A Princess Harem, Part 3

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story. This one started out as just a Fairy Godmother/Cinderella story, but the AI added a few twists so I’m making it a series. Enjoy!


It had been a week since Aurora and Maleficent had moved in with the Fairy Godmother. Aurora had taken to joining Cinderella in housekeeping, while Maleficent had mostly been begging for the Fairy Godmother to fuck her. The Godmother was a sucker for desperation, so she was more than willing to oblige.

That’s how they’d ended up like this, with Maleficent on her hands and knees while the Fairy Godmother fucked her ass with a strapon.

“Yes! Fuck my ass, you bitch! I don’t care what the price is, as long as you keep fucking me!” Maleficent said.

“How could I turn down a tight ass like yours?” The Fairy Godmother asked, smacking her across one cheek. Maleficent moaned, thrusting back against her.

“That’s a good girl. Take that cock. Take it like a whore. Oh, I’m going to come soon, you’re so tight… yes! Yes!” the Godmother said.

“Would you two keep it down?” Cinderella asked. “Aurora and I are trying to prepare dinner in here!”

“We’re sorry, darling,” the Godmother said. “Please continue.”

Cinderella sighed, and went back to what she was doing.

The Fairy Godmother leaned forward, whispering in Maleficent’s ear, “I’m going to fill your slutty little green ass with my load, you cum-guzzling whore!”

With that, she began pumping into her, and Maleficent screamed in ecstasy as her ass was filled.

A few moments later, the two women lay cuddling in bed as Cinderella and Aurora brought them dinner on trays.

“It sounds like you two were having fun,” Aurora said with a giggle, and they all sat down to eat around the bed. Not too much later, they finished.

“That was a nice dinner,” the Godmother said. “Now, we have some plans for tomorrow.”

“What sort of plans?” Aurora asked.

“Well, as I’d told Cinderella, I’m wanting to expand my collection of princesses.”

“But Cinderella isn’t even a real princess,” Aurora countered.

“I would’ve been, if I’d met the prince,” Cinderella huffed. “I’m sure of it!”

“Maybe, but maybe not,” Aurora countered, shrugging.

“That’s enough,” the Fairy Godmother said sternly. “Any girl I take into my care is a princess, and that’s that.”

“Does that make me a princess, too, then?” Maleficent asked.

“Yes, it makes you a princess,” the Godmother said, booping Maleficent on the nose. “My slutty little green princess.”

“So what does this involve?” Aurora asked.

“Well, just like with you, my wand will find a suitable candidate and bring me to her.”

“Are we all going?” Cinderella asked.

“No, my dear, I think it should just be me this time,” she said. “I don’t think four horny women showing up at once will win this girl over.”

“Fair point,” Maleficent said.

“So who are we going to find?” Cinderella asked.

“Well, I was thinking about… a girl whose skin is white as snow,” the Fairy Godmother responded.

Elsewhere, deep in the woods, a young woman named Snow White had just finished tidying up the small cottage she was staying at. The dwarves who’d taken her in were away at the mines, but she was happy to have the house to herself for a moment. It was nice to relax, even if she wasn’t allowed to do much else.

She was startled, then, when a swirl of magic and sparkles appeared in the corner of the house. As it dissipated, a pleasant older woman in a blue robe appeared.

“Ah, this seems to be the place,” she said, looking around. “I’m the Godmother.”

“Godmother?” Snow asked. “Are you…? I’ve heard of you! You’re the Fairy Godmother!”

“I am, and you’re Snow White.”

“I read stories about you when I was little,” she said. “They said you would show up to help young maidens in tough spots.”

“And you’ve been in quite the tough spot, haven’t you?”

Snow looked down, nodding slowly. The Godmother motioned for her to come closer, and the girl did so.

“Now, let’s see what I can do about that.”

“It really hasn’t been so bad, Fairy Godmother,” Snow White said. “I mean, I’ve made myself a new home here in the woods.”

“You’re not as safe as you think out here,” the Fairy Godmother replied, cupping Snow’s face lovingly with one hand. “I’ve been watching you, and unless the seven dwarves are coming home early today, they won’t be able to rescue you in time. That vile Queen Grimhilde is not that far from here.”

“My stepmother?” Snow White asked, astonished. “How is it she came to be out here, so far from the castle?”

“She’s looking for you, my dear, to finish the job she gave the huntsman,” the Fairy Godmother explained. “You really shouldn’t try to hide from her. You need to face this.”

“And how should I manage that?” Snow White asked.

“Just wait here, in the cottage,” the Godmother said, gesturing around the little house. “I will help you see through her plans.”


The Fairy Godmother watched as Snow White went back to her usual business, but it wasn’t very long until a gnarled old hag showed up outside the cottage.

“All alone, my pet?” the old woman asked.

“Why…why, yes, I am, but-” Snow White lied.

“The…the little men are not here?”

“No, they’re not, but…” Snow White trails off as the old woman begins sniffing the air.

“Making pies?”

“Yes,” Snow White said, “gooseberry pie.”

” It’s apple pies that makes the menfolk’s mouths water,” the hag said, pulling an apple from her basket. “Pies made from apples like these.”

The witch opened her mouth to continue, but was interrupted by a voice from the back of the house.

“Witch, reveal your true form,” the Fairy Godmother said, waving her wand. The old woman’s eyes widened as her disguise melted away, revealing the evil Queen Grimhilde.

“Mother!” Snow White gasped, putting her hands to her face. “How?! How did you find me?!”

“I am Queen Grimhilde, and I have my ways,” she said mysteriously. “But who is this you have with you? You said you were alone!”

“I’m the Fairy Godmother, and I’m here to protect this girl,” the Godmother said. She waved her wand again, and the Queen was teleported into the house. A flick of the wrist, and her royal dress transformed into ropes, which tightly bound the Queen’s naked body.

“What?” The Queen asked, aghast. “What is this?”

“You tried to have Snow White poisoned,” the Godmother explained. “Your own step daughter.”

Snow White looked down, shaking her head slowly.

“But what you really wanted was to possess her,” the Fairy Godmother continued. “To own her body, to consume her… So I’m going to make you watch someone else enjoy her body instead.”

“Untie me!” Grimhilde protested, but the Fairy Godmother just picked up the apple from her basket. She pinched the Queen’s cheeks, forcing her mouth open, and stuck the apple in like one would a cooked pig.

“There, hold that, little piggy,” the Fairy Godmother said with a deceptively calm smile. “Just don’t bite down too hard, you wouldn’t want to swallow your own poison.”

The Queen’s eyes widened with fear and rage. She tried to protest, but her voice was muffled by the apple.

“Now,” the Godmother said, turning to Snow White. “How would you like to put on a little show for your stepmother?”

“A show?” Snow White asked innocently.

The Fairy Godmother smiled, striding confidently up to the princess. Cupping her face with both hands, she pulled her in for a gentle, loving kiss.

“Ever had sex in front of your mother, Snow White?”

The blonde princess shook her head.

“Oh, darling,” the Godmother laughed. “Have you ever had sex at all? No? Well I intend to change that.”

With that, the Fairy Godmother dropped to her knees.

“Oh, my!” Snow White exclaimed as her dress was lifted. The Fairy Godmother planted little kisses along her pale, smooth legs. She pulled Snow White’s panties to the side, flicking her clitoris with the tip of her tongue. “Oh!”

The Godmother then looked up at her with her bright eyes.

“How does that feel, my dear?” she asked. “How does it feel to be loved?”

Snow White panted heavily as the Fairy Godmother continued licking her slit.

Queen Grimhilde could only struggle uselessly against her bindings, helpless to watch as her stepdaughter was deflowered by another woman.

“I’ll show you love, bitch!” the Queen tries to shout around her gag. “Eight times worse than the worst lay you ever had! I’ll show you pain!”

Her muffled cries fell on deaf ears, however, as the Fairy Godmother licked Snow White’s virgin pussy.

“Mmmm… You taste so sweet,” the Godmother praised as she licked and kissed her way up to Snow White’s drooling opening. Positioning herself, she slowly pushed her tongue into her cunt.

“Ohh, that feels incredible,” Snow White moaned, placing a hand on the Godmother’s hooded head. “Fuck, that’s good.”

“Guh, fuck yes,” the Godmother moaned, getting herself ready. She rubbed the princess’ clit as she pushed her tongue inside of her.

Snow White leaned back on a table, steadying herself as her world was rocked.

The Godmother’s tongue reached up inside her, curled and stroked her inner walls. She tasted sweet, like fruit, and smelled like honey. She smelled like a beekeeper’s daughter, sweet and clean.

“Your stepdaughter tastes delicious,” the Fairy Godmother said to Grimhilde. “It’s a shame you tried to kill her instead of enjoying her for yourself.”

The Godmother lifted Snow White’s knees up to her shoulders, pushing her back onto the table, before taking a deep breath and sliding her tongue in and out of the princess’ pussy.

“Ohh! Ahh! Fairy Godmother!” Snow White moaned as the older woman fucked her pussy with her skilled tongue.

Snow White’s hands gripped at the table, her legs suspended in the air. The princess bit her lip and started grinding into the fairy’s face.

“I feel funny!” she moaned. “Something is coming!”

“Yes, my dear, cum for me,” the Fairy Godmother urged her, licking her faster.

Snow White felt pleasure start to rapidly build up inside of her. She could feel herself getting close, and she didn’t want it to end. She wanted this to go on forever, this feeling of bliss overwhelming her.

As it peaked, she arched her back off the table, crying out in pleasure and splashing the Fairy Godmother’s face with her girlcum.

“Ahh! Snow White!” the Godmother cried, lapping up every last drop of the creamy liquid.

Snow White trembled as her orgasm slowly subsided, and she panted heavily.

“That was… incredible…” she gasped, trying to catch her breath. The Fairy Godmother stood up, wiping her face off with the sleeves of her robe.

“Don’t worry. It gets better. It gets much better. You’ll see,” she said, smiling.

Snow White looked at her with confusion.

“How could it possibly get any better than that?” she asked.

The Godmother leans in, putting her arms around the princess and hugging her tight.

“You’ll see,” she repeated, smiling. “For now, though, lets get you out of that dress.”

The Godmother slowly stripped off the princess’ dress, revealing her naked body underneath, before throwing it in a corner. Her own blue robes were discarded as well, save for her hood and the bow that fastened it.

“Now, get all fours.”

Snow White positioned herself on all fours on the table, her ass in the air and her feet pointed towards the bound Grimhilde. The Fairy Godmother rubbed Snow White’s pale skin lovingly.

“Look at what you missed out on, Queenie,” she said. “You passed up such a beautiful young thing, all over your own vanity and jealousy. I bet you’re regretting it now.”

Grimhilde could only glare as the Fairy Godmother got closer and closer to her virgin asshole. It felt tight, and it twitched eagerly as the fairy spread open her asscheeks. Snow White trembled under her touch.

“You’ll thank me one day,” she told the Queen, before bending over to give Snow White’s asshole a lick.

“Ahh! Good heavens!” Snow White squeaked. “You’re going to lick me there? But that’s my dirty place!”

“I’ll make it mine,” the Godmother promised, licking Snow White’s asshole thoroughly.

The younger girl moaned lewdly as the fairy licked her ass until it glistened with saliva.

“Do you like to have your asshole licked, Snow White?” she asked.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” the younger girl moaned.

The fairy rubbed her thumb around the rim of her asshole, looking back to the bound and gagged Queen.

“Did you hear that, Grimhilde?” she asked. “Your fair maiden of a stepdaughter likes to have her asshole licked! I wonder if it’s the same for you?”

Grimhilde angrily snorted out her nostrils, but the Godmother ignored her.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Snow White,” she said. “Would you prefer it in your pussy, or your asshole?”

“Your choice, dear,” the princess said haughtily.

The Godmother laughed.

“Well, don’t blame me for this later, then!” she said as her want transformed itself into a pristine white strapon. Grimhilde watched in horror as the Fairy Godmother climbed up onto the table, mounting Snow White like a dog, and slid the dildo into her virgin asshole.

Grimhilde watched as the fairy began to slowly thrust in and out of Snow White’s ass, smacking her asscheeks as her hands held Snow White’s shoulders for balance. From her position on the floor, the evil Queen could see the Godmother’s huge ass bounce up and down, pounding slowly but powerfully into her stepdaughter’s asshole. Snow White’s feet curled and scrunched in pleasure as her ass was violated by the magic cock.

“Ah… yes… fuck!” the Godmother cried, as she twisted her head around to stare at Grimhilde.

“Do you like the view, Grimhilde?” she asked teasingly, giving Snow White’s ass a light spanking with one hand.

Grimhilde struggled in vain, nude and tied up on the floor, as she glared up at her captor.  “Get… get away from her!” she tried to yell into her apple gag.

The fairy just laughed, licking the side of Snow White’s face.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yes!” Snow White cried out. “I never knew how good this all felt!”

The Fairy Godmother’s magic made it much easier for the inexperienced girl, which worked in her favor. She wanted Grimhilde to realize just what she was missing out on by pursuing hate over love.

The Godmother slammed her dildo into Snow White’s asshole, and Grimhilde screamed into her gag and thrashed about, still watching the whole scene play out.

“You deserve this,” the Fairy Godmother said, though it wasn’t clear which of the two she meant. Perhaps both.

She thrust into Snow White one last time, cumming inside her ass.

“Ahhh!” Snow white cried out in pleasure.

“Take by cum, Snow White!” The Fairy Godmother grunted, squirting more cum into her.

Snow White collapsed on the table, shuddering as she came down from her high.

The Fairy Godmother pulled out of her, letting her cum leak from her ass onto the oak wood. She looked at the defeated and broken Grimhilde.

“You want this. Don’t you?” she asked in an attempt to guilt trip her.

Grimhilde could only whimper in response.

“Snow White, my dear,” she said, helping the young woman to her feet. “How would you like to experiment with these new feelings with your stepmother?”

Snow White stared at her, naked and helpless.

“Do you want to fuck your stepmother?” the Fairy Godmother cooed.

“Yes…!” Snow White moaned.

“Then she’s all yours,” the older woman said, gesturing to the bondaged Queen.

Snow White approached her stepmother, who looked up at her with a mix of fear and apprehension.

“Good… this will be fun,” she said with a smile.

Snow White took the apple from Grimhilde’s mouth, looking at it.

“You were going to poison me with this, hm?” she said. “Why would you do such a terrible thing? Why do you hate me?”

Grimhilde looked away. “You… you were taking my place as the fairest in all the land,” she said. “I couldn’t allow your beauty to surpass me.”

Snow White took her stepmother’s face in both hands, turning her head to make her look her in the eyes.

“All I wanted was to be close to you,” she said. “If you wanted my heart, all you had to do was ask. Instead you drove me away…”

“I-I’m sorry…” Grimhilde gasped.

“Then apologize,” Snow White answered, guiding her stepmother’s face between her legs.

Grimhilde extended her tongue, lapping at Snow White’s pussy tentatively.

“How does it taste?” Snow White asked.

“It’s… a mixture of fruit, like an apple but better,” Grimhilde said.

“I want you to eat it all up,” she ordered. “Every last bit.”

Grimhilde did as she was told, licking Snow White’s molten cunt with all the energy she could muster.

“That’s a good girl,” Snow White smiled, as her stepmother happily ate her pussy out.

“Isn’t this better than trying to kill her?” The Fairy Godmother asked.

“Yes, I suppose it is,” the Queen agreed.

Snow White had her stepmother on all fours, with her ass up in the air and her mouth on her pussy.

The Fairy Godmother walked around to Grimhilde’s backside, sliding her fingers along the rope that was pressed into her pussy.

“Unf!” Grimhilde groaned into Snow White’s cunt.

“Does it feel good to be dominated? Does it feel good to be restrained and forced to do degrading things you’d otherwise never do?” the Godmother asked.

“Yes… yes… it feels good.”

“Ah, I love seeing you like this, Mother,” Snow White moaned. “I think we should keep you like this for our own amusement.”

The Godmother began to finger fuck Grimhilde’s ass as she continued to eat her stepdaughter out.

“You know, Snow White,” the Fairy Godmother said, “as much as you’re enjoying having your pussy eaten, have you ever had your feet worshiped?”

“Eh? M-my feet?” Snow White asked, surprised. “Do people do that?”

“Oh, many do,” the older woman replied. “You should try it, there’s not much better when it comes to dominating another woman.”

“I don’t think I’d enjoy it,” Snow White said, which caused a sigh from the Godmother.

“You’re missing out, dear,” she said.

“Hm… well, maybe I could give it a try,” she said. She pulled away from Grimhilde, going to sit on the table again. She held her feet up out in the air. “Come and get a taste, Mother.”

Bound as she was, Grimhilde had to inch her way across the floor like a worm, but she did. The Fairy Godmother watched with some satisfaction as the proud Queen wriggled over to her stepdaughter’s pale, pink feet. She reached her tongue out desperately, licking the bottom of Snow White’s left foot.

“Oh, that is surprisingly nice,” Snow White admitted. “I didn’t think my feet could feel so good!”

“I’m glad you like it,” the Godmother said, licking her lips.

Grimhilde slowly ran her tongue up and down the sole of Snow White’s foot, making her giggle excitedly. She sucked her big toe into her mouth, rolling it around slowly with her tongue.

“I think Mother likes it, too,” Snow White said, watching the woman who’d tried to have her killed worship her feet with devotion.

“Of course she does,” the Godmother responded.

Grimhilde moved up, licking along the bottom of her other foot. She could barely hear the other two as she focused all her attention on giving Snow White’s feet a thorough tongue bath.

She ran her tongue along the top of her foot, up the bottom of her heel, along the ball of her foot and the side of her foot in long licks and short ones.

The Fairy Godmother watched approvingly as Grimhilde licked every inch of Snow White’s feet. For her own part, Snow White began to play with her pussy while she watched her stepmother work. She gently rubbed at her clit as her other hand moved up to fondle her tits.

“Oh… Mother,” Snow White said.

“What a loving relationship we could have had, if you’d only been like this from the start.”

“It’s not too late, my dear,” the Fairy Godmother said. “Today could be the first day of your new relationship. Not stepdaughter and stepmother, but mistress and pet.”

“Oh, do you like the sound of that, Mother?” Snow White asked. “Would you like to be my pet?”

“I think it’s a little early to be making such promises, darling,” the Godmother said.

“Well, I thought you were the one in charge,” Snow White said.

The Godmother laughed. “Of course, but how you two move forward will be up to you. Just enjoy your stepmother’s tongue for now.”

And she was, as Grimhilde continued worshipping her pale, white feet. She loved the feeling of it. She looked up at Snow White, who was staring down at her.

“You’re really something, you know that?” the Godmother said.

She approached the pair, giving Grimhilde a firm smack on her exposed ass.

“Keep licking, you whore.”

Snow White kept one foot up, knowing her stepmother really wanted to get to that, licking and sucking on her toes.

The Fairy Godmother slid in beside her, running her hand down Snow White’s body as she planted kisses on her cheek, neck and shoulder. 

“Look at her, helpless to do anything but obey you,” she whispered. “She’s the queen of a whole kingdom, but right now she’s nothing more than your personal slut. A foot cleaner.”

The Fairy Godmother’s hand cupped Snow White’s between her legs as she joined her in rubbing her pussy.

“Mmmm… yes,” Godmother moaned as she rubbed on Snow White’s hand.

Snow White looked at her, a mixture of emotions in her eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Snow White’s ass raised off the table as she came again. Like before, she squirted, enough to hit the side of Grimhilde’s face.

“Thank you, darling,” the Godmother said.

“You’re welcome,” Snow White panted.

Grimhilde did her best to keep licking, despite her stepdaughter’s cum dripping off the side of her face.

“I’m just going to… cum again…”

Snow White panted, leaning back as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Not so fast, my dear,” the Fairy Godmother said. “How would you like your own personal cock to fuck your stepmother with?”

“What?” Snow White said, nearly falling off the table.

The Godmother looked to be enjoying herself as she smiled deviously.

“I’ll get that for you. Just say the word.”

“Like what you fucked me with?” she asked. “Yes, please!”

“Good girl,” the Godmother said.

The Godmother produced her wand, tapping it on Snow White’s pussy. The young woman watched in awe as it glowed, transforming into a crystalline white dildo between her legs. She poked it, and realized she could feel it as if it were her own penis.

“Wonderful,” she said. “Mother, lick this!”

Grimhilde nodded, moving from Snow White’s foot to between her legs. She opened wide, swallowing the cock in her mouth.

Snow White panted as she felt her stepmother blowjob her. It felt odd… good odd. She lifted her ass off the table to allow her better access.

“Your mouth feels so good on my cock!” Snow White moaned, thrusting upwards into Grimhilde’s face.

Snow White lifted her head up, kissing the Fairy Godmother as she ran her fingers through her hair. She looked at the Godmother as she pulled away, who smiled.

“How about mine?” the Godmother asked.

The Fairy Godmother bent over on the table, licking Snow White’s cock from a different angle while Grimhilde sucked on her head.

“Ah, yes… fuck yes…” Snow White panted, staring at the Godmother’s ass as it wiggled in the air.

She grabbed her big ass with one hand, jiggling the cheeks playfully. The sight sent another wave of pleasure through Snow White, who moaned in ecstasy as her stepmother continued sucking on her cock.

The Godmother lifted her head back up, smiling.

“You like my ass, darling?” she asked.

“I love it,” Snow White confessed, making the Godmother grin.

The Godmother bent over once more, licking her cock. She spread her ass, throwing it forward.

“Feel free to have a taste, if you’d like.”

Snow White looked at Grimhilde, who was busy gagging on the cock. She tilted her head, somewhat hesitant.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“By all means, I love having my ass kissed,” the Fairy Godmother said as she helped Grimhilde pleasure Snow White’s cock. “I want you to enjoy this, darling. It’s your special day.”

Snow White bent down, licking the Godmother’s ass. The taste was oddly sweet.

She decided that she wanted more. She wanted to taste all of her. With that, she stuck her tongue out, licking the Godmother’s asshole.

The Godmother let out a yelp, before laughing.

“Get it, girl!” she cheered before resuming the double blowjob.

Snow White licked the Godmother’s asshole for a good few minutes. The taste was odd, but she started to enjoy it. She wanted to please this woman. At the same time, both her and Grimhilde worked over Snow White’s cock with their mouths.

Snow White felt herself getting close to climax. She didn’t want it to end, but she knew she just had to finish.

“I’m going to cum!” she warned.

“Do you want to cum in her mouth, or on her face?” The Fairy Godmother asked.

“Her mouth,” Snow White panted.

“Good choice,” the Godmother said. “Cum in your evil stepmother’s mouth.”

Snow White didn’t need to be told twice, thrusting upward to shoot ropes of cum down Grimhilde’s throat. The Queen swallowed, and kept sucking until she had been cleaned off.

“There you go,” the fairy said as she wiped off a bit of cum from her chin. “Perfect.”

Grimhilde panted as she pulled away, feeling the cum travel towards her stomach. She couldn’t believe how this day had gone, but she had to admit she was enjoying it.

Snow White laid back on the table, feeling exhausted. She panted as she looked at the two women before her.

“Thank you,” she panted. “Thank you both.”

“You deserve it, my dear,” the Fairy Godmother said, rubbing Snow White’s thigh absently. “But you still need to fuck her properly.”

“That’s true,” the raven-haired woman agreed. “She needs to be fucked like a whore.”

Grimhilde had never heard Snow White talk like that. It was clear the Fairy Godmother’s magic energy was influencing her.

“Which hole will you choose, Snow White?” The Fairy Godmother asked. “Would you like her to take it in the ass, or should you fuck her in the cunt?”

“I…” Snow White panted. “I want to fuck my stepmother in the ass.”

Grimhilde shuddered. She’d never taken a cock in the ass before. The idea made her feel scared and weird. However, she believed this was for the best. She needed to get fucked in the ass, and there was no reason to hesitate.

“I’ll do it.”

“That’s what we like to hear,” the Fairy Godmother said, helping the Queen to her feet. She bent her over the table, ass raised in the air, and gave her firm booty a good smack.

Snow White stepped around behind her, admiring the sight of her stepmother bent over like this. She grabbed her ass with one hand, pulling the cheek aside to expose her winking asshole.

“Oh, you’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?” Snow White asked.

“Mmm… yesss,” the Godmother hummed. “She has.”

“I’ve been a very bad girl,” Grimhilde admitted. “I deserve all of your wrath. Punish me!”

“Hold her down,” Snow White urged.

The Godmother grabbed Grimhilde by the shoulders, forcing her to the table.

Grimhilde could only wait as she felt Snow White’s cock press against her asshole. It was an odd feeling. She didn’t feel like the other men’s cocks, which felt like a muscle. This was something completely different. Something larger.

The head of the cock slipped past the rim of her ass, penetrating the Queen. Grimhilde yelped loudly, feeling the pain of being violated.

“Oh… my…,” she panted. “How… how is this possible? Was it this big before?”

“Just take it, you whore,” the Fairy Godmother whispered. “She’s going to fuck your ass raw, and you’re going to love every second of it.”

Snow White gave a few slow thrusts, pushing her cock deep into Grimhilde’s ass. The Godmother kept up a stream of whispers encouragingly to the younger woman.

“This is what you want, isn’t it? To be her plaything? To be the fucktoy of your own stepdaughter?” she asked. “You could get fucked like this every day, if you become her slave. Wouldn’t that be a better life for a slut like you?”

“Yes… yes, it would,” Grimhilde rasped. “Fuck me. Fuck your whore’s ass.”

“I certainly will,” Snow White moaned, thrusting in and out of her ass.

The Godmother’s words made Snow White go harder. They also made Grimhilde wetter, hearing the woman’s own desires.

“Yes… I want to be the slave of my stepdaughter,” she whispered. “I want to be nothing more than a repository for her cum, a toy for her to use for her own pleasure!”

The Queen started to buck her hips, thrusting her ass back against Snow White’s fucking.

“Yes… that’s it… you’re a fucking stepdaughter fucktoy… a filthy whore…” the Fairy Godmother continued to croon into her ear. “You’ll get fucked whenever she needs to cum, and when she’s relaxing you can worship her feet. We’ll fit you with a collar to show everyone you’re an owned woman.”

“Yes, yes…” Grimhilde moaned. It all sounded so good to her ears.

By now, Snow White was using both of her hands to fuck the older woman’s ass. She bent forward and pushed her face into the back of her neck, kissing and licking at her skin with a growing hunger.

“I love your body, Mother, it’s so lewd and inviting,” she moaned. “I want to fuck this ass every day!”

“Oh, I’m sure you will, darling,” the Godmother smirked. “I’m sure you will.”

The Fairy Godmother slipped two fingers into Grimhilde’s mouth, letting her suck on them while Snow White began fucking her faster. Her hips slapped into the Queen’s meaty ass rapidly.

“I’m going to fuck this ass so hard, you’ll be sore for days,” Snow White said. “This is your first official act as my… pet. Take that, you evil stepmother!”

“Ahh, yes! Fuck your evil stepmother in the ass!” Grimhilde moaned whorishly around the Godmother’s fingers. “Cum in your pet’s ass!”

“You’re a filthy bitch,” Snow White said in awe, as Grimhilde could only moan in ecstasy. “I’m going to fill you up with my cum! Fuck! Fuck! I’m going to… ahhh!” Snow White panted, thrusting in one last time as her groin exploded.

“Fffuuuck!!” Grimhilde cried out, her tongue lolling from her mouth as Snow White filled her bowels with cum. She shuddered as a wave of sensation went through her, Snow White collapsing on top of her as the pair panted, catching their breath.

“That was amazing,” Snow White gasped, sweat dripping from her pale body.

The Fairy Godmother leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “You did very well, my dear. But now I have something important to ask you.”

Snow White looked nervously, the Fairy Godmother’s eyes full of lust.

“Do you… do you want to be my pet?” the Godmother asked, licking her lips.

“Your pet?” Snow White asked. “But I thought… I thought Mother was to be the pet.”

“Yours, sure, and you can have her,” the Fairy Godmother said. “But I’ve been collecting desperate girls like you, and I would love to take you home to meet them.”

The Godmother slowly began to grind herself against Snow White.

“You’ll be cared for, with other girls to gossip with, and fuck, if you’d like,” she continued. “You can bring this slut stepmother with you, and you’d never have to live in fear for your life again.”

The Godmother slipped her hand between Snow White’s legs, and began to stroke her girlhood.

“Don’t worry, you’d be under my protection. I promise you, you’d be safe there.”

Snow White bit her bottom lip, thinking. “What about the dwarves?”

“They will continue on like they did before you arrived,” she said. “You can leave them a note so they won’t worry.”

Snow White shuddered at the thought of being cared for by the Fairy Godmother and her princesses. They would be so kind, and probably fawn all over her. She could live a life of comfort and sex, and she wanted a lot more sex.

She tilted her head as she thought about it. “Okay,” she said.

The Godmother smiled. “Wonderful!” she said. “Come on, let’s get you into some clothes and take you home.”

They left Grimhilde lying on the table as they dressed. Snow White insisted on saying goodbye to the dwarves in person, but the Fairy Godmother did not wait around for that. She took Grimhilde back to her home, promising to come pick Snow White up in a few hours.

Back at her home, she introduced the broken Queen to Cinderella, Aurora and Maleficent.

“She’s Snow White’s property,” she explained, affixing a dog collar around her neck. The tag proudly read GRIMHILDE. “So nobody play with her unless Snow White approves. This collar is enchanted, and will make it so you can’t resist Snow White’s orders.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to meet this Snow White,” Cinderella said cheerfully. “I love how our family is growing!”

“I’ll say,” Maleficent said. “And who will you be collecting next?”

“I haven’t decided yet,” the Fairy Godmother said. “For now, let’s just get ready to greet Snow White.”

So they prepared a welcoming party, and after a few hours the Fairy Godmother brought her back.

“Welcome home!” Cinderella and Aurora both shouted as she stepped into the living area. Balloons and streamers hung from every corner of the room. Grimhilde sat, obedient, nude except for her collar. Maleficent stood in the back, clapping politely but not joining in.

“Oh, this is so wonderful!” Snow White gasped, clasping her hands together. “I… I don’t know what to say! This is better than I could have ever hoped for!”

The Godmother smiled proudly. “Go blow out the candles on your cake, dear,” she said.

Snow White approached the cake, which said, “Wel-cum to Your New Home” on it. She giggled, blowing out the candles like it was her birthday. Then, she turned to the Godmother. “Thank you for this surprise party, Fairy Godmother,” she said. “I love it!”

“You’re welcome, dear,” the Godmother said. “Let’s get you set up in your room. Here’s your mother’s leash.”

She handed Snow White a leash that connected to Grimhilde’s collar. She gave it a tug, and Grimhilde silently followed along, crawling on her hands and knees.

Then, she led her to her bedroom. It was a lavish room with a queen-sized bed and dressers and drawers for her clothes. There was a doggy bed in the corner, with Grimhilde stitched into the side of it.

“That’s your stepmother’s bed,” the Fairy Godmother explained.

“Oh, thank you so much!” Snow White said, planting a kiss on the Fairy Godmother’s cheek. “Let me thank you properly… Come and fuck me on my new bed!”

The Godmother just blushed and began removing her robes. Snow White giggled as she got on the bed, lying on her back and opening her legs.

“Fuck your pet princess’ pussy.”

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