The Fairy Godmother thrust into her a bit faster. “Are you sure?”

“Yes! Fuck my ass!”

The fairy continued to fuck her asshole hard and fast, and soon, she felt a strong finish coming over her.

“I’m going to cum in your ass, my princess!” she cried out.

Cinderella felt a warm liquid fill up inside her rectum with a pleasant sensation. It was like an orgasm, but moreso. She took it like a champ, gritting her teeth as it filled her.

“Good girl,” the Fairy Godmother complimented, rubbing her hair.

She pulled out of her ass, letting the magic semen spill out of it with a wet splurt.

“Oh, it’s done.”

Cinderella licked her lips and looked up at the Godmother.

“What now?” she asked.

“Clean me off.”

The Fairy Godmother gestured to her glistening white cock, which was dripping with juices from Cinderella’s pussy and ass.

Cinderella eagerly reached up and grabbed it, stroking it as she licked the shaft. She tasted her own juices on it, and they seemed to taste better to her.

She moaned as she took the cock into her mouth, her pink lips gliding along the shaft as she sucked the wetness from it.

“This is so beautiful,” the Godmother sighed. “Look at this.”

She grabbed the back of Cinderella’s head, pushing deeply into her mouth and throat.

“You’re going to be the perfect princess for me, I can tell,” the Fairy Godmother said as Cinderella sucked her off. “I’ve always wanted a pretty young slut like you around the home!”

“I’m not a slut,” she said, but it was muffled as the cock was shoved into her mouth.

“Of course you are. You love being a dirty little whore, don’t you?”

“Yes, Fairy Godmother,” Cinderella admitted.

Soon, the Fairy Godmother’s magical orgasm took over her, and her eyes rolled back.

She came one last time, down Cinderella’s throat.

Cinderella was about to pull away when the Fairy Godmother’s hand grabbed her head.

She swallowed everything, gagging a little as she did so.

“Good. Now… clean up this mess.”

Cinderella got to work cleaning as the Fairy Godmother laid back in her bed. She’d never been so happy and, judging by her humming, neither had Cinderella.

Cinderella cleaned up the bedroom, even folding their clothes and putting them on the table.

“That’s a good girl,” the Godmother said.

“I knew I’d love having a princess to myself.”

“Thank you, Fairy Godmother.”

“But what would you say to having others here, as well?”

Cinderella frowned.


“Yes. Others just like you. Friends.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean there are many young women like you who could join us,” she said. “I have a very big home, after all. Wouldn’t you like some company? Or are you afraid they’d steal too much of my attention from you?”

“No, I want other people to join,” she said.

“Good. Who would you like to join?”

Cinderella looked longingly at the bed.

“I don’t know many others,” she said. “I’ll let you decide. It’s your home, after all.”

The Fairy Godmother giggled. “I’ve had hundreds of girls in this bed, but I want a young woman just like you. Beautiful, pure, and skilled in sex.”

“Another princess?” Cinderella asked, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Yes, and I know just the one.”

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