Rider’s New Family

Note: This story was written with assistance by an AI. I provided prompts and edited the results to make sense, creating something resembling a full story.


Rider and Horse settled down in an empty stable. They’d been traveling all day, and it was time to rest.

Horse settled down on the hay while Rider removed her armor.

“Ugh, it feels good to take this stuff off,” she said, stretching.

Horse nodded, “Yeah, I’m beat.”

“How far to the Empire?”

“We’re about two days away.”

Rider nodded. She curled up next to Horse, gently stroking her muscular body. Horse sighed, enjoying Rider’s touch.

“How are you doing, girl?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” Horse said, smiling. “You?”

“Ugh, exhausted,” Rider said, smiling.

That was a surprise. Rider smiled, resting her head on her hand.

“It’s going to be a long couple of days.” 

“Yeah, it is,” Horse said, blushing. “But at least we’re together.”

“That’s true,” Rider said. “It’s so nice to be with you again.”

Rider and Horse smiled at each other in the dark.

Rider leaned forward, her human face inching closer to Horse’s horse one.

“Rider…” Horse whispered.

“Yes, Horse?”

“I…” Horse barely got out, before Rider pressed her lips against Horse’s.

Rider kissed the side of Horse’s face, her lips lingering. Then she moved down to the mare’s cheek, pausing to caress it with her hand.

“Let’s enjoy each other’s company tonight,” Rider suggested.

“Yes, let’s,” Horse said, looking into Rider’s beautiful brown eyes.

The two women kissed once more, this time on the lips. Their tongues touched in a most unholy manner.

Rider’s blood heated and raced through her body. She knew it was wrong, to fall in love with her horse, but she couldn’t deny this passion burning in her heart. Horse’s tongue pressed against her own, as the two kissed lovingly in the dark.

“I love you, Horse,” Rider said, pressing her lips to her favorite mare’s forehead.

“I love you, Rider,” Horse said, staring into the night.

Rider’s hands traveled along Horse’s body, stroking her side down to her thighs. Horse sighed as Rider massaged her tired leg muscles, before moving to grope her flank.

“Rider, where are you going?”

“Mmm, I’m going to taste the Joy of Victory tonight.”

“Oh, Rider!”

Rider smiled, running her hands along the mare’s flanks. She bit her lip, eager to reach the mare’s back. Her hand traveled across Horse’s body, and the mare sighed contentedly.

Rider licked her lips. She’d missed the taste of her favorite food.

“I want to taste you, Horse,” she said.

Horse blushed, smiling awkwardly.

“O-okay, Rider,” she said. “Taste me, if you really want to…”

Rider moved behind the mare’s flank, and Horse lifted her tail invitingly. Rider bit her lip as she saw Horse’s grey asshole and pussy exposed before her. She wasn’t sure which she wanted to taste first.

“I think I’ll taste your asshole first,” Rider murmured.

“Okay, Rider,” Horse said, blushing.

Rider breathed in, savoring the smell of her mare’s asshole.

“Mmm, this is good,” she said, licking her lips.

“You don’t want to lick my pussy?” Horse asked, cocking her head to the side.

“No, I do,” Rider said. “But this asshole is just too tasty looking, I’ve got to try it first!”

The mare’s dark grey asshole twitched nervously as Rider breathed on it.

“So clean,” she said, running her tongue around the tight hole.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could fit a little dick in there,” Horse said.

“Hush.” Rider’s tongue licked along the rim of Horse’s asshole, tasting her sweat after a day of running. “Ooh, you taste so good,” Rider continued, licking her lips. “I want to taste you some more.”

Rider slid her hands along Horse’s flank, spreading her ass a bit so she could gain better access to her asshole.

“You’re licking the inside of my asshole?” Horse asked. “Is that what you want?”

“Ooh, you’re so tight,” Rider said, sliding her tongue into the mare’s ass. “So tight.”

“Ooh, you’re definitely a lesbian,” Horse said, blushing.

“Ooh, you’re such a good girl.”

Rider licked her lips, as the taste of mare ass lingered on her tongue. She licked her lips, before burying her face in the ass, giving it a thorough licking.

“Ahh, Rider, your tongue feels amazing!” Horse moaned.

“I want to lick you clean,” Rider said, sticking her tongue into the mare’s hole.

Horse’s hooves dug into the ground, her eyes widening.

“Oohhh,” she moaned. “Lick me right there, holy shit…”

Rider playfully smacked Horse’s rump with one hand while her tongue probed as deep as she could reach into her asshole.

“That feels good…” Horse’s groan flowed into a lusty, “AHHHHHH, FUCK ME, RIDER!”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Rider said, backing away from the mare’s asshole.

“I need you to fuck me,” Horse begged. “You have that strapon Glendale gave you, right?”

“Sure, I do,” Rider said, digging into her bag. She pulled out a sex toy, a fake cock she could use to fuck Horse with. “Are you sure?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything,” Horse replied. “You can even fuck my ass with it, if you want!”

Rider looked down at the fake cock, stroking it lovingly. She removed the last of her clothes until she was completely naked, then strapped the fake cock on around her slim hips.

“Can we watch?” came a voice from the bushes. Rider and Horse both jumped as Wammawink and Glendale stepped out from the brush. 

“We’re bored,” Glendale said. “There’s nothing to hunt around here. We just want to watch, okay?”

“Sure,” said Rider. “I was going to fuck Horse’s ass anyway.”

“Let’s watch and get it done,” said Wammawink. “I love a good…ahem, wank.”

Rider stared at Wammawink, before shrugging.

“Fine with me,” she said.

Wammawink and Glendale sat down with expectant smiles as Rider positioned herself behind Horse. Horse blushed furiously as Rider lined her rubber cock up with her asshole.

“Is this what you want?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Horse moaned.

“Then fuck her brains out,” said Wammawink.

Rider pushed her hips forward, entering her mare.

“Oohhh, this feels so good. You’re so tight,” she said.

“Awww…” Horse’s voice drifted off into pleasure as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Rider plunged her cock deep into Horse’s ass, pushing as she pushed her hips.

“You feel so good, don’t you?” she asked.

“Ahhhh, fuck…” said Horse.

“Good girl.”

Rider slowly began to fuck her mare, going as slowly as she could to take the edge off the pain. She wanted her mare to enjoy this as much as possible.

“So good…” said Horse.

Rider continued to fuck her mare, gradually increasing her pace. She could feel her mare’s muscles tightening around her shaft, and she loved it.

“Feels so good,” she said. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Horse, her voice dropping into a lusty, “Ooohhh, I want…”

Rider knew her mare couldn’t keep this up for long, so she began to fuck her more rapidly, letting her out her breath as she hit certain spots. She wanted to build up a rhythm, so she let her out her breath in time with her thrusts.

“Aaaahhh, fuck…” said Horse. “Why does it feel so good?”

“Because you’re getting fucked, that’s why,” said Wammawink.

“I want more…” said Horse.

“So do I,” said Rider.

“Ooooohhhh, feel so good…” cried out Horse.

“Yeah,” said Rider. “Keep saying that, and you’ll keep getting more.”

Rider picked up her pace, building up speed with each thrust. She loved the feel of her mare’s muscles rippling with each thrust.

“Oh, yeah…” said Horse.

Rider’s hips slapped against Horse’s meaty flanks as she drover her rubber cock deep into her ass over and over again.

“Aaaaaahhh, yes…” said Horse. “Harder, baby…give it to me.” 

“Yes, take it, Horse,” Rider panted as she continued fucking her. “You slutty mare, you!”

Horse was getting too into it, moaning and rocking back and forth along with the thrusts. 

“Doesn’t Horse look so sexy like this?” Wammawink asked.

“Mm, she does!” Glendale agreed.

Rider smiled as she looked down at her two new friends. She liked that they were into it as much as she was.

“I can’t take it anymore…” cried out Horse. “It feels so gooooood…!” 

Rider knew she couldn’t keep up the pace much longer, so she slowed to a halt.

“That feels so good,” she said to her mare. “You’re so tight.”

“Mm, I want more…” said Horse, her eyes fluttering.

“So do I,” said Rider.

Glendale crawled over to Horse, taking her face in her hands.

“Glendale?” Horse asked.

“Mmm, mama like,” Glendale said lustfully before kissing Horse on the lips.

“Ahhhhhh…!” cried out Horse as she opened her mouth to kiss back.

That’s when the other two joined in, kissing her. Wammawink kissed both Horse and Glendale, their three tongues dancing together while Rider slowly slid her rubber cock in and out of Horse’s ass. 

“That’s it, babygirl,” Wammawink moaned. “You taste so good.”

Her mare seemed to love the attention, and it only took a few strokes before her tight puckered asshole clamped down around Rider’s shaft.

“Mm, yeah, like that.”

Rider kept her eyes closed, concentrating on the feel of her mare’s tight ass around her cock.

“Mmm, you feel so good…” she said.

“Oh, yeah, keep it up,” said Wammawink.

Rider looked up to see Wammawink staring down at her.

“I’m not much of a kisser,” said Wammawink, “But I will make an exception for you, Rider.” 

“Ooohhh, thank you, baby,” said Rider, giving Wammawink a quick peck on the cheek. 

“Ooohhh, you’re so sexy…” Wammawink said, before kissing Rider on the lips. Rider moaned as Wammawink’s tongue invaded her mouth, still thrusting her strapon into her mare’s ass.

“I want you, Rider,” said Wammawink, breaking their kiss. “I want to be with you. Will you ride me like you’ve ridden Horse?”

Rider looked into Wammawink’s eyes and smiled.

“Is that okay, Horse?” she asked.

“Sure, sure,” Horse replied. “I think Glendale wants to take over on my ass for you, anyway.”

“I sure do!” Glendale said excitedly, clapping her hands.

Rider pulled the strapon out of Horse’s ass, making a wet plopping sound as it slid out. Glendale rushed over to fill the void, immediately shoving her tongue into Horse’s ass.

“Aaaahhh, yes, baby,” she said. “I love your tight ass.”

Rider stepped back as Wammawink pulled her in for another kiss.

“I want you, baby,” Wammawink said. “I want you inside me.”

Wammawink knelt down in front of Rider, and took her fake cock in one hand.

“Wammawink…” Rider said softly, as the pink alpacataur wrapped her lips around the rubber phallus. “Are you sure…”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Wammawink said. “Now, make love to me, love, and breed with me.”

Rider was nervous, with good reason. She watched as Wammawink’s head bobbed back and forth on her strapon cock. Meanwhile, Horse continued to moan whorishly while Glendale ate her asshole out.

“Come on, baby, ride me,” said Wammawink. “I want to see you take me.”

Wammawink let go of Rider’s rubber cock and turned around, raising her fluffy pink ass into the air. Rider could see her asshole and pussy pointed at her, and felt her heart race with desire. Rider sunk her fingers into the soft wool of the alpacataur’s ass, and pressed her fake cock up against her puckered asshole.

“Ooohhh…” Wammawink moaned as the tip of the dildo slid inside her butt. “You feel gooood…”

Rider thrust her hips forward, jamming the dildo as far up her butt as she could.

“Ohhhhhh yeah, make love to me, baby… that feels so gooooood…!” Wammawink cried out.

The warm sensation spread through Rider’s body as she rocked her hips. The tight entrance to Wammawink’s butt slowly widened around the rubber dildo, until it was all the way inside.

“Yes, take me, take me deep, Rider,” Wammawink said.

Rider obeyed, rocking her hips to meet Wammawink’s demand. She pumped her hips faster, slamming her pelvis into Wammawink’s butt. Wammawink let out a louder cry of lust.

“Aaagghhh, yes, yes, fuck me…!” she said.

Rider slowed her pace, but kept her hips moving. She wanted to make sure Wammawink got the full sensation.

“Aaaaaaahhhh, yeah, fuck me…!” cried Wammawink.

Wammawink began thrusting her hips forward and back, meeting Rider’s efforts. The two females kept their bodies locked together, as they swayed their hips in time.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Please, please, please…!” cried Wammawink.

Rider kept her pace slow and steady, meeting every thrust of Wammawink’s.

“Aaaahhhh, this feels so goooood…” Wammawink cried.

Rider thought her heart would burst from her chest. She needed this so bad. She wanted to explode with pleasure, to cry out Wammawink’s name, to feel her tight butt fill with cum. Of course, she couldn’t, not with this fake rubber cock, but the idea made her heart flutter.

“Oh, Horse, you taste so good,” Glendale moaned beside them. She clung to Horse’s flank with both hands while desperately, sloppily licking her grey asshole.

“Glendale, ahh! Your tongue!” Horse moaned, her hooves digging into the dirt as she panted with pleasure.

Rider and Wammawink had forgotten all about the other mare and were concentrating solely on each other.

“Oh, yes, don’t stop, Rider,” Wammawink moaned. “Don’t stop fucking me.”

“Oh fuck…” said Rider. “I can’t…”

Rider kept her hips moving, but slowed her pace a bit. Wammawink’s butt felt so good, but not if it meant stopping this.

“Come for me, baby…!” cried Wammawink.

Rider stroked faster and faster, bringing her hips into a firm, steady bump against Wammawink’s butt.

“Yes, that’s it. Do it for me, baby.”

Rider continued to pump her hips. She slid her hands up Wammawink’s butt, feeling the warm, fluffy fur.

“Aaaargh, yes, that’s it.”

Rider felt her face flush with heat as she thrust her hips forward. She slammed into Wammawink’s asshole. The tight entrance to her butt felt so good, so perfect.

“Aaaahhhh, yes… yes…” Wammawink cried out.

Rider kept her hands on Wammawink’s butt, holding her tight, until she felt Wammawink shudder beneath her.

“Yes, get inside me, baby.”

Rider obeyed, plunging her hips forward and fully entering Wammawink’s ass. Wammawink’s eyes widened with surprise and lust.

“Ohhhhhhh yes, this feels so good, baby…” she moaned. “Yeah, ride me, baby… make love to me.” 

Rider began thrusting harder into Wammawink’s ass, her pelvis bouncing off the alpacataur’s soft wool.

“Aaaahhhh…!” Wammawink cried out. Her body tensed up beneath Rider’s, as she began to rock against Rider’s movements.

“Fuck me, Rider!” she moaned. “Fuck me like a hot, pink little slut!”

“Yes, yes,” Rider panted, thrusting as hard as she could. She gripped Wammawink’s fur tightly in her grasp as she hunched over her. Her feet dug into the dirt as she pumped her hips.

Rider kept her eyes on Wammawink’s face, watching the pleasure transform it. The pink alpacataur’s eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue hung from her mouth as she gave herself up to the pleasure. Her body tensed, shaking as she pumped faster.

Wammawink’s eyes shot open as she began to pant, her tongue licking her lips. She rocked back and forth, her body rocking with Rider’s. Her legs parted, and as she began to thrust her pelvis forward, Rider knew she was close.

“Cum for me, baby!” Wammawink cried. “Cum with me, cum inside me, baby!”

Rider’s eyes stung, but she kept her gaze on Wammawink as she felt her orgasm drawing near. It wasn’t far off, but she wanted to prolong it. With a final thrust of her hips, she felt Wammawink’s tight, warm ass take her orgasm into itself.

“Yes, yes, yes!” cried Wammawink, her eyes rolling back into her head.

She let out a long breath, collapsing onto the ground. Her eyes met Rider’s, and she smiled.

“D-did I just cum inside you?” Rider asked.

“You sure did, babygirl,” Wammawink said with a wink.

“But how? This is just a sex toy,” Rider said confusedly as she pulled the strapon out of Wammawink’s ass. Sure enough, a trail of jizz leaked out from her gaping hole.

“Just a little shaman magic, hun,” Wammawink explained. “You’ll get the hang of it.”

Rider sat on the ground, her head spinning. She took a long look at Wammawink. Her body was on fire, the warm air wafting under her drenched wool cloak.

“I can’t wait to show you more of the island, baby,” Wammawink said.

“Yeah, me neither,” Rider said as she glanced over to Glendale and Horse. Glendale was still furiously licking Horse’s asshole, while Horse seemed completely lost in pleasure.

Rider turned back to Wammawink who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Come on, baby, let’s join ’em,” she said. “I’ll make sure to show you everything you need to know to be a true member of this clan.”

Rider’s heart pounded in her chest. Could she really be this lucky? Was she really about to be a part of a clan?

“Yeah, let’s do it,” she said.

Wammawink moved behind Glendale’s raised hindquarters, and ran her fingers along her pussy lips. Glendale gasped, but continued to lick Horse’s asshole.

Rider, meanwhile, moved over to Horse’s face. Removing the strapon, she sat down on the ground and spread her legs.

“Are you ready to get started?” she asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Horse said, as she lifted her head a bit.

Rider scooted in closer, allowing Horse to lick her pussy. Rider moaned as Horse’s wide, flat tongue lapped at her womanhood. Still, she continued watching Wammawink and Glendale have sex. Wammawink seemed to be fingering Glendale, while Glendale responded to the attention by moaning lewdly. Her face remained buried between horse’s ass cheeks, however, as she continued rimming her.

Rider licked her lips, her eyes straying back and forth between the two. She spread her legs even wider, giving Horse more room to work.

“Do you like this?” she asked.

“I love it,” Horse said as she licked.

“Good, ’cause this is going to be a long day.”

“You better make it short, I’m getting an orgasm just by talking dirty,” Horse said. 

“You’re such a slutty mare, Horse,” Rider laughed, and Horse giggled along with her.

Rider’s gaze fell on Wammawink, who was fingering Glendale. Wammawink’s face was flushed, her eyes half-mast as she watched the two.

“Hey,” Rider said to Wammawink, and Wammawink looked over at her.

“What?” she asked.

“You like watching us?”

“Yes,” Wammawink said, as she bit her lip.

“I want you to suck on my tits while Glendale licks your pussy.”

Wammawink’s eyes widened, as she stared at the ground to conceal her blush.


Wammawink hesitated for a moment, as her eyes met Glendale’s.

“Glendale, would you like to lick my pussy while I suck on Rider’s tits?” she asked.

“Sure!” Glendale said. “I could use a break from Horse’s ass, anyway.”

Glendale gave Horse’s flank a hard, firm smack before standing up and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“This is going to be fun,” she said to Rider, and the two moved to Rider’s side.

Wammawink knelt down beside Rider, and took one small breast in her hand. She brought her mouth to Rider’s dark brown nipple, licking her gently.

“Ah!” Rider moaned, enjoying the sensation of Wammawink’s tongue on her nipple and Horse’s on her pussy.

Meanwhile, Glendale dove in between Wammawink’s legs, licking her pretty pink pussy with the same fervor she’d shown Horse’s asshole. She moaned in ecstasy, her face all but buried between Wammawink’s thighs.

“Ahhh!” Wammawink gasped, her face twisting into a mask of lust and passion.

“You like that, don’t you?” Glendale asked, before taking her clit in her mouth and giving it a gentle suck.

“Yes… Yes… I like it…” Wammawink gasped.

Rider’s own climax was building rapidly, her body tensing up as she let out an earth-shattering scream. Her juices squirted onto Horse’s face while her body trembled from the pleasure.

“Mmm… That feels so good,” Wammawink said, her face flushed with passion, her eyes glistening with desire.

“Good, because it’s going to get even better,” Glendale said.

Wammawink’s eyes widened as she watched Glendale’s fingers dip into her own dripping wet folds.

“You’re going to let me finish this wonderful, arousing experience by giving you a hot, sticky, creampie orgasm, aren’t you?”

“Yes…” Wammawink moaned.

Gently, but firmly, Glendale forced her fingers into Wammawink’s pussy.

“Ohhh, that feels good!” Wammawink said.

Glendale continued to probe, stretching Wammawink’s pussy apart as she pushed her fingers inside.

“Mmm… Yes…” Wammawink said. “Feels so good.”

“Do you want more?”

“Yes… Please,” Wammawink said, panting.

Glendale pulled her fingers free of the dripping wet pussy, and licked them clean.

“Horse, come and help me,” Glendale said. Horse sat up.

“Me?” she said. Glendale winked at her.

With a blush, Horse trotted behind Wammawink.

“Oh, my,” Wammawink said bashfully, realizing Horse was looking at her most intimate area.

“Giver her a lick,” Rider encouraged. “I think she’d like that.”

The two licked their way along Wammawink’s pussy, savoring the taste of her innermost regions.

“Ohhh, that’s so good!” Wammawink moaned. She clung to Rider’s thin frame as Horse and Gendale licked her pussy in unison.

“Oh yeah, give it more…” Wammawink said, her voice hoarse from pleasure.

“Mmm… You like that?” Horse asked, licking slowly.

“Yes… Yes…”

Rider continued to kiss Wammawink, her tongue swirling around her mouth and along her lips.

“Ohhh, I’m going to cum…” Wammawink moaned. Her body stiffened, and her eyes rolled back as she climaxed. “AHHH!!!”

“Yes, yes, good girl,” Glendale said, licking her lips.

“Mmm… You want some?” Horse asked, licking her lips.

“Yes, please…”

Horse smiled, then sat back down on her haunches. She licked Wammawink’s pussy one more time, then nuzzled in close.

“I think that’s enough licking for now,” Glendale said, and she patted Horse on the head. “Thanks for helping out, girl. Rider, why don’t you take care of this pretty lady?”

Rider got to her feet, then knelt down between Wammawink’s forelegs. She took one of Wammawink’s dark pink nipples in her mouth and sucked.

“I love your taste,” she said, her lips enveloping the small dark nipple, her warm mouth wetting it.

“Mmm… I love your smell, honey,” Wammawink said.

Rider licked along Wammawink’s nipple, then sucked on it softly before moving to the other breast.

“You’re such a greedy little girl… I’m going to enjoy making you cum,” Wammawink said, and she patted Rider’s head.

Rider continued to suckle Wammawink’s nipples, and play with her soft, dark pink tips. She loved the way her mouth felt against them, and the way they felt in her hand. She loved the way Wammawink moaned, and the pure enjoyment filling her.

“Come to me, pretty one…” Wammawink said.

And it was her turn to seduce. She spread her legs, and gave Rider the most sultry of smiles.

“Give… Me… Your… Cock,” she said, licking her lips.

Rider swallowed, hard. She grabbed her strapon and re-fastened it around her waist, never taking her eyes off Wammawink’s pretty pink pussy. Once the rubber cock was properly affixed, she knelt down between Wammawink’s spread legs.

“Are you ready, Wammawink?” she asked.

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be,” she said, and smiled.

Rider placed her hands on Wammawink’s thighs, and leaned forward. The head of the strapon pressed into the folds of her pussy, slowly parting them as it slid insider her wet heat. Slowly, she worked it deeper.

“Ohhhhh, that feels so good!” Wammawink said. She rocked her hips, guiding the cock into her. Glendale and Horse knelt down on either side of her, each leaning forward to lick one of her breasts. Glendale swirled her tongue around Wammawink’s right breast, while Horse licked tentatively at her left one.

“Ohhh, yes…” Wammawink said.

Rider shoved her hips forward and leaned back. She thrust her hips upwards, driving her cock into her wet, willing pussy.

Wammawink loved the tight feel of Rider’s rubber cock sinking into herself. It felt so good, so right. She was filled with that same sense of rightness as when she’d eaten her first pussy. The soft, tight feel of it, and the way it made her feel wanted, needed, made her feel special.

“Yes, take my cock…” Rider said softly, running her fingers through Wammawink’s wool as she worked the cock in and out of her slowly.

“You feel so good, honey…” Wammawink said, her breath growing shallow as she rode out the intense arousal coursing through her body. Glendale and Horse continued to lick her nipples, which stood hard and firm in her arousal. Between their tongues and Rider’s rubber phallus, she could barely think straight. The feel of the thick, hard cock filling her, stretching her tight channel, and the pleasure of it made her want to cum so bad, she thought she might die if she didn’t release!

“I’m… I’m cumming…” she said, her voice low and raspy.

“Yes, you’re so close…” Rider said, riding the slick, tight inner walls of her pussy, pushing her cock further into her.

“I’m… I’m cumming… cumming…” She came undone, legs weak, head swimming. Her hips bucked and her back arched, and the waves of bliss nearly dropped her to the floor.

“Yes, you’re going to cum, honey…” Glendale whispered.

“Yes, I’m cumming…” Wammawink moaned. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she rode out the intense orgasm.

“Ahhhhhhh…” she said, the last remnants of her climax shuddering through her body.

Rider held her tight, rocking her back and forth as she rode out her own release.

“Fuck, this feels so good,” Rider moaned, the shaman magic making even this rubber cock feel as good as if it were the real thing. She rubbed her body against Wammawink’s, and shot her load into her close friend.

“Yes, that feels good…” Wammawink said, and, taking the hint, the two women fell into a 69 position. Glendale and Horse watched as Rider straddled Wammawink’s face, driving her strapon cock into the alpacataur’s mouth. Rider, meanwhile, began rubbing Wammawink’s pussy, with a bit of difficulty due to her unusual centaur body.

“Mmm, I can taste my pussy on your cock…” Wammawink said.

“Mmm, you feel so good…” Rider replied, and they rocked back and forth, creating a sensual and erotic rhythm.

Glendale, meanwhile, looked to Horse. Out of her portal tummy, she pulled out another strapon.

“Hey, Horse,” she said, waving the fake cock around. “Wanna get fucked real good?”

“Ohhh, I want you to fuck me…” Horse replied.

“Then come here…” Glendale beckoned.

She dragged Horse close, until their bodies were but a finger’s width apart. Horse knelt down, lifting her tail to expose the slick wetness of her pussy. Glendale put the strapon on, and mounted Horse like a stallion would a mare.

“Here it comes…” she said.

A thick, throbbing sensation shot into her. She moaned, embracing the white hot sensation as Glendale began fucking her.

“Mm, that feels so good…” Horse said.

Glendale rode her like a cowgirl rides a buck, making sure to hit all the right spots. She smacked her ass playfully, spanking her again and again while her cock slid in and out of her pussy. 

Horse rode the sensation out, enjoying the sting of Glendale’s spanking. Soon, Glendale wrapped her arms around the mare’s neck and slammed her cock into the horse with gusto.

“Fuck me…” Horse said, her voice dewy with arousal and lust.

“You feel so good, yes…” Glendale cooed, and they rocked together.

Wammawink watched, her eyes glazed, as the two friends fucked each other hard. She gripped Rider’s ass with both hands, helping her to fuck her face with the strapon. The two women rode each other hard, and the entire room moaned.

“I’m cumming…” Wammawink cried, and she rode out her climax.

“Me too!” Rider moaned, pumping Wammawink’s mouth full of semen.

Rider and Wammawink shared a long, lingering kiss.

“Thank you…” Wammawink said softly.

Rider looked down. “You’re welcome.”

Then, satisfied, they both turned to watch Glendale fuck Horse like there was no tomorrow.

“I’m cumming…” Horse said, and pumped her hips to keep pace with Glendale’s increasingly frantic pace.

“Yes, I’m cumming…” Glendale said, her voice filled with passion.

Rider and Wammawink smiled. They erupted into cheers, and the women rode out the remaining energy left within them.

“I’m filling you up! Oooh!” Glendale cried out.

“Do it! Pump me full of cum!” Horse moaned.

“Take it, you slut!” Glendale cried, thrusting her hips as she pumped Horse’s cunt as hard as she could.

As she finished, Glendale pulled out of Horse, collapsing on top of her and panting with exhaustion.

“That was amazing…” Wammawink said. “I feel so loved, so accepted… so wanted.”

“We’re a family,” Rider replied.

“Yes, we are…”

Wammawink hugged Rider, and they held each other tight. After a few minutes, Wammawink pulled back, looking into the eyes of her friends.

“I love you, all of you…”

“We love you, too, Wammawink,” Glendale said with a half-hearted thumbs up.

“Let’s get cleaned up, then. I don’t want to have to scrub all this up myself.”

They all laughed, and then hugged and kissed once more. Rider nuzzled Horse’s nose, and Horse licked her face affectionately. For the first time, the night truly felt complete.

“I can’t believe we survived that…” Glendale said, stuffing the strapons back into her portal tummy.

“None of us could have done it without you,” Wammawink replied.

“That song… it was a good choice.”

“Yeah, I thought it would fit the moment perfectly…”

They finished cleaning up, and the foursome headed to bed.

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