Quick Question (Behind the Scenes)

Quick Question (Behind the Scenes)

by A-boy

Inspired by: https://nearhentai.com/2018/07/23/loren-cox-character-ask-2/


“All right, Loren, on the couch, please.”
The beautiful blonde walked confidently and laid on the couch.
“Now, you know the drill, just a good shot for the answer to someone’s question.”
“Yeah, you mind if I play with my dick a little?” the slutty boy asked.
“Actually, since a lot of Near’s fans think you’re so hot, we wanna capture a sexy, disheveled in pleasure look.”
“Great, I’ll jack off so I can answer your question with a slight moan.”
He guided his fingers carefully stroking his small but rock hard shaft. Since he’s often a bottom, his cock doesn’t really get this much attention.
“Mmmhhh yeahh, that’s good,” he moans out, as he rarely touches himself, his cock is insanely sensitive. His fingers trail up and down, stimulating the shaft deprived of touch for so long.
“Oooooooooooh, fuck, I need this,” he continues to moan, as his cock leaks pre-cum.
“Loren, question time, since you’ve joined the studio, is there anyone in the studio you’d like to have fun with?”
“Well, Gohan and I hit it off when I got here, but he isn’t as big and studly as I like ’em. I’ve heard a thing or two about his dad though. Now, there’s all this talk of a guy who could grow his cock to any size. That would be, mmmmf, amazing.” Loren cuts out as a moan happens to slip his mouth while his cock is still carefully stimulated by his soft hands.
“And cut, Loren, feel free to get someone to fuck you silly in here while we pack up for our next shoot.”
“Mmmmmf, cool, I’ll see if  Gohan’s free” he dials on his phone, and the spiky black haired hybrid Saiyan answered.
“Hey Loren, what’s up?” Gohan asked.
“I need someone to fuck me good, I’ve been pent up doing an Ask, and you’re my first friend here, so you free to help me?”
“Sure thing, be there in  jiff, good thing dad taught me this new move.”
In a flash, Gohan appeared in front of Loren, his rock hard cock aimed at him.
“Woah, that was quick, um, this is probably weird, but can you suck me off first, you’ve got a fantastic mouth, and well, I kinda wanna cum from my cock right now.”
“It is a bit weird, you would usually just need a cock in you to cum, but don’t worry,  I love your small cock, too.”
Gohan quickly licked at the shaking tip of the blonde’s cock.
“Aaaaaaah!” the boy moaned, and continued to moan, as Gohan started to lick the shaft, making pre-cum seep out the tip.
Every few seconds, he licks the pre-cum away, and Loren grabs Gohan’s hair, and Gohan swallows his cock completely, making Loren’s hips buck wildly.
“Shiiiiiiiit!” He gasped and moaned and his friend’s tongue swirled around his throbbing cock.
“How am I not cummming yet!?”
“Saiyan secret skills” Gohan pulls off briefly to answer before guiding a finger into the boy’s exposed hole.
As soon as he plunged his finger in, Loren shot his load, clinching onto Gohan’s finger and pushing his crotch into the half-saiyan’s face.
“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Gohan swallows as Loren screams in pleasure.
“Seems like you enjoyed that, now get to sucking, unless you want me to go in dry.”
Loren shook as he moved his lips to the half-Saiyan’s large cock. By Saiyan standards, they were natural, but Loren wouldn’t expect Gohan, a real soft boi, to have a really big dick.
A skilled cocksucker as well, he sucked the tip, knowing most loved getting some extra attention there. Gohan ran his fingers through his hair, pulling him a little closer.
Loren gave his “Use me” look and Gohan spent enough time to recognize it, beginning to thrust into Loren’s mouth. Loren steadily worked to keep up and make sure his teeth didn’t hit.
Gohan did his best to make sure the blonde could breathe while his throat was assaulted with cock.
“I think that’s wet enough, now get back to that position you were in earlier.”
Loren quickly moved, his still hard cock throbbing with need as he went to stroke it. Gohan thrust without warning, as Loren’s hole quivered and he shook wildly in pleasure.
“You love it like that, and you like studs, so I think I gotta show you this” Gohan’s cock grows and his hair flairs up in golden spikes, as he rises to super saiyan 2.
“You’re g-getting b-bigger, AAAAAAAHHH!” Loren shakily exclaims as Gohan starts to really bury his cock into him. Gohan started to go rough, slapping Loren’s ass as he fucked, maintaining enough control not to seriously hurt him.
“You like it? It’s my full power.”
Loren came as Gohan pounded him relentlessly.
“Cumming already? You should’ve waited for me” he cockily declares as h starts speeding up.
“Ahhhhh, yes, I’m your slut, fuck me harder!” Loren loudly moans, as Gohan makes him cum again.
“One more time, I’m close anyway.”
Gohan slammed hard into him, knowing Loren would visit him often after this. He grabs Loren’s cock, stroking it as he thrusts. Loren, dizzy from the cumming, starts heaving as he gets close to yet another orgasm.
“Here it comes, slut” Gohan buries himself ballsdeep, shooting more than his usual load, and making Loren cum one last time.
He quickly powers down when he finishes cumming, and says, “I’ll bring you to your room, I think you need a shower.”
Gohan lifts up the little slut, and wraps him before carrying him to his room.


  1. Exquisite Explicity

    Hey Near! Would it be cool with you if I used some of your originally characters for a couple of one-shots? I think they’re super hot. More specifically, I want to use Loren and Corey.

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