A Princess Harem, Part 5

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story. This one started out as just a Fairy Godmother/Cinderella story, but the AI added a few twists so I’m making it a series. Enjoy!


Belle was getting accustomed to living in the Fairy Godmother’s home. She made frequent visits to the library, which is where she happened to be right at that moment. She sat at a table in the corner with a book that was published over a century after she’d been born. She also happened to have Aurora on her knees, under her dress, licking her pussy while she read.

“How’s the reading going, my dears?” the Godmother asked, sauntering over.

Belle looked up from her book, smiling at her.

“It’s going well,” she said. “I can’t decide which I’m enjoying more, this book or Aurora’s tongue.”

“Maybe both, then,” the Godmother said with a smirk.

Belle blushed as the Godmother patted her head.

“I came to tell you both that an old friend of mine is coming by for a visit,” she said “So don’t be surprised if there’s an unfamiliar face in the house for a few days. I’ll explain things to her, but she’s not family, don’t worry. Now, go back to what you were doing.”

“Yes, Milady,” Aurora said, quickly burying her face back into Belle’s snatch.

“What is this friend like?” Belle asked.

“She’s another powerful fairy,” the Fairy Godmother explained. “She’s known as the Blue Fairy. She also helps people, like I do, though in a different way.”

“Is she as talented as you?”

“She’s the best there is,” the Godmother said proudly.

Belle frowned.

“Oh! You meant talented at sex,” the Fairy Godmother giggled. “I admit I do not know. I’m hoping to find out while she’s here.”

“I’ll be looking forward to that,” Belle said with a smile.

A few hours later, and there was a knock at the front door.

“Here she is,” the Godmother said.

All of the house residents gathered as the Blue Fairy entered. She was a tall, blonde woman in a shimmering blue dress. She had a warm, welcoming smile. Belle realized she was absolutely beautiful.

“Hello!” she said cheerfully.

“Hello,” the Godmother said. “These are all of my new friends I told you about. Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Snow White, and Maleficent. There’s also Grimhilde, but she’s staying in Snow White’s room for the moment.”

“Oh, I see,” said the Blue Fairy. “It’s so lovely to meet you all!”

“The pleasure is all mine,” Snow White said, bowing her head.

The Blue Fairy giggled and waved away the princess’ manners.

“Please, don’t be so proper,” she said.

“How long will you be staying?” Cinderella asked.

“Only a few days,” the Godmother said. “She comes once every five years, or so.”

“And has the Fairy Godmother told you about… why we are living here?” Aurora asked tentatively.

“She has,” the Blue Fairy said. “As I understand it, she’s put together something of a… sex commune.”

“That’s a very cute word for it,” Snow White said. “Do you think we’ll be able to leave soon?”

“I don’t see why not,” the Godmother said. “Feel free to go about your business while the Blue Fairy gets settled in her room.”

“Thank you,” the Blue Fairy said. “I’ll see you all later.”

The princesses quickly left, and the Godmother showed the Blue Fairy to her room.

“They’re certainly all very pretty,” the Blue Fairy commented as she set down her bags. “You have excellent taste, Godmother.”

“Thank you. Shall we go back to my room?”

The Blue Fairy nodded, and they walked back to the Godmother’s room, where they closed the door.

“Do you think I could play with some of them?” The Blue Fairy asked.

“Certainly,” the Fairy Godmother replied as she removed her robe, leaving only the hood. “But you need to make up for lost time with me, first.”

“Oh, how thrilling,” the Blue Fairy sighed, removing her dress. Now nude, the two women embraced in a passionate kiss.

“God, you’re beautiful,” the Godmother breathed.

They kissed and embraced for a while longer, as they made their way over to the bed.

The Blue Fairy pushed the Fairy Godmother down onto the bed, falling on top of her, giggling.

“I always forget how fun and pleasant your body is,” she said, groping the Fairy Godmother’s large, soft tits with both hands.

“And I enjoy reminding you,” the Godmother said, grabbing the girl’s ass and grinding her pussy into the Blue Fairy’s.

“Ah! I missed you so much,” the Blue Fairy moaned, leaning in to kiss the Fairy Godmother some more. She explored the older woman’s mouth with her tongue while they grinded against each other.

They laid there, kissing and grinding their genitals into one another, for what seemed like an eternity. Neither one of them wanted it to end. Then, the Blue Fairy started to get an idea.

“What if we invited one of your girls in here right now?” she asked. “They were all so pretty, I just can’t wait to taste one of them!”

“Sure, why not,” the Godmother said. “Which of them caught your eye the most?” 

“Aurora is the one I’m the most drawn to,” the Blue Fairy said.

“Oh, she is very pretty,” the Fairy Godmother agreed. “Want me to call for her?”

“Please, if you would.”

The Godmother got up from the bed, walked over to the door, and pulled it open.

“Aurora, darling, come in here please,” she said.

“Yes, Fairy Godmother!” Aurora chirped, coming to the door.

The Godmother pulled it closed, and the Blue Fairy wasted no time in getting started. She lay on her back, and motioned for the Godmother to get on top of her.

“Oh, this is what we’re doing?” Aurora said, watching the Fairy Godmother climb on top of the Blue Fairy.

“This is exactly what we’re doing,” the Godmother said, as she and the Blue Fairy grinded their genitals against each other.

“Well, count me in!” Aurora said as she began removing her dress.

The two older women kissed and embraced as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. The fairy’s tits were firm and soft at the same time.

Aurora knelt down at the side of the bed, running her hands along both of the fairies’ legs. She slowly worked her way up, running her tongue along the insides of both of their thighs before finally stopping to suckle the Blue Fairy’s clit.

“Oh, I love an assertive girl!” The Blue Fairy moaned. “She was a good choice!”

“Don’t forget your Fairy Godmother, my dear,” the Fairy Godmother said. 

“Oh, I’m always happy to be of service!” Aurora said, and then, she started at the Fairy Godmother’s pussy.

“Mmf! You’re so talented, my dear.”

“I had a lot of practice with Maleficent while I was under her spell,” Aurora said between licks.

Aurora worked her tongue around in circles, and then just flat out went to town on the Fairy Godmother’s clit.

“Oooohhhh, shit…” the Fairy Godmother moaned, clinging to the Blue Fairy as she trembled with pleasure.

“Look at me, darling. Look at your lover,” the Blue Fairy said, as she slowly began caressing the Godmother’s huge ass.

“You’re so beautiful,” the Fairy Godmother said, leaning in to kiss the Blue Fairy while Aurora alternated between licking each of their pussies. Aurora was sucking on the Blue Fairy’s clit now, giving it a little bit of licks in and out as she flicked it with her tongue.

The Blue Fairy groped the Godmother’s ass, pulling her close as they made out. Then, the Blue Fairy wrapped her legs around the Fairy Godmother’s waist, clinging to her.

“Is it alright if I taste your feet, Blue Fairy?” Aurora asked.

“Of course, darling,” the Blue Fairy smiled. 

Aurora went down on all fours, and the Fairy Godmother rolled over onto her back, lying next to the other fairy.

“Would you like to worship mine as well, my dear?” the Fairy Godmother asked.

“Oh, I would love to!” Aurora said as she held up one of each woman’s feet.

The two fairies rubbed each other’s genitals as their feet were presented for worship.

Aurora brought up the Fairy Godmother’s left foot and the Blue Fairy’s right foot up to her face, pressing her face into them and enjoying the soft feeling. She licked one, then the other, trying to taste them both at the same time. She took the Godmother’s big toe into her mouth, sucking on it as she could feel the beautiful ecstasy overcoming her.

“Wow, she’s quite the little foot slut, isn’t she?” The Blue Fairy commented. 

“Mm, yeah!” the Godmother groaned.

Aurora looked up at the Blue Fairy with a playful wink.

“How can I not be, when I’m surrounded every day by so many beautiful women with lovely feet!”

“The truth is, I tend to go after girls with an interest in feet, whether they realize it or not,” the Fairy Godmother said. “I just enjoy having my feet worshipped so much, it’s become a prerequisite.”

“Oh? You have such a foot fetish?”

“I do indeed.”

The Godmother slowly ground her feet into the Aurora’s face.

“I also just like dominating pretty young women with my feet,” she admitted.

“I can definitely see the appeal,” the fairy said.

The Blue Fairy rubbed against the Godmother’s feet with her own, which made it easier for Aurora to lick them both at once.

“Perhaps you should be my slave,” the Fairy Godmother said, licking her face.

“Haha, I can’t say I hate the idea,” the Blue Fairy said with a chuckle.

“I’ll slave for both of you,” Aurora said.

“Let me try being a foot slave,” the Blue Fairy said as she floated over next to Aurora. The Fairy Godmother held up her other foot as the Blue Fairy grabbed it, looking up at her with adoration.

Both blonde women leant into the Fairy Godmother’s feet, licking her soft soles with lustful moans.

“Mmm, I’ll enjoy having you both, I really will,” the Godmother promised.

“Please, do enjoy us,” the Blue Fairy said as she rubbed her face against the Fairy Godmother’s foot. Being in this position was turning her on more than she’d expected. She could feel herself getting wet as she lapped at the Godmother’s foot.

It was much the same for Aurora, who licked between the Fairy Godmother’s toes as her eyes rolled up in pleasure. The taste of the Godmother’s foot was intoxicating to her, sending her into a lustful haze.

“Ahh, ohh…” she moaned, her tongue rolling around the Godmother’s toes. “Your feet are so good, I can never get enough of them!”

“Lick them to your heart’s content, you sexy little slut,” the Fairy Godmother said with a smile. “And how are you liking my feet, Blue Fairy?”

“Better than any girl could hope to,” the Blue Fairy panted as she licked the Godmother’s other foot. “These ladies here are so lucky to get to lick them whenever they want.”

“You could be one of my girls, if you want,” the Fairy Godmother mused. “I could put you in a little collar, have you beg to lick my feet, humiliate yourself for them. Would you like that?”

The Blue Fairy immediately nodded her head.

“Oh, would you do that for me, baby?” the Godmother asked, looking down at the fairy. “Beg to be my slave?”

“I would like to try,” she admitted, blushing.

“Then do it,” the Fairy Godmother said. “I want to hear your angelic voice begging to be my slave, my foot slut.”

“I… I wish to be your humble foot slave,” the fairy said, her voice quivering. “Please allow me to be your slave.”

“That’s my good little foot slave.”

The Blue Fairy smiled. The Fairy Godmother’s command of the situation gave her an exciting rush. She loved the fact that the Godmother wanted to dominate her.

“Mistress, may I touch myself?” The Blue Fairy asked. “I’m so desperately horny, worshipping your foot like this.”

“Of course, my dear,” the Godmother said. “Go ahead.”

The fairy slowly ran her index finger up and down her stomach, between her breasts as she pinched her own hard nipples.

Her hand then travelled south, between her legs, as she dragged her tongue up and down the length of the Fairy Godmother’s plump foot.

The fairy began to moan as the Godmother watched her, encouraging her every move. The fairy closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she ran her tongue against the sole of the Godmother’s foot.

Aurora buried her face into the foot she had, enjoying the feeling of it over her. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. She moaned, and lapped away.

“She looks so hot doing that,” the Godmother said. “She’s really turning you on, isn’t she?”

“She is,” the Blue Fairy replied. “I aspire to her level of servitude.”

“If you keep working at it, I’m sure you can become as good a foot slut as she is some day.”

The Blue Fairy smiled as her eyes watered up. She was aching for the Fairy Godmother to make her her pet. That’s what she wanted, and that’s what she needed.

“I’ll try my best, thank you,” she said.

“Maybe one day, you’ll even come to crave it. You’ll be my humble slave. You’ll…”

The Godmother said those words the fairy wanted to hear.

“You’ll be my pretty blue pet.”

Aurora moaned into the foot, nuzzling against it and licking with all her might. She wanted to be the fairy’s pet so bad, she could hardly stand it.

The Blue Fairy’s response to hearing those words was just as strong. She sunk her fingers into her cunt, cumming as she licked the Godmother’s foot whorishly.

“…Fuck my cunt! Teach me to be a whore! Teach me to serve you!”

“Yes… you certainly seem like you’re enjoying yourself,” the Godmother said.

The Blue Fairy quivered and shook on her knees as she came, rubbing her face against the Fairy Godmother’s foot. Why did this turn her on so much? Did it even matter. She hadn’t been this happy in a long time. She sucked on the heel of the foot in front of her as she came down from her orgasm. There was something incredibly alluring about the Godmother’s foot.

“She’s really worked up,” Aurora said. “Not that I can blame her.”

The Fairy Godmother smiled as she watched the two blonde sluts moan and lick her feet some more. She was ready to move them on to another body part, though.

“If you think my feet are good, you should check out my ass,” she said slyly.

“Oh, yes please!” the Blue Fairy said, winking.

The Godmother licked her lips as she watched them. She loved seeing them like this.

But now it was time to show them something else, so she got up and crawled to the edge of the bed. She got on all fours, letting her feet dangle off the side of the bed, and raising her ass in the air.

“It’s a buffet!” she said. “You can have ass or feet, anything your heart desires will come to you!”

“Holy shit!” the Blue Fairy said.

Aurora’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. This was beyond anything she could have imagined. The Godmother continued licking her lips as she looked over her ass.

Aurora dove back in to the feet, enjoying them from this new angle. She tried to fit them both in her mouth at once, while the Blue Fairy began planting small kisses along the curve of the Fairy Godmother’s enormous ass.

The Godmother beckoned her head closer with one finger, and she dutifully began licking it.

“Suck on my ass,” the Godmother said.

The Blue Fairy planted her pretty lips around the Fair Godmother’s cheek, sucking on the soft flesh like a suction cup. She loved the salty taste of the skin, and the wetness of it all. The Fairy Godmother groaned under her breath as she bent forward.

“Your ass is truly divine,” the Blue Fairy moaned as she licked along it. “I can’t decide if I like it better than your feet or not, though, every inch of you is intoxicating.”

“I’m glad you like it,” the Fairy Godmother said. “Now… eat my ass.”

The Blue Fairy’s eyes widened, as she quickly moved away towards the Fairy Godmother’s asshole.

“Can I really eat it?” she asked. “Oh, thank you!”

The Blue Fairy wasted no time in sticking her tongue out and licking the edge of the Godmother’s asshole.

She positioned herself over Aurora, who was still slobbering all over the Godmother’s feet, as she spread her ass with both hands to get at her delicious hole better.

“Oh, God!” the Godmother groaned as she felt the Blue Fairy’s tongue on her asshole.

“Hah, fuwah…” the Blue Fairy gasped as she lapped desperately as the asshole in front of her.

Her tongue lashed out, poking into the Godmother’s asshole as far as it could go.

“Ohhhhh, yes… that’s good…” the Godmother moaned. “Not just a foot slave, but an ass slave, too, huh?”

The Blue Fairy whimpered as she felt the Godmother’s fingers dig into her scalp. The Godmother began to roughly force the fairy’s face deeper into her ass, smothering her.

The Blue Fairy’s eyes rolled back in her head as she drooled all over the Fairy Godmother’s asshole. This kind of treatment, this disrespect, this was what she’d been craving. The Blue Fairy relentlessly lapped at the Fairy Godmother’s asshole like a dog slurping up water from a pool. She felt like a dog, like a bitch in heat. She’d never felt this slavishly devoted to anyone else before. She loved it.

The Godmother’s asshole pulsated as she began to grind her face into it, faster and faster.

“Someone’s hungry!” The Fairy Godmother said with a joyful laugh. “Get all you want, you whores!”

Aurora moaned around the two feet shoved in her mouth, her lips stretched to try and accommodate as much of them as she could. The Blue Fairy began absentmindedly grinding her pussy against the back of Aurora’s head, but Aurora didn’t mind as it pushed her face further down on the Godmother’s feet.

The Blue Fairy’s eyes rolled back as she fell into a state of pure ecstasy, licking and kissing every inch of the Fairy Godmother’s ass cheeks as fast as she could.

“Such dirty little sluts I have!” The Fairy Godmother moaned, shaking her ass backwards into the Blue Fairy’s face while holding her head still with one hand.

The fairy’s tongue flicked around the Godmother’s asshole, as the Godmother grunted in ecstasy.

Aurora took her feet out of her mouth, so she could start licking along the wrinkles in her sole as they scrunched up in pleasure.

The Godmother began grinding her ass back into the fairy’s face, as the fairy eagerly grabbed it.

“Say it!” the Godmother demanded.

“I’m a dirty little whore!” The Blue Fairy moaned, grabbing the Godmother’s ass cheeks in both hands while her face was buried between them.

“Good! Eat that asshole!”

The fairy lapped back eagerly, holding the Godmother’s ass cheeks in her hands as they shook and shook. She eagerly pushed her tongue into the Fairy Godmother’s asshole.

Aurora, meanwhile, looked up from the feet she’d been worshipping to see the Fairy Godmother’s glistening, juicy pussy. She leaned up, licking it.

“Fuck…” the Godmother grunted. “Lick my clit! Make me cum!”

The two blondes worked over her ass and pussy in tandem, their tongues pushing her closer and closer to climax.

“You’re gonna make me cum! I’m gonna fucking cum!” she said, as her legs trembled.

She buried her face in the bed sheets, her fat body rippling as she shook with pleasure. She came onto Aurora’s face, holding the Blue Fairy against her asshole as she rode out her orgasm. After a few long, ecstatic moments, the Godmother laid flat on the bed, panting.

“Now it’s your turn, dear,” she said.

“Me?” The Blue Fairy asked. “Or Aurora?”

“Both of you. Get on your knees.”

The Blue Fairy and Aurora looked at each other a moment, before obeying.

They got on their hands and knees on the bed, and the Fairy Godmother circled around behind them.

“Look at these slutty, wet fuck holes,” she said, running her fingers up and down the other women’s pussies. “Look at how much both of you want to be owned by me. I’ll give both you pretty ladies a choice. Either I’ll claim your pussies, or I’ll claim your asses.”

The Blue Fairy and Aurora looked at each other, thinking.

“Your choice, darling,” the Godmother said.

They both hesitated, looking at each other, before looking back at the Fairy Godmother.

“Ass,” the Blue Fairy said.

“Yes, definitely ass,” Aurora agreed.

The fairy waved her hand, and summoned her magic strapon. It split into two identical cocks, ready for the blondes. The Fairy Godmother laid them down on their sides, so their backs were touching. Their asses were hanging slightly off the bed, and totally at the mercy of the fairy.

She pressed her hips forward, letting the heads of both cocks prod at the assholes being offered to her. She smeared some more lube on them, and slowly pressed forward.

The two girls yelped, as the stretching and pain slowly gave way to pleasure.

“Oh, goodness!” The Blue Fairy moaned as her asshole stretched around the Fairy Godmother’s cock.

“It’s so good!” Aurora gasped, feeling the same thing. “Do it harder!”

The fairy grinned, grabbing the two women by the hip. She began to fuck them faster and harder.

Both women moaned, rocking back and forth on the bed in unison as the Fairy Godmother thrust into their asses.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” the Godmother moaned. “Take it, bitches! I’m gonna ram your tight little asses!”

“Yes! Wreck our asses!” Aurora moaned.

“We’re a couple of anal whores,” the Blue Fairy said, gripping the bed sheets.

The three continued thrusting in unison, two dicks in two willing asses, while the room filled with moans and the wet slapping sound of flesh smacking into flesh.

The Fairy Godmother felt great, as the sensations of her twin magic cocks fed back into her. She bit her bottom lip as she focused on fucking the tight asses in front of her.

She felt her orgasm building, focused on the sensations. She could almost see the euphoria of her climax building as she felt their assholes grip and pulse around her cocks.

“I’m cumming!” She shouted. “I’m cumming in your slutty asses, you bitches!”

The fairy grabbed their hips, shoving her entire length into them. The Godmother cried out as her honeyed dicks exploded, wave after wave of euphoria flooding through her.

“Ahh! You’re filling me up!” The Blue Fairy moaned.

“My ass! My ass is full of cum!” Aurora shouted.

They collapsed forward, gasping for air. In the meantime, the fairy stood up, pulling her dicks out of their asses.

“Ah, hah…” she panted. “How was that, my dears?”

“Oh, fuck…” the two women moaned.

“We feel so dirty,” the Blue Fairy continued, licking her lips. “I think we should do it again.”

“Do it again?” The Fairy Godmother smirked. “You’re insatiable, you slut.”

“I am insatiable,” the Blue Fairy said with a smile. “And I am a slut. Your slut.”

The fairy bent down, licking her lips. She ran the tip of her tongue along the slit in the Godmother’s cock.

“Suck it, darling,” she said. “You know you want to.”

She did, so she took the cock in her mouth. She could taste her own ass on it while she sucked. Aurora did the same for the cock that had been in her ass, saddling up next to the Blue Fairy to suck.

The two girls went to work, licking and sucking as the fairy enjoyed her dual blowjobs. The room was filled with moans, sighs, and dirty words.

“You’re both so talented,” the Fair Godmother said with a sigh. “Keep this up, and I’m not sure if I’ll last long enough to have at either of you.”

She laid down on her back, pulling the fairy toward her. Her cocks merged into one as she guided the Blue Fairy to straddle her wide hips.

“Come, now, and ride me,” she said. “I want to feel your tight little pussy taking my cock.”

The fairy bit her lip, but did exactly as she was told.

She lowered herself down onto the big dick, taking it into her pussy. The Fairy Godmother pushed her down roughly as her cock stretched and opened up her pussy. She began to quickly fuck the fairy, enjoying the feeling of her tight snatch.

“Fuck! Yes!” The Blue Fairy moaned, grabbing the Fairy Godmother’s tits for balance as she bounced on her dick. “You’re so big!”

Aurora crawled up on the bed behind them. She began kissing the Blue Fairy’s feet while she rode the cock. She gently bit the fairy’s feet as the fairy continued to bounce up and down. She kissed her way up her legs, until she made it to her ass. She stuck out her tongue, letting the Blue Fair’s asshole slide along it while she bounced.

“Ooh, lick my asshole, you filthy slut!” The Blue Fairy cried out.

Aurora eagerly agreed, and ran her tongue along the asshole of the fairy. The fairy was enjoying herself quite a bit, and bit down on her bottom lip as both her pussy and asshole were stimulated.

She leaned forward, kissing the Fairy Godmother while groping her boobs. The two grinded against each other, the Blue Fairy enjoying the feeling of her ass being licked and her pussy being fucked.

She began bouncing faster, really feeling it with all the attention. Soon, the fairy began to tense up.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she shouted.

The Blue Fairy braced herself, tightening up as she came.

“Shit, I’m cumming, too!” The Fairy Godmother shouted, thrusting up into her friend. They came together, with the Godmother shooting loads of cum into her tight pussy while she gushed. Aurora couldn’t help but get some on her face in the crossfire.

“Fuck, you’re good,” she said as the Blue Fairy blushed.

She rolled off, lying next to the Fairy Godmother as she breathed heavily. Aurora crawled up on the Godmother’s other side, hugging her tightly as the three snuggled in bed.

“That was quite a night,” the Fairy Godmother said. “And what a welcome for you, my dear friend. I’m very pleased you’re here.”

“I’m pleased as well,” the Blue Fairy replied. “This has really been an eye-opening trip already, and I just got here!”

“May I show you something, my dear?” The Fairy Godmother asked.

“Of course,” the Blue Fairy said.

The Godmother produced her wand, waving it at the door of the bedroom. 

It swung open, and Cinderella, Belle and Snow White all fell through and into the room. 

“It seems we had some eavesdroppers,” the Fairy Godmother said.

The Blue Fairy’s face turned a particular shade of crimson as she blushed in embarrassment. “H-how much could you ladies hear?”

Belle smiled. “A lot, actually. We didn’t mean to, it’s just that you screamed so damn loud we had to come check on you.”

“I really loved when you begged to become a foot slave,” Snow White said, blushing.

“Sorry, we were all a little envious of Aurora,” Cinderella added. “I hope you’re not mad at us.”

“Of course not,” the Fairies said in unison.

The Blue Fairy giggled. “That’s all in the past now.”

The Fairy Godmother waved her wand again, and the girls’ clothes disappeared.

“Let’s look to the future,” the Fairy Godmother said. “And I think your immediate future is in this bed!”

The princesses soon found themselves in the middle of a lesbian orgy, one which lasted well into the next day. It was the best welcome the Blue Fairy could have asked for.

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