Luz’s Trick, Part 2

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story. Enjoy.


King returned from his vacation to find Luz naked, save for a collar and a butt plug with a tail on it, on her knees worshipping Eda’s feet. As shocked as he was to discover this lewd scene, Eda had managed to warm him up to the new power dynamic in the Owl House.

“Luz has found her place as the household pet,” Eda exclaimed. “Oh! I know what will make you happy, King! Would you like a turn to play with her?”

“Hell, no,” King said. “I’m not playing with your little dog.”

“It’s so cute when you’re jealous,” Eda said, smiling at King.

“You don’t have to pretend you haven’t thought about it. Look how cute she is!”

Luz looked up at King from the floor with big, saucer-sized eyes, pleading.

“Fine, I’ll play with the mutt,” King said.

“Yes!” Luz squeaked. She stood up on her hind legs and crawled over to King, licking his face.

“Now that’s better,” King said. “Come here, Luz.”

He gestured down to his crotch, where his canine-shaped phallus was emerging. Luz’s eyes widened as the doggy cock sprung forth.

“A bitch should be able to handle a cock like this, right?” King asked, pushing Luz’s face closer to his dick.

“Yes!” Luz agreed.

“Well, show me how a real bitch handles one of these things,” King said. He began stroking himself slowly while Luz extended her tongue.

She licked the side of his veiny cock. It tasted a lot different than Eda’s had, but she couldn’t say she didn’t like it.

“Come on, Luz, you can do better than that,” Eda cheered her on from her place on the couch. The older woman leaned back, watching the display with curiosity.

Luz slowly began licking up the underside of King’s cock. She could feel his manhood pulsating in her face. 

Her training kicked in, and she took King’s cock into her mouth.

She started slow, just swirling her tongue around the head of his dick.

King sighed, enjoying the feeling of her human mouth on his demonic dog cock. He put a clawed paw on top of her head, guiding her as she bobbed up and down on his dick. Her tongue delicately licked the underside of his penis.

“Ah, wow, what a thing to come home to,” King said huskily.

“I know, right?” Eda said with a laugh. “You’re gonna have to get used to it, that little slut is insatiable!”

Luz continued to go down on King, sucking hard. She wanted to give him the best servitude she could, considering she was going to be swallowing his cum later.

She could hear Eda get up behind her, and approach the pair. Eda closed the front door, ignoring Hooty’s protests, and knelt down beside them.

“Look at my little adorable cocksucker,” she said, running a hand through Luz’s hair.

Luz looked up at her lovingly.

“Oh, don’t worry sweetie,” Eda said.

“We’re going to take good care of you. You’re our precious human pet, after all.”

Luz beamed with King’s cock still in her mouth, while Eda reached behind her to tap on the butt plug in her ass. Luz shivered, then moaned around King’s cock as Eda began to remove the plug.

“Yes, little one, get ready for King’s dick,” she said.

Luz pulled back from King’s dick with a pop, wiping the corner of her mouth.

“Stand up, honey.”

Eda guided Luz over to the couch, helping her lie down on the floor with her ass in the air. Her back rested against the base of the couch, keeping her from falling as her skinny legs dangled loosely in the air. 

King saw Luz settle in, and ran over to the couch.

“Oh, goodie!” he said. “Look at this ripe human asshole, just begging for some demon cock!”

The small demon placed his paws on Luz’s thighs, lining his cock up to her gaping asshole. He pushed forward, slowly sinking into her rectum as Luz yelped.

“A-ah! It’s big!”

“This one is tight,” he admitted.

“We’ll fix that, over time,” Eda said, planting a kiss on Luz’s foot. “Feel free to wear her out.”

King started thrusting into her, ramming his cock into her tiny ass. He began to pick up the pace, fucking her aggressively.

“Ah! Ahh! King!” Luz cried, her legs bouncing in the air with each thrust from the little guy. Despite his stature, King’s thrusts were powerful, and rocked Luz’s fail human frame. She tried holding on, but she could only grasp the bottom of the couch as he fucked her ass.

“You like that, baby? You ready to come for us?” King asked, grinning.

“She loves it in the ass,” Eda said. “I can’t tell you how many times she’s cum just from having her ass stuffed.”

“She’s about to,” King said, groaning as he felt her tighten around his cock.

“Come for us, baby,” Eda encouraged. “Let it all out.”

“F-fuck!” Luz screamed. Her toes curled as she came, squirting out of her pussy and all over her own face and tits. The little demon kept thrusting, keeping her on the edge.

“Aaagh!” she screamed. “Cum inside me! I want your dick in my heart!”

King had no idea what that meant, but he knew he wanted to cum inside her. So he did, thrusting forward as he threw his head back and let out a guttural howl. Demon cum spurted out of Luz’s asshole, seeping down her upside-down body. King kept his cock inside her until he was completely finished, filling the girl up with his hot demon cum.

As soon as he pulled out of her, she collapsed onto the floor.

“Oh, baby,” Eda said. “You never got to finish your treat earlier.”

“H-huh? My treat?” Luz said groggily. Suddenly, Eda’s bare foot stepped down on her face. “Oh, right! My treat!”

Luz began licking the bottom of Eda’s foot as it rested on her face. Her nose buried into Eda’s sole, her tongue traced patterns on her skin.

“You were enjoying that, weren’t you?” Eda asked.

“Mmmhmm,” Luz moaned, never letting up on her duties.

“Why is she licking your foot like that?” King asked. “Do humans have sex with their feet?”

“I don’t know,” Eda replied. “At the very least, this one can’t get enough of them.”

Luz’s tongue ran up Eda’s arch, to her ankle. The white-haired demon bent down, picking the girl up into her arms.

“Look at you,” she said.

“My precious little foot slut.”

Luz giggled as the larger woman easily carried her and set her down on a table. King followed, climbing up on the table, too.

“Now you’re gonna get it from both ends,” Eda said, casting the spell to bring her cock back. King’s cock was still hard, as well.

Luz saw what was going to happen, and she wanted to watch. The girl lifted her hips as Eda grabbed her by the waist.

“Which hole do you want me in?” Eda asked, leaving the choice to Luz.  “Choose.”

“Oh… pussy!” Luz replied, immediately.

Eda lined up her cock with her pussy, and slowly pushed herself into her.

Luz moaned, but soon her moan was muffled as King shoved his cock into her mouth. Luz laid flat on the table, Eda in her pussy and King in her mouth, as the witch and demon began to spitroast her.

“Suck his cock, slave,” Eda told her. “Get that cock rock hard.”

Luz gagged a little at first, but soon she was sucking King’s cock like a hussy.

King could see her throat bulge slightly with the effort of sucking his cock at this angle. Meanwhile, Eda’s cock pumped steadily in and out of her cunt.

“Aagh, shit,” Eda cried, leaning forward.

She raised her hand, signaling to King that she wanted to do the human exchange that Luz had taught them before. King recognized it, and met her hand with his paw in a high five as they fucked Luz from both ends.

“Suck his cock, slave,” Eda told her, as her other hand moved to pinch Luz’s nipples. “Show him how a good girl sucks.”

Luz moaned out a response, doing her best as King continued to fuck her face. Eda grabbed Luz’s legs by the ankles, holding them in the air as she continued to roughly fuck her pussy.

Meanwhile, King continued to pump in and out of her throat. He grabbed her by the hair, holding her head still as he began to roughly face-fuck her.

“Take that, whore!” he shouted.

Luz gurgled around his cock as her own saliva roughly spilled all over her face. He was relentless.

Eda, meanwhile, brought one little brown foot to her face, giving it a slow, tantalizing lick as she thrust her hips.

“Heheh, I see why you like feet so much, baby,” she said, giving the foot a little kiss. “Yours are so soft and cute.”

She bit down on her toes, Luz screamed out in pain.

“You like that, don’t you?” Eda asked, as she began to thrust a little harder.

Luz couldn’t respond, as King was still roughly fucking her face, but she didn’t have to. Eda knew she could do whatever she wanted to the girl, and she’d enjoy it.

Overheated and weak, Luz could only grab the edges of the table as her body writhed in pain and pleasure.

“Fuck, here it comes, bitch!” King cried out as he came once again.

He pumped what felt like a bucket of cum into her mouth, and she eagerly swallowed it all. The demon seed tasted disgusting, but somehow also pleasing.

King pulled his cock out of Luz’s mouth, and the girl began coughing his jizz up all over her face.

“Ah! I almost passed out!” she moaned. Eda, for her part, didn’t slow down her fucking in the slightest.

Meanwhile, King caught a little of the jism in her mouth on his fingers, and twisted her head around to face him.

“Look at you,” he said, panting.

“You’re just a dirty little cum dumpster, aren’t you?”

“She’s not a dumpster, she’s a… whore,” corrected Eda.

“She’s a whore and a cum dumpster,” King said.

“I’m whatever you want me to be,” Luz said, moaning as Eda licked her foot again.

“Look at you. You’re all fucking sticky, and you’re covered in sweat and cum. You’re a complete mess, and you just took a demon’s cock in your little whore mouth.”

“Does it… does it make you happy to see me like this, Mommy?” Luz asked, looking up at Eda.

“You know it does, baby,” Eda replied, thrusting into her cunt with extra force.

“Good. Then I’m happy too.”

King laid back, watching as Eda continued to pump her magic cock in and out of the girl.

Luz moaned whorishly, lying limp on the table with King’s cum all over her, as Eda picked up her pace.

“Cum for me, my little whore,” she demanded.

“I’m going to… I’m going to cum,” she panted.

“Then fucking cum, human!”

“Ahhh!” Luz cried, her back arching up off the table. Eda thrust into her as deep as she could, cumming at the same time. A flood of white hot liquid shot into her womb, and she felt like she was on fire.

Still, her hips kept moving. She looked down to see her cock still hard, and started to laugh.

“Why can’t I ever get enough of this tight little body of yours, Luz?” Eda asked. She pulled her cock out of Luz’s pussy and pointed it at her ass. “Ready for more?”

Luz weakly nodded as Eda’s searing fire continued to burn.

“You ready for your reward, baby?”

“Yes… I’m ready,” she panted.

Eda thrust into Luz’s ass, still lubed from King’s earlier fucking. King watched as Eda fucked Luz’s ass, and decided he wanted more, too. He climbed onto Luz, pointing his demon doggy cock at her cum-drizzling pussy.

“Oh shit! Yes! Fuck me, please!” she said.

King slid it in as he let out a satisfied groan.

“Ah, I knew a human pussy would feel great,” he said.

Luz moaned and writhed on the table as her pussy and ass were both stuffed full. She was overwhelmed, but she still wanted more. She looked at Eda, who nodded.

“Cum for me, baby,” Eda said. “I want to see your face while you’re getting fucked.”

“Yes, Mommy,” Luz moaned. “I’m your personal fucktoy, I’ll cum for you all day, every day…”

Luz began to wail, as both Eda and King continued to fuck her.

“FUCK!” she shouted. “I’m CUMMING!”

“Cum for us, slut!” King shouted.

“Yes!” Eda cried out as well. Soon, all three of them were cumming in unison.

Luz’s eyes rolled up in the back of her head as her mind went blank. She was being fucked by two inhuman cocks, and cumming all at the same time.

Eda’s witchy futa cum filled her ass, while King’s demon doggy cum stuffed her already overflowing pussy. She shook, and felt like she was floating. Luz laid there as her two owners pulled out of her and laid next to her.

“Thank you,” Eda said. “I’ve never…”

“Never what?” Luz asked, panting.

“Never had an orgasm quite like that before. It was… enlightening.”

“Enlightening, huh?”

“Don’t you start,” Eda said. “But now I’ve seen you.”

“Yeah, you’ve seen me,” Luz said. “You’ve both seen the real me.”

“Now we have,” Eda said. “Good night, baby.”

“Good night, baby,” King said.

Luz looked at both of them, smiling.

She’d do anything to please her masters. So long as they still had needs for her, she’d be happy.

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