by A-boy
Inspired by

Enta runs through the locker room, thinking Kazuki only thought of the kiss as a dare, and that he hasn’t properly confessed to him. He reaches his goal, Kazuki’s locker , and swings it open again, noticing he left his shorts and jersey while he was showering. Kazuki watches as Enta starts sniffing his shorts, who starts stripping to his underwear. Enta visibly blushes at what he’s doing, but he can’t help but get turned on by Kazuki’s scent intoxicating him. His crush is also visibly turned on by his actions, and silently approaches him, before whispering in his ear, “Caught ya.”
Enta’s heart starts beating faster as he’s been caught sniffing Kazuki’s shorts, but Kazuki calms him down.
“It’s ok, Enta, I actually just got really turned on.”
Enta’s blush intensifies as he hears that he turned on Kazuki. His blush deepens further as he feels his best friend’s soft hands trail his abdomen, reaching to his cock, straining through his underwear, and Kazuki starts stroking him. “I missed playing soccer and I’m glad I came back, but now I get why you kissed me back then. It wasn’t a dare, was it?” Kazuki whispered as his fingers teased and stroked Enta’s twitching shaft.
“Kazuki, you were the reason I kept playing, and being the Golden Duo made me happy, and I-i l-love you for that. It broke my heart when you left soccer because it felt like you left me, too.” Enta shivered through words as they got closer than most friends do.
“I’m not leaving you again.” Kazuki feels Enta’s hand grab his arm, signaling he’s close to cumming. He kisses his best friend’s neck and whispers “Cum for me, Enta” and hearing his name called pushed him to the edge, cumming in his crush’s hand, and soaking part of his underwear.
“Fuck,” both gasp as Kazuki retracts his hand, and tastes the cum splattered between his fingers.
“Ka-kazuki!? What are you doing?”
“I’m tasting your cum, it’s really sweet and a little salty, I like it. Wanna taste too?”
Enta cautiously licks Kazuki’s hand clean of cum, enjoying his taste as well.
“Let’s do some more stuff sometime, preferably stuff with you kneeling, or bending over” Kazuki smirks and smacks Enta’s butt before dressing and leaving.
“Before I go, can I be sure of something, Enta?” Kazuki asks. “What is it Kazuki?” Enta shakily asks as he recovers from their deed. “Would you like to be my boyfriend?” Kazuki asks, answered with a kiss by Enta.