Stained Capes, Chapter Three: The Butler Did It

Stained Capes, Chapter Three
The Butler Did It

By Nearphotison


Frederick Periwinkle breathed a sigh of relief when Ms. Waters returned home with young master Martin. He had been waiting patiently for word from her for hours, and during that time he had been distracting himself from his worries by cleaning up the stately Waters Manor. Mr. Periwinkle had been the personal butler and bodyguard for the Waters family for forty-three years, a position he cherished despite the stress it oftentimes put him under. The former Royal Air Force pilot had nerves of steel, but they did little to stop him from fretting over the mistress and her young ward. Every night when they would go out on patrol as Nightwave and Swallow he would stay up, keeping the local news playing in case they ended up on it. Though they’d been the headlining story on numerous occasions, they’d always managed to make it out safe and sound by the end of things.

When they did eventually return to the mansion, Periwinkle’s concerns deflated somewhat. However, he could not relax completely, due in large part to the guests that accompanied them.

“Mr. Periwinkle, these are the Masters,” Brenda Waters told him, gesturing to the family of three. “This is Bob Masters, his wife Delia Masters, and their daughter Suzanne Masters.”

“Good to meet’cha,” Bob said, extending a hand to Mr. Periwinkle. He was an unassuming man, with a clean cut, professional look. He sported a handsome, if unassuming, clean-shaven face with square glasses and short, blonde hair. He dressed and carried himself like an office worker. The butler shook his hand politely.

Delia Masters was a pretty woman in her thirties, with a bob of light brown hair that came down to her shoulders. She smiled gently as her husband shook Mr. Periwinkle’s hand. They seemed like an exceptionally average suburban couple, though their daughter was a slightly different matter.

She looked to be just shy of thirteen, and had sweet, delicate features offset by a mischievous smile. She seemed to have been born with albinism, with snow white skin and even whiter hair that she grew out longer on one side. She had brilliant red eyes, which smiled up at him. Something about her smile gave Mr. Periwinkle pause, but he pushed it from his mind. He reasoned he was just being put off by her unnatural appearance, which would be an entirely improper way of thinking.

“I’ve agreed to let them stay here in the mansion with us,” Brenda continued. Mr. Periwinkle raised an eyebrow at this, but if his mistress noticed she showed no signs. “You see, I’ve positively fallen in love with the Lad- I mean, with little Suzanne, here. After talking with her parents, we all agreed that there was plenty of space in this big empty mansion for them to stay.”

“Ahem, Miss Waters?” Mr. Periwinkle said with a slight clearing of his throat. “Are you not concerned that having three extra people around might… complicate some of your nighttime responsibilities?”

“Oh, we won’t get in anyone’s way,” Delia spoke up suddenly. “We all like to turn in pretty early, don’t we, dear?”
“Yes, sir, we do,” Bob agreed quickly. “We wouldn’t dream of interrupting any of Miss Waters’ duties as CEO of the Waters Corporation!”

“Of course,” Mr. Periwinkle replied dryly. He was none too pleased with this sudden turn of events, especially as it followed so closely after young master Martin had been found unconscious in the park. Once they were alone, he would have to question his employer at greater length as to how things had ended up like this.

“Sam,” Brenda said to her ward, “why don’t you take Suzanne and her parents to see their room?”

“Okay!” Sam piped up happily. “Come on, guys, you’re gonna be blown away by this place.”

Mr. Periwinkle smiled slightly to himself. Brenda must have read his mind, as she was known to do from time to time. He had been serving with the family since before she was born, and when her parents died tragically at a young age, he had become something of a father figure to her. At least, he liked to think of himself as her father figure. The truth is, neither of them would ever acknowledge openly that their relationship ran that deep. However, it was certainly true that they could often tell what the other was thinking. With regards to this whole Masters family situation, though… Brenda had him at a disadvantage.

“So, I can tell you’re pretty worried,” Brenda said as the foursome disappeared into the mansion. “I’m sorry I didn’t call in when Sam woke up, but there was… a lot going on.”

“I can see that,” the butler replied. “Tell me, how exactly did you come to meet this charming family?”

Brenda chewed on her bottom lip, something he hadn’t seen her do since she was a little child. Back then it was a sign that she was trying to cover up something she’d done wrong, like the time she’d broken her mother’s vase playing in the halls. However, he couldn’t recall ever seeing her do it since her parents’ passing. Her resolve to fight crime as Nightwave had pushed her more childish habits aside. So why was she chewing her lip so fervently now?

“Well, when Same woke up… he and I tracked down the villains responsible for knocking him out,” she said slowly. “It was Rose Red and Miss Direction, and they had little Suzanne with them. Once I’d, um… bested the two of them, I took a liking to her. She was so small, and fragile like a china doll…”

“So, she knows?” Periwinkle interjected. “You rescued her as Nightwave, and then brought her here as Brenda Waters, correct?”

Brenda nodded hesitantly. “It, um… it came up. It’s a long story.”

“I can only imagine.”

“Well, you see… Rose Red has been experimenting with new forms of mind control,” Brenda continued defensively. “I wanted to keep a close eye on her for a while, is all. Like I did for Sam.”

“Except master Martin had nowhere else to go,” Periwinkle reminded her. “If you see her situation as being like Sam’s, does this mean you’re planning to have that young girl running around in tights and a cape as well?”

Something about that notion made Brenda snort, and she began giggling. Despite his concerns, Periwinkle felt some of the tension go out of him at the sight. He so rarely saw Brenda smile, let alone laugh.

“No, no, I really don’t think so,” she said after suppressing her laughter. “Look, just… trust me on this, okay, Frederick?”

The butler let out a sigh, but nodded. “Very well, Miss Waters.”


And so it came to pass that the Masters family would stay in the Waters estate. Several days passed and, true to their word, the family of three consistently went to bed before Nightwave and Swallow would hit the town.

During the day, the young girl Suzanne would hang around the mansion. Both of her parents worked, and Brenda and Sam would sleep most of the day after fighting crime all night. This left Mr. Periwinkle alone with her, and she would often follow him around while he performed his various duties about the mansion.

She asked a lot of questions, some of them a bit personal, but she never brought up the alter ego of her hostess, nor the events of their first meeting. She seemed intensely interested in Mr. Periwinkle’s daily life, until one day she crossed a line with him.

“Do you ever jerk off?” she asked, quite out of the blue.

The older gentleman stared blankly at the young girl. She had asked him many questions about how he spent his time when he wasn’t butlering, but this was something else entirely.

“Young lady, where did you learn about a thing like that?” he asked, rather than answer her.

“Oh, come on, everyone knows about jerking off,” she replied. She demonstrated that she knew exactly what she was asking by making a small jerking motion with her hand. “Daddy does it all the time, don’t you?”

“I do not,” he answered sternly, without lying. It had been some time since he’d felt the need to.

For whatever reason, this made the little girl pout. Mr. Periwinkle was entirely uncomfortable with this conversation, and suggested she go watch cartoons in another room. After she left, he began turning over the exchange in his mind. It struck him as very odd that a girl that age would know about or be interested in masturbation, and even more so that she seemed to know her father’s own habits. It was also quite odd that she’d be curious about the sexual habits of an older, grandfatherly man such as himself. Perhaps he should speak with Bob Masters about the matter, he reasoned. He resolved to himself to confront her father over it, though he would never get the chance.

That very night, while Brenda and Sam were preparing for their nightly escapades, Mr. Periwinkle happened to hear some odd noises coming from the room the Masters family shared. Though he was not typically a curious fellow, he had never fully shaken his suspicions about the family, and his interaction with Suzanne that morning had done nothing to dissuade his concerns.

So, when he heard what sounded like the little girl’s voice crying out, he took it upon himself to investigate. Approaching their room, he found the door had been left somewhat ajar. The rest of the mansion was dark, but a sliver of light cut through the darkness like a knife. Staying in the shadows, the elderly gentleman crept up near the door. As he got closer, he heard the girl’s voice more clearly. She seemed to be humming to herself.

Telling himself he’d only take a peek before leaving, Frederick peered through the opening in the doorway. He wasn’t sure what he expected to see, but the sight that met his peeping eyes shocked him so much he could barely process it.

Suzanne stood completely nude next to her bed. Kneeling in front of her was Bob, her father, with his face buried between her legs. Behind her, Delia had her ass cheeks spread with both hands and was busy sliding her tongue in and out of her daughter’s asshole. Suzanne had one hand on her father’s head, while the other reached behind her to hold her mother’s head in place.

“Oh, that’s so good,” the young girl was saying. “I’ve missed being able to do this every night.”

Mr. Periwinkle’s mind was not prepared to process this new development. He knew intellectually what was taking place in that room, but he was unable to make sense of it beyond the bare facts. He resolved to leave for now, and take the matter up with Brenda in the morning. Whatever this was, it was clear it was an ongoing issue that him barging in would not solve. However, before he could depart, Suzanne turned to look directly at him. He’d been caught.

“Enjoying the show, Mr. Butler Man?” she asked with a smile, before saying, “Okay, now.”

Suddenly, a cloth rag reached around his head and pressed itself to his nose and mouth. He immediately recognized the smell of chloroform, and reached up to snatch the rag away, but it was too late. He quickly began fading, but as he did he could have sworn he heard Brenda’s voice gently shushing him to sleep from behind.


When Mr. Periwinkle awoke, he found himself bound to a chair in the Masters’ bedroom. The room was large and spacious, like all the guest rooms in the mansion, with two queen-sized beds. Sitting on the edge of one of them was Suzanne Masters, still nude, with her legs crossed and a sinister grin on her face. Her parents both stood at the back of the room, still as soldiers, also completely naked.

“Young lady, what is the meaning of-” Periwinkle began, before the girl cut him off.

“Now, now, Mr. Butler Man, you don’t get to ask me questions,” she said. “I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, least of all the servant to one of my pets.”

“Pets?” Mr. Periwinkle couldn’t figure out what she meant. Surely she wasn’t suggesting that the mistress was somehow under her control?

“Oh, yes! Let me show you!” the little girl said, clapping her hands together joyfully. “That’ll help you understand! Come on in, my pets!”

Periwinkle turned his head to look at the door, where a hand suddenly came out of the darkness and placed itself on the floor. It was followed by the owner, Brenda Waters, who crawled into the room on her hands and knees wearing only a purple collar around her neck. Following behind her in much the same state was Sam Martin, the only difference being his collar was blue.

The butler watched in horror as the two people he cared most for in the world crawled over to Suzanne and began nuzzling her bare legs like a couple of household cats. However much he’d been shocked by what this girl had been doing with her parents, his confusion was tenfold now.

“I know, it must be hard,” she said, petting the tops of both their heads affectionately. “I’m sure you have so many questions, but like I said… nobody gets to question me. Let me just tell you that these two belong to me, now. When I realized the slut I’d captured was the billionaire heiress to the Waters Corporation, well… You see, a Lady such as myself does not belong with the common people. I just had to move in.”

“But… but how…?” Periwinkle sputtered, trying to make sense of this turn of events. He felt like his world was spiralling out of control.

“I just had to catch them in an orgasm…. Well, you don’t need to know the specifics,” she said. “All that matters is, I’d planned to capture everyone in this place, to make things easier, but… Well, it’s really only you, but you never orgasm, do you?”

The little girl scowled. She stood up, and pointed to the bed.

“Nightwave, lie down on your back. Sparrow, get on top of her,” she instructed, addressing them both by their heroic codenames. Without hesitation, they complied. Brenda laid down on the bed, her legs spread slightly so that her bare pussy was pointed directly at Periwinkle. Sam climbed on top of her, lying stomach-to-stomach with his head resting between her breasts and his his cock resting on her vaginal mound.

The sight of both the people in his care presented before him like this stirred something in the old pilot that he hadn’t felt in some time. However, he had the self control to cut that impulse off at the base. He would not play this girl’s games.

“Okay, now, let’s see…” she said, tapping a finger on her chin as she plotted. “Mommy, Daddy, I need you two to help Mr. Butler Man out of his suit.”

Responding on cue, the couple crossed the bedroom and stood on either side of him. He realized they were holding scissors, and they quickly began cutting his suit off him while he was bound helplessly to the chair.

“Stop it, both of you!” he shouted. He couldn’t even struggle in his bonds, for fear of ramming himself into the blades of their scissors. “Have you both gone mad?”

“No, sir, not at all,” Bob answered nonchalantly, as if they were having a discussion at the dinner table. “We’re just following orders like good parents should.”

“What part of this is good parenting?” Periwinkle spat, which made little Suzanne giggle.

“Oh, I may have taught them a few things about how I think parents should behave,” she said. “I’m very good at bringing people around to my way of thinking.”

Soon the butler was completely nude, his formal attire stripped away by the Masters. Despite his age, Periwinkle had maintained a strict exercise routine so that he could be of use to Nightwave if her enemies ever found out where she lived and invaded. His body was fit and powerful, a fact that was hidden well by the cut of his attire.

“Oh, wow, you look like a wrestler,” Suzanne said in a tone that lead him to believe she was mocking him. “Who would’ve thought it? This might be more fun that I’d expected!”

“Whatever you’re intending, you won’t get away with it,” he said, when suddenly Brenda spoke up from the bed.

“It’s best not to fight it, Frederick,” she said. “Lady Bellwether always gets what she wants, and once she does you won’t mind so much.”

“Lady Bellwether?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, I almost forgot,” the little white-haired girl said. “Let me introduce myself properly. I am Lady Bellwether. So nice to meet you.”

She stuck her hand out to Periwinkle, but of course he couldn’t have shaken it even if he wanted to. Instead, she just made a motion like he had, while he glared at her from the seat he was tied to.

“Now that we’ve been properly introduced, let’s get you ready to go,” she said. “Now, I don’t know what you prefer, but are you into dudes or chicks?”

“I beg your pardon,” he replied flatly. “I don’t think that’s any of your concern.”

“Look, Mr. Butler, this night will go a lot easier for you if you cooperate with me,” Bellwether said. “I’ve gone through a lot of trouble to give you good options here tonight, so just answer the question.”

“He’s straight, milady,” came Brenda’s voice from the bed once again. “He was married to a woman back before I was born, and he used to date one of our maids when we had more staff around here.”

Periwinkle grimaced at his mistress’s compliance, but Bellwether merely clapped her hands together.

“Perfect!” she said. “Okay, then, Mom, you’re up!”

Needing no further instruction, Delia circled around in front of Periwinkle and sank to her knees in front of him. The butler could still see the display of Brenda and Sam’s nether regions above her head, waiting patiently for who knew what, but he did his best to avert his eyes from that sight.

“I hope you’ll enjoy this,” Delia said, before spitting into each of her palms. She took Frederick’s cock in both hands and began working them around it with expert precision.

The butler’s breath hitched in his throat. This woman knew exactly what she was doing, and even though he had convinced himself that he was past the age where he needed sex, he was surprised to feel his cock growing harder in her hands.

“Mom’s very good with a cock, Dad told me so,” Lady Bellwether said as she stood beside her mom, patting her on the head like a dog. “She’s gonna get you nice and ready for the main course.”

Mr. Periwinkle had no time to consider what she meant by that, as soon Delia stuck her tongue out and began running it around the head of his ever-hardening cock. Her combined efforts were too much for the poor man, who hadn’t felt a woman’s touch in over a decade. Soon he was at full mast, and Delia opened her mouth wide to engulf him.

Lady Bellwether’s hand stayed on her mother’s head as it bobbed up and down in Frederick’s lap. Bob stood beside him, watching his wife blow the butler without uttering a sound. He merely watched blankly, the only sounds in the room being the wet slurping of Delia’s mouth around Mr. Periwinkle’s erection.

Her blowjob technique was just as skillful as her handjob, and twice as effective. Mr. Periwinkle squeezed his eyes shit, trying his best to block out the sensation, but it was no use. She coated his rock hard cock with her saliva, her tongue running up and down while her brown hair bounced with her movements.

“Dad, go ahead and untie everything but his wrists,” Bellwether instructed, and Bob complied. The ropes keeping him tied to the chair fell to the floor, though his wrists remained bound together behind him. He pulled at them, testing their strength, but even with all his training he wasn’t strong enough to break them.

“I think he’s about ready, Mom,” she said, patting her mother’s head again. Delia came up with a gasp, a trail of drool connecting her lips to the head of his dick.

“Yes, dear,” she said, wiping the spit from her mouth with one hand before returning to stand beside the chair. Bellwether made a little motion, and suddenly both Bob and Delia grabbed Mr. Periwinkle from under his arms and pulled him to his feet.

“Can you stand?” Delia asked. He hadn’t realized it while he’d been sitting, but he did feel weak. No doubt his body had yet to recover fully from the chloroform.

“I think so,” he replied. “Just barely.”

“Well, good,” Lady Bellwether said. “Take him up to the bed.”

On shaky legs, and with his unsatisfied erection clouding his judgment, Frederick allowed himself to be pushed by the Masters up to the bed where Brenda and Sam were waiting patiently.

“Alright, Mr. Butler Man,” Bellwether said playfully, leaning against the bed. “You’ve got three delicious holes to choose from here. Which one would you like to empty your load into?”

With the way the two heroes were lying on the bed, Sam’s round little butt was raised just in Frederick’s line of sight. His sphincter quivered, twitching instinctively at the thought of being filled. Underneath Sam, Brenda’s pussy was already wet, and some of her anticipation was dripping from her lips and down into the crack of her anus.

“I-I can’t…” Periwinkle stammered. “You can’t possibly expect me to…”

“It’s alright, Mr. Periwinkle,” Brenda encouraged. “Isn’t that right, Sam?”

“Y-yes,” the boy said. “I’ve never had anything in there but a tongue, but… it’s okay if you’re my first, Mr. Periwinkle. You’ve always taken good care of me. Of us.”

The butler’s mind was racing. He was hard as a rock, perhaps even harder than he’d been in Delia’s mouth, with the bizarre buffet selection before him. The young lad who he’d taken care of over the past year, helping him with school work and tending to his injuries… or the young woman he’d raised since childhood, who he’d been present for the birth of. He loved them both dearly, but to fuck either one of them… the thought turned his stomach. At the same time, to have them eager and waiting right there in front of him filled him with a taboo, perverse thrill he had not expected.

As if to encourage him, Brenda reached between them, using her fingers to spread open her pussy lips. Her sticky wetness clung to her walls as she opened up. Sam also reached back, grabbing his left ass cheek with one hand and pulling it to the side so that his asshole opened up invitingly.

“If you don’t choose soon, I’ll choose for you,” Lady Bellwether said. “If you’re worried about missing out, don’t be. I’ll let you fuck all three holes tonight if you’re good.”

“Please, fuck me,” Brenda cooed from her position. “Fuck me, daddy.”

She had never called him that, but something about her words and her pleading tone drove him forward. Rational thought did not factor in, and with a little guidance from Brenda, he slid into her pussy.

“Oh, yes, daddy,” she moaned as his cock slid in easily. Bellwether snorted.

“A predictable choice, but it’ll do for now,” she said. “Go ahead and let out all that pent-up pressure, Butler Man. I know you’ve still got it in you.”

She had no idea. Periwinkle had successfully suppressed his sexual urges long ago, but that didn’t mean they were gone for good. With all this teasing, he felt his younger self rising up inside of him and taking over. If he’d been untied, he would’ve grabbed Brenda’s ankles and held them over her head while he went to town.

Without that option, though, he just began thrusting into her. His toned body tightened and flexed with the exertion, his pelvis smacking firmly into her again and again. She moaned and writhed underneath Sam, who took one of her breasts in hand and began sucking the nipple.

“Yes, daddy! Just like that!” she cheered him on. “Oh, fuck, you have no idea how many times I thought about this when I was Sam’s age!”

Frederick didn’t stop his thrusting, but he asked, “Is that really true, Brenda?”

“It is, it is,” she confessed. “You were always so strong and so confident, I used to fantasize about us getting married, before Nightwave took over my whole life!”

“I had no idea,” he muttered to himself. Hearing this only invigorated him more, as the thought of teenage Brenda lusting after him fueled the darkest corners of his lust. He was still human, and despite himself, he still had his desires.

Brenda’s legs wrapped around his hips, her feet locking into place at the small of his back. In this way she held him close, using her heels to push him in deeper with each movement. Her head thrashed back and forth on the bed, moaning and voicing her pleasure.

Frederick could not bear much more of this. Between the stimulation of her pussy, and the sight of his beloved Brenda, whom he’s served for so long, writhing in pleasure, he was very nearly at his limit. Though part of him felt wrong about all of this, and knew he could never forgive himself if he came inside her now, his body wouldn’t listen. With a final grunt, he thrust his full length deep inside her and came.

“Finally,” Lady Bellwether said as the butler emptied his load into the woman he served. “Now we can live here properly, instead of doing all this covert hiding nonsense.”

“Wha-what do you mean?” Frederick asked, panting from the exertion of his orgasm.

“”Well, this is my new base of operations,” she answered. “But I haven’t been able to just… be myself, since you were such a wildcard, Mr. Butler Man. Now, that won’t be an issue, because you’re a part of my collection.”

Mr. Periwinkle nodded. It made sense. He would have to apologize to the mistress… both of his mistresses, later, for causing inconvenience.

“Now that you’re in my thrall, though, this is all mine,” she said, clasping her hands together. “I finally get all the luxury I deserve! And this huge mansion, with so many rooms, will be perfect for housing all of my beautiful pets! We can get Rose and Missy D here! Oh, it’s going to be so nice to have us all under one roof!”

“Lady Bellwether,” Sam moaned from his position atop Brenda. “I’m all hard, now!”

“Oh, my poor little baby,” Bellwether said, adopting a cutesy voice like she was talking to some small animal. She leaned over the bed, petting Sam’s brown hair gently. “Don’t worry, your mistress hasn’t forgotten about you.”

Brenda unlocked her legs, allowing Mr. Periwinkle to pull out of her. She sighed as he did, some of his ejaculate spurting out with the sudden vacancy.

“Okay, here you go,” Bellwether said, still in her cutesy adopted voice. “You can release all that tension inside your favorite cum dumpster.”

Bellwether grabbed Sam’s erection, making him gasp at the sudden human contact. With a devilish smirk, she guided the teen cock into the same pussy that the butler had just finished in.

“Oh, Nightwave!” Sam moaned as he slipped back into the vagina that had taken his virginity earlier that week. Brenda placed her hand on his back, holding him close to her as he began to fuck her.

“You’re such a big boy now, Sam” she cooed, sounding more motherly than Frederick had ever heard her. He watched in awe as her sidekick humped her with abandon.

“Dad, you can untie Mr. Butler,” Bellwether said, and soon Frederick found his wrists unbound. He began massaging some feeling back into them, rolling his hands, but he never took his eyes off the sight before him. Bellwether noticed his attentiveness, and said, “You know, Mr. Butler, part of me was really hoping you’d choose swallow over Nightwave.”

“Is that so?” he answered, a bit of his usual crispness and composure returning to his voice. “I didn’t think it’d be proper. He’s still so very young, you see.”

“And do you still feel that way?” she asked.

Mr. Periwinkle stopped to consider. Searching inside himself, he realized he couldn’t quite remember what had bothered him so much about the idea before. In fact, he couldn’t remember why any of this situation had bothered him. He’d very much enjoyed fucking Ms. Waters, and fucking the young master Martin surely would be just as good.

“Swallow, stop for a moment,” Bellwether said, and Sam froze in place. Crawling onto the bed next to the couple, she grabbed both of Sam’s round buttcheeks and squeezed them. Meeting Periwinkle’s gaze with her own, she said, “His ass is so firm, and look… look how hungry his hole is…”

She spread his cheeks, and in doing so exposed his asshole to the butler. It opened slightly from the movement, and Frederick had to admit that it looked inviting.

“Come here,” she said, and the butler obeyed. He approached the bed once again, his cock hardening at the sight of Sam’s ass spread open for him.

“But, won’t it hurt?” he asked.

Bellwether’s eyes sparkled as she said, “Mom? Bring me the lube.”

“Yes, dear,” Delia replied cheerfully, soon producing a green bottle. At her daughter’s instruction, she began applying the contents to Sam’s asshole.

“Ah, it’s cold!” Sam cried as it was spread around.

“Trust me, you’ll be thankful for it in a moment,” Bellwether told him. “Mr. Butler’s cock may be covered in pussy juice, but we don’t want to take any chances with such a precious and valuable ass as yours.”

“Yes, my lady,” Sam replied, continuing to hold still while his cock throbbed desperately inside Brenda’s cunt. He wanted to resume fucking her, but at the same time his heart was fluttering with all the attention the Lady and her mother were giving his ass. The thought of Mr. Periwinkle stuffing him had him nervous, but excited at the same time.

“That should be enough,” Delia said, withdrawing her hand.

“Master Martin, is it alright?” Frederick asked. Even though he couldn’t remember why it mattered, some part of him was still hesitant.

“Yes,” Sam replied. “And, um… Mr. Periwinkle? Is it alright if I call you daddy, like Nightwave did?”

Frederick smiled. “If you want, Master Martin,” he said, before guiding his cock up to Sam’s asshole. The head of his cock pressed up against it, but with the lubrication it soon slipped inside.

“Ohh, daddy!” Sam moaned, his voice rising in pitch. “I can feel you! I can feel you inside me!”

“We’re just getting started, Master Martin,” Frederick said. “Brace yourself.”

Sam buried his face in Brenda’s breasts as the cock inched further and further inside him. Mr. Periwinkle was considerate, and paced himself, letting the teen’s ass adjust itself to him as he went.

Soon, he was comfortably engrossed in the young man’s ass. He was far from fully inside him, but he knew that the young hero was about as full as he could get.

“Are you ready?” Lady Bellwether asked the both of them. Frederick nodded, while Sam muttered something incoherent, but affirmative. She locked eyes with Frederick, letting go of Sam’s ass. With that same devilish smile, she whispered, “Go!”

Periwinkle pulled his cock back out part way, and Sam couldn’t help but moan as he did. Then, he suddenly thrust back in, pushing the boy down so that his cock buried itself deeper into Brenda’s pussy.

“Do you like that, Swallow?” Bellwether asked, getting down on all fours on the bed. She put her face inches away from his, watching intently the glazed look of pleasure on his face as he was stimulated from both ends. The sidekick could only moan in response, his young mind too overloaded to process words properly. The butler was thrusting into him again and again, and each time he was pushed down into Brenda with force.

Frederick’s pace was slower and more deliberate than it had been with Brenda, but he put enough power into his movements that Sam was essentially bouncing between him and the woman beneath him. He grabbed the boy’s ass with both hands, using the grip to help control his movements.

“Ohh, fuck! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Sam shouted between moans. “Fuck me, daddy! Yes!”

Lady Bellwether’s grin couldn’t have been wider as she watched the young hero’s reactions. She then moved to get a better view of the action further south, watching Periwinkle’s cock pump into his ass, while his own cock slid in and out of Brenda’s pussy.

“I could watch this all day,” she said gleefully. “I had no idea this would work for me as well as it does, but it’s beautiful!”

“Master Martin, I’m about to cum,” Mr. Periwinkle informed, his pace picking up.

“Do it!” Sam shouted. “Fill me up, daddy! I’m so happy!”

With that, the butler came for the second time that night, thrusting one last time as he emptied out into Sam’s ass.

The sensation of being filled so completely pushed Sam over the edge as well, and he came inside Brenda. His cum mixed with the butler’s inside her, and the blonde heroine arched her back slightly off the bed, joining the two men in her life with her own orgasm.

“Simply beautiful,” Bellwether whispered, watching the scene intently. As Periwinkle pulled out of Sam, he collapsed on the floor. Despite being in great shape, so much physical exertion after being chloroformed, and at his age, had taken its toll. He’d be alright, but he needed to rest.

Meanwhile, Brenda and Sam embraced on the bed. They kissed each other sweetly, Sam’s cock still embedded in her pussy, as they both came down from their erotic high.

Bellwether got down off the bed, circling around behind the pair. She couldn’t take her eyes off them, inspecting their holes and creamy filling that oozed from them. Getting a bit curious, she leaned forward to lap up some of the cum seeping from Sam’s ass.

It wasn’t as tasty as it had looked, but just the act made her a bit excited. Sam moaned an encouraging response, and she decided to slurp up a little more.

“Hehe, you all did so well,” she said, straightening herself and wiping some stray jizz off her bottom lip. “I think we’ll call it a night at that, but I’m very proud of you all. I love you, my pets.”

“We love you, too, Lady Bellwether,” replied the five others in the room, in unison. Somehow, even knowing she’d made them say it did nothing to lessen the swelling in her heart. Bellwether loved to be adored.

“Get some sleep, all of you,” she said. “Tomorrow, we’re going to start planning!”


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