A Princess Harem, Part 2

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story. This one started out as just a Fairy Godmother/Cinderella story, but the AI added a few twists so I’m making it a series. Enjoy!


Princess Aurora lay sleeping in her enchanted castle. She’d been there for longer than anyone could remember, but the stillness of the room was disrupted when a spray of magic brought the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella into the room.

“Where are we?” Cinderella asked.

“Another world, another castle,” the Fairy Godmother mused. “Hello, hello! Is anybody in there? I have a girl here who desperately needs to be fucked!”

Cinderella giggled as she looked at the sleeping princess.

“Should we wake her up?”

“She can only be woken by true love’s kiss,” the Fairy Godmother said.

Cinderella walked forward, stopping next to the princess.

“I have to kiss her?” she asked.

“Yes,” the Godmother said.

“But do I truly love her? We’ve only just met.”

“Let me tell you a secret,” the Fairy Godmother said. “True love is a myth, something we tack onto spells to make them seem more powerful. If you find her beautiful, if you want to fuck her, then that is enough to break the spell.”

“What happens if that isn’t enough?”

The Godmother smiled. “Then, I guess she’d stay asleep forever.”

Cinderella looked at princess, and her stomach churned.

The sleeping woman really was beautiful, with long golden hair that curled around her sleeping form. She had a long, slender legs and a mouth that was tempting fate to kiss her.

Cinderella wanted to fuck her.

“Okay,” she said.

“So,” the Godmother said.

“Kiss her.”

Cinderella leaned forward, but before she could deliver the fateful kiss the room filled with green smoke.

“I sensed magic in here,” a deep, sultry voice said. From the smoke stepped Maleficent, the dark fairy.

Cinderella cried out in surprise as the fairy, a being of pure evil with a personality, glared at her. Her clothes were black as pitch, her cowl the shape of devil’s horns, and her eyes golden yellow.

“That was me, Maleficent, my dear,” the Fairy Godmother spoke up. Maleficent’s eyes turned to her. “I’d introduce you to my companion, but she’s quite busy at the moment.”

The Godmother glanced at the sleeping princess.

“You see, I’ve taken up a new hobby,” she said. “Collecting princesses.”

Cinderella gulped as she stared at the fairy. “You want me to try and wake this girl up?” she asked.

“You?” Maleficent said.

“Why not?” the Fairy Godmother interjected. “Do you lay claim to her?”

“She’s my prisoner,” Maleficent answered. “I’m the one who placed the curse upon her.”

“Yes, yes, of course,” the Fairy Godmother said. “But would you truly miss her if we took her for ourselves?”

“She’s a prisoner, but she’s also someone I care for,” Maleficent said. “I don’t think I could bear to see her with someone else…”

“Maybe an exchange, then?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Cinderella helps us, and we help her,” the Godmother said. “It’s a simple enough deal.”

“What help can you expect from me?” Cinderella asked.

Maleficent looked the girl over. She was dressed in a pretty pink dress, one she could tell had been conjured with magic. She was young, pretty, and steadfast. In some ways, she reminded her of Aurora.

“If you give me… one hour with her, I might could let her go,” Maleficent said. “But, I can do whatever I want to her, no questions asked.”

“Is that all?” the Fairy Godmother asked.

“No…” Maleficent said, thinking. “I want you, too.”

“Oh, that’s no problem, is it Cinderella?” the Fairy Godmother asked with an easy smile.

Cinderella hesitated to answer, and Maleficent looked over to her.

“What? You’re not getting cold feet?” the Godmother asked.

“Will she… hurt me?” Cinderella asked.

“I might,” Maleficent answered. “But I promise it will be a pain you will fall in love with.”

Cinderella didn’t say anything, but she looked terrified. Maleficent was about to answer, when the Godmother interrupted her.

“You have my word,” the Godmother said. “After the time is up, I will heal any wounds you have. And, in exchange, we can take Aurora home with us.”

“Alright,” Cinderella said. “I trust you, Fairy Godmother.”

“Then it’s a deal,” Maleficent said. With a wave of her staff, Cinderella’s clothes blew off her body, and she was suddenly chained to the wall. “Now, to make your dreams come true.”

She rubbed her hands together, before kneeling down next to the sleeping princess. “Wake up, darling.” She shook the princess, who grimaced in pain.

“Wait, you can just wake her up like that?” Cinderella asked. Aurora sat up.

“What’s going on?” she asked groggily. “What do you want?”

“Don’t worry about it,” the Godmother said.

Cinderella gulped, before nodding.

“It’s time for another of our play sessions,” Maleficent told her. “But this time, we have guests.”


Aurora and the Godmother walked over as Maleficent explained what was going to happen.

“Aurora, I want you to lick this girl’s pussy for me,” she said. “I know you’ve done it before, so it shouldn’t take you too long. Fifteen minutes, tops, and we’ll pick up where we left off afterwards.”

“But what about you?” Aurora said.

“I’m going to play with the fat one,” she said, grabbing the Fairy Godmother’s ass through her robe. The Fairy Godmother squealed excitedly. “You can watch, or you can do something else. I don’t care. But, afterwards, you’ll join in too.”

Aurora licked her lips, before nodding. She removed her dress before kneeling down in front of Cinderella.

“I’m Aurora,” she said.

“I’m Cinderella,” Cinderella replied. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Cinderella,” Aurora said before licking Cinderella’s pussy.

Aurora closed her eyes, and began to enjoy herself. She began to moan, and soon her mouth was practically humping on to the girl’s pussy.

Meanwhile, the fairies had both removed their clothes. Maleficent bent the Fairy Godmother over Aurora’s bed and spanked her ass with a riding crop.

“I can’t wait to fuck your ass,” she growled. “I’m going to slam my dick so far down you’ll think it’ll come out the other side.”

“Ooh, I can’t wait!” the Fairy Godmother cooed as her fat ass was whipped again. “I want you to fill my ass with your cock, Maleficent! Make me your whore!”

“You’re all three my whores for the next hour,” she said, whipping the Fairy Godmother’s ass some more. Her juicy, thick booty jiggled pleasantly as it turned red from the abuse.

“Aurora, continue to please our guest,” she ordered.

Aurora opened her eyes, looking up at Cinderella as her tongue lapped the inside of her pussy.

“You’re very good at this,” Cinderella said.

Aurora smiled, standing up. She looked over at the bed, where the Fairy Godmother was squealing in delight as her ass was whipped.

She stuck her fingers into Cinderella’s pussy, kissing the other woman’s breasts. She bit her nipples and sucked on her tits as she continued to rub her clit.

“Fuck, that’s good,” the Godmother moaned as Maleficent began spanking her with her hands. At some point she’d put on a strapon dildo.

“Crawl up onto the bed and present yourself to me,” Maleficent ordered. The Fairy Godmother did as she was told, sticking her ass out as her bare feet hung off the sides of the bed. “Now, take your ass, and slide it onto my dick.”

Cinderella turned and looked at you as the Godmother began to bounce up and down on Maleficent’s rubber cock.

Maleficent continued to smack her ass with the riding cock.

“That’s it, fuck yourself on my dick, you old whore!” she cackled.

The fairy’s ass swallowed the dick, all while a goofy grin adorned her face. Meanwhile, Aurora’s fingering was getting Cinderella closer to the edge of an orgasm.

“Are you going to cum for me?” Aurora whispered in Cinderella’s ear. “I don’t really know what’s happening right now, but if Mistress Maleficent wants you to cum, then you should cum all over my fingers.”

Cinderella nodded, and spread her legs slightly.

“Don’t cum too hard just yet, little princess,” Maleficent warned. “I’m planning to give you some of this dick in a moment.”

Cinderella bit her lip as her thighs began to tremble. Aurora stared curiously into her eyes, watching her face contort as she shuddered and came on the princess’s hand.

Cinderella kept her legs together, and moaned softly as Aurora stroked her sopping wet pussy.

“You’re so very pretty,” Aurora whispered, kissing Cinderella on the cheek. Cinderella blushed, gasping for air as she came down from her orgasm.

Meanwhile, the Maleficent had been slowly sliding her dick into the Fairy Godmother.

“Oooh… fuck.”

“Your pet princess has already cum,” Maleficent said with a cool smile. “Will you do the same for me, Fairy Godmother?”

The fairy spread her legs, and bent over further as her ass was pounded. Aurora approached the bed and took the Godmother’s hand, guiding it to her own pussy. The Godmother wrapped her fingers around it and began rubbing in circles.

“Ah, what a pretty young pussy,” the Fairy Godmother gasped as Maleficent continued thrusting into her. “How would you like to bring it back to my home?”

“Me?” Aurora asked, moaning as the Fairy Godmother rubbed her labia. “Maleficent would never allow me to leave this place.”

“She’s already agreed,” the Fairy Godmother explained, her body rocking back and forth from Maleficent’s thrusts. “After this hour of play is up, you’re free to come back to my home with Cinderella and myself. Only if you… Ahh! Only if you want, of course. Or you could continue to slumber here, waiting for a savior.”

“I… I don’t know,” Aurora blushed. “We’ve only just met, and I’m supposed to be rescued by true love’s kiss…”

“Well, think on it, darling,” the Fairy Godmother said, sliding two fingers into Aurora’s cunt.

“Enough babble,” Maleficent said, striking the Godmother’s ass with her hand. “Hurry up and and cum for me, you old whore!”

“Ah! Yes, yes, I can’t…” the Fairy Godmother panted, “I can’t hold out much longer!”

Cinderella watched with a mixture of hopefulness and fear, chained helplessly to the wall as her Fairy Godmother was fucked senseless.

Soon, the older woman cried out as she came, with Maleficent’s magic dildo also cumming deep in her jiggling fat ass. The Godmother fell forward, breathing heavily as she panted.

“That was lovely,” the Maleficent said. “Now for you, Cinderella.”

The tall, dark and handsome fairy strode across the room to Cinderella’s place chained to the wall. She ran her hand along Cinderella’s smooth cheek.

“I’m going to have fun breaking you in, sweetheart,” she said, producing her whip. She snapped her fingers, and Cinderella was flipped around, chest pressing into the stone wall while her ass stuck out.

Aurora tensed, as the fairy raised the whip.

Cinderella screamed as the fairy whipped her ass, cracking and stinging her pale flesh.

“What do you think, Fairy Godmother,” she said, not looking at the older woman. “Do you like to see your princess abused?”

The Fairy Godmother didn’t answer, lying panting on the bed as she watched Maleficent whip Cinderella again and again. The whip cracked loudly in the room, but not as loud as Cinderella’s cries of anguish.

Cinderella’s ass was red and stinging as the fairy stopped. She stroked a hand through her Cinderella’s blonde hair, moving closer to her face.

“Now which hole should I put it in?” she asked, jabbing Cinderella’s red, sore ass with her dildo.

“Please! I’ll do anything, just don’t put that thing in my ass!”

“Oh, it’ll go in your pretty little ass all right,” the fairy said.

Cinderella gritted her teeth as Maleficent slit between her cheeks. She had enjoyed taking anal from the Fairy Godmother, but Maleficent had none of her love, care or tenderness. She shoved herself in roughly, and Cinderella screamed in shock and pain.

“Ack! You’re killing her!” the Godmother cried.

“Be quiet, old bitch,” the fairy said.

The fairy fucked her young slave roughly, slapping her ass and grinding herself into her.

The Fairy Godmother watched, holding back. She had permitted Maleficent this hour of fun, if Cinderella could just survive this abuse for that long, then she could heal her with her magic.

“Harder! Fuck her harder!” she ordered.

Maleficent growled, nearly lifting up the girl from the wall with each brutal thrust.

“Ahh! My ass! My ass feels good!” Cinderella cried.  “It… it hurts so good!”

Cinderella panted, trying to breathe as her ass stretched around Maleficent’s cock. Her ass was on fire, but that pleasant sort of pain.

Maleficent bit into her shoulder, causing her to cry out again. The pain shot through her ass and into her pussy, making it clench and release. She panted, a mixture of both pain and pleasure flowing through her.


Sweat dripped from the pale green skin of Maleficent as she thrust into Cinderella with all her might. She clutched the girl’s red ass hard with both hands, digging her fingernails into the soft flesh.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me, bitch! Make me your bitch!” she half-cried, half-demanded.

The Fairy Godmother smiled. She knew Cinderella’s experience as a fucktoy to her stepmother and stepsisters would come in handy in this situation.

Maleficent was on the brink, Cinderella’s unexpected filthy mouth bringing her closer and closer to cumming. She was loud, she was nasty and she was a little bit of a whore, but she did have some redeemable qualities.

“I’m going to cum!” she cried.

Maleficent thrust into Cinderella’s ass, squirting magic cum deep inside her. 

“Ohhhh!” Cinderella cried out, her eyes rolling back in her head and her tongue hanging from her mouth. She came, too, from the brutal butt-fucking of the dark fairy.

She came for what seemed like hours as her mind was filled with a mixture of pleasure and pain. It sent her spiraling into a blissful, exhausted oblivion.

Maleficent pulled out, her last few spurts of cum shooting onto Cinderella’s red-marked ass. She sat down on the bed, admiring her handiwork.

“Abuse suits you, Cinderella,” she said with a smile. “How much time do I have left?”

The Fairy Godmother thought for a moment. “It’s been about twenty minutes, so you still have a good forty. Or are you too tired to continue?”

“No, I want to do more,” she said. “I just need to relax.”

She waved her hand and the dildo disappeared from her groin. Cinderella’s shackles also disappeared, and she stepped away from the wall.

“Cinderella, Aurora, lick my feet while I catch my breath,” she ordered, propping her long, green feet up on the bed. The toenails glistened with a dark black paint as she wiggled her toes for the princesses.

The princesses knelt down in front of her, licking her feet.

“Mmm, this is nice,” Maleficent said as she relaxed.

Aurora licked her right foot, while Cinderella took the left. The blondes flicked their tongues along the smooth skin of her sole.

“You’re not too tired, are you, Fairy Godmother?” she asked.

“No, I’m fine,” she answered with a smile.

“Then clean this off with your mouth,” she said, reproducing the magic dildo in the palm of her hand. It jutted from her palm like it belonged there, still dripping with the exploits of her previous ass fuckings.

The Fairy Godmother licked the tip and cleaned it with her mouth as the princesses eagerly licked their temporary master’s feet.

“Now, put your lips around it,” she ordered.

The Fairy Godmother did as she was told, wrapping her pleasantly plump lips around the fake cock and sucking it down into her mouth.

“Mmm, I love the way you look when you’re sucking cock,” Maleficent panted. “It makes me wanna put my dick in your mouth… Is that a option?”


“Maybe I will, once I’ve recovered,” she mused.

Meanwhile, Aurora and Cinderella looked into each other’s eyes as they both licked Maleficent’s green feet. The two young women couldn’t deny a mutual attraction and bond forming between them.

“Maleficent, I want to offer you something,” the Fairy Godmother said.

“Sure, offer whatever you like,” she said, sounding bored.

“Allow the two princesses to compete in a contest. The winner will have the privilege of being… active with you tonight.”

“What sort of contest were you thinking?” Maleficent asked, intrigued.

“I dunno, how about… who can make you ejaculate the most?” the Godmother said with a cheeky grin.

“Oh, that is hot,” the fairy laughed. “I’d love that.”

“How would we do it?” Cinderella asked.

“I’ll show you when the time is right,” the Godmother said.

Cinderella and Aurora looked at each other, unsure of how to react.

“I do think I’m about ready, then,” Maleficent said, sitting up. She planted her feet on the faces of Aurora and Cinderella, pushing the naked princesses away and down to a sitting position. She grabbed the two girls by the head, not in threat but more to steady her own. “I want you both to suck my dick.”

The dildo reappeared in it’s original position, jutting from between Maleficent’s legs.

She stood up, towering over the blonde girls. Guiding their heads, she placed their faces on either side of her cock.

“I’ll judge who sucks me the best, and the winner will be lucky enough to have me fuck them next,” she said.

The princesses looked up at her, both nervous but with eagerness in their eyes. They both latched on to either side of her cock with their mouths, moving their heads in unison up and down the length of her shaft. They used their tongues to trace the shaft on either side of her cock head, occasionally licking along the underside as they each tried to give Maleficent the best possible blowjob.

“Ah, these are some fine sluts, here,” Maleficent said. “You really do have excellent taste, Fairy Godmother.”

They continued to enthusiastically suck on her cock, licking and kissing along it’s length. Maleficent grabbed both of their heads with one hand, holding them in place as she started thrusting between their mouths.

Cinderella and Aurora looked into each other’s eyes over her cock, both experiencing the same feeling. This woman was in charge of their fates. One of them would be fucked by this woman tonight. Who that would be was unclear, but the excitement they felt was real.

Cinderella’s ass was still burning with the punishment she’d received from Maleficent earlier, and Aurora had been woken from her slumber on countless nights to be fucked by the statuesque lady. Both girls wanted this to be over with so they could find release, even if it was as just the third wheel in someone else’s intimate encounter.

“Fuck, you two really do deserve this,” she said. “Aurora, suck me off!”

Aurora looked in confusion to her master, but then did as she was told. She turned her head and opened her mouth to receive the dildo that would soon fill it.

“That’s it, you whore,” Maleficent said, fucking Aurora’s face. Cinderella, not wanting to be left behind, knelt down to suck on the balls of the magic strapon. They were rock hard, and the taste of them was salty.

“Heh, I think I love you, Cinderella,” Maleficent said, pulling her head off.

She took her cock from Aurora’s mouth and shoved it into Cinderella’s, enjoying the look of terror in her pretty eyes as she began fucking her face.

“I want to see you suck it, slut,” she said.

Cinderella looked up at her with tearful eyes, but did as she was told.

“Ah, I have an idea,” she said, pulling out of Cinderella’s mouth. “I’m going to cum, soon, who wants it?”

The both of them looked at her with eager eyes, and she smiled back at them.

“Please, give me your cum, Mistress,” Aurora begged. “I want to feel your hot load all over my face!”

“No, me!” Cinderella said, as her body tensed. “Give me your cum!”

“Please, Mistress!”

“Cum on me, I beg of you!”

The girls both begged, pleading to be the lucky lady to receive Maleficent’s cum. The green woman smiled as she looked down at them.

“Alright, very well. You’ve both been such good sluts, I think you deserve to have some… special attention.”

She pressed their faces together in front of her.

“Kiss,” she ordered. They obliged, sticking their tongues out to make out in front of their master. Maleficent began stroking her cock. “That’s it, you sluts. You worthless whores, kiss for me!”

The both of them moaned into each other, their hands running along the other’s body.

“That’s what I like to see,” she said, beginning to tense up.

With a cry, Maleficent shot rope after rope of magic cum all over the princesses, covering them as they continued to kiss and grope each other. As she finished, she stroked it one more time before letting it flop onto their faces. Cum dripped from their faces as they eagerly cleaned each other.

“Well!” The Fairy Godmother said, clapping her hands together. “Who won?”

Maleficent thought for a moment, her cock resting on the girls’ faces as they licked cum off each other.

“I think… Aurora was the winner here,” she said. “She just knows the right ways to please me.”

“Yes! Yes!” the girl said, running up to kiss her master. “I am so grateful that you like me, Mistress!”

“Of course I like you,” she said, patting her head. “Now, get on the bed, and raise your ass in the air. I want to give that pretty backside a good fucking while I still can.”

Aurora looked back at her over her shoulder, smiling.

She climbed up onto the bed, lying her face down as she grabbed her ankles. She waved her soft, inviting ass in the air.

“Do your worst,” she said. “I can take it!”

“Oh, I will my dear,” Maleficent said as she approached the bed, stroking her cock.

She rubbed it against her ass cheeks, enjoying the way her pussy twitched and shivered in response. She then smeared it with some of her pre-cum, before slowly entering Aurora’s dripping wet cunt.

“Ahhh, Mistress…” Aurora moaned, feeling that familiar feeling of Maleficent’s cock filling her up. “I’d been dreaming of this ever since the last time!”

“Good, you should only be dreaming of me while you lay in your slumber,” Maleficent said, giving Aurora’s ass a quick spank. “Now, open up.”

Aurora laughed.

“Ohhh yesss! I’ve missed your cock, Mistress,” she moaned, opening her legs as far as she could.

“Are we meant to just watch?” The Fairy Godmother asked.

Maleficent thought for a moment. “No, I want you two to put on a show for me. Get over there and dance.”

She pointed to a spot on the other side of the bed, where she could watch them while she fucked Aurora. The Fairy Godmother and Cinderella moved to where she’d pointed, and began swaying their hips back and forth.

“But some vigor into it,” she ordered. “I’d rather see some energy than just a lot of twerking.”

The pair of them nodded, and began moving their hips around more.

“Yes, that’s it,” Maleficent said with a smile. She began thrusting into Aurora harder, gripping her hips while locking eyes on the dancing pair. “Now kiss for me!”

Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother began kissing softly, as they moved their hands along the curve of each other’s bodies.

Maleficent felt a rush at the power to order these two sluts around. Her mind raced with too many ideas for how they could provide a sexy show for her. She could have them fuck each other with dildos. She could have them suck each others’ tits and kiss each others’ pussies.

“Fairy Godmother, point that ass my way and shake it up and down,” she said.

The Fairy Godmother did so, putting her hands on her knees and sticking her juicy ass towards Maleficent. She shook it up and down, making her enormous globes wobble and smack against each other. Cinderella watched the display with a look of awe on her face. The pair of them looked so cute next to each other, it was almost enough to make Maleficent feel bad about ordering them around. Almost.

“Cinderella, smack her ass while she shakes it,” she commanded.

Cinderella reached out and smacked the Fairy Godmother, who yelped in surprise.

“Hey!” she said.

“Beg for another spanking,” Maleficent said with a smile.

“Ah…” the Fairy Godmother said. “Please spank this fat old whore’s ass again!”

Cinderella bowed her head, and smacked the Godmother’s ass again.

“Ohhh…” she said, wiggling it. “That felt good. We should do this more often, darling.”

Cinderella giggled, smacking her on the ass a third time. 

Maleficent bit her bottom lip watching the display. “Do you see them, Aurora? Are you watching?”

Aurora’s eyes were fixated on her new friends’ asses, as she was being fucked. “Y-yes, Mistress,” she said.

“Good girl,” Maleficent said. “What do you think of them?”

Aurora looked up, her eyes fixated on the Fairy Godmother’s twerking ass. “I think… they’re cute. Both of them.”

“Yes, I thought so,” Maleficent said. “Are you planning to leave me for them?”


“You heard me,” Maleficent said. “Are you planning to leave me for those two sluts?”


“You what?”

“I don’t know, Mistress,” Aurora said, before crying out as Maleficent spanked her.

“You’re really struggling, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she said with a sigh.

“Alright, alright, don’t trouble yourself.”

Maleficent began to fuck her harder, hoping to give her such a good orgasm that she’d choose to stay here under her sleep curse. Maleficent had grown used to visiting the princess whenever she needed to get off, waking her just long enough to fuck her back into her coma. The pair would often make love, going through the routine again so that she could go back to sleep and ascend into a deep, magic sleep.

“Cinderella, eat her ass now,” Maleficent said, wanting something more exciting to watch. Cinderella eagerly fell to her knees, spreading her beloved Fairy Godmother’s ass cheeks with both hands.

“Oh, fuck, yes… that’s what I’m talking about,” Cinderella said before diving in. She could never get enough of the Fairy Godmother’s ass, and she began licking and kissing her asshole passionately.

“Do you like that, darling?” the Fairy Godmother asked.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” she said. “I love you, Fairy Godmother!”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.”

She’d felt guilty, offering her pet princess up to Maleficent’s abuse, but the girl had endured it well, and now she was getting her reward. The Godmother had been in a better mood lately too, so it was all worth it.

“Cinderella, shove your tongue as far up my ass as you can,” she said.

Cinderella didn’t need to be told twice, shoving her tongue as deeply as she could.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Maleficent breathed. Aurora seemed to be enjoying the display as well, as she could feel her pussy walls tightening around her magic dildo. The girl had been enjoying watching the other two fuck for a long time, but something about it felt wrong. It was almost as if she was dreaming it, just as any good dream would be vivid and real.

“I’m going to cum soon,” Maleficent groaned, picking up the pace. Aurora’s body bounced back against her thrusting, her long, blonde hair swaying back and forth.

“I think I am, too,” she moaned.

“Do it, do it,” Maleficent encouraged. “Let me feel it, darling.”

Cinderella gagged and choked a bit as she ate out the Fairy Godmother’s ass. Behind her, Maleficent came into Aurora.

“Unf, take it all, you slut!” she cried, thrusting deep into her pussy. Aurora cried out as she came, too, feeling Maleficent’s magic jizz fill her up. After a few moments, she slumped forward, her head falling onto the bed.

“Fuck, that was good,” Maleficent praised.

“Do you still want the show?” The Fairy Godmother asked.

“No, you can stop,” Maleficent said. She pushed Aurora, making the young woman roll over onto her back.

“I want you to sit on her face,” she said with a smirk.

The Fairy Godmother crawled over onto her knees, straddling the young woman’s face.

“Hope you’re ready, dear,” she said, before planting her huge ass on Aurora’s face.

“Just hold her there like that for a bit,” Maleficent said. “Cinderella, come here.”

Cinderella got up from her position on the floor, walking over towards her Mistress.

“Give me a kiss,” Maleficent asked.

Cinderella leaned in, and Maleficent grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her in. Their lips crashed together, with Maleficent’s tongue invading her mouth. She kissed much differently than her Godmother, more aggressive and possessive. The princess felt weird having her mouth tongue-fucked, yet she melted into the experience.

“That’s it honey.” Maleficent stroked her hair. “Cinderella, I want you to ride that bitch.”

With a flick of her wrist, her strapon disappeared from around her waist, reappearing around Aurora’s. The black, rubbery cock stood proudly from her pelvis. Cinderella crawled over to her, straddling the other woman and positioning her pussy over the magic fake cock.

“Now bitch, ride it.”

Cinderella hesitated not a moment longer, grabbing the cock with her hand and slowly guiding it into herself.

“Aah!” she cried as she sank down onto it.

Aurora moaned into the Fairy Godmother’s ass, feeling Cinderella’s pussy gripping her temporary dick. She began to slowly bounce up and down, the toy coming out every time before going back in. It was difficult to keep up with her, but not impossible.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” Maleficent said, slowly playing with herself as she watched the display.

Cinderella placed her hands on the Fairy Godmother’s shoulders, balancing herself as she rode Aurora’s cock. She moaned, staring into the older woman’s comforting eyes.

She pulled her in for a kiss, their lips pressing together sensually while Cinderella rode Aurora’s cock and the Fairy Godmother sat on her face. The two pulled away, both smiling.

“I love you,” the princess cried, as she slammed herself down onto the magic cock.

“I love you, too,” the Godmother panted. Aurora had begun to lick her ass while she sat on her.

They moaned together, writhing in pleasure while Maleficent began fingering herself. She licked her thumb, pressing it against the clit of her pussy.

“I want to see this,” she said.

“Yes, fuck!” cried the Fairy Godmother as Cinderella began to fondle her breasts. Meanwhile, Aurora’s tongue began prodding her asshole. She trembled as the tongue began to push in deeper. She panted, as she felt something slip inside her.

“I’m… I’m gonna cum,” she cried.

“Me too!” Cinderella moaned.

The two women placed their hands on each other’s shoulders as they climaxed, their juices covering everything. Of course, Maleficent was masturbating furiously to the scene.

She arched up, squirting as she came, adding her own juices to the mess all over Aurora’s naked body. Her body twitched, as she came and came.

Eventually, she stopped, collapsing onto her stomach.

“Bravo, ladies. That was quite the show,” she huffed. “Lick her clean while I catch my breath…”

Cinderella and the Godmother wasted no time in falling over to lick Aurora’s body. Aurora squirmed and giggled as the two tongues traveled across her wet skin. After they’d cleaned her off, she lay there, basking in the afterglow.

“Well, I don’t know about you two, but I’m spent,” she panted.

“And just in time, too,” the Fairy Godmother said. “I think we just passed the hour mark a little bit ago.”

“What, already?” Maleficent said with a frown. “I’d hoped to do so much more to you both.”

“But a deal’s a deal,” the Fairy Godmother said. “If Princess Aurora wishes, you agreed to let her come back to live with us.”

“Yeah, totally,” Aurora said. “I’d go along with anything that would get me out of here.”

“Of course, my dear,” the Godmother replied.

“What? No!” Maleficent protested. “How can you agree to leave me so casually!”

She waved her arms, causing Aurora to fall back into her slumber.

“She’ll be useless to you if you can’t break my curse,” she said confidently, rising from the bed.

“Now, no need to be a spoil sport,” the Fairy Godmother said, shaking her head disapprovingly. “We’ll figure out another way.”


“Cinderella, give Aurora a kiss,” the Fairy Godmother said calmly. Cinderella nodded.

“Come on, love,” she said sweetly, leaning forward to kiss the other woman.

Aurora wrapped her arms around her, and they kissed passionately.

“Just like that?” Maleficent said, upset. “You already love her?”

“I loved her from the moment I saw her,” Cinderella answered, kissing her some more.

“Well, if you need us, we’ll be at my home,” the Godmother said. “Shall we?”

With those words, the three women stood up.

“Stop!” Maleficent protested. She had no intention of letting them leave.

She waved her hand, sending a fireball hurtling towards the Godmother.

The Fairy Godmother produced her wand from thin air, waving it at the fireball. The attack vanished into nothing but a puff of mist, passing harmlessly past the girls.

“Now, no need to be such a sore loser,” she said, waving her want again. Ropes sprung forth from it, wrapping around Maleficent. They tied her up every which way, lifting her up so she was suspended helplessly above the bed. “Cinderella, would you like a little payback?”

Cinderella nodded, grinning fiendishly as she eagerly climbed naked onto the bed.

“I want to hear you beg,” the Godmother ordered.

“Please, forgive me,” Maleficent said hastily as the Fairy Godmother produced magic white strapons for herself and Cinderella. Aurora still had the black one Maleficent had gifted her.

Cinderella crawled under Maleficent, while Aurora got behind her. The Fairy Godmother stood in front of her, smiling warmly.

“Girls… fuck her.”

With that, Cinderella thrust her cock up into Maleficent’s pussy, while Aurora dove hers into her ass. Maleficent yelped, not in pain but in surprise and ecstasy. She began to thrust back against both cocks, loving the feeling.

Meanwhile, the Godmother had taken her wand again.

“Aurora has agreed to go home with me, and so she shall,” she said. “If you’re good, I will let you come and visit her whenever you like. Understood?”

Maleficent nodded, her tongue lolling from her mouth as she moaned in pleasure. The princesses were fucking her good.

“Good girl,” the Godmother said with a smile. “Now, open up…”

Maleficent opened her mouth wide as the Fairy Godmother slid her cock into it. Now she was filled in all three holes, and she couldn’t have been happier.

The Godmother began to slowly fuck her new pet’s mouth, sliding in and out as she did so. Meanwhile, Cinderella was watching her cock slide in and out of the trapped fairy’s pussy.

“Your ass is so tight,” Aurora groaned as she gripped Maleficent’s green ass with both hands.

“She really is,” the Godmother said. “A perfect little fairy.”

Aurora began to slap Maleficent’s ass, and the woman yelped in surprise.

The Fairy Godmother grabbed the horns of Maleficent’s cowl, holding onto them like handlebars as she fucked her face.

“Savor the fucking. It won’t take long for it to end,” she said, so different to what Maleficent remembered of her. Stern and commanding, she made the normally dominant dark fairy feel submissive and weak.

She moaned around the cock in her mouth, while her ass and pussy were both fucked hard. Her eyes watered, and she shuddered with pleasure.

“You’re loving this, you slut,” the Fairy Godmother said. “Just look at that look of lust in your eyes!”

Maleficent couldn’t deny it, being used like this had turned her on in unexpected ways. She panted, looking up as the Godmother fucked her face at a leisurely pace.

“Does… does this turn you on?” she asked. “All of this… being used like a whore?”

Maleficent moaned in response, swirling her tongue around the head of the Fairy Godmother’s cock.

“I want to come,” the Godmother said. “Come on, fairy, do it. I want to see you choke on my cock as you take your punishment.”

She began fucking her face harder, and Cinderella and Aurora also picked up the pace. The tall, green woman, rocked helplessly in the air as they all fucked her, until the moment where they each came inside her.

Aurora came first, crying out as she spilled her magic seed into Maleficent’s tight green ass. As she slowed down, Cinderella came in her pussy.

“Take this, you bitch!” she shouted, shooting her load into the woman who’d beat her so mercilessly an hour ago.

“Savor this, fairy. This is your reward for serving a lady,” the Godmother said as she came in her mouth.

The cum filled Maleficent’s throat, and she gagged on it. The Godmother stopped, and she pulled her softening dick out of the dark fairy’s mouth.

“There, there. Was that to your liking?” she asked.

“I… I don’t know,” Maleficent panted. “Nobody has ever treated me like that before.”

“You’re right. Nobody has. Tell me, fairy, what do you desire the most?”

“I… I desire your… your cock in my mouth.”

“I thought as much,” the Fairy Godmother said with a smile. “Well, if you ever want it again, stop by my home. You can see Aurora, and suck on my cock if you wish.”

With that, the Godmother slid out of her, and dropped her to the ground. Maleficent looked up, seeing all of the women naked and hugging one another.

The Fairy Godmother waved her wand, healing their bodies and any signs of Maleficent’s abuse from before. The green woman sighed.

“I truly have been bested,” she said. “But I appreciate your generosity. If you’d permit, I would like to come with you.”

“And live in my home?” The Fairy Godmother asked. “I’d thought you’d prefer to merely visit.”

“I would prefer not to be here at all,” Maleficent said. “But I would like company. Will you permit me to come with you?”

“Would that be alright, dearie?” She asked Aurora, who nodded.

“Yes… I mean, of course,” Aurora said nervously. “Thank you. I have grown attached to her since falling under her spell.”

“Alright, then, off we go!” The Fairy Godmother said with a wave of her wand. All four women disappeared, leaving the enchanted castle slightly emptier.

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