Fusion Falls, Chapter One: Opening Day

I thought it’d be fun to get to know the Fusions a bit better, so I’m starting this series focused on them and their new hangout spot, Fusion Falls. To keep the series viable I’m writing it with assistance from AI Dungeon.

Siat Wildstar smiled proudly as she stood outside the entrance to the newest building in the Near Hentai Studio. A sizeable crowd had gathered, with many familiar faces looking up at her as she finished her commemoration speech.
“In closing, while the Fusion Falls Community Center is open to everyone, it’s dedicated purpose is as a hangout and meet-up location for our Fusion residents. Your number has been growing ever since the NHS Fusion Initiative began, and we felt you would all benefit from a space of your own. So, without further ado, let me officially open up Fusion Falls!”
The crowd applauded as she cut the ribbon in front of the doors to the building. The doors were swung open, and the building was officially opened to the public.
There were two levels to the building. The main floor had a small cafe area, complete with a counter and a few tables. To complement the building’s name, a large decorative waterfall flowed from the second floor down into an indoor lake on the ground floor. On the left side of the building, there was a small open area with a few private booths and a large, comfortable-looking sofa. On the right side, there was a staircase leading up to a second level.
The first step out of the crowd and into the building was taken by Kizuku. As the first Fusion the studio produced, he’d been waiting a long time for an event like this. His freckled face lit up as he looked around the nice, clean, spacious building.
The other Fusions soon joined him, and everyone began milling about and exploring.
It really was a nice space. The second floor was filled with a variety of rooms, including an arcade, a movie theater, various conference rooms for private meetings, and even a small hallway filled with empty bedrooms for casual hookups. Kizuku imagined the place could be made into a nice home for a couple.
The cafe downstairs was run by a pretty dark-haired girl, Kuma. She laughed as she handed out menus, and when Kizuku asked if she was the Fusion liaison, she said she was waiting for someone to tell her officially.
“This is the manager, Kuma, our Fusion liaison,” Siat said, introducing her officially.
“We’re so happy you guys chose us! What do you want to eat?” Kuma asked with a brilliant smile.
“Isn’t this place awesome?” Pinkfire asked, sitting down next to Kizuku.
Kizuku blinked in surprise. He’d been planning to eat alone, but Pinkfire had always been especially forward and friendly.
Adjusting to the unexpected guest, he smiled, saying, “It sure is!”
“I’ll have a strawberry boba!” Pinkfire told Kuma.
“Make that two,” Kizuku added.
“Two strawberry boba teas, coming right up!” Kuma said with a smile. Siat nodded and went off to see how others were enjoying the new building.
“Isn’t this the coolest?” Pinkfire asked as they waited. “A whole building, just for us Fusions.”
“I know,” Kizuku said, smiling. “It makes me feel proud to be a Fusion.”
“Me, too!”
Kizuku smiled. It was easy to talk to Pinkfire, as they both had halves that were good friends in their previous lives. Even though he’d only met Pinkfire a handful of times, he already felt like he was chatting with an old acquaintance.
Soon, their drinks arrived and they began chatting more while enjoying them.
“I heard the place is run by a cute girl,” Pinkfire said, nodding towards Kuma.
“Yup! She’s pretty hot, huh?”
“I think she likes you,” Kizuku said, raising an eyebrow.
Pinkfire laughed. “Nah, she’s just doing her job. I bet she’s got a boyfriend.”
“You think so?”
“Well, you might be right.”
Sitting next to each other, they chatted amiably for a bit more. Kizuku learned that Pinkfire was a popular Fusion around the Studio. Lots of people recognized her. Although Kizuku still knew very little about Pinkfire as a person, he enjoyed her company.
When they finished their teas, Pinkfire took Kizuku by the hand and began dragging him up to the second floor.
“Come on, I want to show you something!” she said excitedly.
She dragged him up to the second level and pushed open one of the rooms.
“Here it is,” she said, smiling. “My room.”
“Your room?” Kizuku asked.
She turned to him and nodded. “Mhmm! I rented it!”
“What for?” he asked, taken aback.
“For us! You and me! As a couple, or something. I don’t know. I just felt like it.”
Kizuku was speechless. Was this why she’d joined him at the café?
“You were planning this?”
“Mhmm! I wanted to celebrate the grand opening by fucking someone new,” she explained, taking off her jacket. “I saw you sitting alone and thought… well, why not? You’re really cute, and it’s not like we have nothing in common.”
She took off her sweater, revealing a pink bra. “You can get undressed as well, if you want, since I already had my clothes off…”
Kizuku blushed. “I never agreed to anything.”
Pinkfire stopped just before unfastening her bra.
“Oh…? Did I read you wrong?”
Kizuku’s pale cheeks darkened further. “It’s… it’s not that, I just… this seems so sudden.”
“If you don’t wanna, that’s fine by me,” Pinkfire said. “I just assumed, since Deku and Mina were already so close… I thought we had good chemistry.”
“We do,” Kizuku admitted. He wasn’t sure what was holding him back. He glanced back to Pinkfire, her smooth pink skin shimmering in the light of the room. She gave him a shy smile, and he looked away. “But I’m not sure I want to do this.”
“Oh.” She looked disappointed but didn’t press the matter. “I can find someone else. Sorry for dragging you in here like this.”
Kizuku turned to leave, but stopped. He did want this, and deep down he knew he was just overthinking things again. Having sex with Pinkfire really did sound like a fun way to celebrate. He looked across the room, at the big bed set up just for them. It was massive, way bigger than the bed at his apartment. The sheets looked clean, and there was a big fluffy robe sitting next to it, with the words ‘Sexy Maid’ written on it. Maybe…
“Fuck it,” Kizuku said as he began undressing. Pinkfire’s face lit up.
“Oh! You changed your mind?”
He nodded.
She smiled, her whole face lighting up like a little girl’s. “That’s so awesome! I was hoping you’d say that!”
“I still don’t feel right about this,” he said. “You should’ve invited me up instead of dragging me here.”
Pinkfire approached him, putting her hands on his pale, freckled shoulders.
“I’ll keep that in mind for next time,” she said, her voice unexpectedly low and sultry. Her large, soft breasts pressed against his back, making his stomach do an unpleasant flip-flop. He felt himself hardening in response.
“Next time?” he asked.
“And the time after that,” she added, reaching around his wait to unfasten his pants. “Until we’re old and grey, and wrinkles are starting to form.”
“That’s gonna take a while,” Kizuku muttered, stepping out of his pants.
Pinkfire giggled. “That’s fine. We’ve got all night.”
Kizuku looked over at her in confusion. “We do?”
Pinkfire nodded and smiled.
“I rented the room, remember? It works just like a hotel,” she said. “A love hotel.”
Kizuku smiled. “A love hotel? Do you think we’ll be making love tonight?”
Pinkfire giggled again, wrapping her arms around his waist.
“The love can wait until next time,” she said. “Tonight, why don’t we focus on you fucking me?”
She lowered herself to her knees, and Kizuku watched as she freed his stiffening penis.
“Like this?” she asked, her voice rising in pitch. She took his length into her hand, and he could feel grip him firmly.
“That’s… yeah,” Kizuku said, blushing. “Just like that.”
Pinkfire smiled, and wrapped her lips around his cock. He gasped as she began working him in and out of her hot, wet mouth.
“Mmm… that feels so good,” Kizuku moaned.
She sucked on him more steadily, taking him deeper into her throat. Kizuku reached down to touch her breasts, feeling the smooth, soft skin and perky nipples. She moaned softly around his cock as he squeezed her.
“I want you to cum in my mouth,” Pinkfire said, pulling back slightly to look up at him. “Will you do that?”
“Yes!” Kizuku cried, about to cum. “Yes, I’ll do that!”
Pinkfire smiled. “Good. Shoot your cum into my mouth, then, and I’ll swallow for you.”
Kizuku couldn’t hold back, and he pumped his cock into Pinkfire’s waiting mouth. She took all of him in one large gulp, and the sensation sent him over the edge.
“Ahh!” he cried out, his cock erupting inside her warm mouth. Pinkfire swallowed his load expertly, closing her eyes as she felt the hot load slide down her throat.
“Good?” she asked, her eyes still closed as she licked his sensitive head.
“Perfect,” Kizuku said.
Pinkfire smiled, and stood, stretching.
“Wanna return the favor?” she asked with a wink.
Kizuku nodded. He quickly kicked his pants and boxers away, before following her to the bed.
“You don’t have to stay,” Pinkfire said.
“I want to,” he replied, pushing her onto the bed. Pinkfire giggled as he began planting soft kisses along her collar and breasts.
“Not too many guys would do this for just… a friend,” she said. “I feel honored.”
“I’d do anything for you,” Kizuku replied, planting kisses along her stomach as he moved south. Soon, he came to a rest between her legs. Her pink pussy glistened in front of him, already moist with arousal. He reached down and opened her lips with his fingers, before slipping a finger inside her. She moaned, and Kizuku found himself grinning.
“You like that?” he asked.
“Yeah,” Pinkfire breathed.
Kizuku kept fingering her before extending his tongue, licking along her outer folds. He licked her suggestively, and she squirmed beneath him.
“Is that how you want me, baby?” he asked.
“You know how,” she replied.
He kept licking as he found her clit with his mouth, and she let out a small cry.
“How about that?” he asked, circling his tongue around her little nub.
“Oh God, yes!” Pinkfire cried. “Do it! Make me cum, Kizuku!”
Kizuku kept licking and sucking as her orgasm hit. She bucked her hips up and down, riding his face as she let out a long, loud cry. Her juices flowed down his chin, and he could taste her sweet pleasure.
When she was finally done cumming, he rolled off of her, and she reached out to grab his hand.
“Come here.”
She pulled him in for a kiss, tasting herself on his lips.
“I want you,” she said. “I want to see you fuck me.”
Kizuku smiled, and sat up on the bed. He traced his fingers along her arm.
“You’re quite beautiful,” he said. “If I start fucking you now, I might end up fucking you into the morning.”
“Is that a promise?” she asked.
“You know it is,” he replied. His hands continued to explore her body, and she let out a soft sigh.
“Why are you teasing me?” she asked. “Hurry up and put it in!”
“I like you like that,” Kizuku said. “You make such cute noises when you’re frustrated.”
He moved to straddle her, and she grabbed his ass, pulling him forward so that his cock head brushed up against the entrance to her pussy.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
“I’m so ready,” she replied. “Just… get it in there.”
He sank his cock into her tight, wet pussy, and Pinkfire let out a small scream.
“Are you okay?”
“That’s how I like it,” she said.
She wrapped her arms around his back, and he began to fuck her. He started slow, building up speed as her pussy began to accept him in earnest.
“You like this, baby?” he asked.
“Yes! Please, keep doing it! Don’t stop!”
Her breathing was getting heavy and the feeling of his cock in her pussy made her so wet. She began to really dig her nails into his back. He sped up and she let out a moan. Her pussy held him tight and he continued thrusting into her. Her pink legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him deeper into her.
“I’m gonna cum, baby,” she said. “Please don’t stop!”
“I’m not gonna stop,” Kizuku replied. “I’m gonna cum right into your pussy!”
Kizuku came hard. She felt her pussy tighten up and release all over his cock. She felt so hot and so happy, even after cumming, that she just lay there for a while.
“That was good, baby. You were good,” she panted.
After a while, she sat up and looked at Kizuku. His face was red and his chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath. He fell on his back, not caring that he was naked, and stared at the ceiling.
“So, uh… You wanna do it again?” she asked.
“Oh yeah,” he said, half smiling. “I’d love to do it again. I love fucking you so much.”
Pinkfire climbed on top of him, straddling his lap and putting her hands on his chest. She grinded in top of him, rubbing his cock with her dripping wet pussy.
“You know, I inherited some of Mina’s lubrication abilities,” she said. “You can stick it right in my ass, no problems.”
Kizuku sighed and slid a finger inside Pinkfire’s asshole. It was tight but she relaxed as he slipped it in a little deeper.
“How’s that feel?” he asked.
“Good,” she said, gasping.
Kizuku grinned. He reached up and pulled her down so that her head rested on his shoulder.
“Do you know what I like?”
Pinkfire closed her eyes and bit his shoulder lightly. He groaned running his fingers through her dark red hair as his other hand fingered her asshole.
“I like when you’re a complete whore,” he said.
“A complete…?” she started.
“Whore. Just like you.”
Pinkfire giggled.
“You do?”
“Yeah. I like it. I like that you’re a bad bitch.”
“Why?” she asked.
“Why do you think?”
Pinkfire closed her eyes and just let her head rest on his shoulder. Kizuku started to thrust into her slowly, enjoying her tight little ass as his fingers slipped in and out.
“Because I love that you want to take it up the ass from me,” he said. “I love that you wanna get all nasty and dirty for me.”
“I do?”
“Yeah. You’re such a slut.”
Pinkfire giggled as his fingers slid out of her asshole. She pushed her body up so that his cock was squeezed between her pink cheeks. Kizuku pushed her ass back down on his cock and held it there until she relaxed her hips.
“That’s good,” she said.
Kizuku reached down and grabbed her hips as he shoved his cock inside of her ass. Pinkfire closed her eyes and bit her lip as she groaned.
“Oh, fuck,” she said. “I can feel you inside my ass, Kizuku!”
“That’s good, baby. Keep talking dirty to me. I like it.”
He began to fuck her ass slowly, building up his pace, and she continued to grind down on his cock. He slid his hands up her bare back as she started to rock on his cock.
“That’s it, baby, fuck my slutty ass!” she moaned. “I want to be your bitch tonight, Kizuku!”
He started to pound into her ass and she could feel his balls slap against her buttocks.
She gasped, but he didn’t stop. He pounded into her ass and she held her ass cheeks open with her hands. Kizuku pounded her ass faster and she began to scream with pleasure. He continued to pound her ass and she kept grinding down on him. Her body was thrashing and he increased the speed as her ass felt it would split apart.
She stopped talking and just screamed. “Oh, fuck! I’m cumming, Kizuku!”
Kizuku pulled his cock out of her ass and she started to pant.
“I’m so close,” she said. “Why did you stop? Don’t you want to cum in my ass?”
“I’m gonna cum in you, baby,” he said, smacking her ass with one hand. “Get on all fours so I can fuck you like the bitch you are.”
Pinkfire smiled as Kizuku smacked her ass again. She moaned and rolled off him, getting on her hands and knees.
“You are a filthy slut,” he said, sitting up. He admired her ass raised in the air, running his hands over her soft curves. “This body was made for fucking.”
“Literally,” she said. “So was yours, so get to it!”
Kizuku stood up and grabbed his cock, aiming his cock at her ass.
“You want me to cum in your ass?” he asked.
“Hell yes!” she said.
Kizuku reached down, pushing her head into the mattress with one hand while he thrust back into her ass. She moaned loudly as she felt his cock filling her.
“That’s good, that’s so good,” Kizuku said. “Now take my cock and I’ll cum inside you!”
He thrust and fucked her more and she could feel him deep in her ass. She wanted it all and she could feel it building up and building up. She wanted to feel it explode in her ass.
She wanted to get off.
“Oh god,” she screamed. “C’mon!”
He pulled out of her and put it back in, he felt her body convulse as he thrust into her ass. He slammed into her over and over again, and she screamed out as the pleasure finally hit her. He grabbed her hair and began to hurl his load of hot sperm deep into her bowels.
“Aaaaah!” he screamed, firing several ropes of cum into her.
Pinkfire screamed into the bedding as her ass filled with hot cum. She gripped the sheets tightly, cumming herself from the sensation. Kizuku collapsed on top of her as she lay panting beneath him.
“Oh god, baby, that was so good,” he said.
“I told you I was a filthy slut,” she said, smiling.
“We have so much to do!” he said.
He rolled off her, and they both smiled at each other. Soon they were at it again, Kizuku fucking Pinkfire in every way they could manage throughout the night. They didn’t sleep as they fucked like there was no tomorrow, and the next day, they fucked like there was no today.
Eventually, it was noon, and a soft knock came at the door.
“Your time is up,” came the voice of Kuma on the other side. “Please get dressed and come on out so we can clean the room!”
“Oh, that’s my cue,” she said. “I need to get dressed.”
Pinkfire climbed out of bed and smiled seductively. Kizuku didn’t need to do much, so he climbed out of bed and grinned. He wrapped a hand around her firm ass and squeezed. She smiled, wiggling a little.
“We’ll have to pick this back up later,” he said. “Want to grab lunch at the café then go to my place?”
“Sounds good to me,” Pinkfire said.
They both dressed quickly and left the room.
Kuma led them through the halls and out into the courtyard.
“Here we are,” he said. He breathed in deeply. It really was nice to have a place just for them. “I think Fusion Falls is already a success.”
“You two weren’t the only ones breaking in the rooms,” Kuma said with a wink as they sat down to eat. Looking around, Kizuku saw several familiar faces who all had the sleepless, well-fucked expressions he and Pinkfire now wore.
They ate in silence for a bit. The mood was pleasant, clearly everyone’s night had been just as fun as theirs.
“I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be spending a lot of time here,” Pinkfire said as she finished her meal.
“Me too,” Kizuku replied.
He paid Kuma, and they got up and left the courtyard. That was just the beginning. Now they had a place to hook up, and they were going to do so with great frequency. Things were looking up for the Near Hentai Studio Fusions.


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