Yugo’s Portal Fun

Yugo’s Portal Fun
by A-boy
Inspired by: https://nearhentai.com/2020/04/18/yugo-character-ask-1/

Yugo enters the ask rooms and starts stretching, posing for a few quick pics in the collection, outlining his clothed ass and penis, very suggestively. He thinks to himself, “Gosh, I miss the feeling of getting my ass stretched and filled, it was amazing.” and starts stripping and gets on the bed. He starts sucking on two fingers, and spreads his legs a little, stroking his hard cock. He feels himself open up and pushes in, getting himself harder, and leaking, then stops. He then opens two portals, and grabs his cock with his feet, and begins to practice, noting how he’s been using the portals a lot more during sex, and even masturbation. He guides his toes to rub his glans, and his soles glide gently against his shaft, leaking precum once more.

“Ohh, fuck this is amazing, I can see why a lot of people like sex stuff with their feet, so soft, lightly quirky, and just hot” He rubs faster, his breathing becoming heavy, as his heart beats faster as he approaches his climax, but then pulls away and holds back. He asked around, and Gohan had taught him some stuff about edging, and he was trying it. He stopped giving his cock pleasure, then relaxed, staying hard, but slightly disappointed. He then pushed against his hole again, feeling two fingers slip in, as his soft tight hole clenched around his fingers, leaving him even more pleasured. He decided to switch one portal to his mouth, and gave his cock a swift lick.

“Mmmm, this tastes good, I can’t believe I only learned about this now, I can see why Gohan and Loren love to be surrounded and filled by cock.” He slid his cock down his own mouth, until his mouth got filled by his own cock. He savors his own taste, enjoying the taste of his slightly tan cock, moaning around it. He bobs up and down for a solid couple of minutes, then moves off, licking from the base to the tip. He feels he’s getting close to cumming again, so he pulls off. He puts the portal to his ass, now stretched slightly, and eases his cock into himself, as he can’t figure whether to thrust up or down. He decides to just move the portal and massage his ass, slowly enveloping his slick cock repeatedly, gradually speeding up. His breathing goes heavy again, as his cock and ass are both being stimulated.

He moans out, “Oh damn, fucking my own ass feels so hot and amazing!” He convulses as his ass is filled with his cum, and he pulls out of himself. He puts the portal to his groin again, and starts to clean himself up, unexpectedly cumming once more onto his  stomach, and licks it all up, and smiles and grabs his new phone and takes a selfie with his tongue out, with his own cum dripping down. He exclaims, “So glad I learned about sex, and Near Hentai Studios.”

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