Lugia’s ASSistance

Lugia’s ASSistance
by Shrapnelman88
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I woke up in an entirely different location. In my birthday suit; I couldn’t remember what I did last. If I was sleeping or making trail. The place was a small island. Though less that and more like an oversized rock in the middle of the ocean There were many tide pools Most of them large enough for me to fit in. The place would’ve been pitch black if not for the stars and the moon illuminating the area around. They refract easily from the sea’s calm waters into a myriad of twinkles. This all seemed so surreal for me. Almost like I was in a dream. But this chilling temperature helps prove otherwise.

As I rose from what seemed to be a grass bed of some kind made from kelp, I would attempt to explore the place. Though as if on cue, there was a strange, yet pleasing voice echoing. Almost like a song. Soon after, the largest of the puddles erupt. My eyes dart to that direction, only to feel the water rain all over me. The waters were salty. It stung my eyes a bit and tinted my lips with its flavor. As I stumbled back, I clean off any moisture blocking my sight to marble at what had caused this commotion, only to bear witness to an incredible sight.

A pure, shining ivory with a blue underbelly that stands out clear as day, given how dark the place is. It was enough to give an illusion of it glowing, reflecting off the moon’s colors. To add to it, the Pokemon’s arms, large and wing-like are outstretched, slowly descending onto the cavern’s floor. One foot before the other, it lands. I couldn’t speak, nor process what I was looking. A Lugia. In the flesh. with an entrance as grand as the legends foretold.

The Lugia’s arms relax before taking a casual stride towards me. It was intimidating to say the least. Seeing this creature with a picture perfect masculine form close in on me, easily overtaking me in height as my neck cranes up the closer he got. All to keep eye-contact. Within arms reach. His arms. The legendary Pokemon stops.

“I have been watching you.”

The voice resounds in my head, I already knew this was telepathy of some kind. I’ve encountered many Pokemon capable of this and am used to it. Despite this, I was startled to hear the voice almost booming in my head.

“Dude… That’s creepy.”

To be frank, I was a little weirded out with his opening gambit. And it seemed to have made Lugia realize that was a poor choice of words on his part.

“I apologize. I’ve forgotten how humans have evolved to keep to themselves more. Even to go through the lengths of shrouding their own body in an elaborate culmination of spun cotton molded to fit their figure.”

I took a good whole minute trying to process what he just said. I didn’t know a Legendary’s speech was also… Grand…

“Where am I? Why am I here?” I swiftly peer down, reminded of my nudity after a slight, coincidental breeze. “And where are my clothes?”

He seemed amused by my questions, if a bit pleased by it. “As I have informed of you. I had been a witness to your sexual affairs from afar for quite some time. It was intriguing to say the least. Seeing a human so insatiable, after many Pokemon of different shapes and sizes. All to engage in copulation. I had wondered if you were merely after pleasure, but I soon realized your true intent. It is to deepen the relationships between Human and Pokemon.”

As he spoke up in this incredibly long-winded manner, I couldn’t help but stare at his body. I couldn’t even pull my eyes away from that big fuck-stick between his legs. It was completely blue, all the way down to the tip where it gets a smidge darker. Just behind the blue meat was his hefty pairs. Parted from laying between his legs and the member itself nestled between them.


I shook my head, looking back up. “Ah- Sorry about that!”

The Lugia lets out a small chuckle, one that made me feel significantly smaller under the huge Pokemon. Being well over half my size, though most of that size is just neck after all.

“I find your act admirable as much as I find them carnal. It no doubt reminded me of my sister sibling whom had quelled the incomparable thirst of many Pokemon in an Island. She offered her body to the needy and the… Horny… To stop the raping of one another. She has succeeded of course. But I couldn’t help but wonder what would’ve come of the Island’s residents if she weren’t around to help.” He says, looking to the side almost woefully as he does.

“Oh hell yeah, I played that flash game too. I wish I could find the updated version with the third part was translated.”

Lugia turns his head to face me in utter bewilderment. “Pardon?”

I shook my head. “Oh it’s nothing. Continue?”

He looked at me a bit longer, but let it go and resumed talking. “I couldn’t help but wish to aid you in your quest. As far as I’ve learned. You engage in sexual intercourse to better understand a Pokemon’s mating habits. In turn, form a connection with them. A bond beyond that of just Trainer and Pokemon.”

I already knew where this was going. And holy hell did this get me hard on the spot. I was stuttering as he went on with the talking I didn’t pay much attention to. Though from the look of Lugia’s eyes, something told me he knew I wasn’t listening and more fixated on something else.

“…It seems you know what to expect.”

I gulp and nod silently. Not even trying to hide my erection. Without warning, those very eyes of the Pokemon ebbs a small pink glow, making my body bathe in the same light, rise and tilt me to my back. Like a mother putting his baby into a cradle, he slowly puts my back to the not-so-comfy gravel. Still, I was stunned. My chest rising and lowering, eyes peering down to the large male walk over and straddle me on the spot! The little bit of sea-water on his body now trickling on me.

“I believe it is best we let our bodies do the talking.”

The mere sight of Lugia of all Pokemon spreading his legs and lowering that titanic ass onto my dick was a rush; seemingly roosting on my lap. My tip disappears behind his large sack, acting as curtains that not long after lay onto my belly with an apparent weight. The rest was left to my imagination on what’ll happen. And boy was my mind lost in what to feel.

I wasn’t even left a chance, my tip squished against the dark blue hole, remaining firm against it before feeling a slickness of warmth and softness cascade down my length! That Lugia’s fat ass took it all! And as I looked up with a sharp gasp, he merely peers down at me with a warming smile. Smoothly would my dick move up the Pokemon’s ass, all the way till his ring swallowed nearly all of me!

“An impressive size. I haven’t felt a human this large in a good two centuries.” He so casually comments, leaving my thoughts all the more riddled knowing he’s that old now. The Legendary didn’t let me have a moment, rising his massive ivory glutes to then let it all drop with a smack. It was enough to make me grit my teeth; having felt what can only be a single, instinctive clenching on the Lugia’s part midway in his sitting. It was a split-second vice-like grip. I was left to shake under him.

“And a firmness enough to not falter in penetration. Not only are you so dedicated in this profession that which you call, but you have a natural talent. I wonder if you were destined for this.”

I just lay there, a shivering mess. “P-Perhaps!” Was all I could blurt out as more and more of those clenches compress around my full length. Squeezing down the size of it, yet pulsing harder as a result. The Lugia chuckles, once again lifting his ass. “We shall see if you’re up to the task of reviewing my Dumptruck Legendary ass.”

Hearing his words once again confused me, but in a different sense. More from the change of his tone. But all that didn’t matter once his ass starts to clap off my thighs.


Lugia didn’t even take it slow, as easily as he took my size, he begins at a bog-standard pace. Bringing his ass up and down with little trouble. Almost casual. He even hummed a little during this, showing just how easy he’s taking this; In contrast my body was flooded with pleasure enough to daze me. The walls are a velvety softness that wraps tightly around my cock. Easily parting on the way in, only to close up so tight that it feels like he was trying to pull on my dick with his ass muscles.

“Oh fuck! Oh Arceus!”

Lugia quickly hears my words, looking down with a small pout. Though continuing still with riding me like a pro.

“How insulting. You are having sex with me and are instead envisioning another Pokemon in my place?”

I look up, shaking my head wildly. “N-No! That’s not what I mea-”

His snout moves in close abruptly, giving me a judgemental stare, and still his hips don’t stop. Oh gosh they just don’t stop!

“Perhaps I should make it a fair bit more memorable. More… Original.”

Moments after saying that, he stretches out his wing-shaped arms. Opening them far and wide. His legs that were folded back opens forward. Each of his large, three-toed foot placed atop my chest. His body soon rises up. This feared me, thinking he was about to stand on me with his huge body. But I didn’t feel weight on my chest that wasn’t his legs. Almost as light as a feather in this moment. He was floating above me while impaled on my penis!

“This shall etch a memory into your mind for centuries to come.”

I would’ve spoken up about the normal human life-span. But I could not get even a peep out before he juts his ass down with a light hip movement. Easily taking my member once more. Continuing the very same pace, if a bit harder. It was definitely a lot more than I could handle. The tightness remained consistent. On the way in as well as out, I could feel a crushing sensation. It has my eyes crossing, teeth clenching, and moans resounding loudly. Accompanied by the sharp cracking of Lugi-ass on my hips.

“How does it feel, human? Your phallus within my tight, powerful tailhole. Be sure to take notes of this experience. Share this to all other humans to encourage them. To deepen the bonds between Humankind and Pokemonkind.”

The sheer tenacity of the Lugia’s desire to speak up like a philosopher during sex is something to behold. It’s sad for me to say that it fell on deaf ears. I was far too busy with this overwhelming sensation. How he skillfully slams those glutes down with only the slight flex of his lower back. As I peer down, to give him a nod of confirmation, I was met with that very sight he spoke off. The image.

His entire, wing-spread form hovers above me in what I could only describe as a regal form. Befitting of a Pokemon Deity like Lugia, He looks down at me in apparent pleasure, the crimson permeating visibly through the whites of his snout. His figure almost like a bird perched atop a branch. A thick, throbbing branch that he’s enjoying. That large, blue member was wobbling above my chest, casting a shadow over me as drips of pre fall off the glans of it. The hefty blue purse making slightly weaker spanking noises against my waist.

This was all too much for me, already, as weak as I am under this handsome beauty before me. My orgasm was reaching rapidly. My eyes close tightly, fingers claw at the gravel below me, chest rising up against the soles that lay upon it.

“Try to last with me.”

I open a single eye, peering at the Lugia to find that he too is taking deeper breaths. The large tongue begging to hang out, his blue cock trailing a thin line of pre down to my belly, connecting the two as the string wobbles about. I did what I normally would. Or rather what I could only do in this mind-boggling situation. I nodded. And he nods back.

The movement continues all the same, Lugia’s ass just twerking above my thighs at a rhythmic pace. It confused me how he could garner so much pleasure from my inferior size, but I had an inkling as to why. My legs behind the Pokemon fold, knees against each other just below the waving tail, shaking uncontrollably. I did my best to hold back the moment. The one that Lugia wishes to share with me.

The pacing seemed to grow sluggish, the convulsions of the fleshy walls growing. The Pokemon’s posture dwindles into a not-so high and mighty form. Shaking just like I am. Those large, chubby white toes curling into my chest. I can only pray he doesn’t lose concentration and let his full body weight drop on me.

“L-Lugia, I’m about to cum…”

The reaction to my words was unexpected. Lugia merely ceased his movements. Lowering all the way back down. Sitting on my lap, fully impaled. I lay there panting, my eyes meeting his own for a moment before the Pokemon’s closes. What followed after was incredible. His own rod lay on my belly, letting loose an impressive load. Shot after shot that blasts with enough force to coat my chest past his feet and up to my neck! The essence trailing down around my entire torso and my waist. But what made this incredible was the moment during it.

His asshole, from the furthest parts of his depths to the dark blue ring clamped around my dick. Squeezing it down in a crushing sensation that almost hurt, but not quite. Clenching with every rope shot on my chest. The pleasure was like a flood. Coursing all across my body like waves crashing against the rocks. I could only tremble under the might of this Lugia’s powerful ass. And what better what to give testament to this sensation than by letting my own orgasm rock.

Due to the pressure around my dick, the first few shots only came out in small droplets. But as enough cum built up in my urethra, it would all come shooting out with enough force to tickle the Pokemons walls. It even garnered a reaction from Lugia with a visible shudder! The blasts of spunk filling him, thwarting the tightness as it pushes through to warm up the quivering innards. It didn’t match up to Lugia’s orgasm, but it sure as hell was my biggest.

I nearly lost consciousness there. Eyes rolled fully up, peering at the night sky. I could spot a slight smudge of a light blue over the horizon behind me. The morning sun rising. One that makes the Lugia’s radiant form once more glow. But ever brighter. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as impressive in this spotlight. Being a bit more spent and tired. The moisture on his body this time just beads of sweat from the carnal moment we had. Though he may seem tired, that smile on him more than makes up for it. His crimson eyes peering down at my spent body half-lidded.

“I do hope this aids you in your research. I’ve had a lot of fun.”

A weak nod was all I could manage, ushering out a small, half-hearted chuckle.

His feet rise up and return to the rock under me on either side of my body. Instead of flying off me, he decides to get off my hips normally. Lifting his ass as my cock audibly pops off and flops forward. His hole is left to wink for a while, gaping slightly and leaking out my cum on top of my now flaccid member. He then steps off to the side, allowing me to groggily rise up to my ass, the cum that rests on my torso now spilling down to my waist and below.

“Did I go too far? You seem a bit… Weakened.”

I raised a palm towards him, taking the chance to take in the much needed air before I rise up and stand. Wobbling as I do. “N-No, it’s all good. I wasn’t expecting this to be so… Intense.” As I stand before the large Pokemon, I make a slight nod. “Thanks. I’ll be sure to piece everything about this into my research. Though given it is an encounter with.” I wave my hands towards all of Lugia. As if sizing him up. “…A Lugia… The validity of my research may be up for debate…”

Lugia turns his head with a hum. Going into a moment of ponder. “I suppose that may pose a problem for you humans and your desire to put a reason on everything about life.” The Legendary turns his back to me. His body further illuminated by daybreak happening on the side. And ass dripping with my seed still. “It should not bother you whether they turn a blind eye to your words or not. Your experience is proof enough to both yourself and I.” After saying that, he spreads his wings, taking to the skies many feet above with a single flap before diving back down into the sea. The waters splashing to the sky in his departure. They part into numerous droplets. Acting like replacement stars to twinkle in the sky a moment longer before everything above is blanketed with a bright blue sky.

I merely stood there, wondering if I’ll ever see him again and get another taste of that Legendary ass… As my thoughts wander, my eyes catch a single feather floating down from the sky. It landing on my outstretched hand. I bring it close to inspect and find it’s nost just any feather. “A Silver Wing” I mutter to myself before smiling. Definitely gonna see him again!

As I clutch the feather tightly, a problem quickly arises after quickly scouting the area. Remembering I’m still on a rock… In the middle of the ocean… With no signs of land anywhere… And still nude…

“…Where the fuck is inland?”


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