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Clean Break, Page 5

When my Subscribers decided on the new straight ongoing comic, they voted first on the characters and then the story. After getting Eren, Armin and Mikasa, there was some back-and-forth over which portion of Attack on Titan the comic would take place in. At the time, putting it earlier in the show won out, hence the comic up to this point. This month only one script was submitted, and it called for moving the comic into sometime between seasons three and four, during a period conveyed mostly in flashbacks. I’m not thrilled about abruptly cutting off the comic’s momentum in this way, and I’m a little worried the title no longer makes sense, but hopefully people will still be able to enjoy however much of this one we have left at this point.

Armin Arlert Character Ask 3

In my mind, there’s really two ways to answer this question visually. Either I could draw Armin with Eren again to show how close they still are, or I can show Armin making his own connections outside their friendship to parallel Eren’s. I went with the latter, for variety’s sake, which I hope people won’t mind. I went with Aki as Armin’s partner here, ’cause I suspect there’s some overlap in the AOT and CSM fanbases.

Clean Break, Page 2

The monthly SubscribeStar comics are usually limited to only four panels, I won’t entertain scripts with more. However, to keep this page flowing naturally, I made the executive decision to add a couple small transition panels to this one.
After blowing both of the boys, it only makes sense for them to return the favor to Mikasa. I had a couple scripts submitted this month having her transition to doing foot stuff to them, which I didn’t think felt as natural as this, but I tried to give everyone a good look at her feet instead as compensation.

Clean Break, Page 1

With Chi-Chi the Sitter wrapped up, I ran a series of polls for Subscribers on what the next straight ongoing comic should look like. To my surprise, people really latched onto a threesome with the main three characters from Attack on Titan. While I’m not a fan of the show for a number of reasons, I’m always a bit confused as to what people want from AOT hentai, as the franchise doesn’t seem particularly well-suited for that to me. Nonetheless, I did my best to adapt the show’s style for this introductory page, which I hope you all will enjoy.

Eren Jaeger Character Ask 1

Here we have more Attack on Titan content through the Character Asks, though this time the question is directed at Eren. Not much to say about this one, since I think Eren put it pretty well.

Also, here’s part eight of my sixteen-part video series looking back at the superhero characters and world I was working on through most of my younger ears. Hopefully you guys are enjoying these, or at least finding them interesting.