Batgirl Caught

Note: This story was written with assistance by various AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story. Enjoy.

Poison Ivy sat on her throne of plants. She held up one bare leg, pointing her feet at the captive Batgirl. Harley Quinn giggled with glee behind her.

“Well, Batgirl?” Ivy smirked. “Get licking.”

Batgirl stared in awe. She was very skeptical. She watched as Ivy grinned and pointed to her mouth. Batgirl looked up at her captor as if to challenge her, but instead just stared down at her feet and swallowed nervously. 

“Stick out your tongue, Batgirl.” Ivy said.

She dangled her bare foot up in front of Batgirl’s face. Batgirl stuck out her tongue, but she closed her eyes as she did so.

“Hahaha, you’re going to do it, right? Get down on your knees!” Harley jeered as Batgirl knelt down before Ivy. “Hahaha! So cute, so desperate, so little preparation for this attack!” Harley said with an amused look on her face.

Batgirl whimpered as Ivy flexed her toes in front of her face. Harley got behind her and planted a hard kiss on her cheek.

“You look…You look lovely, girl,” Harley giggled as she wrapped her arms around Batgirl’s neck.

“P-P-please stop! Please stop!” Batgirl whimpered as Harley pushed her forward, pressing Batgirl’s face into the bottom of Ivy’s green foot.

“Start licking, bitch.” Ivy told Batgirl.


“Lick. Suck.”


Harley started giggling, running her hand between Batgirl’s legs. Her fingers pressed into Batgirl’s pussy through the material of her batsuit. “Don’t worry, bitch, I’ll make you love submission,” Harley groaned as she teased Batgirl’s cunt, causing a loud squeal from the distressed teen. Her tongue lolled out, licking sole of Poison Ivy’s foot.

“That’s a good bat-slut,” Ivy cooed. “You can be my slave tonight. Tonight you’ll work off your energy and then we’ll fuck like rats in a cage. And you’ll make me cum.”

Batgirl’s eyes darted to Harley, who looked at her with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “Can I make her cum, Red?”

Ivy nodded. “And you can make me cum,” she added, giving Harley a wink that brought her out of her fantasy for a second.

“That,” Batgirl said slowly, eyes now full of lust. “”That’s…that’s it.” She slowly closed her eyes, dragging her tongue up and down the green flesh of Poison Ivy’s foot. She tasted like mint, not at all unpleasant, and soon Batgirl was lost in desire. She licked and sucked for several minutes, no longer worrying about how the aphrodisiac they’d given her would affect her and no longer caring that Poison Ivy had a sex drive of her own. Batgirl continued to worship her foot with reckless abandon, the passion between her legs tingling and sending tingles through her body as she felt Harley rub her through her costume. Then, a sudden thought came to her. She panted and tilted her hips. “Please…don’t stop. Please make me cum!”

Harley’s answer was her trademark: a shrill, cruel laugh. “You think you’re so good at that? Let me show you how it’s done.”

Harley leaned forward, sticking out her own tongue to join Batgirl in worshiping Ivy’s foot. Ivy chuckled as the heroine and villainess cooperated in giving her sole a good tongue-bath.

“Ohhh, yes. That feels so good. You’re getting better at this, aren’t you?”


Ivy moaned as Batgirl and Harley continued to lick her foot. “Now, let’s see what you’ve learned.”

Ivy pulled away from Batgirl and stood back up. “Let’s get this over with.”

Ivy grabbed a handful of Batgirl’s hair and pulled her face in between her legs. “Get to licking here, now.”

Batgirl shuddered as she felt the wetness of Poison Ivy’s labia meet her lips.

She extended her tongue, burying it between the folds of Ivy’s green cunt.

“Wow, she’s good at this!” Harley exclaimed as she watched the show. The heroine eagerly licked away at Ivy’s pussy.

“Ohh, fuck…yes…just like that, slut…suck on my clit… That’s it… (itch) ah! (gasp) Fuck…I’m cuuummin’!”

Ivy squirted all over Batgirl’s face, nearly drowning her in girlcum. The defeated heroine swallowed it all, licking clean every trace of the powerful drug.

Ivy stood up straight and grabbed Batgirl by the head. “Clean my pussy, slave.”

“Y-yes, mistress,” Batgirl said with a moan.

Poison Ivy grabbed the back of Batgirl’s head and shoved her face into her snatch. “Lick it! Lick my pussy!”

Batgirl licked her pussy hungrily while a giggling Harley began spanking her upturned ass. It was a miserable sight to see, but that wasn’t enough to make her stop. Batgirl had been defeated, humiliated and used as a filthy whore. No, she deserved this.

This is the result of her own mistakes.

“What a good slut!” Harley laughed. “Make her lick my ass next, Ivy!”

“Alright! Lick Harley’s ass, you perverted bitch!”

Harley shoved her ass in Batgirl’s face, and the heroine turned her head to start licking her butt cheeks. She was a dirty, nasty bitch who enjoyed being degraded by others. She deserved to get fucked in the ass.

“Don’t you want to enjoy Harley’s pussy, baby?” Poison Ivy cooed.

“No, her ass is fine,” Batgirl answered. “I’m best used as a filthy, ass-cleaning whore.”

“Yes, good choice,” Poison Ivy praised.

Batgirl licked her ass again, and again, and again…

Harley’s ass took up her whole field of vision as she began sticking her tongue into her asshole.

“That’s the spot, Bat-slut!” Harley laughed. Ivy shoved Batgirl’s face in deeper.

“Scooch, scooch,” she giggled.

Batgirl spread her cheeks as far as she could, the pain of the humiliation mixing with the pleasure of humiliation. She began to lick eagerly.

Ivy took a large pink buttplug and began to insert it into Batgirl’s ass. It was so big, it took up her whole rectum and hurt a lot as it went in.

“A-Ah! No, stop! Get it out! It’s too big! Aagh!”

“Take it and like it, slave!” Ivy ordered. Batgirl was too busy licking Harley’s asshole to argue as the buttplug popped into her own ass.

“There, that should hold you until we need you again. Now, off with you!”

Batgirl was led off by Poison Ivy.

She was fitted with a dog collar and made to crawl on all fours as Ivy lead her to her own private cage.

“Ah, I just had a great idea!” She announced.


The next day…

“What now?” Batgirl groaned as she woke up in her cage.

“Come on, get up. We’re ready to play with you!” Harley said, clapping her hands in excitement. “And we brought new friends!”

Ivy appeared in the doorway, smiling. Behind her was Catwoman, holding a rope to the collar for Batgirl to wear.

“Here she is! Our new slave!”

“I can’t believe you actually caught the real Batgirl,” Catwoman said with a seductive purr. “I can’t wait to play with her!”

“Oh, don’t worry. She’s played with others in the past,” Poison Ivy said with a wink. “Now, c’mon girls, we have a lot to do!”

The collar was put onto Batgirl, and they dragged the defeated heroine into a room full of sex toys.

“Now, let’s start off with some fun!” Catwoman exclaimed.

The three villains began tying and tickling Batgirl as she screamed in laughter and agony.

Soon the whips came out, and they began whipping her naked body. As Batgirl screamed, she felt the need to laugh and struggle at the same time. It was a horrible experience, to say the least.

But it got worse.

“Now, let’s get that back.”

Poison Ivy grabbed the pink buttplug that was still in Batgirls ass, and began to pull it out. It hurt so bad that it took all of her strength not to scream again.

“Ah, yes…that’s what I’m talking about,” Poison smiles as she pulls the plug out.

“God!” Batgirl moaned. Her asshole gaped with the sudden absense.

“Would you look at that,” Catwoman said. “Mind if I have a taste of that sweet superhero ass?”

Catwoman darted forward, and without hesitation, she shoved her tongue into Batgirl’s asshole.

“Aah!” Batgirl cried. “Oh God! No! Aah!”

Catwoman’s tongue swirled around inside Batgirl’s ass, as the restrained heroine squirmed and moaned. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy coated her fingers with saliva, and slowly began to enter Batgirl’s pussy…

“Now, now, be gentle,” Ivy said. “I’m not here to break her.”

Ivy’s fingers penetrated Batgirl’s pussy, while Catwoman continued to lick her gaping asshole.

“Agh! You’re killing me, you crazy…agh!”

“Haven’t had this done to you before, have you?” Catwoman asked.

“What do you think?” Batgirl asked.

“I think you’d better get used to this sort of treatment, ’cause it’s only gonna get worse from here!” Harley interjected. She held a ball gag in her hands, and she strapped it around Batgirl’s face. Batgirl tried to scream, but her cries were muffled by the gag.

Poison Ivy continued to finger Batgirl’s pussy, and she reached under her body with her other hand.

She groped the heroine’s ass, squeezing her cheeks hard.

“I’m gonna give you the best anal sex you’ve ever had in your life,” Poison promised.

Catwoman continued licking her asshole as Poison Ivy began to finger-fuck her harder and faster.

“Harley, fetch me a strapon,” Ivy ordered. 

Harley gave a mock military salute, grinning evilly. “Ma’am, yes Ma’am!”

She left the room, and Ivy began to moan in Batgirl’s ear.

“You like that, baby? You ready for it hard?”

Batgirl tried to answer, but her voice was muffled by the ball gag. Ivy just planted a kiss on her cheek before straightening up.

“That’s enough, Catwoman,” she said. “Her ass is mine, now.”

Harley returned with the strapon, helping Ivy to fasten it around her waist. The toy’s rubber cock bounced from her groin as she pointed it as Batgirl’s well-licked asshole.

“Uh…I can’t…!” Batgirl groaned into her gag.

“Shhhh,” Poison seductively whispered. “Relax, baby. Let me take care of you.”

The rubber cock slid easily into Batgirl’s ass, which was prepared for it by the night spent with the butt plug and Catwoman’s tongue-bath. Her back arched as Ivy’s rubber cock penetrated her ass.


Ivy began thrusting into Batgirl’s ass hard and fast.

Batgirl moaned whorishly into her ball gag, the room filling with the sounds of her muffled voice and Ivy’s pelvis slapping into her. The strapon slid in and out of her abused asshole with little resistance.

“Oh, fuck! Yes! Take that, bitch! Take that, you fucking whore!”

Ivy’s dirty talk echoed around the room as Batgirl struggled to handle the pleasure and pain.

Catwoman and Harley began sucking on her breasts, Catwoman on the right and Harley on the left. Her mind was overtaken with intense sensations of pain and pleasure. She could feel her body tense up as she approached an orgasm, but the ball gag in her mouth prevented her from vocalizing, let alone screaming.

“Cum for me, slut!” Ivy shouted. “Cum while I rape your asshole, you whore!”

“I’m gonna cum!” Batgirl cried.

“Do it, bitch!”

Ivy’s words pushed her over the edge, as she began to cum hard.

“Yes!” Ivy cried out. She pulled the ball gag out of Batgirl’s mouth, catching her screams in a sudden kiss.

Ivy’s oily, smelly scent filled her nostrils as she felt the woman’s body shudder as she came. Tears were falling down her cheeks, and she was panting heavily.

“What a good slave you’ll be,” Ivy said as their kiss ended. Their lips parted, and she stood back up. The rubber cock remained inside her ass. “Are you ready for round two, baby?”


“Of course you are,” Ivy interrupted. She pulled the cock out of Batgirl’s ass before inviting Harley over. Harley had a strapon of her own, and she thrust it into Batgirl’s asshole.

“Agh!” Batgirl cried. “Not another one!”

“We’re gonna do this all day, bitch!” Harley laughed as she began rapidly fucking Batgirl’s ass.

“Yeah, who needs dick when you got these… oh fuck!”

Ivy grabbed the camera, recording the scene as Harley fucked Batgirl’s abused ass.

“Let’s make a little tape to send to Batman,” she said with a chuckle.

“I bet he’ll appreciate that,” Catwoman said, licking the sweat from Batgirl’s body.

“I’m gonna send him a DVD, of all the shit we did to you,” she added.

The threesome fucked Batgirl in various ways for about an hour.

When they were done, each of the three women had violated all of Batgirl’s available holes. Her pussy, ass and mouth had been roughly fucked in a variety of ways. The tape they had made was longer than any DVD could ever be, but they still sent it to the Bat.

He of course, watched it all.


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