Sneaky Boy

Sneaky Boy
by A-boy

Yugo snuck through the room halls of Near Hentai Studios. A blonde boy walked to his room. He slowly walked, wondering if he’d be getting creampied again before bed. Yugo warps following him. “Loren Cox”
The name tag on the door cleared up who our Eliatrope friend was tracking. He quickly takes note of where to go, and warps towards the bathroom. He catches a schedule, and a couple dildos.
“Still half an hour before he takes a bath.” The young Eliatrope warps back to his room. He had been working on using certain things, like manipulating his Wakfu for certain things. Originally it was for battle, but he discovered he could grow his cock to a hefty 10 inches, and his balls grew proportionally to them. Loren would definitely enjoy this surprise. He also discovered how to enhance his partner’s sensations by boosting their nervous system tenfold, increasing the physical pleasure they’d normally feel. He warped to the front door of one of his crushes, and sneaking and snooping was weird, but he had no intention to hurt Loren. He had quite the opposite planned, if all went as he wished. He knocked at the door, which had a sign hanging on the knob “Still awake, if you wanna fuck me, just knock”. Yugo felt his 4 inch cock throb already at the thought of screwing a fellow cute boy’s ass. The door creaked open, and Loren, wearing nothing but a pink bathrobe, who expected a tall man to show up, opens the door seeing nobody. He moves to close the door, thinking it to be bored prankster staff “Hey, wait!” The Eliatrope protests, and Loren looks down below eye level and notices the young boy. “Hey, I’m-
“Loren, I’m a big fan of yours, and I just noticed the sign, so, can I?”
“Well, I usually like big strong men with muscles and huge cocks to split my ass open, but a cutie like you is an exception. I’ve seen you take a cock, and to be honest, I may have jerked off twice or more looking at it, wishing I was inside you.”
“Thanks so much, and I’m a bit surprised. I didn’t know a bottom like you would really think of that, since I thought bottoms just avoid all topping stuff and stick with getting filled, instead of filling peeps.”
“Sometimes bottoming gets boring, so I do top, just on rare occasions.”
“Well, maybe we can switch things up, first you top, then I top”
“Good idea, I think your name’s Yugo, right?”
“Yep, that’s me, now shall we lock the door?”
“Yeah, I’ll switch the sign to “Someone’s already fucking me, so come back later when they’re done cumming in me”
Yugo quickly shut the door, and warped to the blonde’s side. “Those powers are real useful, I would love just getting anal while I’m on a test, just to see how good I am at keeping my focus while getting wrecked.”
“Usually I just suck my dick since anal is pretty much impossible. Can’t fuck your ass if it moves away from the portal as your thrust.” Yugo blushes as he discusses his habits. While his crush was a total slut, he still feels new to all the casual discussion of sex. Loren casually opens the bathrobe. “Enjoy” he says, as Yugo starts licking his shaft. The Eliatrope would glide on the length, then focus on the tip, the technique he’d used with himself. He grabbed the now longer and thicker shaft, and sucked the tip while jerking the shaft with a soft grip. Loren had a special thing for boys who could really make him feel good even as a top. He soon grabbed the boy’s head as he guided the hand off, and allowed Yugo to swallow whole his cock.
“Yeah, lube it up Yugo,” he moaned as he pushed and pulled on Yugo’s head, his cock going crazy, from the cool night air, to the warmth of Yugo’s mouth. He ennoyed the sensations despite always being seen cumming handsfree from getting assfucked. Yugo on the other hand, enjoyed the taste of Loren’s cock, which had his seductive scent filling the air. He worked his mouth in coordination with the pushes and pulls. Each push away from the base, he glided his tongue on the tip, knowing the boy loved his partner really being in control. He opened portals and grabbed the blonde’s hands, and pulled off. He rubbed his face against the throbbing cock as he said “I’m in control here, I know that’s how you like it” Loren blushed as Yugo showed a bit more domination than he let on earlier. Yugo taunted him as Loren begged “Please, suck my cock”” and “Gladly, but you gotta fuck me good later” and he swallowed the shaking cock spewing cum into his mouth. He bobbed up and down as Loren came in his mouth.
“Hurry up, it’ll be good for you to last long fucking someone, so you can last longer getting dicked hard.” Yugo quickly spread his cheeks, and eased Loren’s cock in.
He moaned as he was sucked in easily by the Eliatrope’s tight hole. Yugo encouraged him to start thrusting, and with each thrust, he lost himself to the pleasure of cock.
“Ohhhh yeah, Loren, right there, fuck me good!”
“Yugo, Yugo, you’re so tight, and warm, aghhh, you feel so good.”
Both moaned to each other intensely, as two cute boys were having passionate sex. Yugo warps his camera and sets up at a perfect angle. “I bet you’d wanna watch us fuck again, so I’ll record this, just for us.”
Loren nodded, sweating bullets as he moved his lips closer to Yugo’s. The boys’ lips danced together, neither seeking dominance, instead both just dancing in harmony and balance. Yugo moved his tongue first, and their tongues clashed with lust as Loren neared a second orgasm. Yugo opened a portal, and stuck his fingers into Loren’s hole. “Hmmm, yes, play with my little hole, I’m so close, Yugo” He pressed his fingers deeper, landing on the boy’s G-spot, and his fingers were squeezed as he started to feel a warm feeling gush inside him.
“Good job, but I haven’t cum yet”
Yugo pushes the exhausted boy out of him, and nudges his cock against his lips.
“Get to sucking, or I’ll go in dry”
He fake threatens as he roughly facefucks the tired boy’s mouth.
“I can see why even Gohan loves fucking a cutie like you, this mouth is amazing”
He pulls out, and lifts the boy’s legs, bending at the knees, and resting the calves on his shoulders. He thrusts in swiftly, and places a hand on the boy’s cock. He recites an incantation and begins to move in and out of him. A burst of light shines as Loren starts moaning
The Eliatrope enhanced the human boy’s pleasure sensors, as he thrusted inside and stroked the boy, overwhelming him greatly.
“OOOOHHH. AAAAHHHHHH, YESSSS” Loren yelled out in pleasure as Yugo guided his tongue to the boy’s nipples. He sucked and licked them, teasing him into a third orgasm. Yugo starts to cum inside as Loren clenches around him, cumming as well.
“I got a surprise too.” Yugo enlarges his cock using Wakfu, to a nice 10 inches
Loren reaches a soprano-like range as his ass is suddenly stretched by the Eliatrope’s hung cock. Yugo went back to thrusting, and Loren held on to him, cumming wildly with each thrust splitting him open. After who knows how many thrusts, Yugo unleashes a torrent of cum inside him, and on him. “FUCK YEAH!” he yells as he bathes the boy with Eliatrope semen. You should swallow that, it tastes really good, especially fresh from the source. The two fall asleep as they exhausted each other, and the clean up in the morning would be a bit gross, but now Loren knew a good small stud who could fuck him anytime.

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