NHS Spotlight: Izuku Midoriya

By April O’Neil


When looking at the list of Near Hentai Studio performers I could interview next, one name jumped out at me. Izuku Midoriya, often referred to affectionately as Deku. A truly prolific star in the Studio, Mr. Midoriya has worked with many of the top stars and been the highlight of some of the Studio’s most prolific series. Appearing in the U.A. Wall, Trap Sluts, Double Love Triangle, as well as the upcoming Coed Capers alongside a long, long list of standalone appearances with both his fellow heroes and classmates from My Hero Academia as well as a litany of icons from other universes. He was a must get for my Spotlight series, and was thrilled when he agreed to sit down with me.


He stood to greet me as I entered out interview room. He bowed slightly before offering me his hand for a shake.


IZUKU: “It’s an honor to be selected for your interview series, Ms. O’Neil.”


APRIL: “Oh, please, call me April.”


He blushed slightly, and I have to admit seeing his freckles highlighted in pink made my heart flutter slightly. We both took our seats.


IZUKU: “Yes, of course. And you can call me Izuku.”


APRIL: “Alright, Izuku. Now, as I’m sure you’ve been told, the questions for this interview have all been collected from the Near Hentai Studios Twitter account. All of these questions come from your adoring fans. Are you ready to answer them?”


IZUKU: “Yes, ma’am! I mean, April! I’m very curious to see what everyone wanted to ask me!”


APRIL: “Then let’s not waste any time. So, you have quite a bit of experience being bullied, mostly by Bakugou. Would you say that you’ve possibly developed a bit of a bully kink as a result of this?”


He blushed again at this question, which I have to admit was part of why I chose to open with it.


IZUKU: “A bully kink? I, um… Hm… I’m sorry, I wouldn’t say so. Being bullied by Kaachan wasn’t really… fun… I’m not an expert, but if I had to guess I’d say people with a kink for bullying are probably either bullies themselves or were never bullied that much…


“It is exciting to shoot with Kaachan, perhaps due in part to our past history, I admit. However… I really like it better when we can meet each other as equals, wether when shooting a scene together or anything else.”


APRIL: “In a similar vein, would you ever give ‘Bully Porn’ a try, given the fact that your character is so nerdy? Some examples provided are getting wedgies, spankings, and public humiliation.”


IZUKU: “I-is this really what my fans wanted to ask me?”


APRIL: “It is, indeed.”


IZUKU: “Ah, I see… Hm. I think, if I was asked to for work, I probably could get through something like that. It’s definitely not the type of porn I would prefer to shoot, I honestly prefer the more romantic fluffy kind of porn, but I wouldn’t want to cause any problems by flat-out refusing if asked. I don’t think I’ll be pushing to star in anything like that, though.”


APRIL: “And would you ever play around with chastity or dom/sub play?”


IZUKU: “Um, again, if it was for work, sure. I’ve even shot a little bit in that vein before, and probably will again. It’s not really the type of sex I prefer recreationally, though, if that’s what they’re asking.”


APRIL: “Among your fans, the idea of an Izuku villain is very popular.”


IZUKU: “It is?”


APRIL: “Apparently so, yeah. So, if you were ever offered, would you like to play the role of a villain in a Near Hentai Studios production?”


Izuku laughed, seemingly caught off-guard by the direction of the question.


IZUKU: “I wonder where that comes from? Hm… I guess it could be fun to play a villainous role for a shoot, I don’t know… I’ve seen my friend Harley have a lot of fun shooting some stuff like that, but I’m not sure how well it fits me. Part of me feels like I’d lose my cool trying to act evil… I’m not much of an actor, really, so I usually just try and play myself like myself.”


APRIL: “And how was your experience in the U.A. Wall?”


IZUKU: “Oh, well, the U.A. Wall shoot was quite the ride. They hooked me up inside that hole they’ve got set up, and then I was there pretty much all day. They shot the ‘before’ version first, of course, and then we had to build up the ‘after’ version naturally. A bunch of guys volunteered to mess me up, and I was there for probably… at least six hours, I’m sure, though it’s hard to keep track of time in that situation. After they got the shots they wanted I think I was walking funny for a week. I took a lot of big cocks that day, for sure, though I know some of my classmates took way more.”


APRIL: “About your classmates, what was the reaction of your other classmates trapped next to you?”


IZUKU: “Oh! Am I allowed to say this? The U.A. Wall series is a bit of movie magic. We aren’t actually all shooting at the same time, that’s why the releases are so spread out. I shot mine first, and Ochaco shot hers something like a week later. I know the plan is for us all to end up lined up into one long shot when it’s over, but that’s just editing. They’ve only got the one hole set up for us to shoot in, and then they have to clean and scrub the wall down before the next shoot.


“That being said, I know Kaachan was really grumpy about the whole thing, but that’s normal for him. He was complaining all day before and after his shoot, but I was on set, and the noises he was making while everyone fucked him are the ones he usually reserves just for Kirishima. Ochaco was really excited to try it out after watching my shoot, and I think she had a great time. You wouldn’t guess it by looking at her, but she’s pretty tough, and she kept encouraging the stunt cocks to get rougher with her up until the end.”


APRIL: “Wow, she sounds like quite the gal.”


IZUKU: “She really is!”


APRIL: “And could you tell us a bit about your relationship with Ms. Uraraka?”


IZUKU: “Oh, sure! Ochaco and I were really good friends in our lives before the Studio. She helped me out so much when I was in school, and I’d like to think I was of some use to her as well. We always supported each other.”


APRIL: “But now that you’re in the Studio?”


IZUKU: “Well, Ochaco’s first shoot was with me. It was just a simple blowjob scene as part of a One-Shot compilation, but it kind of really changed our relationship. After we finished shooting we ended up hanging out a lot, and I showed her around the Studio, and then we ended up sleeping together for the first time at her place. I guess you could say we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now, although we both have quite a few boyfriends and girlfriends around the Studio.”


APRIL: “And what is your friendship with Gohan like? How did you two meet?”


IZUKU: “Gohan would be one of those other boyfriends I talked about, both for myself and Ochaco. Ochaco actually introduced us, I guess she and him had been getting along well for a while and she brought him along for a swimming date we were having with Tsuyu at the pool. She’d said we should have an even number of boys and girls for the date, and it worked out pretty well. We had a bit of a foursome in the pool showers after, and I guess we were always pretty close after that. We have a lot of the same interests, and I guess people noticed since it was just a couple months after that when we shot our first scene together with Shoto.”


APRIL: “And could you tell us about your first time with Mr. Bakugou?”


IZUKU: “Ah…  Kacchan and I never had sex together until it was for a scene. I think he’s a bit shy about doing stuff like that with me, even though we’ve filmed together quite a few times by now. But our first time was for a different One-Shot, and this one was a big orgy with a lot of my old classmates from U.A. Quite a few of my friends first came to the Studio to shoot that scene, and part of it involved Kacchan and Kirishima double penetrating my butt. I was a bit nervous, since he seemed really upset about being asked to work with me, but he was surprisingly tender and considerate while we were filming. At the time I thought maybe he was just on his best behavior since Kirishima was there, but all my experiences shooting with him since then have been kind of like that. He’s angry and grumpy before and after the scene, but still very caring while we film. Although he still looks mad even then, hahaha.”


APRIL: “And since you’re so close with Mr. Bakugou, do you know if he has any intentions of working with the young couple of Gon and Killua in the future?”


IZUKU: “Oh, I don’t think he’d tell me if he was… Kacchan can be pretty private about stuff like that. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they did end up working together, though, just because Gon and Killua really tend to get around, but I haven’t heard anything about it.”


APRIL: “And speaking of Gon, how was your night with him? Were you able to fully insert your penis?”


IZUKU: “My night? Which… which night?”


APRIL: “I’m just reading the questions as they were submitted.”


IZUKU: “Ah, well…fucking Gon is always pretty fun. He’s very enthusiastic about everything he does, so he’s just a joy to be around in general. As for inserting my penis, um… yeah, Gon can take all of me in his butt. He’s better than he gives himself credit for at taking cock.”


APRIL: “Alright, so. You’ve shot a number of scenes with various Saiya-jins in the past. Are there any other Saiya-jins you’ve seen around that you want to try out?”


IZUKU: “Other Saiya-jins… you know, I’m not great at keeping track of people’s species or races or whatever, when they’re not human but look human. I know Gohan and his dad and brother are all Saiya-jins, but I’m not super familiar with who else is. I guess, um… Oh, I know Caulifla and Kale both are, and Kale’s pretty cute, right? I wouldn’t mind working with her, maybe. I’m not sure who else really qualifies, though I’d always be ready to work with Gohan and his family again in the future.”


APRIL: “And who would you say you like to be with more on camera?”


IZUKU: “Oh, that’s tough. So many of my best friends make for great partners in scenes, you know? I guess… shooting with Ochaco always feels pretty special. I know that’s probably not a shocking revelation, but I think it’d have to be her.”


APRIL: “And, in a similar vein, out of everyone you’ve met here in the Near Hentai Studios, who would you say is someone you’d consider asking to be your significanct other, meaning your boyfriend and/or girlfriend?”


IZUKU: “I’ve got a few. I know it seems strange, but the culture here in the Studio is a bit different, and I don’t think anyone ever has just one boyfriend or girlfriend. I already mentioned before that I consider Ochaco to be my girlfriend, but at the same time we’d both call Gohan our boyfriend if asked. Tsuyu is also my girlfriend, I’d say, I’m in a similar situation with Ash, Nagisa, Mina, Gon, and a bunch of others… I guess you could say most of those are more fuck-buddies than anything, though. If you’re wanting just one name, I’m going to have to say Ochaco again. Sorry.”


APRIL: “No need to apologize. Now, knowing that you’re versatile enugh to do both topping and bottoming, which do you prefer to do?”


IZUKU: “I feel like that can really depend a lot on my partner. Since I am, as you said, versatile, I like to roll with my partner’s needs first. So I bottom for tops, and top for bottoms, naturally. There are some folks, those I’m closest to, who I tend to go back and forth with. Gohan, Ochaco, Harley, Kota… I guess in those cases I do tend to enjoy bottoming. I think I just really enjoy the idea of whomever I’m with getting off to my body, if that makes sense? Plus, Ochaco makes the cutest faces when she’s topping me…”


APRIL: “I bet she does. Now then, about your notebook. Have you kept a record of the biggest dicks you’ve seen in the Studio?”


IZUKU: “Oh, yes, I try and keep pretty good notes on everyone I encounter or watch perform.”


APRIL: “Would you care to share your findings?”


IZUKU: “Hm, well… Broly has the biggest one I’ve seen so far, just inching out All Might’s. Of course Goku, Vegeta and Luffy are all pretty big as well. My notes aren’t comprehensive, though, since I haven’t had the chance to view everyone up-close yet, and some of my observations are made just from studying recordings in the Near Hentai archives.”


APRIL: “Well, speaking of up-close, who would you say has the tastiest cock you’ve encountered?”


IZUKU: “The tastiest? Probably… Gohan? I, um, I know a lot of people like to make a big deal about size, but when it comes to taste I really prefer a cock like Gohan’s. It’s very cute, and his skin is soft and sweet-smelling, so tasting his dick is pretty nice. I think Ash would be a close second.”


APRIL: “And what is your bigget load?”


IZUKU: “That I’ve given, or received?”


APRIL: “Either, I guess. The question doesn’t specify.”


IZUKU: “Ah, well… I’m afraid I don’t keep good notes on load sizes, I might have to change that. I honestly couldn’t say the biggest load I’ve had myself, I feel like a lot of my orgasms tend to be about the same in terms of volume. The biggest I’ve received, thoug… Probably from All Might. He can cum buckets when he’s really into it.”


APRIL: “I feel like you’ve sort of answered this next one already, but I am obligated to present you with every question I’ve received.”


IZUKU: “What is it?”


APRIL: “Do you like to be paired with Ash?”


IZUKU: “Yes. Ash is pretty much just my type, and he’s very easy to work with.”


APRIL: “And Gohan?”


Izuku laughed.


IZUKU: “Yes, I very much enjoy working with Gohan.”


APRIL: “Now, about your pubic hair. If you don’t shave it, does it grow green and fluffy like the hair on your head?”


IZUKU: “Yup. Doesn’t everyone’s pubic hair resemble the hair on their head?”


APRIL: “Not necessarily, but it is good to know the carpet matches the drapes.”


IZUKU: “Or, it would. Like the question suggests, I like to keep my body smooth as much as possible.”


APRIL: “Right, of course. Now, from your class 1-A, which boy and which girl do you like to fuck the most?”


IZUKU: “Ah, I might’ve given the game away a bit earlier. Ochaco’s my favorite girl to fuck from class, for sure. My favorite boy would have to be… Uh, either Shoto or Kacchan. I can’t quite decide.”


APRIL: “And lastly, what is your favorite thing to snack on? The question suggests that it could or could not include a double meaning.”


IZUKU: “Oh, if they want me to say cum, I do like to drink cum, but not as a snack. If it’s not fresh from a cock it’s pretty gross. My favorite food is katsudon, a type of pork cutlet bowl, though that’s not really a snack, I guess… 


“I don’t eat a lot of snacks, sorry. Sometimes I like to have chicken skewers, so if katsudon doesn’t count then I’d say those. They’re sort of a snack.”


APRIL: “Haha, alright. I think anything you want to qualify as a snack would be alright, but thank you for answering all of our questions.”


IZUKU: “Mm, sure! It was pretty fun!”


He stood to shake my hand again, and we exchanged some parting pleasantries as he opened the door for me to leave. He was completely charming the whole time, living up to his reputation around the Studio. With one more of the heavy hitters in the Near Hentai Studio checked off my list, I knew I had to set my sights on a lady next, but you’ll have to tune in next time to find out who. Make sure you keep an eye on the Near Hentai Twitter page if you’d like to give me questions to ask our next Spotlight superstar!


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