A Princess Harem, Part 8

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story. This one started out as just a Fairy Godmother/Cinderella story, but the AI added a few twists so I’m making it a series. Enjoy!


It was a typical day in the Fairy Godmother’s home. Snow White had her feet up on the dining room table, legs spread with her stepmother Grimhilde’s face buried between them. In the chair next to her, Ariel had mimicked her position while she held Ursula’s head between her legs. The two enslaved women licked at the princesses pussies with vigor.

Belle was currently sitting off to the side, trying to read a book, but she kept glancing at the lewd display in front of her.

“My bitch is going to make me cum before yours,” Snow White said, biting her bottom lip. “I’ve trained her well!”

“Mine is definitely superior to yours,” Ariel said. “Her tongue is so good, I can barely stand it.”

“Let’s test that theory.”

Ariel and Snow White silently agreed to a contest, glancing sideways at each other. They both began to grind their pussies into their respective slaves’ faces, enjoying the cunnilingus.

Belle, trying hard not to look like she wasn’t watching, quietly slipped her hand under her skirt, playing with herself.

“Oh, shit, I’m about to cum!” Snow White moaned.

“Me too!” Ariel cried out.

Without another word, the princesses reached their orgasm, shuddering and sighing.

“Fuck was that a tie?” Snow White said, lying back with her legs spread as her slave continued to lick her gently.

“I don’t know, but it was great,” Ariel said, moving her foot over a bit so it nudged Snow White’s. Ursula continued to lick her as well, in a slow, methodical way as she came down from her orgasm.

“So, who wins?” Snow White asked.

“Oh, I think we both did,” Ariel said.

“I’ll win next time,” Snow White said, smiling.

As they basked in the afterglow of their orgasms, Belle silently tried to hide her own in the corner. She hid her face behind her book, fingering herself until she came. 

“Did you enjoy the show, Belle?” Ariel called out.

Belle squeaked in surprise, quickly pulling her hand out from under her skirt and pretending to continue reading her book.

Ariel smirked to herself, Belle was really shy about these things, for whatever reason.

“Would you like to borrow one of our bitches?” Snow White asked.

“I’m good for now,” Belle replied. “Maybe later, though, if you feel like sharing.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal,” Snow White said.

Belle waved, before turning back to her book. She read for a bit, but she couldn’t concentrate. She almost jumped out of her seat in nervousness when the Fairy Godmother entered the room.

“Hello, girls. I trust you’re all doing well?” the Godmother said cheerfully.

“Yes, Godmother,” her princesses all said in unison.

“Well, I have some good news,” the Fairy Godmother said. “We’ve found our next recruit.”

Snow White smiled. “Really?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so,” the Godmother replied. “It seems like she’s been enslaved by an evil wizard who’s gained the powers of a genie.”

“That sounds awful,” Ariel said, frowning. “Can you help her?”

“We’re working with what we’ve got, but yes, I’m sure that could easily be fixed.”

“Well, I suppose we’ll find out, Godmother,” Snow White said.

“Would you like to come with me, Snow White?” The Fairy Godmother asked. “I’ll take you to her right now.”

“Yes, please,” Snow White said eagerly.

“Alright, then, put your pet slut in your room and I can take you with me right away,” the Godmother said with a warm smile.

“I’ll do it,” Snow White said, immediately getting up and quickly leading Grimhilde out of the room on a leash.

The Godmother giggled as she left. She soon left as well. 

Ariel turned to Belle and asked, “Would you like to play with my Ursula for a bit?”

“Sure,” she said eagerly.


In another world, Princess Jasmine was kept chained to the throne of Jafar, the Royal Vizier who had usurped her father’s throne. Whenever Jafar was in the mood, he’d have sadistic sex with her, sometimes even penetrating her. He kept her heavily drugged most of the time, so she couldn’t resist his advances.

During a quiet moment, when she’d been left alone, there was a blinding flash of light and two mysterious figures appeared in the throne room. It took a few moments for Jasmine’s eyes to adjust, but when they did she saw two beautiful women, an older woman in a blue robe, and a young pale woman with dark hair. It was obvious neither of them were from anywhere near Agrabah.

“Who are you?” she asked, cautious. “What are you doing here?”

“Why, I’m the Fairy Godmother, my dear,” the older woman said. “And my companion here is the lovely Snow White. We’re here to free you from your current predicament.”

“You can’t be here! This is the palace of Jafar, the new Sultan!” Jasmine said.

“And who is this Jafar?” Snow White asked.

“Nobody important,” the Fairy Godmother said dryly. “Tell me, Princess Jasmine, would you like to be freed from those shackles that bind you?”

“Yes, please,” Jasmine replied, nodding her head.

The Fairy Godmother waved her wand and the shackles were gone. Jasmine rubbed her wrists to get the blood pumping once again.

“Are you some sort of genie?” Jasmine asked, standing up.

“Better than that,” she replied. “I’m a fairy, like I said. The Fairy Godmother.”

“What can you possibly do?”

“A great deal, I hope you will find out. First, I’ll need something from you.”

“What’s that?”

“A promise of sexual favors.”

“Uh…” Jasmine hesitated. Had she heard that right? In the moment, it didn’t matter. Whatever this old lady had in mind, it couldn’t be much worse than what Jafar had subjected her to. She agreed. “Fine. I thought Aladdin would come and save me, but it’s been weeks. Just get me out of here and I’ll do whatever you ask of me.”

The Godmother smiled. “I like this attitude! Now, let’s go to my home. I have a lot of fun in mind, and you’re going to help.”

She put an arm around both Jasmine’s and Snow White’s waists, pulling the princesses in close to her. With another flash of light, they were gone, and transported to the Fairy Godmother’s lavish bedroom. There, once the two princesses were in her bedroom, the Fairy Godmother began to go into detail about the situation with Jasmine.

“You see, Princess Jasmine,” she said, casually removing her robe, “I make a habit of helping young women like yourself out of impossible situations. I’ve helped a good many, like Snow White here, but in return I take them in. I offer them a sanctuary from the lives that got them into those messes to begin with, but in exchange I like to ask for a little bit of sex from them.”

The Fairy Godmother was nude now, save for her hood. She grabbed a small bottle from her nightstand and waved her hand, sending both Jasmine’s and Snow White’s clothes flying off their bodies magically. Their outfits settled onto a dresser across the room.

“You won’t be needing those,” she said as Jasmine instinctively covered her nude body. The Fairy Godmother took a drink from her bottle, waggling it playfully. “For potency,” she explained.

Snow White, on the other hand, stood in awe of the room. There was a huge four-poster bed in the center of the room, curtained off by white velvet curtains.

“I don’t think you’ve let me in here before,” she said. “Except for when the Blue Fairy was here, but I was distracted. Your room is lovely!”

“Why, thank you, my dear,” the Fairy Godmother said. “But on to business. How should we start? Any ideas?”

“I… I’m not sure,” Jasmine admitted.

“Don’t worry. I’ll give you time to take in your surroundings,” the Fairy Godmother said. “This is a lot to take in, I’m sure.”

“I mean, I’ve had to get used to magic recently,” Jasmine said, relaxing a bit. “But this is all pretty strange, even by the standards I’d grown accustomed to.”

“Well, just know that, even if I can get a bit dominant with my girls, I’ll never chain you up like how we found you,” she said. Then she smiled a bit mischievously. “Unless you want me to, of course.”

“I don’t think that’ll be necessary,” Jasmine said, her voice wavering slightly.

“Well, that’s a shame” the Godmother said, frowning. “But I do promise. As for right now, I do often like to start with a bit of foot worship.”

“Foot worship?” Jasmine asked. She’d never heard of such a thing. “I thought you said we’d be doing sex… What do feet have to do with it?”

“Oh, my dear,” the Fairy Godmother said as she sat on a futon, putting her feet up on an ottoman. “That man Jafar really just shoved his dick in you, didn’t he? No creativity, no fun. Follow Snow White’s lead, she’s well-accustomed to it.”

“Um, well, I mean…” Jasmine struggled to find a way to politely get out of this, but the Godmother continued to smile.

Snow White got on her hands and knees, crawling over to the older woman. She leaned forward, licking along the side of the Godmother’s left foot. Jasmine sighed, and approached her right foot.

“I can’t,” she said, looking up at the Godmother. “I’ll never get used to this.”

The Godmother stroked Snow White’s head as she began to suck on her big toe.

“Trust me, my dear, I know more about your inner desires than you do yourself,” she said. “Just give it a little kiss to start.”

Jasmine looked down at her feet, pursing her lips. She leaned in, pressing her lips against the Godmother’s foot.

“That’s a good girl,” the Fairy Godmother said. “Now another one.”

Jasmine closed her eyes, and kissed the Godmother’s foot again. The Fairy Godmother stroked her head as Snow White finished sucking on her toe, crawling back to Jasmine.

“Stick out your tongue,” Snow White advised. Jasmine did, and Snow White gently pushed her head forward so that her tongue touched the older woman’s foot. “How does it taste?”

“Very bitter,” Jasmine said. “But there’s a sweetness to it.”

“Good girl. Now, do you feel better?”


Snow White licked the foot, and Jasmine decided to do the same. The two girls shared the same foot, licking different sides of her sole. Slowly, she felt herself enjoying it, just as the Godmother said she would. She let out a soft moan as she began taking longer licks along the Fairy Godmother’s plump foot. She could feel it in her heart, a feeling she never wanted to get rid of. This woman knew what made her happy.

The Fairy Godmother leaned back in her seat, watching happily as the princesses worshipped her foot. Jasmine began sucking on her heel while Snow White pressed her tongue between her toes.

“Bravo,” the Godmother said.

The two beautiful women were both really getting into it now, and the Fairy Godmother enjoyed seeing Jazmine’s bronze cheeks rubbing up against Snow White’s pale ones as they licked her foot. Both princesses had their eyes closed, and were taking their time.

“Do you know what I want?” the Fairy Godmother asked.

Snow White looked up, licking her lips.

“What, Fairy Godmother?” she asked.

“I want you to go down on Jasmine.”

Snow White looked intrigued, but Jasmine seemed to be unfazed by this request. 

She kept licking the Fairy Godmother’s foot, but did open her legs a little bit for Snow White. The pale girl got down on the floor, crawling between Jasmine’s smooth, bronze legs. Her dark pussy was visibly wet, and Snow White could taste how excited she was as she gave it a lick.

Snow White began to suck on her lips, and then worked her way up to her clit as Jasmine seemed to enjoy the feeling.

She moaned while licking up and down the Fairy Godmother’s sole, her head foggy with lust. She wanted this to last as long as possible, to enjoy every second of this delicious feeling.

Snow White looked up at her, licking her lips.

“Does it feel good?” she asked.

“It feels incredible,” Jazmine answered before taking several of the Godmother’s toes into her mouth. She began sucking in them, moaning whorishly the whole time. Jazmine wanted to please this woman, to make her scream.

The Godmother watched Jazmine eagerly worshiping her foot, enjoying her young, sexy and compliant lover.

“Now lick the other one, darling,” she said, moving her other foot over to Jasmine’s face.

Jasmine obeyed, licking her lips. She loved the taste of the Godmother’s foot, and desperately wanted more. She put her hand Snow White’s head, holding her face down as she grinded against her licking tongue. She humped Snow White face as she began licking this new foot, which tasted just as good as the other had. The Godmother loved the way Jasmine worshipped her, and enjoyed seeing this younger woman enjoying licking feet.

For her part, Snow White was doing her best to please her lover, and it was working.

Jasmine’s face flushed as she moaned louder and louder, humping Snow White’s face hard enough she could barely keep up. Before too long, Jasmine came while sucking on an older woman’s big toe. The sound of her climax was loud enough to wake the entire fucking house.

“Ah! Fuck! Ugh…!” Jasmine panted, resting for a moment.

“Good girl,” the Godmother said. “Now, get on your hands and knees and raise your ass in the air.”

Jasmine’s cheeks tinted red as she obeyed. She repositioned herself so that she could raise her ass up like instructed.

The Godmother stroked her chin.

“Doesn’t that ass look tasty, Snow White?” she asked.

Snow White nodded, licking her lips. “It sure does!”

She didn’t need to be told what to do next, as she eagerly grabbed Jasmine’s ass cheeks in both hands, spreading them so she could shove her tongue into her tight, brown asshole.

“Uwough!” Jasmine sputtered, her eyes going wide as her ass was invaded by the other girl’s tongue.

“Don’t forget to keep licking these,” the Fairy Godmother reminded her, wiggling her toes. “I love the way you lick asses, Snow White.”

Snow White giggled, licking Jasmine’s asshole as best she could while Jasmine went back to licking the Godmother’s feet. The pale girl wormed her tongue deep into Jasmine’s ass, enjoying the taste of her. She let her tongue flick against Jasmine’s asshole, eager to please her.

“Oh… fuck…!” Jasmine moaned, her eyes rolling back in her skull. “Why is this so good?” she panted.

“Because it is,” the Godmother said, grinning. “Now, keep that up, and I’ll give you something more to do with your tongue.”

The Fairy Godmother reached down and spread her pussy lips, hinting at Jasmine’s next destination. The princess’ eyes lit up, and she renewed the vigor of her foot worship.

“Please, don’t tease! I want your dick inside me! I want to be fucked hard in the ass like the good little whore I am!”

The Godmother laughed.

“All in good time, my dear,” she said. “But right now, the sight of you slobbering all over this old woman’s feet is just too good to pass up on!”

Jasmine’s face fell, but once again she obeyed. She looked up at the Godmother, who smilingly slapped her face.

“That’s a good whore,” she said. “I’m so happy I was able to pull you from that place.”

She stroked Jasmine’s face, and then her hair.

“Now, now,” she said. “If you want an ass-fucking so bad, I can give you one.”

“Can you?” Jasmine asked, hopeful.

“Do you want one?” the Godmother asked.

“… Yes. I want one.”

The Fairy Godmother stood up as Snow White backed off from Jasmine’s ass. Producing her wand, the Godmother placed it between her legs, where it thickened into a beautiful white strapon dildo.

“Oh, it’s so big,” Jasmine gasped, her eyes widening. “Will it really fit inside my ass?”

“Try it and see,” the Godmother said, winking.

Jasmine looked hesitant, but took the strapon by the base, looking up at it. She gave it a lick, before swallowing it.

“That’s a good slut,” the Fairy Godmother moaned, feeling the sensation as if it were a real cock. “Get it nice and wet, so it’ll slide into your ass smooth as silk.”

Jasmine gulped, nodding. She stuck the wand into her mouth, sucking on it for a bit as she slicked it with her saliva, before pulling it out and looking up at the Godmother.

“Please,” she begged, “I need it inside me. I need you to fuck me, Fairy Godmother!”

“Such a pretty little whore,” the Godmother said, smiling.

She sat back down on the couch, motioning for Jasmine to climb onto her lap. She did so, holding onto the Fairy Godmother’s shoulders as she straddled her.

“Just relax,” the Godmother said as she lined her cock up to the girl’s asshole. “Now sit down.”

Jasmine bit her lip and nodded, groaning as she slowly lowered herself down on the Fairy Godmother’s cock. She let out a yell, shuddering as the Godmother’s cock stretched her asshole wide.

“Fuck, but you’re tight,” the Godmother hissed as her cock was squeezed by the younger woman’s ass. “Jafar did nothing to stretch you out, did he?”

“No,” Jasmine panted. “He fucked all of my holes, but I barely felt his tiny little cock. It was nothing like this!”

The Godmother slowly started to pull her cock out, before jamming it back in again, as slow as before.

“Gah! Fuck!” Jasmine cried out. “My ass!”

“Your ass is ripe for fucking,” the Godmother said, pumping her cock. “Do you like my cock in your ass, Jasmine? Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

“Yes…!” Jasmine groaned, hugging the older woman tightly. “Breed my ass like a good whore! I want to be your anal slut, Godmother!”

“Oh, I will, my dear,” the Godmother whispered, leaning forward and nuzzling her face in Jasmine’s neck. “Say you’re my little anal whore.”

“I’m your anal whore!”

The Fairy Godmother began pumping her cock in and out of Jasmine’s ass, faster and faster as the princess clung to her and moaned. Snow White crept up on them, sliding between the Godmother’s legs to plant kisses on Jasmine’s butt as it bounced up and down on the magic cock.

“Oh, God!” Jasmine cried. “I’m a fucking whore, Fairy Godmother! I’m your whore!”

“Yes,” the Godmother said, her cock stretching out Jasmine’s asshole.

Snow White held onto Jasmine’s feet in both hands as she licked her smooth, bronze ass. All three women were enjoying themselves immensely.

“I never knew it could feel this good!” Jasmine moaned. “I’m so happy to be your anal whore!”

The Godmother began to moan as she neared her climax, gripping Jasmine’s hips tightly as she came deep inside the princess’ ass.

“Oh, fuck!” Jasmine moaned as she felt her rectum filling with cum. “You’re cumming inside me!”

Jasmine shuddered as the sensation made her cum, without her pussy even being touched. Such was the power of the Fairy Godmother’s magic cock.

“Oh, that was lovely,” the Godmother panted. “Did you like it, Snow?”

“Mmhmm!” Snow White nodded, licking her lips. “But I would like the chance to cum, too.”

“Of course,” the Godmother sighed, slowing her thrusting. “Have your way with her as much as you like.”

As she pulled out of her ass, the Fairy Godmother laid the panting Jasmine down on the couch. She stood up and backed away as Snow White climbed on top of the other girl.

She placed her pussy over Jasmine’s face, while laying down over her the opposite direction. 

“The Fairy Godmother told me this is called a sixty-nine,” she explained. “You can lick my pussy while I lick yours.”

Jasmine hummed her agreement, reaching up to spread Snow White’s soft, pink lips and give them a lick.

Snow White tasted better than she smelled, Jasmine had to admit. She tasted of honey and… satisfaction? Pleasure? She didn’t know, but she was certainly enjoying herself.

Snow White returned the favor, lowering her head to begin licking Jasmine’s sopping wet cunt. The two began to indulge in their newfound activity as they ate each other out.

Soon, the Fairy Godmother was once again involved as she crawled onto the couch behind the two girls.

She grabbed Snow White’s ass, spreading her cheeks as she guided her cock into her asshole.

“Oh, my!” Snow White gasped as her ass was filled. Jasmine did not slow down her licking one bit, but watched with interest as Snow White’s ass was penetrated directly above her face.

Snow White slowly began to fuck herself back and forth on the Godmother’s cock, while licking Jasmine’s twat. The Godmother gripped her butt tightly, matching her thrusts with her own.

“Ahh, your cock feels so good in my ass,” Snow White moaned into Jasmine’s pussy.

“You like that, do you?” the Godmother laughed, clearly enjoying the power she had over Snow White. “I can tell you really do.”

“I do, I love your cock so much,” Snow White gasped.

The Godmother slammed her cock into Snow White’s ass, as the girl let out a yelp.

“Yes, fuck! I love your cock in my ass!”

“I know you do, you slut!” The Godmother said with a smile. She smacked Snow White’s ass with her hand, the girl’s pale skin immediately reddening.

“I want to hear you say it!” The Godmother commanded.

“I love your cock! I love your cock!” Snow White moaned.

“You like when I slap this juicy white ass of yours?” The Godmother asked, spanking her again.

“Y-Yes! I love it when you smack my ass!”

The Godmother laughed, before thrusting her cock deep into Snow White’s ass. She reached forward, grabbing the back of Snow White’s head and pressing her face down into Jasmine’s pussy. Snow White eagerly accepted the request, licking the length of the girl’s pussy before finally devouring her clit. The rough treatment was lighting a fire in her, and she knew that at any moment she might cum. But what was even better than that was the fact that she didn’t seem to be in any pain. The Fairy Godmother could truly make her melt.

She clamped her thighs down on either side of Jasmine’s head, crying out as she came on her face. She happily licked her lips, before the Godmother finally pulled out of her. 

She pointed her cock down, angling it towards Jasmine’s face. Jasmine opened her mouth, and the Godmother slid her cock in.

Jasmine moaned around the cock, tasting the mixed flavors of both Snow White’s and her own asses on it. She gagged a bit from the thickness, but quickly got used to it.

“That’s it, clean off my wand for me,” the Fairy Godmother sighed.

Jasmine eagerly did so, licking the shaft thoroughly clean while Snow White climbed off of her.

“Are you satisfied yet, Godmother?” Snow White asked.

“Quite frankly, no. I still have an urge for more,” the Fairy Godmother admitted. She pulled out of Jasmine’s mouth. “I want a taste of my sluts. Climb up on the bed.”

The directed both girls up onto the bed, having them pose with their asses raised and their feet hanging off the side of the bed.

“Look at these babies,” she cooed, caressing their feet with both hands. She ran her thumbs up the arches of their feet. “So soft and smooth. Oh, I just have to taste them…”

Getting on her knees, the Fairy Godmother began licking both Jasmine’s and Snow White’s feet, alternating between dark and light meat as the girls trembled from the feeling of her tongue. She even sucked each girl’s big toe into her mouth, sucking hard and digging her teeth gently into the soft flesh.

“That feels so good, Godmother,” Jasmine moaned.

The fairy moved deftly between all four of the tasty feet in front of her, savoring the feeling and taste of each one.

“That’s it, that’s it… you really like having your feet licked, don’t you?” the Godmother asked, smiling.

“It’s so lovely,” Snow White admitted, putting her face in her arms.

“I can see why it was the first thing you asked for,” Jasmine said.

The Godmother looked up at them, licking her lips.

“I want to hear you beg,” she said reaching up to rub their pussies while she licked their feet. “Let me hear those sweet voices of yours beg like the sluts you are.”

“Please, Godmother, I need it. I need to feel your sucking tongue on my feet. Please, make me feel good,” Snow White begged.

Jasmine begged as well, pleading, “Please, please Godmother. Savor our feet. They’re so much sweeter with your lips round them.”

The Godmother swirled her tongue around one of Jasmine’s heels, before slipping her tongue between Snow White’s toes. She gently sucked on one of her big toes, while massaging the girl’s sole with her hands.

“Aah… please, I need it,” Snow White begged.

“I need it too.”

The Fairy Godmother savored the experience of the two different women’s feet. Jasmine’s were smooth and pleasant, and shone prettily as they grew wet with her saliva. Snow White’s were pale and soft, with a pleasant pink tint to them. She alternated between the two, enjoying them like caramel on vanilla ice cream.

“Do you like that, you horny bitches?” she asked, licking her lips.

“Oh… fuck, yes,” Jasmine and Snow White both moaned.

“It’s time for me to fuck these horny pussies of yours,” she said, standing up. “Jasmine, lie on your back. Snow White, climb on top of her.”

They did as instructed, while the Fairy Godmother made her magic strapon cock split into two.

“Oh shit, that thing looks huge,” Snow White said.

“Are you sure you can fit?” Jasmine asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, dearies, it always fits,” she said, lining both cocks up with both girls’ pussies.

The girls looked at each other, and began to kiss gently as the Fairy Godmother eased herself into their wet cunts. The cocks slid in easily, filling both Jasmine and Snow White up.

“Oh… fuck, Godmother,” Snow White moaned as she felt the large strapon sliding into her.

“Oh yes… feel my cock, my sweet,” the Godmother said.

“It’s so big, fuck,” Jasmine breathed before planting kisses on Snow White’s cheek. “Fuck us, Godmother! Fuck your sluts!”

The Godmother started fucking both girls hard, slamming into them as they screamed and clenched around the shafts.

“Oh my… fuck, these two look so cute with my cock stretching them.”

“Oh, yes, fuck me!” Snow White screamed. “Fuck my snatch with that big strapon!”

“My cock is so hard from hearing you scream like a whore,” the Fairy Godmother grunted as she gripped Snow White’s ass in both hands.  She stuck her thumb into her pretty pink asshole while she fucked both princesses’ pussies. “Oh my, your ass is really squeezing on my thumb, never mind your pussies.”

Snow White and Jasmine began making out while the Fairy Godmother fucked them both. Both princesses were losing their minds with lust, and it was obvious the Fairy Godmother knew this as she was letting them get caught up in the moment.

“I’m getting close, my dears,” the Fairy Godmother warned. “I’m going to fill your naughty pussies with my cum!”

“Cum for us big mama!” Snow White panted.

“Yes, yes, cum for us! Come on, let’s both cum,” Jasmine begged.

The Fairy Godmother grunted at the sweet voices of the two princesses. She increased her pace, slapping into their bodies rhythmically. She felt their bodies shuddering under her, and knew her cum was flowing as she grabbed Snow White’s ass cheeks and began squeezing them.

“Aaagh! Fuuuck!” The Fairy Godmother cried out as she buried her cocks into Snow White and Jasmine. The magic phalli throbbed inside the two younger women, shooting jets of cum into them. She massaged her magic cocks as they continued cumming, as her face contorted in a sneer while she tasted her cum.The princesses came, too, crying out in unison. After a moment, the twin cocks inside them subsided, as their bodies shook with aftershocks.

“Oh, holy fuck,” Jasmine panted, clinging to Snow White’s sweaty, pale body. “I never came like that before.”

“We just made a new legend,” Snow White said. “Two beautiful princesses getting fucked by the legendary Fairy Godmother.”

Jasmine snickered and kissed Snow White on her nose.

“I’m so happy you found me,” she said. “I think I’m going to be much happier here than I ever was in Agrabah. Now we can be together.”

“I’m happy we found you, too,” Snow White said. “I can’t wait to introduce you to the other princesses.”

The Fairy Godmother pulled out of the two women as they kissed and giggled on the bed. She sat back down on the couch, breathing heavily.

“Who would like to clean my cocks up?” she asked. Jasmine and Snow White both looked over to her.

“Me!” They said in unison, both coming over to the couch. The Fairy Godmother smiled as the princesses got on either side of her, each taking a different cock to suck their juices off of.

The Fairy Godmother cupped both their raised asses with either hand, relaxing as she idly rubbed their smooth cheeks. 

“What a wonderful pair you two make,” she said with a sigh as she enjoyed the sensations of their tongues on her cocks. “I must thank you, both, for making this day such a wonderful one.”

After they finished, the Fairy Godmother introduced Jasmine to the rest of the house. She was, naturally, welcomed with open arms, as well as open legs.


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