Son Family Gets to Know Each Other

Son Family Gets to Know Each Other

by A-boy


Goku Jr. walked out of his room to meet his family. He took off and decided to fly over to the cafeteria, because he knew the family had big appetites. Two similar figures came into view, young Goku and Goten both sported the same hairstyle as him. Gohan had his long, spiky hair again.

“Good morning!” he greeted them, and they all looked while chewing large portions of food. They signaled him to come over, and offered him a plate of chicken and steak.

“I was hoping you’d come over, I wanted to play with you” Goten chirped in between bites.

“I hear you’re like me, Junior, only strong to protect, fighting is fun for sport.” Gohan added.

“Like Gohan, so you don’t like training as much as me, shame, but I love my sons and grandsons all the same,” Goku said.

“Grandpa Gohan? or should I drop the grandpa part?” Junior asked.

“Drop it, it feels weird to be this young but called grandpa anyway.” Gohan answered.

“Gohan, tell me more about that protecting to be strong.”

“I killed Cell and got stronger than dad. He would’ve killed everyone on Earth.”

“I see, I was fighting a demon guy on Mt. Paozu.”

“Goten here has a boyfriend btw.”


Both Gokus reacted, saying “We’re cute, what did you expect?”

They all finished eating the monumental feast that they brought.

Gohan picked Junior up and said ” Son family time, we need some more getting to know each other.”  The four headed to Gohan’s room, full of toys for everyone.

“I’m a fan of being dominated, but I also wanna dominate hotties like you” Gohan said.

“I’m mostly a dom but I can take a dick or three if you want” Goku said.
“Trunks and I switch it up, sometimes he wants to pound me silly, other times, he wants me to make him my sub and make him cum endlessly from pounding” Goten said.
“I wanna try bottoming, you like it a lot, so Gohan, can you be my first top? I wanna try being between you and Goten.” Junior asked.
“Junior, how about me?” Goku asked.
“Let’s rub together inside Goten.”
Gohan stripped him, and each brush of his fingers sent a jolt to Junior’s stiff cock.
He kissed his nipples, and sucked on one as he stroked the cock covered by a g-string.
“You were hoping to get some, huh?”
Junior nodded as Gohan’s expert mouth teased him. He kissed a trail down to his cock, and swallowed the prodigious member whole. He tensed as Gohan was too good for his inexperienced member.
“Now that you’ve felt it, you need to do the same.”
He rose and pushed Junior’s head next to his throbbing cock, which was close to his but a bit bigger. Goten and Goku kissed each other as Gohan guided Junior into the sub world. He eased the older saiyan’s cock in, bobbing back and forth. He paid attention to the taste, how it felt so familiar and nice, and how it tasted good in a way he couldn’t describe. He liked the feeling and the taste of it. Gohan gently started to thrust and held Junior’s head in place. He warmed him up to see if his throat was as relaxed, and went deeper to tap the throat a little. Junior gagged, but breathed in and worked it into his throat. He held onto the boy’s thighs as Gohan took control. Slowly, his throat relaxed, and instead of gagging, his cock stiffened. Goten reached down and took ver in sucking Junior. He slipped out for a second to say, “Gotta make ya slick first.” Junior only moaned around Gohan’s cock ballsdeep in his mouth.
“That feels good, Junior.”
He pulled his cock out slowly, Junior’s throat would latch onto it if he did it quickly.
A trail of spit connected Junior’s mouth and Gohan’s twitching cock.
“Do you wanna try fingers first? We have toys too, but if you think you’re ready, I’ll go in now.”
Junior breathed in deeply as he thought for a second to answer.
“Fuck me gently please, I’ll say if you’re too rough or too fast for me.”
Gohan nodded as he prodded his warm cock into Junior’s pink virgin hole.
“On three, one, two,  three.” and Gohan popped inside. Junior gasped in shock, there was a twinge of pain with a surge of pleasure. His hole burned but also felt amazing. His tears fell and his cock twitched in Goten’s nursing mouth. He sucked eagerly and noticed Junior’s tears. He pulled off and pulled Junior in for a kiss. “It’ll stop hurting really fast.”
Junior’s tears were wiped as his cock was now untouched, and he pulled away from the kiss. Gohan slowly thrust his cock in and out, while Goten now had his hole against Junior’s dick begging for a touch. Goku slid under “Don’t forget about me.” Goten quickly stuffed both Gokus’ cocks into his throat and slicked them up properly. Gohan timed his thrust, and both Gokus were now stretching Goten’s tight hole. Gohan started to plow Junior, who only felt how good it was to be topped now. “No more pain, Gohan, it feels so good.” and Gohan took this to plow Junior into Goten. Goku caught the rhythm and all fucks were in sync.
“Goten y-you’re so t-tight and w-warm” the Gokus stuttered.
“Junior’s hole is so much better” Gohan moaned out as he fucked him with passion.
“Your c-cocks are so b-big inside me” Goten struggled to speak straight.
“Junior, should I go harder?” Gohan asked.
“S-sure, it’s so good, I k-know it’ll be better if y-you do” He struggled to form his words.
Junior soon lost himself to Gohan’s strong plowing, turning him into a true Son slut.
Goku reached over to Goten’s cock, and stroked it in sync with his thrusts.
“T-thanks daddy.”
Goku just kissed his neck and thrusted harder.
“Let’s all go super saiyan.”
Junior struggled, but managed to spark the golden glow.
Their cocks all grew in conjunction to it, and Junior forgot everything else. Gohan took control and plowed him hard, and they all went to overdrive fuck. Goten smiled dreamily as he was used like a toy. Goku was sweating bullets, and Gohan looked hot and dreamy to Junior.
Moans eventually filled the air, and Junior’s mouth was wide open. Grunting in thrusts and deep breaths filled the corridor as the other stars watched the most famous family have a foursome. Junior soon came inside Goten, who followed up cumming on his and Junior’s face. His hole clamped around them and Goku came in him too. Gohan came last and filled Junior to the brim.
He looked down and started cleaning him out, inducing another orgasm shooting into Goten. He offered his cock to Junior, who cleaned off any cum remaining, before he heard Goten. “Please clean me out.”
Junior trembled from the double orgasm, and slowly cleaned out Goten with his tongue.
Goku chimed in “My turn, Junior.”
and while Junior sucked his cock clean, Goten sucked all the cum from Junior’s cock
“Gohan’s an amazing top” Junior said before falling asleep.
Gohan lay in bed with him. “I’ll keep him company till he wakes up.”


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