NHS Spotlight: Bulma Briefs

By April O’Neil


Bulma Briefs first made her debut with the Near Hentai Studios back in 2014, and since then she has gone on to become a true mainstay, and one of the most popular women in the Studio. A mother of two, she’s worked with both her kids, her husband, and her own mother along with a bevy of top talent from her own series and more. A consummate professional, this woman’s reputation precedes her, and I must admit to being a bit intimidated when I first met her for this interview.


She sat cross-legged in a dress that was cut noticeably high on one end, and low on the other. She exuded sexiness as she stared me down, watching with a calm, polite smile as I gathered myself and sat across from her.


APRIL: “Thank you, Mrs. Briefs, for agreeing to sit down with me for this interview.”


BULMA: “Oh, please, call me Bulma. Mrs. Briefs is my mother.”


APRIL: “Oh, yes, of course.”


She smiled sweetly at me, and for some reason I gulped nervously.


APRIL: “So, as you’ve been told, we sent out a call for questions on the Near Hentai Twitter account. All of the questions I’ll be asking you today come from that call, and were submitted by your fans.”


BULMA: “I can’t wait to hear what my fans want to know.”


APRIL: “I’ve got a softball lined up for you first, so here we go. Bulma, how does it feel to be so popular, both with the Studio, and with your fans?”


BULMA: “Oh, gosh, I didn’t expect to be blushing so soon. If I’m being honest, we don’t see much of that on our side in the Studio. We’re basically in an entirely different dimension than all of you, so any love and support you give isn’t always apparent to us.


“The best gauge by which we have to measure our popularity is our frequency of work, especially with the Asks. So in that regard, I am happy that I seem to be in somewhat high demand, though I do confess I sometimes get a bit jealous that Chi-Chi seems to be a bit more popular. I wouldn’t normally notice something like that, but since she’s my closest friend here it’s hard not to notice. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard you wanted to interview me before her.


“But I am ecstatic to be as popular as I am. I work very hard to try and make all of my scenes as sexy as I can. Luckily it’s not that hard for me, being as cute as I am, but I do still try.”


APRIL: “I see. Well, we are just as thrilled to have you here, I can assure you. I’m personally a big fan of many of your past shoots.”


Bulma smiled wryly at me and my heart skipped a beat.


BULMA: “Thank you, April.”


APRIL: “Yes, well, the next question… Ah, this one is also an easy one. When did you first meet Gohan?”


BULMA: “Oh, I remember that clear as day. We were meeting up on Roshi’s island for a reunion, and Goku brought him along. We were all pretty shocked to see he had a son, since he’d been such an odd kid. I’d just never pictured him falling into the dad role, though I’m not sure he ever fully did. But that day was crazy, because that was the same day Raditz showed up and abducted him.”


APRIL: “Wow, and who is Raditz?”


BULMA: “He’s just Goku’s older brother or something… he’s not very important. It all worked out eventually, so we can move on.”


APRIL: “If you say so. While we’re talking about Gohan, has he ever shown your butt some loving during a shoot?”


BULMA: (laughs) “Oh, yes! If the question is, has he ever fucked me in the ass, then yes. For shoots it’s happened twice, once when we reenacted our flight to Namek, and again when Chi-Chi, 18 and I were thanking him for defeating Cell. If they’re wanting to know if he’s rimmed me, since he’s got a bit of a reputation for that, then the answer is still yes. It didn’t make it into the final product either time, but he’s always given me a good tongue bath back there before sticking his cock in.”


APRIL: “And who would you say is the more dominant one in your scenes with him?”


BULMA: “Oh, I guess I’d have to say I’m more dominant than he is when we work together. It’s not typically in a femdom, sexual way, though… It’s just our natural dynamic, since I met him so young and I’ve always been like a big sister to him, I think. We’ve yet to shoot a scene where I dominate him, but he does tend to follow my lead and look to me for advice when we shoot together.”


APRIL: “Interesting, interesting… and moving on to Gohan’s father, have you ever fucked Goku?”


BULMA: “Yes, many times.”


APRIL: “Would you… care to elaborate?”


BULMA: “Hm, well… I feel like I sort of covered this a bit in an Ask recently, though I suspect that one probably hasn’t gone fully public just yet. But I’ve been fucking Goku since, well… almost as long as I’ve known him, I guess. Chi-Chi can thank me for showing him the ropes. He was much smaller and easier to handle the first time I slept with him, and if he’d behaved like that on Chi-Chi’s wedding night, at the power level he was by then, we’d probably have needed to find the Dragon Balls to revive her.”


APRIL: “Oh, wow. He’s always been a lot to handle, from what I’ve seen, but I guess he was even wilder when he was younger.”


BULMA: “You have no idea.”


APRIL: “”My next question concerning Goku wants you to compare him to Vegeta. Who is better in bed?”


BULMA: “Goku’s got his charms, and he’s a great fuck on passion alone, but a lady like myself requires someone a bit more refined. For all of his rough edges, Vegeta’s a true prince in bed and fits my needs much better.”


APRIL: “That’s so sweet. On a related note, what made you choose Vegeta over Yamcha?”


BULMA: “Oh, well… I’d been trying to make things work with Yamcha for a long time before the first time Vegeta and I fucked… which I guess was also the beginning of our relationship, really. Yamcha’s a sweet guy, but his fear of women never fully evaporated, if you know what I mean. In the sack he was always so… uncomfortable. Despite that, he was also a bit of a playboy once he got to where he could talk to other women, and it just… wasn’t working.


“With Vegeta, things were definitely weird at the start, but he knocked me up pretty quickly and that kinda put us in a tough spot. We decided to make it work for Trunks’ sake, and thankfully Vegeta was able to slip into being a pretty awesome dad. Er, eventually.”


APRIL: “And, like with Goku, I have to ask now, who is better in bed between Yamcha and Vegeta?”


BULMA: “Oh, Vegeta. By miles. Honestly, the only area where I might prefer Yamcha is if I can peg him, as he’s got a pretty juicy ass that’s fun to plow. Though… I don’t know, Vegeta’s got some great cake on him, too…”


APRIL: “But it sounds like, overall, there’s not much of a contest.”


BULMA: “Not at all. Vegeta knows how to treat a lady. The last time Yamcha was inside me, he was still acting like a horny teenager getting his first grab of a tit. Even Goku has better self-control.”


APRIL: “Ouch! On a different tangent, do you think you’ll ever meet with Astrid Hofferson for a crossover?”


BULMA: “Astrid, Astrid… I’m sorry, but I don’t know who that is. If Near asked me to, though, I’m sure I’d have no problem working with them.”


APRIL: “Alright. Our last question today deals with parenting. Do you and Vegeta spank Trunks when he misbehaves? Or have you ever spanked him?”


BULMA: “Oh, I think Chi-Chi had to answer something like this for her Asks, didn’t she? I know she sometimes uses spanking as a punishment, but I never believed in it. I wouldn’t let Vegeta do it, either, though I don’t know what his feelings on the matter are. I don’t think spanking is an effective punishment, though, so for both Trunks and Bra we would usually rely on other methods to curb bad behavior.


“As for if I’ve ever spanked him, I guess I technically have. Meeting up with the future version of Trunks, we did have a bit of fun just the two of us, and he enjoyed some light BDSM play, which did involve some spanking with a paddle and my hand. That wasn’t as a punishment, though, even if I was telling him what a bad boy he was at the time.”


APRIL: “Fascinating, thank you. Well, that just about does it for us here, Thank you again for agreeing to sit down with me for this interview.”


BULMA: “Thank you for having me. It was a true pleasure.”


She shook my hand with a warm smile as we parted ways. I left impressed with her professional demeanor, and it was clear to me she’d had plenty of practice handling interviews of all sorts during her time representing Capsule Corp in her past life. 


I would like to take this time to thank everyone who took the time to read this interview, and an extra thanks to everyone who submitted questions for me to ask her. Keep an eye out on the Near Hentai Twitter for whenever the call will go out for questions for the next Spotlight Interview. I’ve got a handful of cute boys lined up I’d like to talk to, and as soon as I’ve settled on one we’ll need questions from all of you to grill him with! 

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