A Princess Harem, Part 6

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story. This one started out as just a Fairy Godmother/Cinderella story, but the AI added a few twists so I’m making it a series. Enjoy!


The day after the Blue Fairy’s big arrival, she sat in the dining parlor with the residents of the house. She, the Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and Aurora all sat around a table, finishing off their breakfasts. Snow White had chosen to sit slightly apart, sipping tea as she sat cross-legged on the back of her stepmother, Grimhilde, who was on her hands and knees to serve as a bench for her Mistress.

“Last night was such fun,” Cinderella mused. “I especially loved fucking your ass, Blue Fairy, your squeals were like music to my ears!”

The Blue Fairy blushed, though she was probably used to such talk by now.

“Did you mean what you said,” Aurora asked. “Are you going to move in to become the Godmother’s new pet?”

“Yes,” the fairy nodded eagerly. “She was so happy when I said I would, and just wanted to celebrate all night!”

The princesses all told the Blue Fairy how happy they were for her, each remembering how much joy devoting themselves to the Fairy Godmother had brought them.

“Alas, I do fear it won’t be full-time,” the Blue Fairy pouted. “I’d love to be a permanent pet, like Snow White’s over there…” She gestured to Grimhilde, who silently continued to serve as Snow White’s furniture. “However, I do have responsibilities as a fairy I can’t completely give up.”

“Do you also grant wishes, like the Fairy Godmother?” Snow White asked.

“Yes,” the Blue Fairy replied, nodding. “Though not quite the same. The Fairy Godmother helps young women find their place in the world, but my wishes tend to specialize a bit differently.”

“What is it you specialize in?” Cinderella asked.

“Oh, she makes dolls come to life,” the Fairy Godmother said, taking a bite of her muffin. “She’s quite good at it.”

“She what?” Snow White asked, dumbfounded. “What does that mean?”

“It means quite simply, dear,” the Blue Fairy said, shrugging, “that I bring things like dolls, puppets, toys, etcetera to life. Usually as companions for lonely people.”

“Like a sex doll to be some man’s wife, then?” Maleficent asked, entering the room.

“I mean, sometimes…” the Blue Fairy hesitated. “Or, a little puppet boy to be a bachelor’s son, or a doll to be a little girl’s friend.”

“That’s insane,” Snow White said.

“Not at all,” the Blue Fairy replied. “I make families for people who need them.”

“Can you bring anything to life?” Cinderella asked.

“If it has a human shape, yes.”

“Wait here, I want to get something!”

Cinderella hopped up from her chair, leaving the room. The girls waited, wondering where she’d gone.

After a moment, she returned with an few toys in her arms.

“I found these with a bunch of other toys in a chest in my room,” she explained, dumping them on the table. They were a small porcelain Little Bo Peep figure, a cloth cowgirl with red pigtails and a big smile, and a regular old Barbie doll.

“I thought… Maybe we could see if they enjoy an active sex life as much as we do,” she said, hopeful. “If you brought them to life, could they fuck each other?”

“Oh, I don’t see why not,” the Blue Fairy said, bemused. “I mean, as I said, I make dolls come to life. Many of them enjoy sex, and they do it again. And again. And again.”

Cinderella licked her lips. “I would very much like to see that. I’ve taken a… liking to these three, in particular. I just think they’re each so pretty, in their own way.”

“Well, I don’t usually do my spells as parlor tricks, but…” the Blue Fairy hesitated, looking at Cinderella’s pleading face. “What the heck. You all fucked me so good last night, the least I can do is give you a little burlesque show.”

She produced her want, touching each of the three dolls in succession.

“Beloved toys, come awake,” she said. “The gift of life is yours to take.”

The three toys stirred, and the princesses gasped as they got up and began to move. The cowgirl stood, walking with a swish of her hips, and pushing her big hat back.

“Well, golly, I’m alive!” she said with a thick western drawl.

“We all are,” Bo Peep noted.

“Ah, it feels so good to move around,” Barbie sighed.

Cinderella’s mouth fell open as the three toys continued to talk, and began to giggle. She was laughing before she knew what she was doing, overcome with excitement.

“I can’t believe it, you’re really alive!” She said.

The toys looked up at her.

“So we are,” the cowgirl said. “The name’s Jessie, at your service, ma’am.”

“And I’m Bo Peep,” the Little Bo Peep figure said, raising the sides of her dress for a polite curtsey.

“And I’m Barbie!” Barbie added. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, princess.”

Cinderella giggled as the three women continued to talk, while the Blue Fairy smiled.

“Did you hear why she wanted you brought to life?” The Blue Fairy asked.

“I do believe there was some talk of a sex show?” Jessie replied.  “I’m not judging, but I was just wondering if she wanted us to… do that to her.”

“No,” the fairy said. “At least, not right now. What she wants is to watch you three have sex with each other.”

The rest of the house residents had all gathered around the table, now. Even Grimhilde couldn’t hide her interest as they watched the three toys talk with Cinderella and the Blue Fairy.

“I reckon we could do that,” Jessie said, looking to Bo Peep and Barbie. “Is that alright with y’all?”

“I suppose it’s up to you,” Barbie said.

Bo Peep looked unsure of herself, but eager to please.

“Yes, I think we should,” she said.

“Right, then a sex show it is!” Jessie said with a big, goofy grin on her face. She began unfastening her clothes. “I reckon we’ll have us a fun night, eh, Bo Peep?”

“I can hardly wait.”

Bo Peep began removing her dress, as well, and Barbie also took off her clothes.

“Wow, I have nipples!” Barbie exclaimed. “And a pussy! I’ve never had these before!”

“That’s some mighty powerful magic you got there, lady,” Jessie said to the Blue Fairy, admiring her own anatomically correct body. “We’re all set for fuckin’ now!”

“Yes, we’re all set, believe me,” the fairy said. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

Jessie made the first move, putting her arm around Bo Peep’s slender waist.

“Oh!” Bo Peep exclaimed as Jessie dipped her low, romantically, and kissed her on the lips.

Jessie grabbed the back of Bo Peep’s head and continued to kiss her deeply, like one would see in an old Western film.

The fairy clapped happily. “Yes, good! That’s how it’s done!”

As the two righted, Barbie approached them. Jessie pulled her in for a kiss as well, while Bo Peep blushed.

Barbie grabbed her tits, and began squeezing them as they continued to kiss.

Bo Peep approached Barbie from behind, lightly running her fingers up the curve of her hips. She planted a kiss on the nape of Barbie’s neck, then more down her back, making her way to her ass.

“Oh, fuck!” she said, kissing her big, round cheeks, smiling as she did so. “I can’t fucking wait!”

Barbie moaned as Bo Peep spread her juicy ass cheeks, exposing a pink, winking butthole.

“Do you want my tongue, baby?” she asked, licking her lips.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Barbie said. “Give it to me, baby.”

Bo Peep obliged, and the onlookers applauded as she worked her tongue into Barbie’s tight asshole.

Meanwhile, Jessie had begun to finger-fuck Barbie, who looked like she was in heaven. She grabbed a handful of red hair and held on for dear life as the sexy cowgirl finger-fucked her.

“Oh, fuck, that feels so good,” Barbie moaned, with Jessie’s fingers in her pussy and Bo Peep’s tongue in her ass.

“Your asshole is so sexy,” Bo Peep said. “I want to lick it raw.”

“Do it, then,” Barbie said, raising her ass playfully.

Bo Peep really went at it, working her tongue furiously over Barbie’s asshole. The blonde continued to moan and writhe under the double-stimulation.

“I’m gonna make you mine,” Jessie said.

She knelt down and stuck her tongue out, licking up the inside of Barbie’s lovely thigh before working her way to her snatch.

Barbie placed her hands on Jessie’s hat, holding her in place as she ate her out. Between Jessie’s tongue and Bo Peep’s in her ass, Barbie’s mind was going blank with pleasure.

“I might just cum,” she said.

“Do it,” Bo Peep said. “I wanna feel your asshole squeeze around my tongue while you orgasm.”

Barbie’s body tensed as the two tongues worked both sides of her, moaning as she came on Jessie’s face.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Bo Peep said.

Jessie stood and licked up all her juices, smiling as she wiped her mouth. “I’m ready for my turn.”

She laid back on the table, spreading her legs. Barbie and Bo Peep crawled up to her, starting at her feet. They each took a foot, kissing it, while Jessie leaned back and moaned.

“Tarnation, that’s nice,” she said.

The two girls began to slowly kiss their way up her legs, along her freckled thighs, and to her much-anticipated pussy. They dove in together, both blondes working in unison to lick the redhead’s pussy. They sucked on her labia and clitoris, making sure to hit all the right spots.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she moaned. “Eat me out, you sluts!”

Their hands ran up and down her thighs as the licked her womanhood, the audience watching intently as they pleasured the spunky cowgirl. It didn’t take long before she was cumming hard, gripping the two girls’ heads as her body shook.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!” she said.

She ground her cunt in their faces, squirting girlcum all over them both as she rode out her orgasm. After a few moments, she let them go, and they licked her clean.

“God, that was fantastic,” she said. “Now, I’m definitely ready to go again.”

Jessie lunged for Bo Peep, who squealed with delight as she was pinned to the tabletop. Jessie grabbed her hips, lifting them up in the air so her legs were dangling over her head.

“Yes! Take me, cowgirl!” she said.

Jessie slapped her ass, and she yelped. The girls gathered around the table started to groan in anticipation, and that’s when Jessie slipped her tongue into Bo Peep’s asshole.

“Oh, my gosh!” Bo Peep yelped as the feisty redhead licked her asshole. Barbie, meanwhile, moved to grab Bo Peep’s feet that were hanging in the air. She pressed them together, licking them both at once.

Jessie took hold of her hips and began to thrust her tongue in and out of her asshole as the shepherdess cried and giggled.

Barbie ran her tongue up and down Bo Peep’s soft feet, which scrunched up under the assault. Jessie lapped up the girl’s delicious juices, moving between her ass and her pussy, as she wiggled her feet, moaning from the intense pleasure.

“Don’t stop! Oh, my darling, eat my asshole!” the shepherdess cried.

“It is one mighty tasty asshole,” Jessie admitted before swirling her tongue around inside it. 

“And your feet are delicious, too,” Barbie added, savoring their flavor.

The two girls licked and slobbered all over Bo Peep, who tasted better and better as she got wetter and wetter. Her asshole pulsated around Jessie’s tongue.

The princesses watched this display in rapt attention, many of them playing with themselves as they got hornier and hornier.

Jessie sat up, licking her lips as she gazed at Bo Peep’s ass.

“That was amazing,” she said. “Let’s see how your ass likes my fingers.”

Jessie worked two fingers into Bo Peep’s ass, making the girl cry out in glee.

“Oh, that’s right, you like it rough, don’t you, sheep fucker?”

“Ah, yes, call me names,” Bo Peep moaned while Jessie fingered her ass.

Barbie got on all fours and crawled over to Bo Peep, her cunt right in front of the girl’s face.

“Taste my cunt, sheep fucker.”

She sat down on Bo Peep’s face, grinding her pussy onto her while continuing to lick her feet.

“Lick my clit, sheep fucker,” she moaned.

“Oh, yes,” the shepherdess said as she licked up her juices.

Barbie rode Bo Peep’s face like a sybian, holding her ankles as she licked her feet. Jessie’s added a third finger as she continued thrusting into her asshole.

“I’m going to finger-fuck your ass so hard, you’ll love it,” she said.

Bo Peep just moaned into Barbie’s cunt in response.

“That’s right, darling, enjoy the taste of pure unadulterated ass-fucking filth.”

Barbie slid off of Bo Peep, who looked up at her. She leaned down, kissing the other girl while her ass was fingered.

“Your turn,” she said to Jessie.

Jessie raised an eyebrow.

“Didn’t you want to taste my asshole?” she asked, grinning.

“Oh, yeah, I do.”

So Barbie straddled Bo Peep, pressing her ass back into Jessie’s freckled face. The redhead cowgirl leaned forward, licking her ass while she continued to use her hands on Bo Peep.

“Oh, shit, do that,” Barbie moaned.

The princesses were all fingering each other as they watched the three toys fucking on the table. The Fairy Godmother and Blue Fairy gave each other knowing looks as the room filled with soft moans.

“I’m going to cum,” Bo Peep moaned, writhing under Jessie’s minstrations.

“Cum for me, sheep fucker,” Jessie said, rubbing her clit.

“Unf! Yes! I’m cumming!” Bo Peep cried, arching up off the table as she came.

“Fuck, me too!” Barbie cried out.

Barbie rode out her orgasm, grunting and crying as she came. She collapsed forward, resting on top of Bo Peep who wrapped her arms around her.

“That was amazing,” Bo Peep said dreamily.

“How was that?” Jessie asked, putting her hands on her hips to look around at the princesses surrounding the table. “A good show?”

“Yes, excellent,” Cinderella said. “We’ll have to do it again.”

“Yeah, sure,” Jessie said. “I’m game. But what about you?”

“Heh, I came a bit ago,” Cinderella said.

“No, I mean, do you reckon you’d wanna join us next time?”

“Could I?” Cinderella asked. “I’m so much bigger than you, would it be okay?”

“Sure,” Jessie said.

“Yeah, let’s do that,” Bo Peep agreed.

Cinderella beamed with excitement. She was so happy to have her new living toys.

The other princesses all had either masturbated themselves to orgasm, or had gotten there with the help of their neighbor. Snow White was still grinding her cunt into Grimhilde’s face, though it was mostly out of habit as she’d cum twice.

“That was quite the show,” the Blue Fairy said. “It sounds like you’ll get along well with your new Mistress, Cinderella.”

“I reckon we will,” Jessie said, as Bo Peep and Barbie nodded in agreement.

“Thank you, thank you so much,” Cinderella said, hugging the Blue Fairy and planting kisses on the side of her face. 

“Well, let’s clean up,” the Fairy Godmother said. “That was quite the breakfast!”

Everyone began grabbing their clothes and putting them back on, as the room was filled with the sound of laughter.

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