Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour, Chapter One: Meet the Fans

Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour
Chapter One – Meet the Fans

By Nearphotison


Chi-Chi sat in her dressing room at Near Hentai Studios. Like all the top talents at NHS, she was awarded the luxury of her own private dressing room, and personal stylist team. One of those stylists was in the process of touching up her make-up for the day’s big event. 

About a month ago, the Studio’s talent liaison Siat Wildstar had approached her about a contest Nearphotison was wanting to run. The idea was to select a handful of fans, with the winning group earning the right to accompany a major NHS star on a resort vacation. Siat had told her she was Near’s first choice for the contest’s “prize”, and though she had her doubts about that, the housewife and mother of two was too flattered to turn the offer down. A month later, the contest’s winners had all been decided. Now that the date of the fan appreciation tour was at hand, she found herself wracked with nerves.

What would the men who’d won this tour be like? She had seen the ruffians her husband liked to hang out with. Loud, abrasive fighter-types like Vegeta or Luffy would be too much for her to handle. She was confident in her ability to fend off anyone who got too fresh, but there’d be a whole group of drooling fanboys. Maybe they’d be young brats like Goten and Trunks? Somehow that seemed exactly like something Nearphotison would cook up. He loved seeing the MILF talents like herself groped and ravished by young boys. The fact that a reporter and camera crew had been assigned to document the proceedings lent some credence to this theory. Whatever was going to happen on this trip, the Studio planned to monetize it.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at her dressing room door. Startled, she reflexively shouted, “Come in!”

Through the door came an excited April O’Neil, wearing her usual yellow jumpsuit. Chi-Chi’s eyes scanned the brunette from head-to-toe, noting how the jumpsuit seemed custom-fitted to show off every curve of her body. The top of the jumpsuit was open, revealing her ample cleavage, as well as a small metal whistle that hung from her neck.

“Good morning!” April said cheerfully, stepping into the room. Following close behind her was a cameraman, the camera trained on Chi-Chi in just her robe while the stylist finished her job and began packing up her makeup kit.

“Good morning,” Chi-Chi replied with a smile. Though she’d been startled by the intrusion, she’d been working for the studio for nearly a decade and knew when to put on her professional face.

“You’re Chi-Chi, correct?” April asked.

Chi-Chi thought to herself, So, we’re already starting, before she replied, “Yes, I am.”

“Thank you letting us document you over the weekend!” April chirped, and Chi-Chi laughed nervously. “Do you know what type of production you’ll be participating in today?”

“Some type of… fan appreciation vacation, right?”

“A fan vacation, that’s right,” April echoed. “And do you know what sort of people will be accompanying you on this vacation?”

“Oh, well… fans of mine, is what I was told.”

“Absolutely correct!” April replied, maintaining her cheerful hosting voice. Chi-Chi couldn’t help but smile, maybe having a professional like April O’Neil on the trip would make things easier to manage. April continued, saying, “Yes, on this vacation you’ll be flanked by fans who not only want to meet you, but want to have sex with you, too!”

Chi-Chi’s smile faded a bit, “Oh, don’t tell me that… that makes me really nervous.”

“I’m sure it does!”

“It really does!” Chi-Chi re-iterated, blushing slightly. 

“Does going on vacation make you nervous?” April asked.

“Um, no,” Chi-Chi said. “No, I really like vacations. I’ve been asking Goku to take me on one for years. It’s the fact that all these people are so interested in me that makes me nervous.”

“So it’s because everyone wants to meet you?” April pressed. It seemed she was fishing for Chi-Chi to say something specific.

“Yeah, I guess,” she said as her makeup artist exited the room. “I think the best way to put it is, well, I know all these fans are looking to have a good time this weekend, and the pressure is on me and me alone to provide that good time.”

April hummed in agreement to show she understood before saying, “So, it looks like you’re just about ready. How about we get you into the outfit you’ll be wearing on this trip?”

“That sounds like a plan,” Chi-Chi said with a nervous laugh. 

“Before we do, can you look into the camera and say what’s on your mind right now?”

Chi-Chi looked past April, into the black void of the camera lens. She’d performed in front of cameras for so long as a member of Near Hentai Studios, but talking directly into one was still a strange experience for her.

“Hello, everyone watching!” she said, putting on her most inviting smile. She waved to the camera. “I hope I can provide a feeling of comfort, warmness, and all-around good feelings for all my fans who are going out of their way to join me on this vacation! I promise to do  my best all weekend!”

April applauded enthusiastically, “Yes! Let’s all do our best together!”


After getting dressed in one of her classic purple Chinese dresses, one with no pants or shirts underneath so her arms and legs were left tantalizingly bare, Chi-Chi was brought to the shuttle that would carry her and her fans to the vacation resort. It was the same type of spacecraft that would carry performers back to their home dimensions for shoots that took place there. Since the Near Hentai Studios existed in a rift between fantasy and reality, such fantastical vehicles were necessary to travel back into the realms of fiction where all the performers had originally come from.

“Alright, babe,” April said, dropping a bit of her hostess air while the camera wasn’t rolling. She still smiled, and seemed eager to get things rolling. “So what we’re going to do is get on the ship and record a bit of an intro, and then let you meet the fans who’ll be joining you. Are you ready?”

Chi-Chi took a deep breath before saying, “As I’ll ever be.”

The inside of the ship had been decorated more than usual. It still had the friendly pink and purple color scheme she was used to, but she was shocked to see posters of her from her previous shoots had been plastered all over the walls. Chi-Chi felt her face redden as she looked around, seeing posters of her getting plowed by both of her sons, her ass eaten out by Zangya, and all manner of debauchery. She’d never been ashamed of her lifestyle after being brought on board at Near Hentai Studios, but seeing all of her work on display like this took her by surprise.

April seemed to notice her embarrassment, and said “Oh, don’t worry, Chi-Chi. Remember, everyone on this tour is a huge fan of yours, so they’ve all already seen everything you’ve done here. They all know exactly the kind of slut you are, and that’s what they love about you!”

Chi-Chi nodded. She knew April was right, but her face was still burning with embarrassment. At the front of the ship’s seating area was a couch that faced the rest of the seats. Hanging above the couch was a banner that read “Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour” along with the big “N” logo the studio used. 

April gestured to the couch and said, “Would you like to take a seat so we can get started?”

Chi-Chi nodded wordlessly and sat down. April sat next to her, picking up a handheld microphone that had been lying on the cushion. Her cameraman stood in the aisle, and motioned to them that they were rolling.

“Good morning, everyone!” April shouted cheerily. “I’m April O’Neil, your M.C. for this special Chi-Chi Fan Appreciation Tour! Joining me is the woman of the hour herself, the lovely and seductive Chi-Chi! How are you feeling today?”

“I’m kinda feeling a bit nervous about today,” Chi-Chi said, sheepishly. She’d planned to come into this with a lot of energy, but the sight of her asshole dripping with cum was staring her down from the corner of her eye. 

“You’re all dressed up and looking just gorgeous,” April said. “If it weren’t for the fans waiting to meet you, I might gobble you up right here myself!”
Chi-Chi couldn’t help but laugh, feeling a bit of the tension release from her shoulders. She was really glad April was here to move things along.

“Your breasts are amazing,” April added, holding her hand underneath them as if presenting them to the world. Indeed, Chi-Chi noticed the cameraman zooming in on them as she spoke. Chi-Chi couldn’t blame them for highlighting her rack, the dress they’d picked out for her tucked underneath them tightly, making them jut out noticeably. She’d taken a good look at herself in the mirror before they left, and she knew she was looking hot. April gestured to the banner behind them, saying, “As you can see, today is your fan appreciation day! So, is today your first time doing something like this?”

“It sure is,” Chi-Chi said. As far as she knew, it was the first time anything like this had been done in the Studio, period. “Honestly, I didn’t even realize I had all that many fans. I hope we can all have a great time together.”

“Oh, I’m sure everyone will!” April chirped. “So, would you like to invite your fans on board?”

Chi-Chi suddenly grew nervous again, and began distractedly checking to make sure her hair bun was still tight and in place on top of her head. She smoothed out a few loose hairs, saying, “Oh, I hope this will go alright… I’m already flushed and nervous!”

April put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, saying, “Don’t worry! You’ll be fine! But it is time to bring in your fans. Are you ready? Is your heart prepared?”

“Yes, okay,” Chi-Chi said, placing her hand delicately over her heart. “I’m ready.”

“Then let’s call them in,” she said, before cupping her hands around her mouth. Raising her voice she shouted, “Everyone! Come on in and board the ship!”

Chi-Chi’s heart began pounding in her chest. The noise was so loud that she was convinced the camera could pick it up. She looked to the entrance of the ship, a little hallway blocked off by a curtain. After a moment, the curtain rustled, and a young woman with a black ponytail stepped through. Her eyes met Chi-Chi’s, and her hand shot up to her mouth.

“Oh, my god, it’s really her!” she shouted.

April waved her on in, saying, “This way! Come closer! Let everyone else in!”

To Chi-Chi’s surprise, a string of pretty young girls followed in, filling up the aisle of seats. They all were bursting with excitement, making similar exclamations as they spotted Chi-Chi sitting and waiting for them.

“Everyone, please take a seat!” April shouted over the fangirlish screams. “Welcome aboard, please take a seat so we can get introductions under way!”

Chi-Chi’s hands instinctively covered her gaping mouth as she watched the young women scramble excitedly for seats. They all filled into the front few rows, trying to sit as close to Chi-Chi as humanly possible. They reached out to shake her hand as they passed, and the stunned housewife could only robotically shake each one as she tried to process what was happening.

“Okay, is everyone here?” April asked, looking around as the girls settled down. She seemed to be counting their heads, and after a moment she nodded. 

Chi-Chi leaned over to her, muttering, “Did they get on the wrong ship by mistake?”

April glanced sideways at Chi-Chi, a mischievous grin spreading across her pretty face. “Oh? Is something troubling you?”

“What… what’s going on?”

“Are you surprised?” April asked, her grin spreading to Cheshire-like status. 

“Yes!” Chi-Chi exclaimed, a bit exasperated at the obvious joy April was taking in her confusion. “Yes, I’m surprised!”

“Aww, she’s so cute!” one of the girls cooed. Chi-Chi glanced around, but couldn’t tell which one it was. 

“How so?” April asked, holding the mic up under her face. 

“It’s just… you said that it’d be my fans here, but these are all a bunch of young women…” Chi-Chi said with uncertainty. She was positive she was making a fool of herself, but her brain was having trouble bridging the gap between expectations and reality.

“Yes, these are all women,” April said in response. “Real young girls!”

“Yeah, I can see that!” Chi-Chi said, which caused the collection of girls to giggle. 

Feigning innocence, April asked, “Oh, did you not get the memo?” The tinge of concern in her voice was undermined by the smile that remained plastered to her face. “The fact is, today is your…” she trailed off, standing up and grabbing the corner of the big “N” logo on the side of the banner, right before the word “fan”. She peeled away the N, revealing it had been covering the word “yuri”. “…Yuri Fan Appreciation Day!”

The girls all clapped and hollered at the reveal, as Chi-Chi’s jaw dropped open. Nobody had told her the fans would all be lesbians, and now she felt supremely silly. She covered her face in embarrassment, her cheeks growing even redder than they had when she first boarded the ship. She couldn’t help but laugh in a mix of embarrassment and relief as the crowd of ladies continued to applaud.

“Did you not know?” April asked, teasingly. 

Chi-Chi laughed, “You know I didn’t know! You covered it up!”

April laughed with her, clearly enjoying the roller coaster of emotions Chi-Chi was experiencing. She gestured out to the girls, saying, “These are all your true, passionate fans. We sent out a company-wide email to all the female performers in Near Hentai Studio, inviting anyone who was interested in meeting you the chance to do so! All they had to do was submit a written or video essay describing how badly and why they wanted to meet you, and the most passionate ones were selected as our winners!”

The girls all clapped again, brimming with excitement at how they’d been selected.

“Remind me when we get back, Chi-Chi, and I’ll show you their submissions,” April said with a wink. “Trust me, they were all downright filthy!”

“Oh no!” some of the girls exclaimed, as now it was their turn to be embarrassed. The ship filled with nervous laughter as April enjoyed making them all squirm.

“I know you all really love our girl Chi-Chi, here,” April continued, addressing the fans. They seemed to get over their embarrassment, voicing their excitement at meeting her once again. “I think it’s time we started to our destination. Is everyone ready? Then let’s go!”

The group all cheered and clapped, and soon the ship began to rattle and shake. As they’d all taken these transport ships in the past, the girls all knew what to do and braced themselves as it lifted off and blasted into space.

As the rocky start of blast-off faded, the ship righted itself and was soon flying smooth as silk. The girls all clapped again, happy to be on their way.

“They’re all so lively, aren’t they?” April said. “Do you have anything you’d like to say, Chi-Chi?”

The mic was pointed her way again, as a still-flustered Chi-Chi responded, “I really thought it was going to be a bunch of men today! Maybe young boys, but not this!”

“Are you disappointed?” April asked. The girls in attendance collectively sucked in their breath, looking to Chi-Chi with anticipation for her answer. Chi-Chi suddenly realized how her confusion might look to these young ladies, all of whom apparently looked up to her.

“No!” Chi-Chi said, and the group all seemed to exhale at once. “No,truth be told, I’m relieved! But that was a dirty trick to play!”
“Hey, I never said anything about men, that was your idea,” April said with a wink as the group all giggled. “So! It’ll be a good while before we reach our destination, so let’s take some time to get to know each other, shall we?”

“That sounds like a great idea,” Chi-Chi said. Maybe giving the girls a chance to introduce themselves would give her a bit of a break from being the center of attention.

“Great! So I’ll have each of you come up, one at a time, and we’ll do introductions,” April said. She looked around at the eager girls sitting in front of them. “Who wants to go first?”

Nearly all of the hands shot up at once, and April made a big show of deciding who to pick.

“Hm, hm, who should it be?” she wondered aloud, pointing with her non-mic hand around at the girls. “How about you?”

“Me?” asked the girl her finger stopped at, a beautiful young woman with silky black hair. April nodded and handed her the mic.

“Yup, you! Can we get your name, age, and hobbies, please?”

“Okay!” the girl said, taking the mic. She fumbled with it nervously, and April directed her to look into the camera. “Yes! Okay! Should I start with my name?”

“Yes, please.”

“Right, right, my name is Asami Sato! I’m nineteen, and in my previous life I ran Future Industries.”

Asami was dressed in a stylish red outfit with a black jacket. Chi-Chi had never heard of Future Industries, but if the head of the company was anything to go by they must have been a very successful company. She briefly wondered if she could set this girl up with Goten, before remembering that she had come on this tour due to an interest in her.

“Previous life, I like that,” April said with a smile. “Could you pass the microphone down?”

“Yes,” Asami said nervously, handing it to another black-haired beauty, the girl with the ponytail Chi-Chi had first spotted when they came in.

“Thank you,” the girl said, seeming as nervous as Asami. “To the camera?”

“Yes, to the camera,” April said with a chuckle, and the girls all laughed nervously. 

“Okay, so, my name is Momo Yaoyorozu,” she said. “I’m sixteen, and I’ve been training to become a Pro Hero. Thank you for having me.”

Chi-Chi was surprised to hear the girl was only sixteen, as she’d filled out like a woman well into her twenties. She was wearing pink shorts and a white shirt that read “CREATY” across her ample chest. At April’s direction, Momo handed the microphone to the next girl, a bashful little girl with freckles and a green flower pin in her short hair. She wore a blue plaid skirt and blue T-shirt with a picture of a dice that read 20 with “CRIT PLZ” written over it.

“She sure seems shy,” April noted as the girl took the mic with all the caution of someone being handed a live grenade. “What’s wrong, haven’t you been filmed before?”

“Yes, but not like this,” the girl said with a weak smile. “My name is Maps, that is, er, Mia Mizoguchi, but everyone calls me Maps. I’m fourteen, and I really like working with maps and solving mysteries.”

The group applauded, seeming to reassure the nervous girl before she passed the mic on. 

“She’s a smart one!” April noted as the mic changed hands. “You should see how articulate her description was of what she wanted to do to you, Chi-Chi!”

The next girl to take the mic also appeared to be a teenager, with long red hair. She wore a lime green tank top with baggy blue cargo shorts. She said, “I’m Kim Possible, and I’m sixteen. I’m a cheerleader, and I work part-time at saving the world.”

This got a laugh from a few of the girls, though Kim didn’t seem to be joking. She just smiled before handing the mic to the girl next to her, a freckle-faced brunette with thick, bulky glasses.

“I’m Velma, Velma Dinkley,” the bespectacled girl said. “Just like Maps, I really enjoy a good mystery!”

Velma was wearing a red pleated skirt with an orange turtleneck sweater and matching knee-high orange socks. Though the sweater covered her up pretty well, Chi-Chi couldn’t help but wonder what sort of body she hid underneath it.

“Thank you,” April said. “And how old are you, by the way?”

“Oh, right, silly me,” Velma said, blushing. “I’m fifteen.”

Everyone clapped as the mic changed hands again, this time being passed to a young girl with jet black hair save for one red streak in the front. She seemed to be wearing some sort of black school uniform Chi-Chi had never seen before with a gray and white sports jacket.

“My name is Ryuko Matoi,” she said, speaking a bit louder than the other girls had. “I’m seventeen years old, and I’m a badass bitch, just like you, Chi-Chi!”

This made everyone laugh and clap, her brazenness working to undo some of the natural awkward tension in the ship. 

“She certainly looks the part, doesn’t she?” April said.

Ryuko beamed Chi-Chi’s way, and the older woman found herself immediately taking a liking to her, though she’d found all of the girls very charming so far. There was just one left, a tiny thing with orange pigtails to whom Ryuko handed the mic. Even though she was much younger than the other girls, Chi-Chi was surprised to note her pink school uniform appeared to be for a high school.

Easily the youngest one there, the girl’s pigtails twitched nervously as she took the mic. She was visibly shaking, perhaps even more nervous than Maps had been. She squirmed in her seat, and April had to motion for her to speak.

“M-m-m-my name is Chiyo Mihama!” She stammered, staring a hole into the floor of the ship. “I’m ten years old, and I really love cooking and cats!”

The other girls all clapped once more, feeling a bit of sympathy for the young girl who’d just gone through the same experience all of them had. She heaved a sigh of relief, passing the microphone back to April O’Neil. 

“You’re all so lively and cute!” April said cheerfully, clearly happy to have her microphone back. “Now that introductions are out of the way, it’s time for each of you to show off your appeal to Chi-Chi.”

The girls looked around at each other, seeming to hope one of them might know what that meant. April elaborated.

“Obviously you all love Chi-Chi a whole lot, but we want Chi-Chi to see what’s great about each of you,” she explained. “To do that, we want you to demonstrate your appeal, not with words like you did to get here, but with kissing. Deep, passionate… messy kissing.”

The girls all giggled and cooed, excited at what April was proposing. Chi-Chi, on the other hand, felt her face going red again. The pressure had been taken off her for a moment during the introductions, but now all eyes were on her again. Not just any eyes, but the thirsty eyes of her fans.

“A deep kiss? Are you sure?” Chi-Chi asked. “Not a regular one?”

“With tongue?” piped up Momo. April chose to ignore Chi-Chi and nodded towards Momo instead.

“Yes, with tongue.”

The girls all seemed very excited by this, with a few gleeful squeels going up. 

“I’m sure you all want to, so let’s have each of you kiss her one at a time,” April said before leaning over and putting the mic towards Ch-Chi. “So, which one will go first?”

Chi-Chi scanned the group of young, excited faces. Several of the girls were squirming in their seats with excitement, but one caught her eye first.

“She seems really excited, so…” Chi-Chi said, gesturing towards Asami. The young woman seemed composed at first glance, but a closer inspection of her expression revealed a barely-contained lust that made Chi-Chi’s heart race.

“Wow, she does look like she’s about to explode,” April noted. Gesturing to the raven-haired beauty, April summoned her to their little couch. “Come on up, Miss Asami.”

Asami practically bounded out of her seat, quickly settling her tight butt down between Chi-Chi and April. Her face was flushed with excitement, and her breathing began to quicken.

“Hah, hah… I’m sitting next to her!” Asami breathed, and Chi-Chi couldn’t help but smile at how nervous she seemed. It made Chi-Chi’s own nerves relax a bit.

“Go ahead and move in closer,” April said, nudging her closer to her idol. As she moved in, Asami wrapped her arms around Chi-Chi in a side embrace, letting out a lustful sigh. Chi-Chi reflexively returned the hug, catching a whiff of the girl’s flowery shampoo as her head moved in closer.

“I’m so happy!” Asami said, squeezing Chi-Chi for a moment before laying her head down across the top of the older woman’s breasts like they were a pillow. “Ooh, they’re so soft!”
“You really adore her, huh?” April asked, holding the mic to Asami. 

Straightening herself up, Asami replied, “Sorry, sorry, I’ve just… always had a thing for breasts, especially yours, Chi-Chi.”

“Is that so?” April prodded.

“Yes, I’ve always wanted to touch hers, and I’m just… so jealous,” she continued. Chi-Chi let out a surprised bark of laughter, covering her mouth with one hand. Asami didn’t seem to notice, instead asking, “May I? Please?”

“Do you want to give them a grope?” April asked.

“Could I? I want to so bad!”

Rather than give her permission, since they hadn’t even arrived at the hotel yet, April instead followed up with another question. “What would you like to do with them later?”

Asami chewed on her dark red bottom lip, thinking about it as she eyed Chi-Chi’s mounds hungrily. “I suppose I’d really enjoy, well… caressing them, and licking them, and… Just, anything I could get away with!”

“Oh, wow!” April said as the other girls all made excited noises at the thought. The mic moved over to Chi-Chi, and April asked, “So what do you have to say about that?”

Chi-Chi put on her best professional smile, and told Asami, “I’m looking forward to it.”

Asami’s face went pale and she suddenly covered it up with both hands, squirming in her seat like a schoolgirl.

“How do you feel about that response?” April asked.

“Ah! I couldn’t have asked for more!” Asami said from behind her hands. “You’re even more charming up close, I can’t stand it!”

Chi-Chi chuckled. She still felt nervous under all this scrutiny, but seeing such a classical beauty as this completely break down like she had really put her at ease. Everyone here was feeling a mix of terror and excitement, it would seem. Except for April, of course.

“Enough chit-chat,” the buxom reporter said, “Let’s see you two share a deep kiss, now.”

“Pardon me,” Asami said as she moved in. Chi-Chi’s arms went back around her, pulling the young woman in a close embrace. Chi-Chi’s breasts squished up against Asami’s as their faces moved in closer. The flustered youth whispered, “They’re so soft… M-may I put my tongue in your mouth?”

Chi-Chi nodded, opening her mouth and letting her own tongue hang out lewdly. Asami needed no further invitation, sticking her tongue out and licking up the older woman’s before pulling her in for a proper kiss. The girls cooed and clapped, watching enviously as the two brunettes explored each other’s mouths. Asami pulled back, her crimson lips pursing around Chi-Chi’s outstretched tongue as she sloppily sucked on it like a popsicle.

The other girls were shocked, seeing such a prim and put-together young woman act so lewdly, but at the same time any of them would’ve traded places with her in an instant. After a few moments, Chi-Chi pulled back, slipping her tongue from Asami’s mouth as she did so.

“Please, more…” Asami moaned hungrily, her lipstick smeared around both her mouth and Chi-Chi’s. The mother of two relented, allowing Asami to pull her back in for another kiss. The young girl’s tongue ravaged the inside of Chi-Chi’s mouth, eagerly searching out every corner of it. Chi-Chi had to admit that the kiss wasn’t necessarily pleasurable like this, with Asami’s thirst taking over. She pressed in as deep as she could go, completely mindless of the spittle running down her chin. 

Soon, Asami managed to suck Chi-Chi’s tongue back into her own mouth, pulling it out to suck on it some more. Chi-Chi could only watch, wide-eyed, as the girl began mindlessly bobbing her head back and forth, sucking on her tongue like it was a small cock. The veteran performer was a bit taken aback, but let the girl have her thrill.Even if it seemed a bit odd to her, Chi-Chi had to admit there was a certain lewd thrill in watching Asami’s face, her eyes closed in concentration, as she moved back and forth while sucking on her tongue.

“Please, suck on my tongue, too,” Asami moaned after pulling back. She opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out as far as she could manage. 

Chi-Chi hesitantly obliged, first touching the young woman’s tongue with her own before wrapping her lips around it. She began sucking, embarrassed by the wet slurping sounds she made as she did.

The rest of the ship watched in silence now. They weren’t ooh-ing and ahh-ing anymore, but entranced by the sloppy, wet kiss the two women shared. Asami moaned loudly, completely without shame, as her hero sucked on her outstretched tongue.

“Stick it in me,” Asami moaned, her words barely audible with her tongue in Chi-Chi’s mouth. Whether she meant her mouth or somewhere else, Chi-Chi didn’t know, nor would she find out as April suddenly blew into her whistle. Asami practically jumped out of her seat, so lost in the moment that she’d forgotten anyone else was there.

“Okay, that’s enough!” April called out. 

Asami pouted, “No, not already!” She gave Chi-Chi another close hug, squeezing her tight and enjoying the feel of her breasts pressed against her. “Couldn’t you give me an extension?”

“You sounded very turned on,” April said as the two women separated. “How did that feel?”

“It was intense,” Asami said, wiping some smeared lipstick from the corner of her mouth. Chi-Chi noticed and began to do the same. “I thought I was going crazy!”

“Well you did very well, but for now it’s time you return to your seat,” April said, gesturing to where Asami had been sitting. Asami pouted again, but stood up and moved back to her seat with a little wave back Chi-Chi’s direction. As she pulled out a compact mirror and began reapplying her lipstick, April asked, “So who’s next?”

“Me! Me! Me!” Ryuko suddenly shouted, raising her hand and jumping up and down in her seat. April shot Chi-Chi a sidelong glance, and the older woman nodded her approval.

“Alright, Miss Ryuko! Come on up!” April said. Like Asami before her, Ryuko bounded up to the front seat and nestled in between the two women.

“So, tell us how you feel,” April said. “She’s sitting right next to you, her leg is touching yours.”
“This is real, right?” Ryuko asked, eyeing Chi-Chi up and down. “She’s not, like, an impersonator or something?”

April laughed, asking, “Are you the genuine article?”

“Yes, I’m pretty sure,” Chi-Chi said, laughing along. 

“I just can’t believe this is really happening,” Ryuko said, wiping a tear from her eye. “I’ve looked up to you for so long, ever since I first came to the Studio!”

“She looks like she’s about to cry with happiness,” April observed, which did seem to be the case. Ryuko only smiled and nodded.

“I feel like it, yeah, definitely,” she mumbled. Her earlier bluster and bravado seemed to be giving way the more her current situation sunk in. 

“She’s looking right at you, you know,” April said, her voice lowering to a conspiratorial tone. 

Ryuko’s eyes glanced towards Chi-Chi’s face, and the two made eye contact. Ryuko immediately looked away, smiling awkwardly as her face reddened. “Shit, this is too embarrassing!”

“Can you tell us what you’d like to do with Chi-Chi?” April asked, hoping to make the already flustered girl even more devastated. 

“Um, I’d… like to do something naughty with her,” Ryuko said hurriedly. She was mumbling now, barely audible even with the mic.
“And what would that be, for example?”

“Oh, okay, so…” Ryuko paused, thinking for a moment. “I just wanna touch her all over.”

Chi-Chi chuckled. Ryuko had already caught her eye, but she seemed even cuter now that she was shyly looking away and smiling awkwardly like she was. 

“You heard her, Chi-Chi,” April said. “So, would you let her?”

With the mic thrust back in her face, Chi-Chi smiled her professional smile again. “Perhaps just a bit,” she said. 

Ryuko’s face grew even redder, and she covered it up with her hands. “Fuck! Shit! I’m so happy!” She shouted into her palms.

“Isn’t it great that you’ll soon get the chance to play with those luscious melons of hers?” April asked. 

“Yes! I’m fucking thrilled!” Ryuko said, still shouting into her hands as she stared at the floor of the ship. April put a comforting hand on her back.

“Okay, time for your deep kiss,” she said. “Now’s your chance to get a taste. Think of it as your chance to make her like you, so don’t let yourself down!”

This encouragement seemed to have an effect, as Ryuko’s back straightened up. She put her hands in her lap, nodding with a determined glint in her eye.

“You’re right,” she said. “I won’t let myself down!”

With that she turned towards Chi-Chi, never dropping her determined face. She put her hands on Chi-Chi’s shoulders, and pulled her into a kiss. Chi-Chi was caught off-guard, not even having the chance to part her lips, so the two shared a simple closed-mouth kiss. 

That soon changed, however, as Chi-Chi felt Ryuko’s tongue pressing into the crease of her mouth. The older woman opened up, allowing the schoolgirl’s tongue to snake its way in. Unlike Asami, Ryuko’s kiss was slow and sensual, and Chi-Chi soon found herself feeling a bit light-headed. Though she was clearly inexperienced, Ryuko’s tongue was gentle and cautious. She softly licked up and down Chi-Chi’s tongue, almost tickling her before their tongues intertwined in her mouth. Ryuko’s breath was hot and heavy, and she snorted from her nose as she tried to make the kiss last as long as possible. 

Ryuko moaned as her lips smacked against Chi-Chi’s. Her hands gripped the older woman’s shoulders tightly, almost as if she was afraid she might somehow slip away if her grip was too loose. Chi-Chi’s own hand cupped Ryuko’s elbow, her thumb rubbing the young girl’s skin.

“Feel free to grope her, if you want,” April said softly, making the other girls coo with excitement. Without any further prompting, Ryuko brought her right hand down, cupping Chi-Chi’s breast through the silky purple fabric of her dress. The breast filled her hand,and Ryuko could feel the firmness and weight of it in her grip.

After a moment, Ryuko pulled back, overcome with emotion. She breathed heavily, her lips still parted and her hand still on Chi-Chi’s chest.

“How do your lips feel?” April asked. 

Ryuko laughed, bringing her left hand up to her face. She lightly touched her lips with her fingers, muttering, “I’ll never wash them again…”

Chi-Chi laughed, hugging Ryuko. The younger girls arms wrapped around her waist, holding her close.

“Thank you so much,” she whispered in Chi-Chi’s ear. 

“So how was her kiss?” April asked, holding the mic to Chi-Chi as the two continued to embrace.

“She was very passionate,” Chi-Chi said with a chuckle. “She explored every bit of my mouth.”
“She certainly didn’t cut any corners.” April nodded in agreement as the hug was broken. “You’re going to have so much fun later.”

“I hope so,” Ryuko said, still somewhat breathless.

“We all will,” April emphasized. “This is her appreciation tour, after all. Now, please return to your seat.”

Ryuko gave a shy nod to Chi-Chi before standing and heading back to her spot. April turned to Chi-Chi.

“Who would you like to pick next?”

Chi-Chi scanned the nervous lot once again, this time noticing the trembling Chiyo-chan. She looked so small and lost next to the other older girls, and Chi-Chi immediately took pity on her. She thought to herself that she should help this girl get over her first hurdle.

“Chiyo-chan, was it?” Chi-Chi asked. Chiyo jumped a bit in her seat, letting out a small surprised yelp.

“M-me? Are you sure?” Chiyo asked, but April was already motioning for her to come up. She did, on shaky legs, before plopping herself down in the hot seat like the girls before her.

 “You seem a bit nervous,” April said.

“Very,” Chiyo admitted. “You have no idea!”

“How do you feel about sitting next to Chi-Chi?”

“I’m so close!” Chiyo exclaimed. “I can’t believe we’re meeting in such close proximity! She’s so beautiful!”

“Tell me, Chiyo,” April said, “What would you like to do, both with and to, our lovely Chi-Chi here?”

Chiyo looked over to Chi-Chi, her orange pig tails twitching like an excited puppy’s ears. She made a little noise, not unlike a squeek, before saying, “I’d really like to kiss her!”

“Oh, kiss her?” April echoed. “And what kind of kiss?”

“A dirty one!” Chiyo said in her adorable little voice.

“A dirty one!” Chi-Chi echoed, laughing. She couldn’t believe what she’d heard come out of that tiny girl’s mouth. 

“That’s what she said,” April said with a grin, pointing the mic to Chi-Chi for her thoughts.

“Yes, okay, sure,” Chi-Chi said, trying to suppress her laughter. “We can share a dirty kiss.”

Chiyo giggled, “I’m so happy!” She squealed. 

“Please kiss her any way you like,” April said, putting her hand on Chiyo’s shoulder. It seemed like answering a few questions really eased the little thing’s nerves, as she just nodded.

Turning towards Chi-Chi, Chiyo immediately placed both her tiny hands on Chi-Chi’s large breasts. The older woman choked back another laugh, while Chiyo tilter he head up and stuck out her tongue. It seemed she wanted Chi-Chi to come to her.

Always the professional, Chi-Chi leaned forward and, placing her own hands over Chiyo’s smaller ones, she stuck out her tongue to touch it to the young girl’s. The other girls watching let out a chorus of, “Awww!”

Chi-Chi began swirling her tongue around Chiyo’s, almost dancing with it while the young girl closed her eyes and moaned cutely. 

“You can do more than that,” April said, encouraging Chiyo to lean forward more and suck on the tip of Chi-Chi’s tongue like she’d seen Asami do. Her lips pursed, and the tongue popped wetly from her mouth, which made the young girl giggle. April added, “Don’t stop yet, play with her some more!”

Chiyo stuck her tongue back out, this time taking the lead in licking up and around Chi-Chi’s tongue. The older woman just let her have her way, wanting to see how the cute little girl would experiment. Chiyo’s fingers flexed in and out, kneading the cushion of Chi-Chi’s breasts as she played with her tongue.

Chiyo sucked on Chi-Chi’s tongue one last time as she pulled away, the older woman’s tongue popping out of her mouth with a wet smacking sound. Chiyo began giggling uncontrollably, both embarrassed and excited by the surprise noise. Chi-Chi couldn’t help but chuckle along with her, caught up in the young girl’s infectious cuteness.

“That was embarrassing!” Chiyo blurted out between giggles.

“It was,” Chi-Chi agreed, smiling warmly. 

“Let’s move on to our next fan,” April said, interrupting their shared fit of laughter. Chiyo nodded and returned to her seat, still giggling intermittently “Let’s move on to our gorgeous poindexter, Velma!”

The bespectacled girl stood up, making her way over to the seat. As she sat down, Chi-Chi admired her orange sweater.

“Your sweater is so cute,” she said, lightly touching Velma’s arm. 

“Oh, thank you!” Velma replied. “That makes me so happy!”

“I’m sure it does,” April commented. “I bet you’d like to wear her daily.”

Chi-Chi snorted, immediately covering her mouth as she choked back more laughter. Velma didn’t even seem to register what April had said, as she instead asked, “Is it okay if we get started?”

“I love your enthusiasm,” April said, “but first I want to ask you what you’d like to do to her.”

Velma’s eyes flitted up and down behind her frames, scanning Chi-Chi’s body in that form-fitting dress. After taking a moment to consider, she turned to April.

“I think, first of all, that I’d really enjoy seeing them out in the open,” she said.

“In the open?” April prodded.

“Yes, you know, in all of their unsupported glory,” Velma elaborated, making vage motions towards Chi-Chi’s chest. “I’d really enjoy sucking on them, touching them, that sort of thing.”

“Oh, she wants to take good care of you,” April told Chi-Chi. Pointing the mic her way again, she asked, “What do you think of Velma?”

“Her mannerisms are very cute,” Chi-Chi responded, regaining some of her professional composure. “Really, everything about her is cute.”

“I hear that,” April agreed. 

“I’ve seen all of your work, Chi-Chi,” Velma confessed. “I even passed on doing a shoot to come on this trip, as I just had to see you!”

“Oh, now that’s what I call love,” April said. “Shoots don’t come around every day.”

“True, but something like this is even rarer,” Velma pointed out. “I might never get another chance like this again!”

“I’m so flattered,” Chi-Chi said, smiling. She continued to be amazed by the love and dedication these strangers were showing her.

“I’m so thrilled to have the chance to be with her,” Velma continued. 

“Well, since you’re here now, how about you give those lips you’ve seen so many times on your computer a nice, deep kiss?” April suggested. 

Velma seemed to consider April’s words, putting her fingers to her own lips absent-mindedly. However, instead of kiss her, Velma leaned forward and embraced Chi-Chi in a gentle hug. The other girls all gasped and awwed at this, touched by Velma’s shy embrace.

“She feels so nice,” Velma said, pulling back slightly, but not letting go. Instead, she tilted her head slightly, lips parted, and planted a soft kiss onto Chi-Chi’s lower lip.

“Oh, she’s starting playfully,” April commented, which made Velma smile. She stuck out her tongue, touching the part of her lips she had kissed, before licking up and slipping it into her idol’s mouth.

The other girls cheered her on as they saw Chi-Chi’s tongue meet Velma’s, the two kissing open-mouthed in front of everyone. Their kiss was both erotic and sensual, slowly savoring eachother’s taste before moving in to lock lips. After a few moments of making out gently, they both pulled away, giggling shyly at one another. Chi-Chi had to admit, as much as the previous girls had charmed her, Velma was the nicest one to kiss so far. 

Velma moved back in for another kiss, her hand moving from Chi-Chi’s shoulder down to her breast. 

“You can touch her as much as you want,” April encouraged, and Velma did. She groped and squeezed the breast in her hand, almost as if she was trying to memorize the feel of it.

Pulling back, Velma whispered, “I’d love to taste your saliva, Chi-Chi.”
“Oooh!” the chorus of girls cheered, while Chi-Chi’s face turned red.

“Her saliva? How bold!” April commented. She asked Chi-Chi, “Will you satisfy her wish?”

“Am I allowed to?” Chi-Chi asked awkwardly. 

“Of course, if you’re willing,” April said, grinning widely. “Are you willing?”

Chi-Chi swallowed nervously, before getting up on her knees in the seat. As she rose, her chest came level with Velma’s face.

“Oh, they’re so close,” Velma muttered, staring at them trance-like. She noticed Chi-Chi was waiting on her, though, and tilter her head up.

“Stick out your tongue,” April encouraged, and Velma did. Chi-Chi stuck hers out as well, allowing a trail of spittle to travel down and drip from the tip into Velma’s waiting mouth.

“Ahh!” the girls screamed excitedly. The act was so lewd and dirty, but the erotic look on both women’s faces was captivating to watch. Velma looked like she might die of happiness, grinning widely even with her mouth open and her tongue extended, begging for more. She moved up, catching Chi-Chi’s tongue in her mouth and sucking it dry.

“Look at her go! What a pro!” someone cheered, and the other girls began echoing similar sentiments. If the attention bothered Velma, she didn’t show it, as she hungrily lapped at Chi-Chi’s tongue and mouth. 

“How does it taste?” April asked as Velma backed off. 

She smiled, saying, “It’s so… it’s so sweet, and delicious. Not unexpected from such a goddess.”

“She’s a real go-getter,” April commented.

Chi-Chi nodded, having been taken off-guard by the bookwormish girl. “She’s so erotic, even my heart skipped a beat or two!”

“That’s a good thing,” April said, before asking Velma, “How was it?”

“I’m so flushed,” Velma observed, putting her hands to her freckled cheeks. 

“I bet the warmth of that sweater isn’t helping any,” April joked. “We’re gonna have to put you two together again later!”

“Thank you,” Velma told Chi-Chi, before standing and moving back to her seat. The other girls all applauded her, while April selected the next contestant.

“Miss Momo, you’re up next,” April said, gesturing to the girl with the impressive ponytail. Momo bounced up, making her way over to take a seat between the other two women.

“Thank you for having me!” she said, sounding surprisingly formal. Sitting next to Chi-Chi, she took a closer look at her. “Oh, she’s cuter than me by far…”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself!” Chi-Chi said. “You’ve got a lot of charm, just believe in yourself.”

Momo flushed at the encouraging words, putting her hands to her face. She said, “I don’t know what to say… thank you!”

“How do you really feel about meeting her?” April asked.

“I mean… just seeing her pictures online makes me wet,” Momo said, “but seeing her in person like this… It’s on a different level entirely!”

“Aww, you’re so cute,” Chi-Chi said. “Come here!”

She pulled Momo in for a hug, the younger girl’s own generous bosom pressing up against the MILF’s. Momo sighed.

“She’s so soft!” the schoolgirl exclaimed. “She smells so nice!”

Before Chi-Chi could respond, Momo placed a quick, cautious kiss right on her lips. Chi-Chi’s eyes widened slightly, but she smiled. Opening her mouth, she leaned back in for a more intimate kiss.

Momo responded by sticking out her tongue, letting it meet with Chi-Chi’s and twirl around playfully. Chi-Chi’s arms encircled the other girl’s shoulders, holding her close as their tongues wrestled.

Momo moaned, her face growing red under the attention of Chi-Chi’s experienced tongue. Her own training had not prepared her for this, and she felt completely overwhelmed in the older woman’s presence. A shudder went through her body, and she could feel the front of her panties growing wet.

“Don’t hold back with the noise,” April commented, holding the mic up to the two. Chi-Chi smiled and smacked her lips against Momo’s, making the reporter moan softly. It seemed like being so close to all this making out had started to get to her.

Chi-Chi sucked Momo’s tongue into her mouth, loudly slurping on it while the younger girl continued to moan softly. It seemed to Chi-Chi like she’d completely lost herself in the moment, her tongue going limp in her mouth. Ever the professional, Chi-Chi picked up her slack, using her own tongue to put on a show for the other girls, as well as the camera. 

After a few moments, Chi-Chi pulled back, leaving Momo panting with her tongue still hanging loosely from her open mouth.

“Wow, that was amazing,” April commented. “So how did it feel.”

“It felt… great..” Momo breathed, blinking a few times like she was waking from a haze. “Is it over?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of time to play with her at the resort,” April said. “You seemed to get really into that, Miss Momo.”

“Um, yeah,” Momo said, trying to regain her composure. “Our tongues entwining felt so good, I actually came a little bit…”

This caused an excited noise to come from the other girls, and April said, “You came? Wow! So when you were moaning?”

“Sorry, yes, we were really going at it, but…” Momo turned toward Chi-Chi, her bottom lip sticking out. “I’m afraid I didn’t really return the favor, did I?”

“Don’t worry about it, Momo, kissing you was a lot of fun,” Chi-Chi said. “Maybe later we can try again?”

The other girls all clapped, and Momo blushed with a nod. “I’d really like that!”

The two hugged briefly before Momo was ushered back to her seat. April called on Maps to come up next, and the young girl shakily got to her feet and made her way awkwardly down the aisle.

“What’s wrong, Miss Mizoguchi?” April asked. “You seem so fidgety!”

Maps didn’t respond, instead plopping down between April and Chi-Chi. She didn’t look at either of them, instead staring intently at the floor with her hands clasped before her face.

“What’s wrong?” Chi-Chi asked.

“I… I never thought I’d get the chance to meet you in person,” the young girl answered shakily. “I’m just so, so happy to really be here! I’m so overwhelmed!”

April and Chi-Chi both laughed, Chi-Chi putting her hands on Maps’ trembling shoulders. April couldn’t resist petting the small asian girl’s short hair. 

“Oh, Maps, are you feeling up to this?” April asked. 

The schoolgirl was so overcome with emotion that tears were welling up in the corners of her eyes. She wiped them away as the mic was put in front of her, saying, “I’m just so happy! Could I get your autograph later?”

“Oh, of course!” Chi-Chi said, putting a hand to her bosom. “I’ll be sure to give you one.”

“Do you think you can muster up the courage to hug her?” April asked the small girl. 

Maps nodded, but didn’t really move much. Chi-Chi had to wrap her arms around her, pulling her in before she returned the motion and hugged Chi-Chi tightly. Her hands clenched into the back of Chi-Chi’s dress, almost as if she were clinging for her life.

Chi-Chi patted her on the back before pulling apart, keeping one hand on the girl’s shoulder. April asked, “Are you feeling a bit more settled, now?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Are you alright?” Chi-Chi asked.

“Yes, I think I’m alright,” Maps echoed. She still looked like she could burst into tears at any moment, but she did seem a bit steadier.

“What’s your take on this cute girl who’s been moved to tears by you?” April asked, pointing her mic towards Chi-Chi. 

“She’s moved me,” Chi-Chi responded. “She’s remarkably cute.”

The girls reacted with an affectionate “aw” at that, and April said, “You heard her!”

“I feel the same about her,” Maps said shyly, stealing a sidelong glance at her idol. 

“Well, how about we try a kiss, now?” April prodded, pushing Maps closer to Chi-Chi.

Maps looked up into Chi-Chi’s eyes. The older woman gave her a warm, reassuring smile, and before the younger girl knew what was happening, she completely melted into Chi-Chi’s embrace. Their lips met, and Maps was soon lost in the moment.

The kiss started out innocent enough, with Maps seemingly content just to let her lips press against her idol’s. However, she was happy to welcome Chi-Chi’s tongue as came out to meet her, with the Gotham Academy student meeting it with her own. Her tongue entertwined with Chi-Chi’s like the other girls’ before, with Maps leaning forward to try and get more. It was almost as if she thought she could swallow the older woman, she pressed into her so.

Their lips closed and smacked together before Maps began placing smaller kisses on Chi-Chi’s lower lip, cheek, and jawline. Chi-Chi placed a hand on one freckled cheek, guiding the small girl back to her mouth where their tongues soon pressed together once again.

Maps moaned delicately into the kiss, savoring the flavor and feel of Chi-Chi. Her face was flushed as she pulled away, giggling to herself.

“You’re so delicious,” Maps said breathlessly, causing Chi-Chi to giggle along with her. 

April patted Maps on the back of her head, getting an idea. Remembering the lewd display of Velma earlier, she suggested, “How about you prepare to receive some of Chi-Chi’s saliva?”

“Oh, again?” Chi-Chi asked. She looked to Maps questioningly, but the small girl only blinked shyly at her. Before she could ask if that’s what she wanted, Maps tilted her head back and opened her mouth.

“That’s it, and stick out your tongue,” April encouraged. Maps did as she was told, and seeing the freckled beauty follow her directions so obediently had the reporter turned on even more than before.

Chi-Chi figured she might as well oblige, and took Maps’ face in both hands. Holding her steady, she loomed over the expectant schoolgirl. Sticking out her tongue, the mother allowed her saliva to drip down as she had before, where it landed on Maps’ outstretched tongue.

The additional wetness on her tongue made Maps moan, though she kept her tongue stretched out as far as she could. Chi-Chi bent over, touching her tong to Maps’ once more, and pushing it gently back into her mouth. Maps clamped her lips down reflexively on the invading tongue, sucking down Chi-Chi’s spit as she did so.

“Yes, that’s it,” April cooed. “Miss Mizoguchi, why don’t you return the favor?”

“Eh?” Maps exclaimed pulling back from Chi-Chi. “C-can I?”

“Sure,” Chi-Chi said. She shifted in her seat, sliding down so instead of looming over Maps she was now crouched down below her. April took Maps’ elbow, pushing her up so she was on her knees in the seat. Chi-Chi looked up at her, those dark, familiar eyes Maps had seen so many times in the past now staring directly into her own as their owner opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to accept Maps’ saliva.

With April’s hand moving to her back, resting their to reassure her, Maps began collecting spit into her mouth. Unlike the more experienced Chi-Chi, Maps just lobbed the spit out, shooting it directly down and missing Chi-Chi’s mouth. The spit instead hit her cheek, and Maps immediately began apologizing. 

“Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry!” she said hurriedly. Chi-Chi only smiled as she apologized over and over, collecting the glob with one finger before sucking it off down her throat.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said. “Let’s just try again.”

Not losing her composure for even a moment, Chi-Chi showed why she was such a top star as she returned to her receiving position with her tongue outstretched. Focusing on her aim this time, Maps again collected some saliva in her mouth before more carefully dropping it down. This time she found her mark, hitting Chi-Chi’s waiting tongue.

Chi-Chi swallowed it down, smiling as she moved back up to kiss Maps once more before breaking it off.

“That was very moving to watch,” April said, as they both returned to a more conventional sitting position. “Was it moving for you?”

“Yes,” Maps said, putting a hand to one freckled cheek. “It was a one-of-a-kind experience, for sure. It makes me so happy, but I’m also really embarrassed.”
“Aww, you are?” April asked, and Maps nodded meekly. “And how was it for you, Chi-Chi?”

“I found her tongue to be really cute, because it was so small,” Chi-Chi said. “It was a bit like kissing Chiyo-chan. She seemed so eager to explore, and it felt great.”

“You’ll be feeling great non-stop once we arrive at the resort,” April said with a wink. “But for now, thank you Maps, you can return to your seat.”

Maps gave Chi-Chi another hug as she stood before quickly returning to her original spot. There was just one girl left, so April motioned for Kim Possible to come on up.

“I was waiting for so long,” Kim said as she sat between April and Chi-Chi. 

“Thank you for your patience,” April said. “So, how do you feel about meeting the real Chi-Chi here, face-to-face?”

“She’s very erotic,” Kim said with complete seriousness.

Chi-Chi could not match her demeanor, laughing incredulously. “Erotic!?”

“I mean, just look at how your dress fits you,” Kim said. “It hugs your every curve, and from my seat your legs are on full display. I’ve been drooling over those creamy, toned thighs of yours since I first sat down. Not to mention your panties…”

“Oh, she’s right,” April said, as an embarrassed Chi-Chi began reflexively pulling at her dress to try and conceal herself better. The girls protested, as none of them wanted to lose the view. April also objected, saying, “No covering up! You should stay like that!”

Chi-Chi pulled her hands back, but realizing her dress had fallen in such a way had her face all red again. Chi-Chi pointed down to where Chi-Chi’s panties were visible, and the cameraman zoomed in to get a good shot.

“Are you intentionally flashing your fans right now?” April asked, smiling coyly. “You sure know how to do fanservice right! As expected of the legendary Chi-Chi!”

“No, no!” Chi-Chi said, waving her hands in front of her. “I had no idea, I’ve just been moving around a lot with all this kissing!”

“So, um, Miss O’Neil,” Kim piped up, “How far am I allowed to go with her?”

This question spurred even more excitement from the already frenzied group of girls, as Chi-Chi could only hide her face behind her hands in shame. 

“What do you think, Chi-Chi?” April asked, forcing Chi-Chi to lower her hands and answer.

“As far as she wants, right?” Chi-Chi said.

“That far?” April prodded.

“Why not?” Chi-Chi replied. 

“Well, right now we’re still in the introductory phase,” April said. “We’ll all get to have lots of fun later, but for now please don’t go much further than a deep kiss.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Chi-Chi amended, following the hostess’s lead. 

“You’re very kind, Chi-Chi, I’m glad you’re so open to the road ahead,” April said with another wink. “Now, then, please begin when you’re ready, Miss Possible.”

Kim nodded, swiping a lock of orange hair from her eyes. Suddenly and without warning, she grabbed Chi-Chi by the shoulders and pulled her into an intense liplock.

“Oh!” cried out the other girls in surprise. Chi-Chi’s eyes were wide in shock at first, but she soon leaned into the kiss. 

April reached over, pulling Kim’s long hair back behind her ear so everyone (and the camera) could clearly see their tongues meet and wrestle between kisses. Kim’s hand moved down, stroking along the length of Chi-Chi’s exposed thigh. The feel of the older woman’s silky smooth skin was intoxicating, and Kim had to squeeze her own thighs together as she became more and more aroused.

The teen adventurer’s hand traveled up, briefly pressing into the cloth of Chi-Chi’s exposed panties before moving further north to squeeze her breast. She sucked enthusiastically on Chi-Chi’s tongue as her eager hand continued to explore, this time slipping behind her to grab her juicy ass. Kim wanted to feel every inch of Chi-Chi at once, and she just couldn’t settle on just one way to molest her while they made out.

Kim pressed herself forward into Chi-Chi, still squeezing her ass while trying to rub against her chest. Chi-Chi felt completely enveloped in the girl’s embrace, but it was a feeling she welcomed.

While Kim and Chi-Chi writhed against each other, a horny April leaned over Kim’s shoulder. She unfastened a button on the front of Chi-Chi’s dress, exposing a bit of skin. Taking Kim’s wandering hand, she guided it into the opening she’d created.

“You can slip a hand inside,” she whispered. “Go ahead.”

“Lucky!” Ryuko shouted, and the other girls expressed similar sentiments as Kim’s hand visibly molested Chi-Chi’s tits under her dress. Her other hand took over exploratory duties, traveling all over Chi-Chi’s body while their tongues did battle.

She took her right hand out from under the dress, placing it instead between Chi-Chi’s legs. The older woman spread her thighs slightly, welcoming the touch as the redhead’s fingers pressed into the moist fabric of her panties.

“Oh, she’s so daring,” Velma commented, and the other girls agreed. This was perhaps the most exciting kiss they’d witnessed so far, just for how confident Kim was in taking advantage of Chi-Chi’s body.

The older woman moaned and writhed as Kim massaged her crotch through her panties. Her legs kicked out in front of her, now open wide with the front of her dress covering nothing at all. Kim was just a damp piece of fabric away from fingering her idol, but she showed no hesitation as she continued to aggressively fuck Chi-Chi’s face with her tongue.

With her legs out, Asami realized she could reach out, too. Tentatively she did so, but just as she was about to touch Chi-Chi’s thigh, her eyes met April’s. Her heart nearly jumped into her throat, realizing she’d been caught.

For a brief moment, Asami’s mind raced. Had she crossed a line? Would she be kicked off the tour? Her fears abated, however, when April smiled and mouthed the words, “Go ahead.”

Asami needed no further encouragement, running her hand along Chi-Chi’s thigh. The added touch had an effect on the stimulated woman, who moaned into Kim’s mouth. 

“I wanna feel her, too!” Momo said.

“Me too!” Chiyo chirped. 

“Don’t forget about us!” Velma added.

The other girls began crowding around the front of the bus, all laying their hands on Chi-Chi’s splayed legs. None of them dared to approach Kim’s territory, however, instead content with running their hands along Chi-Chi’s shapely thighs and calves. Chi-Chi could only moan under all the attention, rolling her hips in her seat to grind against Kim’s fingers.

“It’s her appreciation day, so let’s all appreciate her body,” April said, encouraging the groping hands of the young girls. 

Kim could only smile, pleased with herself with how Chi-Chi had completely melted into her. She continued to explore the older woman’s mouth with her tongue, as all she could do was moan and writhe in her seat.

Suddenly, everyone stopped as the shrill sound of April’s whistle rang out. Kim pulled away, as did the thirsty hands of the other girls.

“Everyone, that’s a bit too much touching,” she said, though her tone suggested otherwise. Everyone chuckled, even Chi-Chi as she tried to regain her composure. “You all seem to have insatiable sexual appetites!”

The nervous laughter continued, and Kim gave Chi-Chi one last hug, squeezing her tight. Chi-Chi’s face was still flushed, and she could feel liquid traveling down her inner thigh. She quickly pulled the front of her dress back over her legs to hide it.

“Chi-Chi, you seem all worked up,” April observed. 

“Yeah, you could say that,” she said, smiling. “They all got me a bit disheveled.”

“Indeed, it looked like you were touched everywhere, even up to your panties,” April noted. Kim laughed, embarrassed to hear her behavior described out loud. “How did it feel to touch her there?”

Kim took a deep breath before answering, “It made me wet.”

Everyone shared a laugh at that, as most of them were feeling much the same. 

“I was completely amazed by her body,” Kim continued. “I hope it was just a preview!”

“Absolutely,” April said. Kim seemed to be growing more embarrassed, hiding her face behind her long hair. 

“Even though I was the one being groped by everyone, she’s the one who’s really embarrassed,” Chi-Chi said, patting Kim on the shoulder. “Her initial assault caught me by surprise!”

“She’s certainly got spunk,” April agreed. “Thank you for that wonderful display, Miss Possible. If you’d please return to your seat.”

“Of course,” Kim said, hugging Chi-Chi quickly as she departed.

With the front seat once again to themselves, April asked, “How are you feeling now, Chi-Chi?”

“Wow, incredible,” Chi-Chi said. “It was… well, it was incredible, being kissed by so many cute girls. And so passionately! This was something that was just… Just absolutely amazing.”

“I think you all made Chi-Chi wet,” April said with a wink and a smile. “I bet your husband will be jealous when he sees the tape of this!”

Chi-Chi responded by snorting out her nose. “I doubt it. That man has been on a rampage since we came to the studio. I think it’s high time I got to have some fun with girls from other worlds, the way he does with his little harem.”

The girls all applauded that, and April had to nod in agreement.

“I know we’re all happy to have you for the weekend, isn’t that right everyone?” April shouted, eliciting a cheer from the group. Chi-Chi smiled and blushed, still not accustomed to all the praise and attention. “We’ll be picking up where we left off soon enough, and we’ll all be having lots of fun in a short while. If you look out your windows, you’ll see we’re very near our destination.”

The girls all excitedly looked out their windows, and Chi-Chi did the same. None of them had noticed in the excitement, but they’d entered Earth’s atmosphere and the ship was closing in on a massive resort hotel set by the ocean.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful!” several of the girls cooed. The sun was already starting to set, but it painted the sea and beach a romantic mix of warm colors.

“We’ll be setting down very soon,” April said as the resort grew larger in their vision. “Let’s all have a good time!”

The girls all clapped, while Chi-Chi continued to look at the resort through her window. April had been right earlier, their attention had gotten her pretty worked up. If they’d gotten that far with her just during introductions on the flight, then what would the rest of the weekend entail?

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