My x Hunter x Academia Ch. 1: Hero x Hunters

My x Hunter x Academia
Chapter 1: Hero x Hunters

by Immortal_hxh_warrior
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“Plus two points! Winner…Killua Zoldyck!”

After an intense and hard fought battle between two boys, Killua emerged as the victor.

“You’re pretty tough,” Killua said. “If I hadn’t used Godspeed at the last moment, I probably would have lost.” He extended his hand to Midoriya who was lying flat on his back.

“Thanks Killua.” Midoriya rose to his feet once more. “You’re amazing. Even my classmate Kaminari can’t produce lightning that well. How do you manage to do it?” Out of nowhere Midoriya pulled out a notebook and a pen.

‘Where the hell does he keep those?’ 


“Umm, I’ll tell you later. But first there’s the matter of our bet. You do remember what it was, right?” Killua smiled as the two walked off the stage.

Midoriya blushed, remembering the bet he and Killua had made the day before their fight.

“Y-Yeah, I do.”

Killua smirk

“That’s great. Because I know exactly what I wanna do with you.” The boys made their way towards Killua’s room, where Midoriya could fulfill the bet he had made with the former assassin.

“May I ask what exactly that is? If you don’t mind me asking?”

In truth, Midoriya was kinda nervous for what Killua had in mind. He hadn’t known Killua for very long, but could tell this boy wasn’t as innocent as he looked. Something about him gave Midoriya chills, despite how nice he sounded. They arrived at Killua’s door.

“Oh, you’ll figure it out very soon. By the way, my friend also wants to meet you,” Killua said with a grin.

When Killua turned the knob and opened the door, Midoriya entered and saw another boy around their age lying in Killua’s bed, jerking off.

“Ah, Killua! Midoriya! I’m so glad you made it!” Gon Freecss, Killua’s boyfriend, jumped off the bed, smiles and all. “That fight you guys just had was amazing!” Midoriya was left standing in a state of shock and awe.

‘W-What’s going on? Why is there a boy in Killua’s room jerking off?’ 

Killua noticed Midoriya eyeing Gon’s member.

“You know, it’s rude to stare like that.”

“I-I-I wasn’t staring!” Midoriya stuttered, his face a blushing crimson mess.

“Sure, I believe you.” Killua patted Midoriya on the back, smirking.

“Killua, don’t tease our new boy toy like that.”

“Boy toy!? What does that mean!?”

“Didn’t Killua tell you?” Gon asked. He turned his attention to Killua.

“Nope. I didn’t tell him because I wanted to surprise him instead and judging by the look on his face,” Killua snickered. “It was worth it.”

“You’re so mean, Killua,” Gon chided.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Let’s just get down to business already. Hey, Midoriya?”

Midoriya turned his head to face Killua.


Midoriya fell backwards on his butt. He wasn’t expecting to hear those words.

“Strip? B-But why?”

“Because I said so! You and I made a bet that the loser of our fight would obey the winner for twenty-four hours. I mean, you are working hard to become a top Pro Hero and if I’m not mistaken, a true Hero always follows through with their promises. Am I right?”

Midoriya nodded. He knew that what Killua was saying was true. If he was going to follow in the footsteps of All Might and become the number one Hero, he had to be a Hero who always kept their promises, no matter what.

“You’re right, Killua. I made a bet and lost. So it’s my duty to fulfill my end of the deal. As a true Hero would.”

Midoriya began to strip out of his Hero uniform, much to the delight of the Hunter boys. He started off by removing his white gauntlet gloves and his black pads on his knee and elbows. His red high top sneakers and red belt bag followed, leaving him now wearing only his green tracksuit and boxers.


‘He’s way cuter in person,’ Gon thought. ‘No wonder Killua was so determined to win that bet.’

‘Oh yeah, I definitely snatched up a good one,’ Killua mused.

He had told Gon the night before his fight with Midoriya about the friendly little bet they made. Spending all his time with Gon had made Killua develop a kink for green hair boys. So when he found out he got matched up with Midoriya, he knew he had to take this opportunity to try and convince the inspiring Hero to agree to a friendly bet between the two.

“If you win, I’ll do whatever you say for twenty four hours. But if I win? You have to listen to me instead. What do you say?”

“Sure. Sounds fun. I can’t wait to have you as my sidekick, Killua. Even if it is only for a day.”

Killua shook his head and scoffed.

‘Baka! Me as a sidekick? Yeah, right.’ 

At long last the inspiring Hero had removed his last piece of clothing and was now in the nude before Gon and Killua.

“Uh, umm…okay I-I think I’m ready now.” The naked Hero stood with his head down, hands covering his private parts.

“Why are you covering up your penis? Are you shy?” Gon asked in a calm manner. He approached Midoriya and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Maybe just a little. I wasn’t sure if you guys would find my body all that attractive.”

“Hehe, well if you ask me I think you have an amazing body, Midoriya. And I’m sure you’ve also got an incredible penis.”

Midoriya shy

Gon’s words made Midoriya blush. “You think so?” Midoriya asked.

“Damn straight!” Killua chimed in. “Why else would I take that chance at that bet of ours? You’re incredibly cute Midoriya, don’t let anyone else say otherwise. Not to mention you got yourself one hell of a sexy body. Like Gon said, we’re positive you’ve got an amazing dick.”

Killua was licking his lips. He was excited to see Midoriya’s boys and couldn’t wait to get a taste of them. ‘Hot damn do I know how to get me some hot ass guys to fuck or what?’ 

Killua had been inspecting every aspect of Midoriya’s body while he was stripping — his cute little feet, his nice long legs, his bellybutton, and of course his fine looking torso. Once the boxers were finally removed, Killua knew right then and there: he got himself another cutie to have some fun with.

“T-Thanks guys. That means a lot.”

Midoriya removed his hands so that his new friends could see his member. Gon’s eyes widened when he saw the fellow green hair kid’s member in all its glory. ‘Wow! It’s not quite as big as our penises, but it’s still a cute dick either way.’ 

“See? I knew you had a cute penis.” Killua was drooling. ‘Oh hell yeah! I’m definitely trying out that cock of his!’ He was about to bend down to suck Midoriya’s cock, but quickly stopped himself when he noticed Midoriya still staring at Gon’s dick hanging out.

“Hey Midoriya, you feeling a little hungry right about now? Because I can definitely see that you are, judging by how much you’ve been staring at Gon’s exposed dick ever since we walked in here.”

“‘I-I-I’m sorry! I-I didn’t mean to…”

“Hey, it’s okay Midoriya. It’s really my fault,” Gon reassured him. “I forgot I still had it out when I was jerking off to your guys’ match.” He was really kinda happy that Midoriya was checking out his penis.

“Alrighty, I think that’s enough talking from the three of us,” Killua said. “Midoriya?”

“Yes, Killua?”

“Since we can’t have you starving on us, I suppose we’ll have to feed you first before we can go any further in our fun little activity.”

Killua ordered Midoriya to stand between him and Gon, and then commanded him to stand up on his knees.

“That’s a good hero. Okay, now.” Killua pulled his member out from his shorts. Midoriya’s jaw nearly dropped.

‘Amazing. I can’t believe how much bigger their members are compared to mine.’ Midoriya couldn’t help but drool at the sight of having not just one, but two incredible dicks side-by-side before him.

“Go on Midoriya, eat. It’s clear you wanna suck my dick so go on ahead.”

Just like that, Midoriya wasted no time sucking Gon’s already hard dick.

‘Mmm, so good. So good! Hmm, Gon’s member is really, really good.’

Gon smiled, brushing his hand across Midoriya’s hair to let him know he was doing a good job.

“Hey, don’t forget about me! My dick needs some loving too,” Killua whined.

As he sucked Gon’s dick, Midoriya grabbed a hold onto Killua’s dick and proceeded to stroke it.

Gon x Killua x Deku

“Wow, you’re pretty good at this Midoriya!” Gon complemented the dick sucking Hero, who was looking up at him with the most adorable look on his face.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if this slut’s blown every cock at that special school of his!”

“Killua, don’t call him that. That’s mean.”

“Why not? He doesn’t mind. Right? You filthy little slut?”

Midoriya ignored Killua’s comments and moved on to sucking his cock.

“Yeah, I thought so,” Killua boasted.

‘God, Killua’s member tastes just as good as Gon’s. Mmm, I’m so glad I lost to you now, Killua.’ Killua smirked when Midoriya looked up at him with that hungry look all over his face.

“You having fun down there, you filthy slut?” Midoriya mumbled a quiet ‘yes,’ but Killua demanded he answer properly without a cock in his mouth.

“Yes, Killua-‘

“That’s Killua-san to you. For now on, with the remaining time we have, you’ll refer to us as Gon-san and Killua-san. Understood, slut?”

Midoriya nodded. “Yes, Killua-san. I understand.”

“That’s good. Now be a good hero and get back to sucking our cocks.”

Gon laughed nervously after hearing all of that. “Is that really necessary?” he asked.

“Baka! Of course it is! We gotta be tough when dealing with filthy heroes like him.”

Midoriya was so caught up with enjoying boy cock, he didn’t pay much attention to what the boys were saying. Back and forth, the Hero sucked each boy’s cock until Killua eventually pulled him off of Gon’s cock and tossed him onto the bed.

“Aww, why did you pull him away? I was getting close to coming and feeding him.” Gon whined.

“I know, but since I’m the reason he’s even here, it should be my come he tastes first. It’s only fair.”

Gon sighed. He hated to admit it, but Killua had a point.

“Okay fine, but before this is all over I really want to feed Midoriya my come.”


The boys high fived each other while Midoriya remained still on the bed.

“Alright, I’m gonna need you to be a good boy and lie still for me while I tie up your wrists, got it?” Killua barked. Midoriya mumbled yes under his breath.

“That’s a good slut.” Killua pulled out some rope from his drawer and began tying the boy’s wrists behind his back.

‘I wonder why he’s tying me up. I thought I was going to be fed before we moved on to more stuff.’ Midoriya looked somewhat disappointed that he didn’t get to finish sucking Gon’s cock — especially since he heard Gon say he was close to coming.

“Just a little bit more and-ah! Perfect!”

Killua looked pleased after tying up the naked hero. “Alright you slut, in a moment I’m gonna be shoving cock down your throat and I’m not gonna stop shoving it down till I come.” He grabbed ahold of Midoriya and placed him down against the side of the bed.

“You stay right there while me and Gon get undressed.”

Midoriya looked on, watching the boys remove all their clothes until they too were naked. ‘Amazing. Wow! Gon and Killua might be even hotter than Kacchan and Todoroki.’ He stared in awe at possibly the hottest guys he had ever seen naked in his life.

“Like what you see?”

Midoriya, too busy staring at the boy’s naked bodies, simply nodded in response.

“I think he’s in shock at how good we look without our clothes on,” Gon whispered in Killua’s ear.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean we are a couple of sexy beasts after all,” Killua said.

“Okay, let’s hurry up and feed this slut so we can move on to some more fun.”

Killua got Midoriya to relax and stay still while he fed him his cock. Meanwhile, Gon sat back and enjoyed the view.

“Alright slut, open up nice and wide!”

Killua stood on top of the bed and shoved his hard cock down the Hero’s throat.

‘Hmm, it’s so big!’ Midoriya was in heaven.

Killua x Deku

Killua x Deku

“A cute face like yours was just made to be fucked! Yeah, you like sucking boy cock, don’t you?”

Midoriya moaned as Killua shoved his cock in and out of his mouth.

“Ooh, o-okay slut. Here it-ah-comes!”

Killua came in Midoriya’s mouth, and Midoriya swallowed it whole. ‘Oh god, this is so, mmm, good~’ 

Killua looked down and could tell that Midoriya was having a blast drinking his come.

“Ha, I knew you were a filthy slut.” Killua remarked. Midoriya didn’t seem to mind. He was having too much fun sucking Killua’s cock, even after he stopped coming.

“Okay Killua, it’s my turn now to feed him,” Gon said while stroking his cock.

“Sure, have at it.”

Killua stepped off the bed and stood against the wall, arms crossed. He thought Gon was going to feed Midoriya in a similar manner, but instead Gon gently wrapped his hands around Midoriya’s head and proceeded to shove his cock all the way in Midoriya’s mouth.

‘I really love these guys so much.’ Midoriya had never known how great it was to suck boy cock until he met these boys. ‘I’m totally gonna have to try to do this with Kacchan and Todoroki someday.’ 

In and out, Gon Freecss continuously shoved his huge cock in the boy’s mouth until finally…

Ahh!” Midoriya’s eyes widened. He momentarily stopped sucking Gon cock to catch his breath after swallowing a large portion of Gon’s come. A lot more come had been spurted out of Gon’s cock then even Killua’s cock, which came to a surprise to everyone.

Killua whistling

“Whoa! Nice!” Killua said, whistling.

“Ooh, oh man. I’m sorry Midoriya, I d-didn’t think I…would come that…” He panted, eyes closed, trying to catch his breath. It was true. He really didn’t think so much would be pouring out of him like that.

“Hmm, that’s okay, Gon-san.”

Gon moaned as he felt Midoriya going back to work on his cock. He opened his eyes and smiled when he saw Midoriya on his knees, still tied up, licking his balls and cock.

“It looks like the slut is still hungry,” Killua remarked.

“Y-Yeah, mmm, it really seems that w-way.”

Midoriya continued feasting on Gon’s cock and balls for another minute before Killua stepped in.

“I think the slut’s been fed well enough,” he declared. “Now I think it’s time for us to have some fun with him.” He stepped forward so that he and Gon now towered over Midoriya.

“What do you have in mind, Killua?” Gon asked.

“Hehe, I’ll tell you.” Killua whispered in Gon’s ear.

Midoriya looked on, wondering what was in store for him now that he had been fed possibly the best meal he’s ever had in his life. ‘Oh man, what are they going to do to me now? I’m not sure if I can handle any more cock today.’ 

“You really think it’ll work?”

“Definitely! I’m sure it’ll work, but it’s gonna take the both of us to make it work. Are you up for it?” Killua asked.

“Yeah, you know I like a challenge!” Both boys smiled, while Midoriya looked confused. He tried asking what they were talking about, but received no answer from either of them.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about that. You just focus on being a good slut and let us take care of everything, okay?”

Midoriya nodded. Then he was told to lie on the bed and close his eyes.

“Okay, you filthy little Hero. You’ve been fed nice and good. Now I believe it’s time we had some fun filling up your sorry little ass with a good load of come.”

Midoriya opened his eyes. When he did, he saw the boys lying next to him on the bed.

“Brace yourself, Hero, because you’re about to have a pretty big boy cock shoved all the way up your booty cheeks.”


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