Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour, Chapter Three – Complimentary Breakfast

Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour
Part Three – Complimentary Breakfast


It was the first morning of the Fan Appreciation Tour held for seven of Chi-Chi’s biggest fans. The hostess for the event, April O’Neil, led the seven contest winners down the halls of the luxury resort they had to themselves for the weekend. She had a big smile on her face, as she was excited to show the girls what she had planned for their next event.

“This way, please,” April said cheerily as she opened up the doors to the dining hall. She turned to see the trail of girls, still in their pajamas, as they filed into the room.

At the front of the line were Maps Mizoguchi and Velma Dinkley, the two freckled girls holding hands. April had noticed after everyone went off to bed, Maps had snuck into Velma’s room. It seemed like they’d worked together to release some of the tension from Chi-Chi’s show. They weren’t the only ones, as she had also seen Ryuko Matoi sneak into Momo Yaoyorozu’s room not long after, and then together both girls had migrated to Asami’s room. Though those three weren’t choosing to display their affection for one another outwardly like the freckled cuties at the front of the line, April had noticed several nervous glances between the three dark-haired girls. Similarly, the two redheads of the group, Kim Possible and Chiyo Mihama, kept glancing towards each other and breaking out into giggles. April had seen the two of them making out during Chi-Chi’s show, but if they’d hooked up that night like the other five had, she’d missed it.

“What’s going on?” Maps asked as the girls all filed into the room. The other girls wre all equally confused by the sight that greeted them None of the tables appeared to be set up, but there was a big pink curtain hanging down the middle of the room.

April followed them all in, grinning knowingly. She produced her handy microphone, saying, “Now, I know you all can’t see anything yet, but there is something interesting behind that curtain.”

“What is it?” Chiyo asked, eyes wide with intrigue. 

“Wait just a moment, I know you all must be curious,” April said. “I promised you all a special complimentary breakfast, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did!” the girls replied, in various fashions. 

“Well, let me show you your breakfast, then,” she continued, walking over to a cord by the wall. Pulling on it, the pink curtain dropped, revealing the other half of the dining room.

Only one table lay beyond the fallen curtain, but a quick glance at the table revealed why. Lying flat on her back was Chi-Chi, completely nude save for a variety of confections strategically placed on her body. A variety of little breakfast treats covered her most sensitive parts, with trails of whipped cream snaking their way around the treats and across her skin..

The girls all screamed in unison as they realized what they were seeing. April grinned gleefully as she watched them react, dancing and jumping in place, practically begging for permission to approach the table with their idol on it.

“Let’s all move in closer,” April encouraged, ushering the girls to circle around the table. They all pulled up seats and sat down while Chi-Chi waited nervously on her back.

“She’s so cute!” Kim said with a squeal. “Look at her!”

“This can’t be real,” Ryuko commented as she sat down.

“She looks delicious!” Chiyo-chan exclaimed, and the other girls all began giggling and agreeing.

“I want to eat her up and lick her all over,” Asami said.

April walked around the group of girls as they settled into their seats, smiling proudly at their response. She knew they would appreciate this special breakfast, even if it took some convincing to get Chi-Chi to agree to it.

Chi-Chi, for her part, remained still and professional. An apprehensive smile stayed plastered to her face as the girls squirmed and cooed around her, eyeing the delicious treats that barely covered her naked body.

“Alright,” April said after giving them a moment to settle down, “You may all start sampling her before the food goes bad.”

The girls gasped. Chiyo looked up at April with big, watery eyes and asked, “Is it really okay?”

“Sure! Dig in!” April encouraged with a grin. She held her microphone down to the prone Chi-Chi and asked, “Isn’t that right, Chi-Chi?”

“Yes,” Chi-Chi said, maintaining her nervous smile. 

The girls squealed with excitement, inching closer to the table, still a bit unsure. April urged them on, saying, “Enjoy her to your hearts’ content! Please get a good taste!”

Ryuko licked her lips. “It’s time to dig in!” She proclaimed.

The girls all leaned in close around Chi-Chi’s prone body, shivering with anticipation. Maps leaned in first, stretching out her tongue to lick some whipped cream off the curve of her hip. Asami, up by Chi-Chi’s head, dipped her finger into some on her shoulder and brought it tantalizingly to her lips. Soon all the girls were leaned in, tongues outstretched to lick at the sweet goodies laid across Chi-Chi’s bare form.

“So sweet and tasty!” Chiyo exclaimed as she licked some cream off the top of Chi-Chi’s thigh. 

“Scrumptious,” Velma agreed before taking one long lick across Chi-Chi’s collarbone, picking up cream as she went. Kim picked a cherry out of Chi-Chi’s belly button and sucked the whipped cream off it before biting down and savoring the juices inside.

“Chi-Chi, it appears you’re being eaten,” April commented as the girls continued to hungrily lap at her decorated skin. 

Chi-Chi chuckled nervously in response, saying, “Yes, it’s amazing… I’m being devoured!”

“We used a variety of fruit flavors, so make sure to try and get as much as you can,” April told the girls, who could only moan in response as they continued to lick their idol’s body. “I want to see her completely naked by the end of breakfast!”

“Yes, April,” the girls chorused like a group of schoolchildren. 

` “Oh, watch out, it’s going to fall,” Momo told Kim as a small pink cake started to slide off Chi-Chi’s tummy. Kim knelt forward and opened her mouth wide, letting it fall in before chewing it with a grin.

“Mmmm, strawberry,” she murmured before licking up some more cream to go with it.

Chi-Chi moaned, resisting the urge to squirm as seven pink tongues danced all over her flesh. 

Velma used her teeth to pick up a ring of pineapple that rested over Chi-Chi’s left nipple. The other girls watched enviously as the pineapple juice squirted onto Chi-Chi’s breast, and Momo swooped in to lick it up.

“Oh, you got her sweet part!” Ryuko objected. 

“There’s still plenty more,” Velma pointed out after  swallowing the pineapple, as she licked some more whipped cream off her breast. Chi-Chi let out a low moan.

“I love eating you, Chi-Chi,” Momo purred as she licked up along Chi-Chi’s rib cage up to her right breast. 

Asami scooped up a dollop of cream from the top of her breast and held it up to the older woman’s mouth. Chi-Chi looked up at her as she said, “Go ahead, taste some of yourself.”

Chi-Chi stuck out her tongue licking the sweet cream off Asami’s finger sensuously. 

“Her tongue’s so erotic,” Ryuko cooed, watching her lick all around the outstretched finger. 

“Ah, it feels so nice…” Asami said with a breathy sigh. Before Chi-Chi could lick it all up, she brought her finger to her own mouth, licking up the rest and stealing an indirect kiss. The other girls blushed and cooed at the erotic display.

Velma leaned forward and began licking the nub of Chi-Chi’s left nipple, moaning as her tongue flicked it. The other girls all followed her lead, licking along Chi-Chi’s breasts, stomach, thighs, anywhere they could reach. They no longer concerned themselves with licking up whipped cream or sweet breakfast desserts, simply with tasting her soft, tender skin.

Asami happily licked Chi-Chi’s right breast the same way Velma was opposite her. A big grin betrayed her joy as she licked around the swell of her breast, all the way up to her erect nipple. She latched onto it, wetly smacking her lips as she sucked on the sensitive nub.

“Feel free to make some noise, Chi-Chi,” April encouraged. As if she’d been holding it in, a low moan escaped Chi-Chi’s lips, and her chest heaved under Asami and Velma’s heads. 

Asami sucked as much of Chi-Chi’s nipple into her mouth as she could, pulling up so that the teat stretched to meet her before it eventually popped lewdly from her mouth and fell back into place. Chi-Chi let out a loud cry as the girls continued to trace patterns on her skin with their eager tongues. Her body trembled, as the remaining treats and cream jiggled with each little twitch she made. 

“How does it feel, Chi-Chi?” April asked, holding the mic to her blushing face.

“Amazing,” she said with an embarrassed laugh. “My nipples are being licked and teased…”

“Let’s be sure to lick her all over,” April encouraged, though her words would prove unnecessary. Every girl there wanted Chi-Chi’s moans and cute gasps to be because of something they did to her.

“Chi-Chi’s mouth is open,” Momo pointed out. Velma turned to look, leaning over to extend her tongue. A flushed Chi-Chi met her in a wet, open-mouth kiss, moaning from the sensation of being licked all over.

While Velma and Chi-Chi made out, April leaned over the shoulders of Momo and Maps with a can of whipped cream.

“Here is everyone’s special reward,” she said, pressing down on the nozzle to spray a line of cream along the slit of Chi-Chi’s pussy.

The girls cried out in excitement at the implied invitation. 

“That looks so tasty!” Chiyo said excitedly.

Without any further urging, Maps made a sudden move forward, licking up some of the fresh whipped cream. Chi-Chi cried out as he tongue traced along her labia, and her hips lifted up slightly off the table. 

The other girls cried out in surprise at her uncharacteristic boldness.

“I wanna lick her too, that’s not fair!” Chiyo whined, pouting. The pigtailed girl leaned her head in next to Maps’, licking up what cream she missed as Chi-Chi moaned and writhed on the table.

“I can’t wait to lick her,” Momo said wistfully as she watched the two younger girls battle it out with their tongues. Their little pink tongues danced around Chi-Chi’s pussy, sometimes pressing up against each other in an effort to get more of the whipped cream as well as more of Chi-Chi herself.

All Chi-Chi could do was squirm underneath them. The other girls had stopped their assault on the rest of her body, as they’d all become entranced watching Chiyo and Maps bury their faces between her legs. However, she felt even more vulnerable than before, moaning and crying out from the relentless assault on her most sensitive area.

“Ahh-hah! Ahh!” Chi-Chi cried out as her hips bucked involuntarily.

“Chi-Chi’s really feeling it,” Kim said breathlessly as she watched.

“How does she taste?” April asked when Chiyo came up for air.

“Amazing!” She chirped with a big grin on her face. 

“She tastes so good,” Maps agreed, backing away from Chi-Chi’s pussy as well, which was completely devoid of any traces of whipped cream.

Velma, still cradling Chi-Chi’s panting face, observed, “I think she already came.”

Chi-Chi couldn’t muster a response, as she tried to catch her breath, Velma stroking her cheek lovingly. April saw that the star of the trip needed a moment to collect herself, so she addressed the girls.

“Everyone, why don’t you each help your neighbor remove their pajamas so that they don’t get dirty,” she suggested. “I’ve got a lot more whipped cream to spread around, after all.”

The girls all looked to each other nervously before complying. Chiyo and Kim were the first to turn toward each other, helping to remove their pajama tops while blushing and giggling. Asami and Ryuko similarly helped each other out of their clothes, while Velma, Momo and Maps all helped each other on the opposite side of Chi-Chi’s recovering body.

Chi-Chi stretched her arms up over her head, still feeling warm and cozy from the small orgasm she’d just experienced. As she did, April saw an opening and leaned forward, spraying first her left, then her right armpit with the whipped cream. Chi-Chi’s eyes widened, but she didn’t dare move her arms now.

“Oh, now that is vigorous!” Ryuko exclaimed, blushing at the implication.

“Time to dig in,” April encouraged, as a couple of girls closer to her reached out with their fingers to get at the fresh cream. Chi-Chi gasped and squirmed as they tickled her, and she moaned suddenly when Velma leaned in to lick at her left armpit.

Asami scooted over a bit, gesturing to the red-faced Ryuko that the left pit was hers if she wanted it. Ryuko had never even considered the possibility of an armpit being erotic, but seeing her idol Chi-Chi gasping and quivering with the invitation of whipped cream right there… She dove in.

“Ahh! Ah!” Chi-Chi cried out as Ryuo and Velma assaulted her smooth, delicate armpits. Momo saw a chance and leaned in to taste her left breast, which quivered and shook as her chest heaved with each gasp and moan. 

Down south, Maps and Chiyo worked together again, licking along the inside of Chi-Chi’s spread thighs, this time carefully avoiding returning to her pussy until the right moment. Asami merely stroked Chi-Chi’s hair while she watched the other girls have their fun, with Kim soon grabbing her right breast and bringing it to her anxious mouth.

“I wonder how Chi-Chi feels about all this,” April said with a smirk as she watched this all go on. Chi-Chi could only moan lewdly in response, making the girls all giggle as they continued to lick and tease her exposed flesh.

“I just love this part of her,” Maps cooed as she inched back in towards her pussy, licking delicately at the shivering folds. She ran one finger up and down the outside of her vagina, lightly tickling her as she licked.

“Ohhh! Ohh!” Chi-Chi cried out as Maps edged her closer to a second orgasm. 

Chiyo pouted, seeing Maps get Chi-Chi’s pussy all to herself. Kim, sitting beside her, could resist Chiyo’s cute face and cupped her cheek with one hand. She turned Chiyo to face her, kissing her wetly. The whipped cream on both their faces smeared as the two redheads began to kiss passionately. Kim’s tongue explored Chiyo’s mouth as the younger girl sighed and pressed her tongue back against hers in response. 

April smiled, happy to see the girls giving each other some attention as well. However, she wasn’t done torturing Chi-Chi just yet, and she set her mic down for a moment. She grabbed the right ankle of the main attraction, the one next to Chiyo and Kim, and raised her foot into the air. The girls all kept their eyes on her as she used her free hand to spray some whipped cream on the raised foot.

“Ooh!” Chiyo gasped as April lowered Chi-Chi’s leg, handing her creamed foot over to the pigtailed girl.

“Would you like a taste, Chiyo-chan?” April asked as Chiyo’s eyes sparkled. 

Chiyo giggled and answered by sticking out her tongue, where the taste of Kim Possible’s mouth still lingered, and licked up some of the whipped cream off the top of Chi-Chi’s foot. 

“She’s so lucky,” Momo said with a sigh.

“This foot, too,” Maps said, pointing to the bare left foot that rested near her. 

April obliged, lifting that foot up and adding some whipped cream to it as well. This time, she pointed Chi-Chi’s foot up, letting the stream of whipped cream fall onto her toes and down the sole of her foot. The girls noticed this and cried out in excitement and jealousy as Maps beamed eagerly at the sight.

She didn’t wait for April to lower her foot back down, standing up and licking some cream off the side right away. The girls gasped at this, too, each of them enviously imagining the taste.

Chi-Chi moaned and writhed as Chiyo and Maps again double-teamed her, this time attacking her soft, plump feet instead of her pussy. 

“She’s really feeling it,” Velma said with a smile as her eyes darted from the lewd foot worship to Chi-Chi’s breathy reaction. The other girls idly fondled and groped her as they watched Maps and Chiyo enjoy her feet.

April circled around the table, adding some whipped cream to Chi-Chi’s right hand. Asami took her by the wrist and began eagerly sucking on her newly-decorated fingers. Ryuo leaned in to join her, their tongues both licking Chi-Chi’s finger’s, before touching each other’s tongues together. The two girls essentially made out around Chi-Chi’s digits as April moved to spray her other hand as well. 

“How about over here?” she asked, spraying her left hand with some cream. Momo and Velma both moved their attention to the new source of whipped cream, kissing and sucking on her fingers in much the same way as Ryuko and Asami.

Kim decided to get in on the fun, joining Ryuko and Asami in sucking on the fingers of Chi-Chi’s right hand. The three girls lewdly sucked and lapped at the fingers.

“Ahh, why does this feel so good?” Chi-Chi moaned as her hands and feet were all licked at hungrily. 

Maps soon licked up all the whipped cream on her foot, and began kissing and licking her way along Chi-Chi’s calf, past her knee, up her thigh and back to that holy land of her juicy cunt. 

Asami, meanwhile, left Chi-Chi’s hand to Ryuko and Kim to instead thrust her tongue into Chi-Chi’s mouth. The over-stimulated woman eagerly welcomed the kiss, wrestling Asami’s tongue with her own as she writhed on the table. Asami sucked her tongue into her mouth like a vaccuum, savoring Chi-Chi’s taste just as much as she had the whipped cream off her body.

Ryuko moved in, and Asami backed off to let the delinquent-looking girl steal a kiss as well. Ryuko’s face was heavily flushed as she pressed her lips into Chi-Chi’s, chastely kissing her before being surprised by Chi-Chi forcing her tongue into her mouth.

Chiyo continued to lick up and down the sole of Chi-Chi’s right foot, despite finishing off her whipped cream some time ago. Kim began licking up and down her raised leg, enjoying the smooth skin of her calf and shin while Chiyo sucked on her toes.

“She’s glistening from everyone’s saliva,” April commented, having retrieved her microphone. Everyone moaned and giggled in response.

Maps slipped one finger in past Chi-Chi’s nether lips, invading her pussy with a single digit. 

“Ahh!” Chi-Chi cried out as she was penetrated. Even though it was just a finger, she’d been dancing on the edge of an orgasm for a while, and this pushed her over the it. If the girls noticed she came again, they showed no signs of it, as they continued licking while Maps began slowly fingering her.

Maps pumped her finger in and out, soon adding a second as Chi-Chi’s cries intensified. She used her thumb to circle around her clit, making Chi-Chi’s hips buck against her. Maps was grinning from ear to ear as she fingered her favorite porn star, entranced by her movements.

Velma, Asami and Ryuko had all moved their attentions back to Chi-Chi’s breasts, while Momo licked her tummy, which still had some sweets on it. 

“Look down at yourself being devoured,” April told Chi-Chi. The older woman did, looking down at the seven young girls all tasting and savoring her in their own ways. Maps leaned in to continue licking Chi-Chi’s pussy while she fingered her. “Can you see? You’re being eaten out right now, Chi-Chi.”

“She’s really going at her!” Ryuko cheered as she licked the underside of Chi-Chi’s breast. 

“Ahh, it all feels so good!” Chi-Chi moaned, earning appreciative noises from her busy fans. 

“That looks like it feels wonderful,” April said sweetly as the girls continued to taste her. Every now and then a couple would take a break from licking Chi-Chi to kiss each other before resuming. 

Chiyo finally moved on from Chi-Chi’s tasty foot, adding her own tiny fingers to Maps in penetrating the older woman’s pussy. Hands and tongues traveled all over her naked form, while two sets of hands and tongues played with her sopping wet maidenhood.

It was all just too much, and Chi-Chi’s plump ass lifted off the table as she came a third time. This one was somehow much harder than the previous two, as her juices squirted out, all over Chiyo and Maps’s hands and faces.

“Oh! It’s a good thing we had you girls disrobe!” April said with a laugh as the two girls were sprayed in girlcum. 

“Oh, did she cum?” Ryuko asked from her position by Chi-Chi’s head.

“She sure did, look at how she’s quivering,” Momo replied, kissing Chi-Chi’s belly button. “She’s twitching so much!”

“She’s so adorable,” Asami moaned, idly groping Chi-Chi’s breast in one hand.

The girls all watched, hands groping whatever flesh they could find purchase on, as Maps continued fingering Chi-Chi by herself with her middle and ring finger. 

“Oh, my gosh, this all feels incredible,” Chi-Chi moaned, which excited her fans even more. 

“Make her squirt again,” Kim urged as Maps began furiously pumping her fingers in and out, making wet squelching noises with each movement of her wrist. Her fingers pistoned Chi-Chi relentlessly.

Velma kissed Chi-Chi on the cheek and asked, “Are you about to cum?”

“Yes! Yes!” Chi-Chi cried out.

“You’re gonna?” Ryuko prodded, circling her right nipple with her tongue.

“I’m cumming!” Chi-Chi shoutd in response, as the mother of two threw her head back and came a fourth time, this time visibly squirting all over the breakfast table. The girls screamed and clapped in glee at the display, her juices creating a lewd runway up the table right between her glistening thighs.

Maps pulled out her hand as Chi-Chi’s body quivered and shook, her thighs spasming and her chest heaving with ragged breaths. The freckled girl brought her moist fingers to her lips, sucking Chi-Chi’s sex juices off of them with a moan. Chiyo saw this and likewise began licking up her own soiled fingers.

Chi-Chi watched through half-lidded eyes as the two young girls who’d mercilessly ravaged her savored the just deserts of their efforts. Her heavy breasts heaved with deep breaths, but before she could recover Momo moved in to lick along her inner thigh.

“Let’s clean her up,” Momo suggested, and before Chi-Chi could say a word the other girls followed her lead and began licking her all over once again. They licked her breasts, her shoulders, her tummy, her legs, her feet, her neck, her pussy, anywhere they could reach.

April knelt down next to her head as the super fans went to work licking her clean. She asked, “Miss Chi-Chi, could you please tell us how it feels to be licked all over?”

“Being licked everywhere…” Chi-Chi replied, haltingly, as she tried to catch her breath, “feels absolutely amazing!”

“Is that so?” April asked, but Chi-Chi could only nod weakly in response.

“Although Chi-Chi came again, there’s still more to come,” April warned. “Much more. There’s even better activities for us to enjoy coming right up! Isn’t that right, Chi-Chi?”

“Ah, yeah…” Chi-Chi barely managed to answer as she laid her head back on the table, losing herself in the intense sensations. April just smiled and watched as the girls all continued to enjoy their complimentary breakfast, knowing that very soon they’d be getting a much better taste of each other as well.



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