NHS Spotlight: Ryūko Matoi

NHS Spotlight: Ryūko Matoi

By April O’Neil

So far in this interview series, I’ve spoken with some of the most prolific performers in the Near Hentai Studio. Each one ranked high enough to appear in our first Calendar project, a very elite selection. However, today would be different. We wanted to talk with someone who, while she’s very popular and has many fans, hasn’t quite reached that upper echelon within the Studio.


I met with Ryūko Matoi, a long-standing performer who debuted in the Studio alongside her sister back in 2015. Despite her relative longevity, Ryūko hasn’t really appeared in any major projects, mostly sticking to answering Character Asks and making the occasional appearance along the way. I got to know Ryūko well some time ago when she won a spot in Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour, which I had the privilege of hosting.


Ryūko smiled and greeted me as I entered. We exchanged brief pleasantries before sitting down to conduct our interview.


APRIL: “Thank you for agreeing to sit down with me today, Ryūko!”


RYŪKO: “Oh, of course! I’ve been following your interviews ever since they started, and I couldn’t believe it when you asked me to come on!”


APRIL: “Well, we ran a poll on our social media, and the people voted for you to get this interview spot.”


Ryūko looked genuinely surprised, but pleased.


RYŪKO: “Really? I didn’t realize I was that popular…”


APRIL: “Popular enough, it seems. Now, as I’m sure you know, our questions today were all submitted by your fans through our social media. I’ll just run through all of the questions they gave me. Is that alright?”


RYŪKO: “Yup! I’m an open book!”


She seemed to be very excited for this interview, and I found myself catching some of her enthusiasm.


APRIL: “Okay! Up first! How would you rate your relationship with your sister Satsuki in the Studio?”


RYŪKO: “Oh! Hm… Well, we definitely get along a lot better here than we did in our previous lives. I mean, we’d kinda forged one of those, whad’ya call it… blood bonds or whatever before. We fought each other, fought beside each other… So when we came to the Studio, and we had to immediately shoot a scene together, that kinda closed the bond in pretty tight, ya know?”


APRIL: “So you’re close?”


RYŪKO: “Yeah! I mean, we still butt heads sometimes, and Satsuki would never admit it, but I think we’ve got good chemistry on set.”


APRIL: “And is there anyone you would consider your equal in the Studio?”


RYŪKO: “Equal? Uh, as a performer, or…?”


APRIL: “That’s the full question.”


RYŪKO: “Ah-hah… Uh… I mean, Satsuki’s kinda similarly popular to me, I think. But if anything being in the Studio’s been a humbling experience. When it comes to having sex on camera, I’m just always feelin’ outclassed, ya know? Chi-Chi, Bulma, Butt Witch, Rumi… I dunno, it just feels like I’m surrounded by all these bad ass porn ladies that I can’t keep up with. But it’s exciting! I’m always working to improve, and hopefully get better and better at this sort of thing.”


APRIL: “No need to be so down on yourself, honey! Trust me, you have your own charms, that’s why you got this interview spot to begin with.”


Ryūko blushed at this.


RYŪKO: “Thanks, haha…”


APRIL: “So, then. In your work so far, you’ve mainly worked with other women. That being said, are there any guys who catch your eye in the Studio who you might want to work with?”


RYŪKO: “Hm… well, I did get along well with Yusuke when I worked with him. I guess I wouldn’t mind shooting with him again. As for any new guys, uh… I guess I wouldn’t mind the prestige that comes with shooting with Goku or Gohan… Seems like that’s kinda something that’d help my career, ya know?”


APRIL: “Okay, but what about just out of personal interest?”


RYŪKO: “Haha, well… I don’t think it’s any secret that I tend to prefer other gals, but…”


She paused here for a moment, thinking carefully.


RYŪKO: “It’d probably be fun to work with some of the shota boys, right? Especially some of the softer ones, where I could kinda take charge a bit.I’m not sure who’d be best for that, but I like that idea… I also kinda like that Denki boy, ya know? He’s got kind of a cool vibe to him. It’d be fun to team up with Jiro on him, I think.”


APRIL: “Interesting, interesting… Don’t be shocked if you get an Ask or two that push you in that direction now!”


RYŪKO: “Haha, well, I’m always excited when I get the chance to do an Ask, so bring it on!”


APRIL: “Now, in the opposite direction, Are there any female members of the Studio you like, or whose style catches your eye?”


RYŪKO: “Well, I mentioned a few I’m a fan of earlier, right? Chi-Ch’s really cool, and so is Bulma… Butt Witch has a confidence I can only dream of, and Rumi’s just a total badass in every way I’d like to be. In terms of style, well… my gal pals Jiro and Hayley both have pretty cool, laid-back styles.”


APRIL: “And what about who you’d like to work with?”


RYŪKO: “That’s hard, in sort of the opposite way the dudes question was… I think I’d be game to work with 99% of the girls in the Studio. But any of my friends would be fun, of course. Gogo’s really my type, I’ve had my eye on her for a long time. I’m pretty open, though. Any girls reading this, if you wanna shoot with me, hit me up!”


APRIL: “Haha, you’re real;y fishing for opportunities right now, huh?”

RYŪKO: “Gotta make the best of the platform, right?”


APRIL:”Sure, I respect the hustle. So now we’re down to our last question.”

RYŪKO: “Aw, already?”


APRIL: “Yeah, sorry. So, considering how hyperactive Mako can be, are there any funny stories about you two in the Studio? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done together so far?”


RYŪKO: “Hahaha, she’s quite the character! I mean, I remember when she first arrived here. It was about five years after I did, I think, and I’d missed her like crazy. So, of course, to her she’d just seen me, but I was this crying mess when I saw her big dumb smile again… And she just kinda patted my head like she didn’t know what to do about it.”


APRIL: “Aw, that’s more sweet than it is funny!”


RYŪKO: “Right, right, funny… um… Well, she just kinda tends to make a spectacle of herself wherever we go, ya know? Like, we’ll go to eat, and she’ll maybe end up singing a stupid song on the table in the middle of the food court… Or, um… oh! The first time she volunteered at the Strip Club, she kinda dragged me along. I was insanely nervous. In my whole time here I’d never once gotten on a stage like that. So I had this whole routine in mind, I was taking it very seriously… and then when we got up there, Mako just kinda bounced around, throwing her clothes off will-nilly and just generally being, well… Mako. So I’m stuck up there doing this incredibly stiff, serious attempt at an erotic dance, and she’s being a complete goofball. I’m sure we looked very silly trying to dance together like that; I was mortified.”


APRIL: “That sounds so fun, though! I wish I could’ve been there that day to see for myself!”


RYŪKO: “No, no, no, trust me, we looked like fools!”


She laughs at this, seeming to reminisce fondly.


RYŪKO: “But Mako’s great, really. I’m so happy to have her here in the Studio, embarrassments and all.”


APRIL: “Well, that’ll do it for us today. Thank you again for sitting down to talk today.”


RYŪKO: “No, thank you! I’m really honored to be here, truly.”


We shook hands as she thanked me again. Despite her sometimes brash exterior, I’ve always found Ryūko to be a very sweet, genuine girl. I hope you all enjoyed this interview, and remember to keep a tab on the Near Hentai account on Twitter for your chance to submit questions for our next interview!


  1. Dekuy

    Hope this gives Ryuko more to do in the future I’d love to see her back in the studio whether It be character asks, Ongoing Comics, One Shots, or Commisions

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