After Training

This AI-generated story was put together as a reward for my SubscribeStar supporters, based off one of their story prompts. The prompt for this story was Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks unwinding after a hard day training.


Trunks collapsed on the ground. A cloud of dust rose up around him as he lay, panting and exhausted.
Goku and Vegeta looked at him. Goku smiled, but Vegeta looked displeased.
“Don’t tell me you’re worn out already,” Vegeta sneered. “We’ve only been training for a few hours.”
“It’s just so hard to keep up with you two,” Trunks said, sitting up. “Can’t we take a little break?”
“Training is not a break!” Vegeta thundered. “It’s supposed to be grueling. If you want to break a sweat, go back to your timeline.”
Goku chuckled. “C’mon, Vegeta, let’s have a little fun.”
“Fun?” Vegeta asked, raising an eyebrow. “We came here to train.”
“You know…” Goku grinned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. “Fun.”
Vegeta’s cheeks turned pink as he realized what Goku was suggesting. “Oh, you mean… that sort of fun.”
“Yeah, c’mon, it’s been a while!” Goku said, smiling broadly.
Vegeta groaned, rolling his eyes. He crossed his arms, sighing heavily.
“Fine,” he said, “We can have your fun.”
“What are you two talking about?” Trunks asked, cocking his head to one side.
“Oh, you’ll love this,” Goku said as he began pulling off his clothes.
Vegeta did the same, removing his armor and dropping it to the desert floor. Trunks watched, his eyes widening, as the two men stripped down until they were completely nude.
Trunks stood up and followed their lead, and soon he was also naked. His heart hammered in his chest, unsure of what they had planned.
“Oh, you’re a little beauty, aren’t you?” Goku said, staring at Trunks’ groin.
“Yes… I’m a beauty,” Trunks said, blushing. His cock twitched, excited by Goku’s hungry gaze.
“Oh, yeah, you’re gonna get off quite a few times tonight,” Vegeta said, grinning. “You should make sure you get a lot of rest if you plan on training tomorrow.”
“W-wait!” Trunks protested. “You w-want us to… to do what?”
“Trick or treat,” Goku said.
“What?” Trunks asked, completely confused.
“That’s a trick, you’re the treat,” Goku said, pulling Trunks in for a surprise kiss.
Trunks wrapped his arms around the taller man, staring into his eyes. He kissed him back, parting his lips with his tongue, before pushing back.
“No way,” he said. “Do you mean to tell me you two do this often?”
“When we can,” Goku said. “You’ll like it.”
“I… I think I will,” Trunks said. “Are you really okay with this, Father?”
Vegeta nodded. “It’s Saiya-jin tradition. You’ll do well to learn from it.”
“I… I guess,” Trunks said.
“Good,” Vegeta said. “Let’s get to work.”
“Wait!” Trunks said. “What are you going to give me?”
“A proper training,” Vegeta said. “A proper treat.”
The youth grinned, brightening.
“I guess I’ll have to do a proper training,” Trunks said, rubbing his cock. “What should I…?”
“I’ll take the lead,” Vegeta said, kneeling down in front of his son from the future.
Goku chuckled, and watched as Vegeta took his son’s cock in one hand.
“Come on, Father,” Trunks said, “Show me what you’ve got.”
“Okay,” Vegeta said, smiling. “Just don’t go too crazy.”
“Oh, there’s no such thing as too much fun,” Goku said, licking his lips.
Trunks watched, his eyes shining, as Vegeta took his cock into his mouth. His father’s lips wrapped around his shaft, sucking on him gently.
“Ahh, yes, yes… Perfect,” Trunks said, his hips thrusting forward.
A wave of heat washed over him, and Trunks moaned. He threw his head back, groaning.
“Good, good,” Vegeta said, his mouth still on Trucks’ cock. “Do you like it?”
“Mmm… yeah,” Trunks said. “I like it a lot.”
“Let me know when you’re ready for more, and I’ll show you more.”
“I will,” Trucks said, staring at the stars. “This is going to be a blast.”
Vegeta swallowed his cock again, his head bobbing back and forth as he sucked down more and more of his length.
Goku approached the pair, running his hands along Trunks’s muscled torso.
“You’re a little beauty, aren’t you?” he asked, staring at Trunks’s nipples.
“Yes… I’m a beauty,” Trunks said, his hips thrusting forward.
Goku rubbed Trunks’s nipples while they both watched Vegeta suck his cock. Trunks’s face flushed as the pleasure washed over him.
“So beautiful… Are you ready for more, my son?”
“I am,” Trunks said, staring into his Father’s eyes.
“Then let’s get to it, shall we?”
“Let’s,” Trunks said.
Goku reached down, grabbing Trunks’s round butt. He gasped as the older man fondled his ass, while Vegeta began kissing his way up Trunks’s torso. He sucked on his nipples, before taking his time kissing his way up Trunks’s neck.
“You’re so sweet, you’re so good.”
“T-thank you…” Trunks stammered, before Vegeta kissed him full on the lips.
The kiss was deep, full of passion, and the two men held each other close, tongues exploring. Trunks groaned, the kiss only deepening.
“I love… your lips… your tongue.”
“I love… your skin… your muscles.”
Trunks’s hands moved up Vegeta’s back, feeling the hard muscles of his backs under his hands. The kiss broke, as Vegeta leaned back, staring into Trunks’s eyes.
“Make love to me, my son,” he said. “Make love.”
Trunks stared into his father’s eyes. They were filled with love and acceptance — a love and acceptance that Trunks usually only felt from his mother. He wanted to please his father, to make him happy, to make him proud.
Vegeta pushed Trunks gently down to his knees, until his father’s cock bobbed in his face.
“Suck on me, just as I did you,” Vegeta instructed.
“And raise your ass up,” Goku added, stroking his cock with one hand.
“Yes, sir,” Trunks said, staring at his cock, a little unsure.
“Take my cock into your mouth.”
Trunks reached out for Vegeta’s cock, staring at its length. It was intimidating, but tempting. He took his time, licking the pre-cum off the tip, before taking the entirety of it into his mouth.
Goku positioned himself behind Trunks, spreading his ass with both hands. He licked his lips before leaning forward, sliding his tongue along his asshole.
“Oh… yeah, baby, that’s good,” Trunks said.
Goku’s tongue darted in and out of his ass. Trunks moaned before taking more of his father’s length into his mouth. His tongue danced around the head of the cock, before taking more, before taking more still. He sucked down the entirety of it, his mouth stretching to accommodate the entirety of the cock.
Vegeta gripped his son’s head in both hands before he began thrusting in and out of his wet mouth.
“You like that, baby? You like that big cock in your mouth?”
“Yes, sir,” Trunks said, moaning around his father’s cock in his mouth. “I do.”
Trunks’s ran his tongue along the underside of Vegeta’s cock, while Goku continued to lick at his excited asshole.
“You like that tongue in your ass, baby?” Vegeta asked.
“Yes, sir,” Trunks moaned, sucking hungrily on his father’s cock.
“Well, that should do it,” Goku quipped, smacking Trunks’s plump rump before standing up. He slid his cock between the lavender-haired young man’s cheeks, rubbing between them. Trunks spread his ass cheeks apart, before Goku slid his cock all the way inside, filling up his hole.
“Fuck!” Trunks cried out, trembling as Goku’s cock filled his ass.
“You’re sure tight,” Goku said with a grin as he began thrusting in and out of him.
As he rode out the waves of pleasure from Goku’s pounding cock, Trunks closed his eyes, surrendering to the feeling, to the bliss. He sucked on Vegeta’s cock while Goku fucked his ass, the two older men filling him up from both ends. He felt the first few pulses of his orgasm start to build, but he held onto them, needing to prolong the pleasure. He let out a long, continuous moan as the waves of pleasure crested over him, leaving him weak and shaking.
“I love you, Trunks,” Vegeta said, stroking his son’s long, lavender hair. “I love you, son.”
“I love you, too, Father,” Trunks said, taking Vegeta’s balls into his mouth.
He felt something behind him as Goku came down inside him, shooting his load into his ass. He moaned, feeling his hole fill with the thick liquid. He wanted to keep going, to cum again, to keep coming until nothing was left inside him. But he knew better, that would be too much.
Goku pulled put out of Trunks’s ass, watching as the young man sucked on his father’s balls. Vegeta groaned, his head leaning back as he came on his son’s face.
“Bravo, little one,” Goku said. “I think you passed your initiation.”
Trunks smiled, before standing up.
“Thank you, sir,” he said. “I love you both.”
“I love you too, Trunks,” Vegeta said, grinning. “I love you, son.”
As the two embraced, they could feel their love for each other building, a connection that went beyond sonhood or fatherhood.
Pulling back, Vegeta began stroking his cock, which was still hard.
“So, do you want to ride Daddy’s cock, Trunks?” he asked, grinning.
“Yes, sir,” Trunks grinned back.
“Let’s get you set up, then,” Goku added.
Vegeta lay down on the ground, and Goku helped Trunks position himself over him. Goku spread Trunks’s butt cheeks as the young man squatted down onto Vegeta’s cock.
“Oooh… f-fuck,” Trunks moaned as he felt the cock enter him.
“Yeah, that’s right, ride that cock, baby,” Goku said.
Trunks shuddered as he began riding his father’s cock. Goku held onto his ass as it bounced up and down, Vegeta’s cock disappearing into it over and over.
“Look how deep that goes, Trunks!” he cried out.
“Deeper, take it deeper,” Vegeta moaned, closing his eyes as Trunks worked his hips.
Trunks moaned lewdly as he bounced his ass up and down, taking more and more of his father’s cock inside him. Eventually, he bottomed out, his round ass resting on Vegeta’s lap.
“Fuck,” Vegeta groaned, watching his cock be swallowed completely inside Trunks’s ass. “You’re a talented little slut, aren’t you, boy?”
He grabbed his son’s hips, helping him keep his balance as he pistoned up and down his cock.
“Yeah, ride that cock, baby.”
Trunks’s long hair bounced wildly as he bounced faster on Vegeta’s cock. Their bodies slapped together, sweat flying off them as their passion grew.
Goku watched, grinning, as the father-son duo fucked like animals. Trunks’s hands groped his father’s muscular chest, holding onto him for balance as Vegeta thrusted up into him.
“Fuck… yes…” Trunks moaned, his fingers digging into his father’s sweat-covered skin as he rode him. “Fuck, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YESSSS!”
Throwing his head back, Trunks came. His cock erupted with sticky white cum, which splatted onto the chiseled chest and stomach of Vegeta.
“I love you, Trunks,” he said, as the cum ran down his stomach and pooled between his legs. “I love you, son.”
Trunks collapsed forward, his breathing ragged.
Vegeta smacked his ass with one hand before he began thrusting up into him again. Trunks cried out, exhausted, as Vegeta came inside his well-fucked asshole.
They stayed like that for several minutes, gasping for breath, before Trunks was able to move, sitting on top of his father’s still-hard cock.
“That was amazing, Trunks.”
“It was, Father.”
“You were great. I love you, baby.”
“I love you too, Father. I love you both.”
Goku laughed.
“You know, Trunks, after our little trip to the past, I think I need a break. What say you and I go for a walk?”
“Sounds good to me, Goku.”
“I agree,” Vegeta said.
Goku laughed, dipping his fingers in a puddle of Trunks’s cum. He scooped the sticky liquid off of Vegeta’s abs and licked it off his fingers.
Vegeta watched as Goku and Trunks walked off, still trying to catch his breath. After a few moments, he could hear grunting and moaning, and knew they were going at it again in the bushes.
Vegeta couldn’t help but laugh as he sat up. He had a feeling he’d be joining them really soon.

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