NHS Spotlight: Son Gohan

By April O’Neil

When I was chosen to conduct a series of spotlight interviews focusing on specific stars in the Near Hentai Studios, I requested right away to interview Son Gohan first. I don’t think I need to explain why, anyone who’s seen his body of work in the Studio knows how dedicated and versatile he is on camera. I wanted to get to know the man behind the camera, though, the boy who quickly became one of the top stars in the whole Studio, alongside his entire immediate family. I have had the pleasure of working alongside his mother in the past, hosting her special fans vacation, and I was excited to meet the young man she’d raised. He greeted me as I entered the interview room.


GOHAN: “Miss O’Neil! Thank you so much for choosing me for this interview.”


APRIL: “Don’t mention it, Gohan, it’s an honor.”


Ever-polite, he waited for me to take my seat before sitting down across from me.


GOHAN: “I must admit, I was a bit surprised when I heard you’d asked for me, specifically. I was under the impression that you were a bit upset with me after this year’s Halloween party.”


APRIL: “Oh, no, that’s… That’s quite alright. My boys can make their own decisions, and besides that I’m a professional. There’s no way I could pass up an interview with perhaps the biggest star in the whole Studio!”


Gohan blushed cutely at this, and I was immediately reminded of why he had so many fans.


GOHAN: “Yes, well… I think that’s probably up for debate, but thank you.”


APRIL: “Now, as we discussed, all of today’s questions were collected from your fans via the Near Hentai Twitter account. Are you ready to answer their questions?”


GOHAN: “Yes, ma’am! Hit me with them!”


APRIL: “Alright. First up, how did you join the Studio, and did you have to go through some kind of training?”


GOHAN: “Ah, well, as far as the ‘how’ goes, I don’t think my experience was any different than anyone else’s. I was brought in some time in early 2015, I remember. Just like everyone else, I woke up in the lab where they’d spawned this iteration of me, and Ms. Wildstar was there to welcome me. They wanted me for a shoot with my mom and my little bro, Goten. Of course, I was older, then, but Ms. Wildstar walked me through what the Studio was and how it worked, the same as she does for everyone. Goten had just arrived, too, so he got the tour at the same time and we kinda just absorbed it all. Mom had already been here for a few years, so when we met up with her she took it on herself to help us get used to the whole performance side of things.


“She introduced us to this lady named Kallen, who I guess was the first person mom performed with here? I don’t really know the full story, but in short Kallen messed around with Goten while I got mom, and the two of them helped ease us into things with a few hours of sex. It was a great introductory course, and naturally made it easier when the three of us did our shoot the next day.”


APRIL: “I imagine having a mother figure already here and used to the unique culture of the Studio made it a lot easier to adapt.”


GOHAN: “Oh, definitely, though from what I’ve seen most people seem to get used to the craziness here pretty quick.”


APRIL: “I know I did. What would you say living here in the Studio has changed about you as a person?”


GOHAN: “Oh, hm. That’s a tough one. Related to what I was saying about people adapting quickly, I do think there’s something in the ‘iteration’ process that changes us to make us better suited to work here. I can’t really prove it, but it’s commonly known that when we’re copied from our original selves we’re not copied perfectly.”


APRIL: “Are you going to get scientific on us?”


GOHAN: “Haha, sorry if it’s not what you were expecting, but I was raised with a pretty studious attitude, and I’m naturally curious about these things! So I can’t prove anything, but what I believe is that NHS iterations are always a bit more perverted than their original selves. So, in that way, just being here has changed me a bit.”


APRIL: “And have you changed more since being copied?”


GOHAN: “Oh, probably… it’s been five years now, and sex is such a daily part of my life now that it’s a little hard to believe. Living in a world with no STDs or risk of pregnancy, on top of the general culture of sexuality, has made it incredibly easy to become an overt slut. I’d say that definitely describes me more now than it did five years ago.”


APRIL: “And do you give, or receive dick?”


GOHAN: “You mean off-camera? ‘Cause I think if you look at my work you’ll see I do both plenty.”


APRIL: “I would assume so, yeah.”


GOHAN: “It really depends on who I’m with! Generally with women I’m more of a ‘giver’, though I’ve done my fair share of pegging. With guys it tends to vary from person to person. When it comes to big, strong men, I definitely prefer to be manhandled and fucked. There’s no real risk of hurting me, so it’s really fun to let them run wild and just destroy my ass. Cuter, more feminine guys, typically I enjoy fucking them. Someone like Killua is just so fun to pin down and bust a nut inside, you have no idea.”


APRIL: “I can imagine.”


GOHAN: “But that’s not to say I’m against switching it up. Goten and Trunks, for example, can easily go either way with me, depending on my mood or theirs… A lot of it just comes down to the moment, and what feels right at the time.”


APRIL: “And have you met Miguel from Coco here in the Studio?”


GOHAN: “Miguel? Um… I don’t recall meeting anyone by that name, sorry. The Studio’s gotten pretty crowded, there’s lots of people I haven’t met personally yet. It’s possible I’ve seen him and didn’t know it, though.”


APRIL: “Alright, and how much would you say you like feet?”


GOHAN: “Oh, we’re getting into these types of questions! Alright. I know that there’s a lot of foot-focused content shot here, it definitely seems to be very popular. I’m kinda in the middle on them, myself. I can enjoy some good footplay every now and then, but I don’t think I could sit around licking soles all day like some people around here can. Personally, I tend to prefer using my own feet a bit more. When I shot Special Training with my dad, they had me use my feet on his cock for a while, and that was pretty fun. I think my feet are sensitive, ‘cause I could really feel him pulse and throb when we were shooting that scene.”


APRIL: “And what about sniffing other men’s underwear? How do you feel about that?”


GOHAN: “Oh, that’s not really my thing at all… Don’t get me wrong, a nice, pleasant musk can really help get me in the mood, but I prefer it fresh from the person. If I’m held close to a man and I can smell him, that can be intoxicating. I don’t get the same rush thinking about their clothes, though. I kinda get it, I really do, but for some reason there’s something about the idea of it being cloth emitting the smell… I don’t know, that’s just not as sexy to me. More power to you if that’s your thing, but for me it just feels… unhygienic, I guess?”


APRIL: “So, that being said, what kink would you say turns you on the most?”


GOHAN: “Oh, that’s a good one… Honestly, and this feels weird to say out loud, but I think the family stuff does it for me the most.”


APRIL: “Oh, you like playing with your family more than anything?”


GOHAN: “It’s just… in my old, pre-Studio life, I never felt as close to my family as I would’ve liked. Dad was gone a lot, mom was… a lot. Goten and I got close, but not that close, and before I knew it I was moved out. Then when I had a daughter, she went off into space at a very young age. Granted, I did the same thing, but that sort of thing can put a strain on a parental relationship. It definitely did with me and my mom.


“So. once I got used to the idea of them all being viable sexual partners… I don’t know, it’s just really thrilling! It’s so naughty and taboo, and every time I get to shoot with a family member on camera I get a rush of excitement.”


APRIL: “So, can you tell us about how you lost your virginity?”


GOHAN: “That’s complicated. I’m sure you know, Ms. O’Neil, but as fictional characters our histories can become, uh… muddied.”


APRIL: “Yes, I’ve definitely experienced that.”


GOHAN: “So, like, for me there’s already some timeline variations that can lead to mixed memories. The timeline where my daughter goes into space with a kid version of dad feels… like maybe it didn’t really happen? Part of me can’t remember her ever being older than a baby, while part of me remembers seeing her grow up. And here in the Studio, there’s even more muddiness introduced.


“For example, I’ve shot content for the Xoverse, with Ash and Ochaco and some of my other friends. That all… feels like reality. I can remember the Xoverse like it’s my own life, even though that reality only barely resembles my own. I both did, and did not, attend a school for super heroes. I think it’s important for anyone who reads this interview to understand that. Some version of me had his first time in the gym’s supply closet with Ochaco. Another version’s first time was on my wedding night with Videl. But the one that feels the most real is the one that we portrayed in Special Training.”


APRIL: “So could you tell us about that?”


GOHAN: “Sure thing.I think anyone who saw that production got the idea, but basically what happened was, when dad was out in space after we escaped Namek, I started, uh… experimenting with things. I was getting curious about my body. I kept taking breaks from studying to play with myself, I tried putting the eraser end of a pencil up my butt… it was a whole thing.


“I was afraid to talk to mom about it, which sounds ironic knowing our relationship now, I know, but that’s how it was. So I sought out the only mentor figure I thought I could trust, Mr. Piccolo. Mr. Piccolo’s species experiences sex very different from humans or saiya-jins, but he understood the concept and tried to help me figure things out. When I asked him to help me more, um… physically, well… It took a lot of begging and pleading, but he eventually agreed to help.”


APRIL: “But of course, namekians don’t have the same reproductive organs as humans, right?”


GOHAN: “Right, but they can do crazy things with their bodies. Mr. Piccolo can grow back arms, make his limbs stretch out ridiculously long and, as it turns out, he knew some technique that allowed him to grow a phallus just like a more mammalian species.”


APRIL: “So then he fucked you?”


GOHAN: “Pretty much! I think having a cock kinda messed with his mind a bit, because he got a lot rougher with me than I’d been expecting. I loved it, of course, but after we finished he seemed deeply remorseful. He told me it felt like the old demon king came out of him when he had a cock, and I really think the experience scared him a lot more than it did me.”


APRIL: “Would you say you have an affinity for green cocks, then?”


GOHAN: “Ms. O’Neil, I already apologized for Halloween…”


APRIL: “Alright, nevermind. Is that experience why you say now that you sometimes like to be manhandled?”


GOHAN: “I can’t say for sure if that’s what caused it or not. I just know what I like.”


APRIL: “Now then, who would you say are the biggest cocks you’ve taken? It’d be great if you could name at least five.”


GOHAN: “Oh, well, daddy and Mr. Luffy would both have to be on there, for sure. Goten and Trunks both also feel like they belong on that list, but that might just be because I always end up taking them both in my ass at the same time? All I know is I walk a little funny the day after getting fucked by those two. And, um…. I guess Gon is also pretty big, and he fucks hard, too. I should probably give an honorable mention to Cell and Mr. Vegeta, much as I hate to admit it. They’re both pretty well-hung.”


APRIL: “Cell is one who doesn’t usually have a cock, am I right?”


GOHAN: “Sure, but he has Mr. Piccolo’s cells, and seems to use the same technique to grow one. Though when he does it definitely feels more like daddy’s inside me than Mr. Piccolo.”


APRIL: “Fascinating! Next, how was your last night with the green-haired Gon and Izuku? Was it the best night you had, and what makes it so special?”


GOHAN: “I’m sorry, I’m not really sure I understand the question.”


APRIL: “I’m just relaying what was asked on Twitter.”


GOHAN: “Okay, well… to date, I haven’t been with both Gon and Izuku at the same time, which seems to be what the question is suggesting. I definitely think that sounds like a lot of fun, but I think when Gon and Killua are looking for a third person, they tend to go with either me or Izuku. Probably we’re too similar in their eyes, if I had to guess.


“However, I do enjoy being with both Izuku and Gon. Gon’s a really fun kid, he reminds me a lot of my dad. Izuku’s really sensitive and loving, and a very caring partner. So they’re both special in their own ways.”


APRIL: “I see, I see. And finally, our last Twitter question, can you tell us about the first time you wanted to fuck Trunks?”


GOHAN: “Oh, sure thing. The first time I met Trunks, it was through time travel shenanigans. He was older than me, and came to help us battle Cell. I thought he was pretty hot almost immediately, but I didn’t really realize that’s what I was thinking until after I’d spent some time with dad in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.


“Coming out of that special training experience, I was more easily able to identify how I felt about Trunks. By then he had grown his hair out, too, which made me like him even more. He had a mixture of the strength I admired in dad, but also a femininity to him that I was really into. At some point before the Cell games, he had joined me in the woods while I was gathering some wood for our heated bath. It was a hot day, and when I saw a cool lake, I saw an opportunity to try and seduce him.


“So I suggested we bathe. He was reluctant at first, but as I undressed I could see him checking me out, and eventually I convinced him to join me. The rest is, um… a bit predictable, I’d say.”


APRIL: “And what of A Trip to the Past, one of your more popular films? That takes place around the same time, correct?”


GOHAN: “Yeah! So, that’s another case of multiple conflicting memories, like we talked about before. There’s definitely a timeline where, even though I was attracted to the older Trunks, I never got to fuck him. Instead, that trip in the woods is a fishing trip that a younger Trunks and my unborn brother crash with a stolen time machine.”


APRIL: “I see! Well, that’s all the questions I have for you today.”


GOHAN: “Already? Alright, then! It was a pleasure talking with you, Ms. O’Neil.”


APRIL: “Please, call me April. And thank you so much for agreeing to sit down with us today for the NHS Spotlight. It was a real treat to hear you talk so candidly about your experiences, and I know your fans will all be looking forward to your next scene in the Studio!”


GOHAN: “I hope so! I definitely want to shoot a lot more content for the Near Hentai Studios in the future, and I hope you all will enjoy seeing me perform! Thank you!”


And with that farewell message to his fans, Gohan and I parted ways. With arguably the biggest fish in the Studio already interviewed, I personally cannot wait for the chance to sit down and interview another big star. Until then, thank you for reading and I will talk to you all again for the next NHS Spotlight!



    I’ll be honest, I really loved the interview, I found it very funny in some parts, and I like to see how the universe of the studio is developing, especially the parts where they talk about how their relationships are with others or when they refer to your drawings and Past projects, I definitely have to thank you for taking your time to create some history, which I personally think brings more life to your content.

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