APH Interlude – A Mermaid’s Tale

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story. Enjoy!


Ariel hung from the ceiling of an underwater cave. It was a small air bubble of a cave Ursula had dragged her to after taking over the kingdom. For some reason, the sea witch had turned her back into a human and chained her up here. Across the cave, her father, the once-mighty King Triton, was a sad polyp, watching her silently and helpless. From the nearby lake, Ursula rose up from the water.

“And how are my favorite prisoners?” she asked gleefully, Triton’s old crown resting on her head. “I’ve been enjoying this.” She grabbed Ariel by the hair and pulled her in for another kiss.

Ariel squirmed against her, but was powerless as the sea witch forced herself onto her. Ursula forced her tongue into Ariel’s mouth, who could only squeal in protest.

“Ah, too bad you never got that true love’s kiss, you skank!” Ursula cackled as she pulled away. Ariel scowled at her. “You look like that’s your first kiss!”

“Actually, it was,” Ariel said.

“Liar,” the sea witch laughed. “Now, Ariel, I have a special task for you.”

“Haven’t I done enough for you?” Ariel asked. “It was my fault father gave up is trident in the first place.”

“And I’m ever so grateful for that, sweet cheeks,” Ursula said with a laugh. “But now, what I really want from you is not your voice, but… your body!”

Ursula’s face slowly shifted into a seductive one. She waved the magic trident and disintegrated what remained of Ariel’s clothing.

“What are you doing?” Ariel gasped in horror.

“Claiming the spoils of war, my dear,” Ursula replied, grasping one of Ariel’s pert breasts. She then kissed her hard on the mouth, before moving to her ear and whispering: “I’m going to give you a present. One that you’re going to love… so much…”

As she whispered, one of her dark tentacles snaked up Ariel’s leg, pressing against her pussy. Ariel moaned, subconsciously grinding against it while Ursula licked the side of her face.

“Ah… yes, you’re already wet, aren’t you?” the sea witch said. “Good girl. Now, c’mon, let’s get you ready.”

Setting the trident to one side, Ursula took each of Ariel’s breasts in her hands. She rubbed the girl’s erect nipples with her thumbs.

“Do you know what’s going to happen to you, Ariel?” she asked the girl.

“I… don’t… know,” the girl panted.

“Good,” the sea witch said.

“I love spoiling an innocent.”

Ursula kissed the side of her face, before moving her mouth to Ariel’s ear and starting to whisper in it.

“… You’re about to enjoy your first orgasm, my dear,” she said.

“You’re going to cream yourself on my tentacle, with that filthy human snatch I gave you!”

Ariel felt a mixture of terror, but excitement coursing through her. She didn’t know what the sea witch was planning, but she definitely wanted it.

“Are you ready for your gift, sweet cheeks?”

Ariel could only moan in response, and soon the tentacle was invading her pussy. The pain was great, but soon the high of an orgasm took over. She felt her juices dripping down the sea witch’s tentacle as she rode through her first orgasm of the day.

“Good girl.”

Ursula grinned. “But I’m not letting you off that easy.”

A second tentacle came up from behind Ariel, pressing into her ass. She cried out in pain as the tentacle forced itself into her ass, and she felt it push against her tighter than the one in her pussy.

“Beg me to stop,” Ursula demanded.

“P-please, stop!” Ariel cried. “It’s too much! You’re invading me from both ends!”

“No, you’re enjoying this. Do you like being fucked in the ass, skank?”

“It’s… it’s good,” Ariel admitted, wincing as the tentacle in her ass squeezed.

“I knew it,” Ursula said, flicking one of Ariel’s nipples. “But you can have some fun, too. Spread your legs.”

Ariel opened them wider, and gasped as she felt a second tentacle invade her wet pussy.

“Ahh! Ah!” Ariel cried out. 

“Let’s get you one in here, too,” Ursula said, running her thumb along Ariel’s bottom lip. Soon, another tentacle shoved itself into her mouth. This one, she could only gag on. As before, the pain slightly disappeared into the pleasure, and she started to grind against the sea witch’s body in her mind, desperate to release the waves of ecstasy.

“For a princess, you sure are a horny slut!” Ursula laughed. “That’s just how I like ’em!”

The sea witch was going all out with her tentacles. It seemed she was toying with the girl, as she didn’t want her to get used to it yet.

Soon, another tentacle cracked like a whip across the soft flesh of Ariel’s ass. She yelped, and another tentacle quickly stuffed itself in her mouth.

“I didn’t tell you to make a noise, bitch,” the sea witch hissed.

With two tentacles in her mouth, two in her pussy, and another in her ass, Ariel felt completely stuffed. They wriggled and writhed, thrusting in and out of her at odd intervals, while another continued to smack her ass violently.

She wanted to scream in ecstasy and terror, but couldn’t even find the strength to scream. It was a horrifying ordeal, and one she didn’t think she’d survive.

She came again, and then again, losing track as time ticked on. Her father watched, horrified but helpless, as Ursula drover to orgasm after orgasm on her tentacles.

Eventually, the tentacles withdrew, and Ariel fell to the floor. She panted heavily, trying to catch her breath.

“Now, that… was a good fuck,” Ursula panted.

“But I want to do so much more with you.”

Ursula grabbed the trident, waving it around. Magic swirled around her, and soon her tentacles melted away, turning into human legs. She wasn’t transformed into her disguise from before, but was her normal, massive, purple self, but with a human lower half.

“Get up,” she ordered, snatching Ariel up by her hand.

Ariel was forced to follow the sea witch’s orders like a dog.

“Suck on my tits,” she commanded, pulling the redhead’s face to her chest.

Ariel didn’t hesitate to start sucking on the other woman’s tits. They were monstrous and rough, and tasted of salty sea foam.

“That’s it, mmm…” Ursula moaned. “I’m going to have so much fun with you, princess!”

Ariel couldn’t believe it. Even though she knew Ursula was a monster, she still pitied the woman in some ways. But she was wrong about one thing: Ariel was not a “princess”.

Not anymore. Now she was a slut. A whore. A piece of ass.

Her new role in life was to please women… or, more specifically, one woman.

Ursula. Mistress.

She wasn’t a princess anymore.

She slobbered over Ursula’s fat, purple tits. She smacked her lips around one dark nipple before moving to the other. She kissed her way down Ursula’s stomach, licking and kissing her belly button before finally reaching her labia.

Ariel hesitated to eat Mistress’ pussy.

“Don’t stop now, bitch,” Ursula spat. “You were doing so good!”

She grabbed a handful of Ariel’s red hair, shoving her face between her legs. She began eating out Ursula, who moaned loudly in delight. Ariel timidly started licking up and down Ursula’s folds, still unsure of herself.

“Oh, fuck… suck it,” she heard Ursula moan.

“You wanted to be a human so bad, so eat my human cunt!”

Ariel timidly stuck her tongue out and started licking around the outside of her lips.

“No, put it in,” she heard Ursula moan.

So she did, penetrating the sea witch’s pussy with her tongue. She tasted salty and dirty, but in a pleasant way. She started alternating between licking and sucking, moving her head up and down on Ursula’s snatch as she continued holding her hair.

“Yes! Yes! Are you watching, Triton?” Ursula called out. “Are you watching your whore daughter eat me out?”

Ariel didn’t answer. She didn’t have an answer to give. All she could do was continue eating out Ursula as the sea witch grabbed her head and pushed it into her crotch, holding it in place.

She practically smothered her, not giving the girl any room to breathe. She could barely move at all as she held her head in place, and she felt some of her hair being pulled.

This isn’t good, she thought nervously. I’m going to get hurt.

Soon, however, Ursula released her, tossing her roughly to the floor.

“Get on your knees,” she commanded.

Ariel complied, on her knees waiting for her new Mistress’ next command.

Ursula turned around, sticking her enormous backside out.

“Kiss my ass, you bitch,” she ordered.

Ariel complied, planting a heavy kiss on the witch’s bubble butt cheeks, which smelled of sea foam.

“Oh… do that harder,” she heard her Mistress command.

She kissed her harder, soon using her tongue to lick along her Mistress’s huge ass.

“Someone’s a horny little whore, isn’t she?” Ursula said, winking at Triton.

Triton didn’t answer. He couldn’t.

“Yes, I’m a horny little whore,” Ariel said, planting more kisses along Ursula’s ass. “I’m your horny little whore, Mistress Ursula.”

“Yes, you are,” Ursula said, licking her lips hungrily. “Now, lick my asshole.”

Ariel shuddered, wondering if this was the moment that was going to kill her.

She grabbed Ursula’s ass cheeks with both her hands, spreading them apart. There, buried between them, was the dark, winking asshole of the sea witch.

She stared down at it, nervous about what was to come.

“Do it,” she heard Mistress growl.

She prepared herself, sticking her tongue out and licking her lips.

She leant forward, placing a delicate kiss on Ursula’s asshole. She felt a shudder run through the older woman, and soon her tongue.

Ariel went to work, licking her Mistress’s asshole with a passion.

“There you go,” Ursula moaned. “My own personal princess ass licker.”

A chill went down her spine as she heard Mistress compliment her, but soon returned to lapping at her bitter asshole.

She didn’t want to know what Ursula would do if she did a poor job.

“Oh yes, that’s it,” Mistress moaned. “My little princess’ tongue is going to make me climax so hard.”

Ursula began rubbing her clit while Ariel licked her ass.

“Oh yeah… fuck, that’s good…” the sea witch moaned.

Ariel kept on licking, not wanting her Mistress to come yet. She wanted to make her cum hard.

She shoved her tongue down as deep as she could. She started pushing and pulling it, rubbing her face along Ursula’s sweet asshole as she did so.

Ursula started rubbing harder, before releasing a loud breath.

“Tongue-fuck my asshole, you filthy whore!” Ursula cried as she rubbed herself faster.

Ariel did as she was told, thrusting her tongue into her asshole as a feeling of pure ecstasy overcame her.

This is what it meant to serve. This was her life now. She would always worship Mistress’s ass until the day she died.

Mistress released a long, hard moan, before releasing a torrent of girlcum all over the cave floor.

“Ahhh, yes…” she groaned. She pulled Ariel’s face out of her ass and pointed to the spot where she’d squirted. “Do you see that puddle? Go lick it up.”

Ariel looked at the puddle, which was fairly large by Ursula’s standards.

“You want me to lick up your cum? It’s going to kill me,” Ariel said nervously.

“No, it’s not, you silly slut,” Ursula sneered. “But I might just kill your father if you question me again.”

Ariel looked at her father’s helpless figure before getting down on her hands and knees.

She could see his tormented expression as she stuck her tongue out, still tasting Ursula’s ass on it, and took her first lick of Ursula’s cum off the cave floor. She soon started licking the puddle clean, as she’d been commanded to.

This was just too much for her.

Ursula laughed, stepping down on the back of Ariel’s head with one foot. 

“Don’t miss a drop!”

As expected, this caused Ariel to choke and cough as she was forced to quickly swallow the entire mess.

“Good girl,” Mistress said, caressing her face as she pulled her up. “You’re learning.”

“T-thank you, Mistress,” Ariel sobbed. “I love you, Mistress.”

“You’re welcome, my little whorish slave,” Ursula smirked. “Let me show you my gratitude.”

For a brief moment, Ariel thought maybe Ursula would let her and her father go. However, that foolish hope was dashed as Ursula shoved two of her fingers into Ariel’s cunt. Ariel cried out, but her cries were muffled as Ursula shoved her tongue into her mouth for another wet kiss.

Ariel could do nothing as Ursula continued fucking her with her fingers, her rough kiss silencing any protests.

Instead, Ariel met Ursula’s kiss, letting her tongue press against the sea witch’s in her mouth. Mistress’s roughness caused her to want to push her away and force her fingers out of her, but Mistress was in charge, not her.

Ursula threw her to the floor, falling down between her legs. “It’s time for me to taste what a princess’s pussy is like!” she said.

Ursula spread Ariel’s legs.

“What are you doing?”

Ursula started kissing her inner thighs, before crawling up towards her snatch.

“I’m going to eat your cunt,” she said as her mouth circled Ariel’s clit.

She licked along the length of Ariel’s pussy, causing the younger woman to moan and writhe on the floor. Mistress was good at this, and she was far more experienced than her.

She looked up from between Ariel’s legs, watching her reactions as she shoved her tongue into her snatch. She could tell how close she was to finishing from the look of pure pleasure on her face.

For a brief moment, Ursula pulled her tongue out of her as she lifted her head.

“Do you want to cum again, slut?” she asked.

“Please, Mistress. I’ll be good. Please let me cum!”

“Cunt! After I’ve already given you so many orgasms today, you still want more?”

“I can’t help it, you’re driving me crazy!” Ariel cried out.

“Fine. You want to cum, bitch? You’re going to have to work for it!”

“What? What now?” Ariel sobbed.

Ursula crawled up Ariel’s body, and looked into her eyes.

She grabbed her face in one hand, squishing her cheeks and forcing her to pucker her lips. 

“Look at me when you’re licking my pussy,” she commanded, punctuating it with a wet kiss.

Ariel looked up to meet the sea witch’s eyes as she crawled on top of her, straddling her face.

She was careful to not look away as she stuck out her tongue, lapping at Ursula’s folds. She could feel the sea witch’s hands in her hair, and kept herself from looking away while she licked her.

“Such an obedient little pussy licker,” Ursula cooed, her voice dripping in condescension. Her gaze bore into Ariel’s own, almost daring her to look away while she ate the sea witch out. She didn’t want to look away, not for a second. She wanted this woman to look into her eyes while she made her cum.

“This is your life now, princess,” Ursula continue. “Anything I want from you, I will take. Any part of me I want you to lick, you will lick. Anything I want to do to your body, I will do. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she whimpered. “Tell me if I’m doing something wrong,” she said, her voice almost a whisper.

“If you’re doing something wrong, I’ll whip you for it,” Ursula replied flatly. “Like I would miss the chance to punish that adorable little body of yours.”

Ariel blushed. She started to look away, but Ursula jerked her head back to where she wanted it.

“Keep looking into my eyes,” she said. “And keep licking!”

Ariel obeyed, focusing on the sea witch’s eyes. She started slow, afraid to move too much or do something wrong. Thankfully, Mistress didn’t mind her being slow.

She began rotating her hips, grinding against Ariel’s face. The younger woman didn’t mind, as she already went down on Mistress before. She knew what to do.

Mistress’s pussy tasted different than she thought it would.

It had a salty familiarity, like she could taste the ocean in it. Ariel had to fight back tears as she started to get nostalgic. She started thinking of how much she missed her old life, the one she’d thrown away. She thought she could find a life that was happier for her, but all she found was Ursula’s cunt.

“Ohh, I’m about to cum,” Ursula moaned gutturally. “I’m going to cream all over that pretty little face of yours!”

Ariel wanted to look away, but she couldn’t break eye contact. She wanted to please Mistress, no matter what she did. She wanted this experience to be a good one, despite it being so degrading.

So she did as she’d been told, never looking away as her tongue picked up its pace. Ursula squeezed her head between her thighs like a vice, holding her in place as her entire body shook with a massive orgasm. She squirted all over Ariel’s face, practically drowning the poor girl in her girlcum. Mistress didn’t let up, as she kept cumming and cumming, flooding Ariel’s mouth with her sweet nectar. The entire time, Mistress’ eyes were burning into hers.

“Good… good girl…”

She leaned back, finally allowing Ariel to take in a shuddering gasp of breath as her pussy lifted off her face. Ursula watched in satisfaction as Ariel sucked air into her lungs.

“Clean my pussy, slave,” she commanded.

Ariel shyly looked up at her, not sure how to respond. Mistress’ eyes burned into her.

“Lick it clean,” she repeated.

Ariel nodded, licking at the juices that were still dripping from between her legs. Meanwhile, Ursula reached behind her to finger the younger woman.

“You’re a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” Ursula asked.

Ariel’s head dropped as she started to blush. Ursula started stroking her pussy.

“Tell me,” Ursula commanded. “I want you tell me what a filthy, desperate whore you are. Otherwise, I’ll never let you cum.”

“I’m…I’m a whore, Mistress,” she whimpered.

“Oh, do go on,” Ursula encouraged. Her fingers lazily rubbed the outside of Ariel’s cunt.

Ariel had trouble forming sentences. All she could do was whimper and blush.

“Tell me what a nasty, filthy girl you are. I want to hear you say the words.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Ariel said, biting her lip nervously. “I’m a… I’m a filthy, nasty little whore. My body is just a plaything for others.”

“Not just any others,” Ursula grinned. “Me.”

Ariel quickly smiled, nodding eagerly.

“I…I’m a filthy, dirty whore only lusting for your pussy.”

“My pussy. My delicious pussy. Say that again,” Ursula groaned.

“I’m a filthy, dirty whore who only lusts for your delicious pussy, Mistress!” Ariel said, gasping out a moan as two of Ursula’s fingers slipped inside her.

“Good girl. Now…lick my pussy.”

Ariel nodded, slowly parting her lips, tongue flickering out as she brushed against Ursula’s outer folds.

The mess from her last orgasm dripped onto Ariel’s face, but she kept licking obediently. As a reward, Ursula began fingering her faster. Ariel forced herself to forget about the taste as she focused on the smell, the sounds, the feelings. She didn’t want to like this, but she so desperately wanted to please Mistress.


Her Mistress.


A chill ran down her spine as she realized that. Mistress wasn’t a Mistress to her anymore, not really. The older woman was just…Ursula.

The woman who owned her.

She was just a woman. A hot, demonic woman with supernatural powers.

Her Mistress.

Did she really have a chance?


She knew she’d do whatever Ursula asked of her now, no matter how degrading. She’d given up any hope of any other life by now. Any remaining shreds of defiance and disgust had been crushed under the older woman’s dominating presence.

But…she couldn’t help but notice the desperation in Mistress’ eyes. The lust. The craving for her body.

Did she enjoy playing with Ariel that much? The thought made her heart flutter. The thought that Mistress Ursula could appreciate her, value her, made her excited. She worked harder to clean off her pussy.

Mistress Ursula moaned, throwing her head back as she finger fucked Ariel furiously, Ariel herself moaning as she felt her clit pulsating.

“Yes…so good, take all of that…mmm…”

Ariel’s cunt made wet, squishing noises as Ursula’s fingers pumped in and out of it. Her feet squirmed and kicked on the cave floor as her Mistress brought her closer and closer to another orgasm. Mistress looked at her with a monstrous grin, savoring every cry, every helpless whimper and groan.

“Ahh, ahh… Mistress…” Ariel moaned whorishly. She writhed underneath the larger woman as she came. “Ursula! Oh, fuck! Ahhhhh!”

As she came down from her orgasm, Mistress slowly withdrew her fingers from Ariel’s dripping hole.

“That’s a girl,” she smiled.

A few moments later, and the still-human-looking Ursula was enjoying a relaxing lounge in the pool of the cave. Her feet rested on the outside of the pool, where Ariel was lying flat on her stomach, worshiping them with her tongue.

“Good job, pet,” she said. “You may continue this activity indefinitely.”

Ariel nodded eagerly, kissing her Mistress’ feet as she continued to worship her.

“What a way to come down from an orgasm,” Ursula mused, watching the redheaded princess eagerly kiss and suck on her purple feet.

“I just wanted to see your face when I told you that you can continue licking my feet forever. I’m so proud of you, pet.”

“Thank you…Mistress.”

Ariel looked up at Ursula with eyes full of lust, her pink tongue slowly lapping at the sole of her foot. Ursula found it impossible to deny how horny that sight made her.

“You’re welcome, pet,” she said. “Do a good job and I’ll let you eat my ass one last time before I leave.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress!” Ariel said happily, putting her all into bathing Ursula’s feet with her tongue. She so wanted that reward before her beloved Mistress left.

After a little while, Mistress closed her eyes and sighed, feeling the tingling energy flow through her. She could leave now, or stay a little longer.

She did have a kingdom to run, now, but this was so much more satisfying.

Why leave when she had such a loyal slut waiting to serve her?

That thought stayed with her as she drifted off to sleep. She’d plotted and schemed for so long, waited for the right time to act.

It had all worked out in the end, she thought. Ariel was hers, now.

Maybe, in time, she’d even teach the girl to be more than a “slut” for convenience.

Time would tell.

Ariel watched as Ursula drifted off to sleep. As she looked up at Mistress’ face, a face that was now relaxed and serene, Ariel couldn’t help think that this was the “real” Mistress. It never occurred to her to grab the trident, or to take advantage of the situation. She just kept licking the sleeping woman’s feet. After all, Mistress had promised her such a nice reward if she did a good job!

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